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Devil May Cry 3 HD - Trophy Guide and Road Map


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  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 9/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline Trophies: 34 (16(B), 12(S), 5(G), 1(P))
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Approximate time to Platinum: 35+ Hours
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 6 times Story Mode and Bloody Palace Mode
  • Number of Missable Trophies: None (Mission Select)
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: Yes




Devil May Cry 3 HD (also known as DMC3) is an HD port of original 2005 game DMC3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition. It was an enhanced version of DMC3, which added some new features like Turbo Mode, Gold Orbs, a new difficulty setting, a survival mode called Bloody Palace and most importantly, are able to play as Dante's twin brother Vergil.


Most trophies in the game are boss related and can be unlocked through normal story progression. There are some collectibles as well but since there is Mission Select function, you don't need to get them all in one go. The most painful trophies are the difficulty ones as most people may agree.





Step 1: Play through the game once.

(Optional) Die 3 times to unlock Easy difficulty


As the "Unlock Everything" cheat disables trophies, saving/loading, you will have no choice but to start a new game on Normal. You can just let Dante die 3 times to unlock Easy. It will add an extra playthrough but I recommend any newcomer to start on Easy, as the game progresses it won't be so forgiving even on Normal difficulty.


Try to do your best to complete any secret missions, find any Blue Orb Fragments and level up Styles/Actions you can during this playthrough. Any upgrades you get, be it health or Devil Arm Actions will carry over to your next playthrough on a new difficulty unless you start a new game.


Please check the Collectibles Guide for Secret Mission info and Blue Orb Fragment locations.


Start the game on Gold Orb Mode if you want to make things easier. Gold Orbs revive you on the spot when you die. You also have infinite continues but you will be brought back to previous area and face all enemies again in the area you were killed. If you die during a boss fight, it will regain all its health.


You will unlock following trophies during this step:

(B) Man's Best Friend

(B) Pest Control

(B) Double Trouble

(B) Sibling Rivalry

(B) Inside Out

(B) Lightning In A Bottle

(B) Lights Out

(B) Rough Rider

(B) Brotherly Love

(B) That's Not Lady-Like

(B) Step Into The Light

(B) Asylum


You may also unlock these trophies during this step:

(B) Hell of a Start

(B) Worst Kept Secret

(G) Left No Stone Unturned

(S) To Hell With That

(B) Devilish Deed

(G) Hellish Honor

(S) Big Spender

(S) Who's Laughing Now?

(G) Trend Setter

(S) Locked 'n Loaded

(S) Maximize Your Health

(S) Give 'em Hell


Step 2-4: Complete all Missions on Hard – Very Hard – Dante Must Die (DMD)


After you finish the game, you will get a Clear Game screen and be notified that you unlocked a new difficulty (along with other bonuses if there are any), unless you reverted to Easy, which does not unlock Hard. After that you will have a chance to save the game. Save and reload it to be brought back to Mission Select screen with the new difficulty unlocked. Simply choose "New Difficulty" 1 and complete all missions again.


Alternatively you can start the game using Vergil. You will unlock him when you complete the game once. He has his own move set, style and 3 weapons to use, which you can see when playing as Dante. He doesn't use firearms but summons swords instead. At least he starts the game with his Devil Trigger already unlocked so that might ease the experience.


Any unlocked difficulty (even DMD) will be available for you if you choose to play as Vergil. You won't have any upgrades though, which can complicate things and can be frustrating if you start from a higher difficulty. I recommend you continue using whichever character you are using and comfortable with.


When you finish the missions on Hard, you will unlock both Very Hard and DMD. I suggest you complete Very Hard first and get to know the enemies and their attack patterns even further before you jump into DMD. In DMD Mode, not only you fight stronger enemies earlier on but they also have their own Devil Trigger, which makes this mode almost a nightmare. You will also unlock Super Dante/Vergil costumes when you finish Very Hard Mode, which grant you unlimited DT (actions that consume DT will still continue to do so and characters won't heal during DT), which can help you during your DMD playthrough.


