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Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack ~ Trophy Guide & Road Map

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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred one for this game so this one has been closed, is not maintained and as a result it may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below to the preferred guide.






Road Map


Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)

Approximate Time To 100%: 2-5hrs depending on skill.

Trophy Breakdown: 14 (12(B), 1(S), 1(G))

Offline: 13 (11(B), 1(S), 1(G))

Online: 1 (1(B)), you have to see leaderboards.

Missable: None

Minimum Playthroughs Needed: One

Difficulty Affects Trophies: No difficulty select

Glitched Trophies: None


Step - 1 Complete the story:


Just play through the story and complete every level. You don't have to bother earning gold medals and blobs as you will get them almost automatically.


Finishing this step will earn you:


  • Amuse Bouche (B)
  • Houston, we have a problem (B)
  • It Came From Outer Space (B)
  • Getting the Boot (B)
  • Not too shabby (B)
  • Finally, monsieur, a wafer thin mint (B)
  • Galaxicide (B)


Step 2 - Check the Leaderboards


Finishing this step will earn you:


  • Jealous? (B)


Step 3 - Chapter select to get the rest of the story related trophies


Finishing this step will earn you:


  • Graduation Dinner (B)
  • Master Tilter (B)
  • Delicious Magnetic Balls! (B)
  • Extinction (B)


Step 4 - Chapter select to get all blobs


Finishing this step will earn you:


  • Blob Friends Forever (S)


Step 5 - Chapter select to get the rest of the gold medals


Finishing this step will earn you:


  • Golden Blob (G)


One piece of advice. If you have a problem with some sections (there are two stages where getting pretty much all dots or objects are necessary to get the gold medal) just hit :select: to get back to the last checkpoint.


Trophy Guide


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/01.jpg Amuse Bouche (B)

Eat the final cork in Level 1


Story related, cannot be missed. Just eat the final cork to finish the level.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/02.jpg Graduation Dinner (B)

Eat the valedictorian at the end of Chapter 1


At the end of the Chapter 1 (College level 4) you will get to the graduation party. Just eat all the people you find there.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/03.jpg Houston, we have a problem (B)

Board the rocket ship at the end of Chapter 2


Story related, cannot be missed. At the end of the Chapter 2 (Town level 7) you will have to get into the rocket to finish this level.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/04.jpg It Came From Outer Space (B)

Take a ride on the space elevator at the end of Chapter 3


Story related, cannot be missed. At the end of the Chapter 3 (Moon level 12) you will have to get into elevator to finish this level.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/05.jpg Getting the Boot (B)

Boot yourself over the spikes at the end of Chapter 4


Story related, cannot be missed. At the end of the Chapter 4 (Badlands level 16) you will have to get kicked by the boot to finish this level. This is touchable object. The only thing you must do is use it pretty hard to get over the spikes. If not just use :select: to return to the last checkpoint.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/06.jpg Delicious Magnetic Balls! (B)

Eat the magnetic balls at the end of Chapter 5


At the end of the Chapter 5 (Army Base level 20). At the end of this level there will be a spikes pit with four magnetic balls over it. Just jump over them and consume.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/08.jpg Not too shabby (B)

Earn a silver medallion or better in five levels


Check Golden Blob.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/09.jpg Jealous? (B)

Look up the top score on any leaderboard


Just look at the Leaderboards.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/10.jpg Finally, monsieur, a wafer thin mint (B)

Absorb 1500 objects


Earned over time. Should pop before finishing the Story for the first time. I got it during Chapter 4.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/11.jpg Extinction (B)

Eat all of the escape pods in the final level


Tricky one. After getting from earth into space you will have to eat all the escape pods that will be launched from earth. Idea is to use boost almost all the time and go from the '3 o clock' clockwise. Check the video to get an idea what to do. Should be easy after a few tries.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohdCDUc-CCY]Mutant Blobs Attack Extinction Trophy - YouTube[/ame]

Video by Trevor Bates


When you miss any of the pods or mess up just hit :select: to start from the checkpoint, which is just before the pods launch.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/12.jpg Master Tilter (B)

Complete all of the Tilt-A-Blob levels


There are 5 Tilt-A-Blob levels with one in every chapter besides the last one (which is not true cause last level in Metropolis have a Tilt-A-Blob level but it doesn't count). Just finish them. They are the easiest levels in the game, besides the first one. After finishing the 5th one in Chapter 5, the trophy will pop.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/13.jpg Blob Friends Forever (S)

Collect all Blob Friends in the game


Check Blobs guide.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/14.jpg Golden Blob (G)

Earn a gold medallion in every level


I'll post all of the gold medals scores I got, if you got gold for the lower score then just tell me.


There is no need to finish the level as fast as you can. Bonus points for the time are added only to the Leaderboard score. Medals are only counting from the base score.


