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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 2.58



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Gave it a 3, and that was being generous.


If you run through the game and ignore the story, it's an incredibly easy platinum. You could simply look for a guide online (although at this point in time there haven't been any, but I expect there to be full detailed guides in less than a week) or switch the game to easy, clear the room and re-enter the file passcode on hard. I believe there are some puzzles with randomly generated solutions, such as the HIT & BLOW number puzzle in the treatment center.



Is any trophy missable?? :rolleyes:


Nope. You can easily use the FLOW system to retry any room or puzzle you want.

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Voted a 4. Platinumed it in 37 hours. Without guide, some gold files were hard to achieve. The game has a hint system that practically tells you the answer to the puzzles if you switch the difficulty to easy ( Save and reload before switching difficulty or re-do the puzzle in hard. the solutions are the same). Otherwise, the platinum is pretty much unmissable

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Pretty easy platinum, I'm rating 3 because Resistance is way easier than this one and it has 1-2 platinum difficulty, that's why I'm giving this one another point


If you want an easy platinum this is the answer, the game is very easy, it requires no skill, no rush (there's no timed puzzles) and nothing really extraordinary (being good at maths helps though)

Played over 39 hours with no help and always on hard mode, I suppose you can kill at least 10-15 if you skip the story, but honestly, you have to be really hungry for trophies if you get this game for the platinum and not for the story, it's magnificent!


Great game, I'm hoping for Zero Escape Vol. 3 soon (yes, there will be a sequel)

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Just plat-ed this as my first Vita Platinum. Difficulty wise this is a 1 for me, nothing is missable. As long as you play through the whole game and get everything you will get all the trophies naturally.

I really enjoyed 999 on DS and Virtue's Last Reward is also on par but I have slightly better memories of 999 over this. I still really enjoyed the story and plot twists overall but some parts of the game just started getting too repetitive and some puzzles are just way too ambigious and vague on hard. Most of the time its just alot of trial and error. I hope that part of the game will be improved in the next entry to the series.

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3/10 It's not the hardest platinum in the book but it definitely involves a lot of time. The skip feature is great but you still have to sit through a lot of dialogue you already understand and watch the map screen bleep move about gets tedious. But the story is all worth it.

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  • Great story, endings, & puzzles. All in all, a 30+/- hour visual novel with puzzles.
  • The Archives missing can be redone, but that is the only missable trophy unless you've played the Escape stages on Easy.
  • The "Morse Code" screen tapping gets old, so it's best to enjoy the story; Especially, if you also playing the Japanese version that is stackable, too!

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Wow, I loved the story really much.

Reminds me a bit of Steins;Gate. <3


The only thing that annoyed me a little bit were the escape rooms. After a while they just were a cockblocker for me. lol


Without guides it's pretty tough.


I got platinum after 30 hours and with some help from the guides.



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The "Morse Code" screen tapping gets old, so it's best to enjoy the story; Especially, if you also playing the Japanese version that is stackable, too!


lol, don't use morse code tapping, but read the story instead. especially on the japanese version?!?! wtf? most ppl here can't read japanese, it would make more sense to read the english version and just click trough the text if you want to stack it with the JP version... btw clicking X is fine too, don't see why you need to tap the touchscreen all the time...




AWESOME story! 9/10 in fun a must play for vita owners!

the game is really easy trophy wise, just play trough the story and do the escapes, I wasn't using a guide and they where easy enough. Using a guide would make this plat possible for everybody (aka a 1/10) but I'm just gonna rate it assuming you solve the puzzles yourself so a 3/10

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I seem to be one of the only ones who rated this a seven. There were a few puzzles in the game that were pretty hard if the archives or memos were not checked. So, it would be very frustrating until you looked at the archives and compared files and such. And then, you would feel bad since the answer was right there.

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I'll go with a 2, but if you strictly follow a guide it's an easy 1.

But where's the fun in that?


Awesome game anyway, to bad this genre hardly exists here, it'd love to get more.

Took me just over 30 hours to get the platinum (31 iirc).

Will have to get 999 for the ds next.

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Wow, what a ride.


I did about 75% puzzles myself, and the guide for the rest. All depended on the time of night, my mood and the difficulty. Some, were bloody challenging though. So I went with a 2 as the guide is available. I used some you tubing as well as the guide whilst good once or twice I was like WTF. I think it was my interpretation more than anything though.


Just under 40 hours for me. I read about the 999 story on Wikipedia, but as a few have said I really need to grab 999 on the DS. Then I need to buy a DS/3DS etc.... If only we could get a Vita port

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It was a pretty good game but it sure did drag around the middle of the platinum quest. The puzzles are remarkably fun, but being shown the exact same story elements multiple times gets terribly old, terribly quick. I also wish the dialogue wasn't written so Japanese. In that I mean, every character is constantly repeating every point to make sure the player gets it. The dialogue compounded with the repetition was pretty difficult at times. All of that said, it still was fun and the ending was a unique payoff.


For difficulty I gave it a 2, due to guides helping me out with a few difficult parts (remembering obscure passwords).

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