You will unlock following trophies during these steps:

(S) Gone To Hell

(S) To Hell And Back

(G) Hell Hath No Fury...


You may also unlock following trophy during this step:

(S) Am I My Brother's Keeper?


Step 5: Complete all mission on Heaven or Hell Mode


After you complete DMD Mode using either character, you will unlock the final difficulty, Heaven or Hell. This mode is not really harder than DMD. In this mode everyone will die in 1 hit, including all bosses and Dante himself (except enemies, that can't be attacked directly and/or have shields). This applies to environmental hazards as well, so you should be extra careful about your surroundings.


You may also unlock following trophy during this step:

(S) Heaven Can Wait


Step 6: Start a new game using Yellow Orbs as Vergil (if you are not playing as him)


If you haven't yet started the game as Vergil, select him on the main menu then select Yellow Orb Mode.


Yellow Orb Mode is a little harder compared to Gold Orb Mode. Yellow Orbs will return you to previous area when used but all enemies will respawn if you got killed by them and bosses will retain their full health. Also if you die and don't have any orbs, you will have no choice but to restart the mission.


Start the game on Easy as it doesn't affect the trophy. Also if you haven't achieved S ranks on all missions then this is a good time to do so. The Requirements for an S ranking are considerably lower on Easy Mode but do note that The Path Less Travelled trophy, won't unlock if attempted on Heaven or Hell difficulty.


You will unlock following trophy during this step:

(B) Devilish Deed

(G) Hellish Honor

(S) The Path Less Travelled

(S) Am I My Brother's Keeper?


Step 7: Complete Bloody Palace Mode


Bloody Palace is a survival mode, where you fight enemies on a circular shaped open area. The Palace has 9,999 floors and you ascend as you clear out the floors. As with most extras, this will unlock when you finish the game once.


After you finish the game, save and load your save to be brought back to Mission Select screen. Choose Bloody Palace Mode to start this mode. You can customize your character like you always do before each story mission. However you won't be able to make any changes after you start this mode so choose carefully if you are playing as Dante.


When you clear a floor from enemies, 3 portals will appear. Water (or air, I can't really tell), thunder and fire based portals which take you up 1, 10 and 100 floors respectively. You can just use fire based portal each time and speed up the process.


Enemies you face are random, one floor can be a cakewalk, where as on some other floor you may face a group of Devil Triggered enemies. You may face the bosses as well. Enemies are mostly randomly generated, but you may fight same group of enemies on same floors. It mostly based on your luck and skill really.


You can also change your costume during the mission select screen before jumping into the Palace. You will unlock Super Dante/Vergil costumes when you finish the game on Very Hard Mode with each character which grant you infinite DT (Devil Trigger based styles like Quicksilver and Doppelgänger, DT Flux or Vergil's Spiral Swords still use up your DT though) but it will stop healing you. Alternatively you can unlock Super Sparda/Super Corrupted Vergil costumes when you finish both Very Hard and DMD Mode. These costumes are the ultimate costumes, which grant you infinite DT no matter what action you perform, also better offence, defense and faster healing in DT.


You will unlock following trophies during this step:

(B) Blood, Sweat, and Tears

(S) Blood Donor

(G) Bloody Hell


Step 8: Clean Up (optional)


If you still have any missing Blue Orb Fragments, Secret Missions left, just use Mission Select and get them. You may also replay any missions to get S Ranks.


You will unlock the following trophy during this step:

(P) Platinum Trophy

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Trophy Guide


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/121.jpgPlatinum Trophy (P)

Unlock all trophies.


Get all other trophies to unlock this as usual. You really earned it. Congratulations!


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/60C.jpgHell of a Start (B)

Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character.


Please check "Hell Hath No Fury..." for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/5A8.jpgGone To Hell (S)

Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character.