Chapter 1 - College

Level 1 - 19400

Level 2 - 32100

Level 3 - 22800

Tilt a Blob - 6400

Level 4 - 30300


Chapter 2 - Town

Level 5 - 27500

Level 6 - 28000

Tilt a Blob - 15800

Level 7 - 19700


Chapter 3 - Moon

Level 8 - 35400

Level 9 - 18800

Level 10 - 25700

Tilt a Blob - 6400

Level 11 - 42600 - The most important thing is to get all or almost all dots during magnet vent rides. After getting all objects, all dots from the first vent and almost all from the second, you should get a silver medal just after exiting the second vent. If not, just reset checkpoint cause it can be hard to get enough points at the end to get gold. I was resetting both vents until I got all of the dots.


Level 12 - 40800


Chapter 4 - Badlands

Level 13 - 20300

Level 14 - 23300

Tilt a Blob - 13200

Level 15 - 29500

Level 16 - 30100 (29100 IndubitablyRong) - Many have problem with this level, the most important are cows. A Cow is worth 100 points when eaten but when smashed to pieces with jump and :circle:, is worth 500 points. There are 5 cows that can be smashed so are worth 2500 points instead of 500:








It is also important to get at least 30-35 dots plus a little guy in here.



As always, use :select: to get the best result.


Chapter 5 - Army Base

Level 17 - 27100

Level 18 - 36300

Tilt a Blob - 12300

Level 19 - 30600

Level 20 - 28200


Chapter 6 - Metropolis

Level 21 - 36400

Level 22 - 27400

Level 23 - 77000

Level 24 - 51400



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1401/07.jpg Galaxicide (B)

Eat the solar system


Story related, cannot be missed. At the end of the Chapter 6 (Metropolis level 24) you will have to eat the solar system to finish the level.

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Blobs guide



Level 1 - The Morning After


Blob 1 - After vent ride go left



Blob 2 - Jump on the lamps to get him




Level 2 - The Frat Cave


Blob 1 - Use the vent to get to him. Bounce off the walls at the end.




Blob 2 - Use :circle: to stick to the floor and avoid the spikes




Level 3 - Rocket Science 101


Blob 1 - In the area with movable floors set them like that.



Then lift the elevator to get to the left part of the level.




Blob 2 - After gaining ability to fly just fly to it



Tilt-A Blob 1 - Labyrinth


Blob 1 - Just roll onto it



Level 4 - Monster on Campus


Blob 1 - After running from the lasers near the cork, the blob will be above. You have to be quick. Few tries should be enough.



Blob 2 - After gaining ability to fly beneath the house.



First of all wait for arrows to align to the right and fly to the next part.



Then wait for the laser to leave you open space.





Level 5 - Blob on the Block


Blob 1 - After getting to the first magnet jump to the left.




Blob 2 - Above the area with magnets in the house. If you couldn't manage to get it for the first time with the moving laser, just get back after getting out.





Level 6 - The Wharf


Blob 1 - After getting to the big magnet jump on the girder and head all the way left.





Blob 2 - In the area with cogs, head to the upper left area.



Tilt-A Blob 2 - Lab


Blob 1 - Just roll onto it



Level 7 - Destination Moon?


Blob 1 - Jump using magnet




Blob 2 - Jump using magnet





Level 8 - Spaceship


Blob 1 - In the Pac-Man like area get to the left.




Blob 2 - After getting out of the rocket go to the left and between both engines. You have to look out for the flames and for not getting out of the screen. Use boost (:r1:) all the time.



Level 9 - Crash


Blob 1 - In the area with big cogs. After riding up on the biggest one, go up on the right one




Blob 2 - Just grab it.



Level 10 - One Small Step


Blob 1 - Destroy wood or sth with :circle: and head down with :circle:




Blob 2 - Just grab it



Tilt-A Blob 3 - Another Labyrinth!


Blob 1 - Just roll onto it



Level 11 - One Giant Leap


Blob 1 - Magnet jump all the way up







Blob 2 - Use magnet float to get to it



Level 12 - Going Down


Blob 1 - TRICKY ONE. Just after the level starts, use the slider to get above spikes. Slow down at the end. You can fall on spikes, doesn't matter. When falling try to glue to the wall to slow down. Then when you see the slider, use it to make the Blob fall down. In case of failure just hit :select:.



Blob 2 - Use magnet to get to it




Level 13 - Return of the Blob


Blob 1 - Jump off the elevator as soon as possible and use :circle: to drop down the platform.




Blob 2 - Use magnet to get to it




Level 14 - DinoMyte


Blob 1 - As soon as you enter this area, use the slider above. If the blob doesn't fall, hit :select: and try again.




