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J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling.


Tempted to fill in Jo nesbø (crime/thriller) but I hasn't really read anything from hit. I assume that he is good since his books are translated to more than 40 languages.


George R.R Martin has a good writing style and it's a enjoyable read. Though, hasn't finished his first book yet so I have a lot to reading to do. :p

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Max Brooks!


He can be completely hilarious and completely serious.


Mark Twain is a close second.


For a few years it was Chuck Palahniuk - Fight Club, Survivor, Invisible Monsters, but then after those first three, his books got progressively worse to me. Now I'm not even excited when a new novel is released. I thought maybe I just got tired of his style, but then I reread both Fight Club and Survivor and still loved them.

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if i had to pick a favorite, it might be kurt vonnegut.

it is very hard to pick a favorite though. i am drawn to authors with heavy real world senses, like vonnegut and also edgar allan poe, ayn rand, ursula k. leguin. another of the best storytellers i ever read was isaac asimov. i am into a lot of science fiction, so of course ray bradbury and orson scott card as well. then there are children's authors i read a lot of and still admire the amazing creativity and depth of their work: dr. seuss, maurice sendak, shel silverstein.

i wish i could read every great book or story ever written, but i will die knowing i read at least some of the best.

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