Please check "Hell Hath No Fury..." for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/CA7.jpgTo Hell And Back (S)

Finish the game on Very Hard Mode with any character.


Please check "Hell Hath No Fury..." for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/BB2.jpgHell Hath No Fury... (G)

Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode with any character.


You unlock each difficulty after finishing the game on a lower difficulty first, unless you start your game on Easy, which won't unlock Hard. Even if there was an option to start the game on DMD Mode from the start, I definitely wouldn't recommend it.


On DMD mode, you will encounter stronger enemies early on and they will have their own Devil Trigger (DT), which is activated either when enemies witness one of their kinds demise or after a certain amount of time. DT will make already strong enemies, even stronger. To make things worse, Dante/Vergil's own DT will barely do much damage against Devil Triggered enemies or heal him. To minimize potential danger, you should always go for the strongest enemies first so that they don’t activate their DT.


Try to make good use of Devil Trigger Flux to defeat enemies before they get the chance to use their own DT. Whenever you use DT, Dante will damage enemies around him with his transformation, this is DT Flux. To maximize its destructive power press and hold :l1: to charge your DT when you have at least four Devil Trigger orbs. You will see that the extra orbs are blinking in red slowly. When you fill them all, release :l1: in the middle of a group of enemies, mostly killing them instantly and granting you "SSStylish!!" for your Stylish Meter. This will use up all your extra DT and you will have to refill it though so be cautious.


During your initial playthrough make sure you get each Blue Orb Fragment and replay some of the missions to earn some extra Red Orbs (the game's currency) so that you can unlock Dante/Vergil's Devil Arms actions. Please refer to the Collectibles Guide for locations of the Blue Orb Fragments/Secret Missions.


Before you reach DMD mode you will most likely have mastered all of Dante's Styles, which will further help you survive through the hellish difficulty. This is not that necessary though, except for a trophy so if you are confident using one style, just stick with it.


Please refer to the related trophies for boss tactics.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/046.jpgHeaven Can Wait (S)

Finish the game on Heaven or Hell Mode with any character.


Heaven or Hell Mode will be unlocked when you complete all missions on DMD Mode. This mode is a joke compared to what you have been through on DMD. Every enemy, including all bosses will die in 1 hit (except shielded ones). The catch is, you also die in 1 hit and this applies to damage received from environmental hazards as well.


Just stick to your Ebony & Ivory and keep shooting, evading when necessary. You should already have an idea on when or which kind of enemy appears during missions. There aren't many environmental hazards in missions, except for Mission 8 so try to memorize the layout of hazards.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/093.jpgAm I My Brother’s Keeper (S)

Finish the game on any difficulty as Vergil.


When you finish the game once, you will unlock Dante's twin brother Vergil. Simply choose a new game and select Vergil to play as him. You can start on Easy difficulty as well, it doesn't affect this trophy.


Everything in the game is the same, you fight with same enemies/bosses and go to same places. There are only no cutscenes between missions. So you should have an idea what to do after your playthrough with Dante.


Vergil has his own Darkslayer Style, which is similar to Dante's Trickster. He uses each weapon you see during his boss fights with Dante, which are his trusted Katana Yamato, Gauntlet/Greaves Beowulf and Force Edge/Yamato combo. He also doesn’t use firearms and summons swords and hurls them to the enemies instead. Unlike Dante he can use his long range attack, Summoned Swords, during any animation like evading or attacking with his Devil Arms, except recovering from an enemy attack.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/2C1.jpgWorst Kept Secret (B)

Complete a Secret Mission with any character.


Please refer to "Left No Stone Unturned" for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/8B0.jpgLeft No Stone Unturned (G)

Complete all Secret Missions with any character.


There are 12 Secret Missions to be found in the game. Each mission will reward you with a Blue Orb Fragment when completed for the first time. After that you will get 1000 Red Orbs instead. However if you still continue doing the same mission, the reward will decrease.