Blob 2 - Jump using magnet




Tilt-A Blob 4 - Farm


Blob 1 - When you're big enough to eat rocks, return to it. It is near the beginning of the level. Get there through two green pipes.



Level 15 - Just Deserts


Blob 1 - Just above the first elevator




Blob 2 - You have to use magnets on two saws to 'swing' to it. Few tries should be enough.


Level 16 - Desert Storm


Blob 1 - Just jump to it



Blob 2 - Just jump to it


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Army Base

Level 17 - Defcon 1


Blob 1 - Jump down next to the magnet




Blob 2 - After the frustrating saw magnet jumping section, go left. Jump the left wall to get to the top and jump down. Checkpoint is fortunately just before lasers.




Level 18 - Defcon 2


Blob 1 - In the area with tiny magnets.



Blob 2 - After wall run, when you can fly. Near the end of this part.




Tilt-A Blob 5 - City


Blob 1 - When you're big enough to eat cars, roll on the upper left corner of the area.



Level 19 - Defcon 3

Blob 1 - Jump behind movable object




Blob 2 - Jump down with :circle: in the vent. If missed, hit :select:.



Level 20 - Defcon 75


Blob 1 - Just grab it.




Blob 2 - Under the second lift in the area with spike walls.





Level 21 - 50 Foot Blob!


Blob 1 - Just pick it up



Blob 2 - Jump from the right one zeppelin



Level 22 - Blob Kong!


Blob 1 - TRICKY ONE. You have to jump on helicopters, zeppelins and buildings to get to it. You have to do this BEFORE the second checkpoint and BEFORE you get bigger.

First checkpoint is important because you're starting near the first helicopter. When you activate the second one, you will have get back all the way if you die. So this is only time connected.


Begin with that helicopter.




Jump on the reflector and then left and right building.





Drop or jump down on the next helicopter and next building.




Jump down to the zeppelin and bounce between the next two buildings to the roof. Be careful not to slide down from the zeppelin. It is pretty fast in its movements.




Jump to the next building.




From now on it is getting harder. First you need to slide down off the left building. When the middle 'building' ends, jump to the right building and try to get between the middle and the right one. Then just bounce up.




Jump to the next building.




Now the worst part. You have to slide down the building and time the jump to get to the zeppelin. Thing is that you actually won't see the zeppelin at all until you're almost near the end of the building. If the zeppelin isn't there just bounce off to the right and left wall and slide down again until you can drop to the zeppelin.





Now just jump to the right building and bounce off to get to the blob.





Blob 2 - FRUSTRATING ONE. After getting first the blob, go up. Jump on the clouds. Jump between first and second is almost impossible. Just hold right all the time during jump, hit jump after touching the second cloud and pray to almighty Kevin Butler for this to work. If not, try to bounce back to the first cloud, because when you miss it, you will have to go all the way back from the beginning of the Blob 1 journey...

The hardest blob to get in the game!


Great tip by JPB1973. In case of missing this jump, just hit :select: and you will rematarialise on the first cloud. It won't ease this jump though. ;)





Level 23 - Blobzilla!


Blob 1 - After a long jump on wall and over lasers, just magnet jump to get to it.




Blob 2 - Near the end of the level you will get big enough to see the giant magnet above. Magnet jump from it to the left.




Level 24 - Blobageddon!



Blob 1 - Cannot be missed. You will eat it naturally.



Blob 2 - Cannot be missed. You will eat it naturally.


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I guess that's all :dance:

If you have any suggestions just tell me :)


Blob 2 - After getting first blob go up. Jump up between buildings and now you see a cloud to your right. Jump between first and second is almost impossible. Just jump from building to first cloud using O to attack-land/jump to second cloud. Once you are on the second cloud the rest is easy. If you miss jump to second cloud, try to bounce back to first so you can retry because if you miss it, you will have to go all the way back from the beginning of the Blob 1 journey...



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On level 11 the golden medal popped at 42000 or 42100 or 42200, I can't say exactly because I grabbed 3 blue balls when it popped. But after that catch I had 42200.


On level 12 I finished the level with a score of 40000 and got the golden medal.


For Blob 2 of level 13 you may want to add that you have to go through the vent to the right first so you grow a bit more and backtrack afterwards. You'll magnet jump higher and you'll be able to grab the blob. I couldn't grab the blob before going through the vent.


Level 22 blob 1 (and 2), there's also a checkpoint on the building were you're on when you have 7800 points. The first of the 2 images were you have 7800. So if you drop down afterwards you can hit select and respawn there.


Level 23: I got gold with a score of 76000

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Since you've ignored my PM'ed request to Submit this guide, it will be closed. PM someone on the Guide Team to have it re-opened if/when you decide to Submit it.



*Guide Closed*



UPDATE 24/07/2012:


Guide Re-opened by Author request.

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