Some of these missions are hard to complete when you stumble upon them for the first time, especially if you don't have some of the upgrades, which can make most of the missions a breeze.


Please check the Collectibles Guide for more details on these missions' locations and tips on how to complete them easily.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/8EB.jpgTo Hell With That (S)

Kill 100 enemies during credits.


This one is easily achievable on Normal. You will mostly fight with Hell Pride enemies, some Hell Lusts and finally Hell Vanguard as your 100th enemy.


You shouldn't have any problems regarding this trophy. There is enough time to kill required amount of enemies. Just make sure not to skip the credits or you will have to complete Mission 20 again. You will have to replay the missions at least 5-6 times on the road to your Platinum but on higher difficulties it becomes expectedly harder to kill the enemies, especially the Vanguard. Try to get this on your first playthrough.


You should have Beowulf equipped for one of the Devil Arms, as although slow, it’s the most powerful weapon (per hit-wise) in the game. Hit enemies with it and mix some gun-play using E&I. Enemies killed by Lady also add to your total so don't worry about her stealing some kills.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/833.jpgBlood, Sweat, and Tears (B)

Pass 666 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.


Please check "Bloody Hell" for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/988.jpgBlood Donor (S)

Pass 5000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.


Please check "Bloody Hell" for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/950.jpgBloody Hell (G)

Complete Bloody Palace Mode.


You will unlock Bloody Palace Mode after you finish the game once. This mode is kind of like a survival mode, where you fight waves of different enemies and ascend after defeating each wave. Also, any upgrades you have will carry over to Bloody Palace so it is a good idea to fully develop your characters before attempting this mode.


You start from Floor 0 and will be given a chance to select your pace, by choosing water, thunder or fire based portals after each completed floor, which will take you up 1, 10 and 100 floors respectively. Although it is quicker to use fire portal each time, you may want to use Water or Thunder based ones as well. They will also grant you big Green White Orbs from time to time.


The enemies you face are random. It can be full of easy to beat Hell Sloths on one floor and Arachnes coupled with Hell Vanguards or Fallens on the next. You also face bosses after 9th floor you passed. For example, if you use both Fire and Water based portals, you will face a boss on Floor 505. As with enemies, the bosses you face are random. You may come across any boss in the game including Jester and Damned Chess Board. Although enemies are randomly generated on each floor, it seems you can face the same ones on specific floors. This mode is based on your luck mostly, and skill of course.


After you reach Floor 9,000, enemies are turned into their DT versions. Unlike the enemies in DMD Mode, these enemies will activate their DT immediately.


To make this mode easier, complete all missions on Very Hard to unlock Super Dante/Vergil costumes or Super Sparda/Super Corrupted Vergil by completing them on both VH and DMD using Dante and Vergil. Super Dante/Vergil costumes will give you infinite DT but actions that consume DT runes (like DT Flux, Dante's Quicksilver/Doppelgänger or Vergil's Spiral Swords) will still continue to do so, your character also stops healing during DT. The later costumes on the other hand are true ultimate costumes and you won't run out of DT even if you use above mentioned actions, your character will become a killing machine with his increased strength and speed. Their healing speed will increase to the point that you might not even realize you are being hit. Dante's actions won't change but Vergil will turn into Nelo Angelo from DMC1 and he will have a different move set.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/6B3.jpgDevilish Deed (B)

Achieve an S Rank on any mission with any character.


Please check "Hellish Honor" for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/43F.jpgHellish Honor (G)

Achieve an S Rank on all missions (any difficulty or character).


You can do this on any difficulty but to make things easier, start the game on Easy with either Dante or Vergil and complete each mission with an S Rank. The S Rank requirements are considerably lower on Easy.


Your overall mission rank depends on 5 parameters which are Time, Orbs, Stylish Points, Damage and Item Used. Time is self-explanatory. Quickly get rid of enemies using whatever weapons and skills you have. Although rare if there is a chance to escape from battle then do so but only if you are facing annoying, weak enemies which don't give you enough orbs, increase your Stylish Meter and/or take some time to kill, like Soul Eaters or Fallen.


Orbs and Stylish Points usually go hand in hand. The Higher the Stylish Meter when you deal the finishing blow, the more orbs you will get. You increase your Stylish Meter when you attack enemies with different combos. That's why you should never use the same combo/attack twice in a row if you want to keep increasing this meter. You can switch your Devil Arms using :r2: mid-combo to add variation. Also, try to hit multiple enemies at once as it adds a massive bonus to your Stylish Meter, especially during special attacks like Million Stabs.


You get a better score for your Damage parameter if you don't get hit. Some actions like jumping, evade rolling or Trickster's Dash ability have invincibility frames, use this to your advantage to avoid damage. You can literally pass through enemy attacks with right timing.


The final parameter is Items Used. Naturally you will get a higher score if you don't use any items. This applies to any item, whether it's healing item like Vital/Devil Star or offensive item like Holy Water. Yellow/Gold Orbs also lower your score.


You need to get either 3 S and 2 A or 4 S and 1 B to get an overall S Rank on missions.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/942.jpgMan’s Best Friend (B)

Defeat Cerberus.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Cerberus at the end of Mission 3.


[spoiler=cerberus]Boss Tactics:


Note: You don't have to follow any of the boss tactics. I'm writing these for help purposes. You can choose whatever Style or equipment you want or you are comfortable with.


Switch to Swordmaster before the fight. Start by shooting the ice covering his heads with Ebony & Ivory to be able to actually damage him. After that start attacking his left foot (right from Dante's perspective) enough times to make his body and heads fall to the floor. Attack the heads using Rebellion.


Use High Time and hold the attack button down so Dante also jumps during the attack and continue attacking with Aerial Rave, finish with Helm Breaker. When you drop his health down to 50%, he will stand on his rear feet and come down quickly with great force, creating ice shards in the area in front of him. He also turn into red and his attacks will become much deadlier.


Continue alternating between E&I and Rebellion until you defeat him.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/D09.jpgPest Control (B)

Defeat Gigapede.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Gigapede at the end of Mission 4.


[spoiler=gigapede]Boss Tactics:


Switch to Swordmaster before the fight. Gigapede's weakness is ice based attacks so jump on its back and start attacking with Cerberus.


Whenever you see his Purple Orbs, switch to Rebellion and use Swordmaster Lv.1 ability Prop Shredder to send them back to Gigapede, damaging him severely in the process. Keep pressing the :circle: until all of his orbs are sent back to him or they will damage you instead.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/81F.jpgDouble Trouble (B)

Defeat Agni and Rudra.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Agni & Rudra at the end of Mission 5.


[spoiler=agnirudra]Boss Tactics:


Red brother Agni is weak against ice based attacks, so Cerberus will be a good choice when fighting him. Other brother, Rudra, doesn't have any weaknesses, so use either weapon.


One thing you should remember about this fight, is that when you beat one of the bosses and can't beat the other one, remaining boss will use both brothers (weapons) and his attacks will be much more devastating. That's why you should alternate between the bosses and kill them both at the same time, so they don't get a chance to get stronger.


Use Cerberus' Revolver move while they are blocking until they parry the attack, evade and repeat. Once you deal enough hits, they stagger and be vulnerable for a few seconds. This is the time to deal massive damage to them, as their defense also lowers when they are staggered. If you have enough orbs, you can upgrade Revolver move for better results.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/136.jpgSibling Rivalry (B)

Survive an encounter with Vergil.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Vergil for the first time at the end of Mission 7.


[spoiler=vergil1]Boss Tactics:


This is the first fight against Vergil but don't think you can easily beat him just because he isn't serious yet.


His attacks are mostly very fast and sometimes hard to avoid. That's why Trickster style will be a good choice against him. Of course if you are confident, you can use another style and just stick to evading as well.


Weapons don't matter for now as we don't have Beowulf yet. So use whatever weapons you want. I suggest bringing Rebellion though.


When you shoot him using firearms, he usually blocks them with his Yamato and if he is not beside you, he uses a teleport move and starts attacking immediately after that. If you see him do this move quickly move away by either jumping or evading to any side, don't just jump where you stand though, as he may perform Upper Slash move that can hit you that way.


He mostly attacks with a Yamato combo and pauses after he finishes it. Start your attack then. You can also attack him during when he performs his combo but when he grunts and takes a few steps backwards he always parries and uses Rapid Slash move as riposte. If you see his parry, get out of the way quickly.


He also has Judgement Cut move, which he uses after he teleports away from you. He is vulnerable during this move, so you can go and attack him for some easy hits. Just don't stand where you are during this move.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/F88.jpgInside Out (B)

Defeat the Heart of Leviathan.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Heart of Leviathan at the end of Mission 8.


[spoiler=leviathan]Boss tactics:


This boss is really not that hard to beat. Switch to Swordmaster style before the fight and bring Agni & Rudra with you. It works best against the hearts due to their weakness to fire.


There are 3 hearts in total and you can be directly damaged only by central heart. There are also infinite amount of Hell Envy enemies. But you don't have to be bothered with them in any way.


When boss battle starts, go to right heart, jump and use Sky Dance. Don't finish the move though and cancel it by using Aerial Cross. This combo, like some others in the game, lets you stay in the air. That's why you can't be damaged by Hell Envy enemies or central heart's attack for the most part. You should press :circle: twice and then :triangle: once and repeat this until you deplete right heart's health.


When you deplete either heart's health, central heart will open up and be vulnerable to attacks. Attack it then, until it re-shields itself, which will also resurrect the other heart you beat.


After you defeat one of the other hearts again, central heart will prepare a direct attack using red beams. You can tell when this is going to happen as the centre of the heart will glow in red as if it's charging the attack. During this time it will be vulnerable to attack again but you won't be able to attack it when on the ground, instead use above method and inflict damage. After his attack completes he will once again be vulnerable to your attacks until shielded.


The reason I suggest attacking the right heart is that the central heart uses an annoying purple orb attack, which deals massive damage. He can do this only if he absorbs enough DT from you using the right heart, though, that's why it's better to take care of it, rather than left heart. You also keep your DT to yourself, which is another plus.


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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/F55.jpgLightning In A Bottle (B)

Defeat Nevan.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Nevan at the end of Mission 9.


[spoiler=nevan]Boss Tactics:


This lovely boss is weak to ice based attacks so bring Cerberus with you. Other weapon is up to you, but Rebellion seems a little better for this fight. Also switch to Swordmaster if you reached Lv.2 with it.


This boss will be surrounded by bats during boss fight and you have to destroy this protective shield first, then you can damage her directly.


When she stops attacking she usually waits on one spot and taunts you. Go to her and unleash Crystal, followed by Million Carats to destroy all the bats. If your Swordmaster is not Lv.2 just attack her with Cerberus using Revolver to quickly dispatch the bats. Helm Breaker move of the Rebellion also works well here. When you destroy her shield, attack with everything you have. If you have more than 3 runes of DT, charge it beforehand and release during this for major DT Flux damage. Be careful though as the ground around her will gradually turn to black as you attack and when she stops screaming, jump away immediately to avoid damage.


Don't attack her if she waits either side of the room as she sends electrical waves to you during that time, trying to attack her will only damage Dante.


When she has about 15-20% health left she will teleport near Dante and undo her shield, begin to glow and float towards Dante. Don't let her catch you, or you will lose health where she gains much more. If you do get caught, Devil Trigger immediately. Alternatively, as I mentioned above, charge your DT if you have extra runes and release it when she is about to catch you.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/26B.jpgLights Out (B)

Defeat Beowulf.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Beowulf at the end of Mission 11.


[spoiler=beowulf]Boss Tactics:


Personally I think this is one of the most annoying boss fights in the game. Beowulf doesn't have any weaknesses and doesn't stagger much. Also, he has some deadly attacks which can really hurt you. Bring Rebellion and Agni & Rudra for Devil Arms, Spiral and Ebony & Ivory for the guns.


He will start with a 3-hit-combo, easily avoidable by rolling. After this move, jump and use Helm Breaker/Aerial Cross to damage him. If you are lucky, you can hit his eye and make him stagger for a bit. It's still dangerous though as he counters with his arm. If you are going to attack him with ground attacks be aware that he has an annoying stomp attack.


After you deal enough damage he will lose his balance and be vulnerable for a few seconds. Don't wait next to him when this happens because he spreads his wings and deals damage with a devastating area attack.


He will run around the room after the previous attack and stop in a corner, stomp the ground to make some pillars to fall down and hurl them at you. During this, either use Spiral and Switch Cancel from the distance to damage him and destroy the pillar or wait near him and use Stinger with Rebellion to send the pillar back to him. You perform a Switch Cancel by shooting Spiral, switching to E&I immediately, shooting only once and switching to Spiral again.


He will quickly send his feathers at you when he's lost about 70% of his health and if you stay relatively far from him. This attack is not easily avoidable so try not to stay too far.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/D97.jpgRough Rider (B)

Defeat Geryon.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Geryon at the end of Mission 12.


[spoiler=geryon]Boss Tactics:


Bring Spiral and E&I as your Guns, it is easier to damage him using Switch Cancel during the first and sometimes second part of this battle. As for Devil Arms, one of them should be Cerberus as he is weak against ice-based attacks, the other one is up to you but Rebellion is a good choice. Nevan also helps if your Swordmaster level is high enough with Feedback>Crazy Roll moves.


The first part is pretty simple. You are both on a bridge and he just rushes towards you. You need to wall jump/Air Hike to avoid damage and attack with Spiral using Switch Cancelling. When you deal enough damage (about 15% of his health), battle will continue in a much more open space.


During the second part, Geryon will start running in circles, whilst attacking you with missiles from his cart, jump or roll to avoid these. After a while he will change his course, spin the cart and remain immobile. Go and attack him but try not to stay in front of him as he uses a stomp move. Attack his hind legs to make him fall and use whichever attacks you prefer.


He will occasionally use time slowing mechanic with some orbs. If you get caught, Dante's movements will slow down, Geryon will teleport and rush towards you. He will also make spears appear during this when you bring his health about to 40%.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/B3A.jpgBrotherly Love (B)

Fight Vergil a second time and prevail.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Vergil for the second time at the end of Mission 13.


[spoiler=vergil2]Boss Tactics:


Ok, now this is getting serious with Vergil.


Switch to either Trickster or your newly earned Quicksilver. Spiral and Ebony & Ivory are good choices as usual. I suggest you bring Rebellion, but it really doesn't matter much until we get our hands on Beowulf so bring whatever you want.


As you witnessed during the previous mission's ending cutscene, Vergil now possesses the powerful Gauntlet/Greaves Beowulf and will use them for the majority of the fight.


Evade when he starts his attack but don't jump where you stand like in the first fight against Vergil, because his Rising Sun attack will most likely hit you. He still has his parry move but this time it's followed by Starfall.


When you damage him enough, he will activate his own Devil Trigger. His first activation will be in a dark blue sphere, you can't attack him in any way during this state. He will mostly start with a Starfall. He also doesn't stagger when DT'ed. Your first priority should be avoiding damage from him. If you are using Quicksilver, now is a good time to activate it. After a certain time or if you can damage him enough, he will deactivate DT and be vulnerable for a few seconds. Use this chance and attack.


His Judgement Cut appears to be upgraded as well. He will use 3 cuts instead of 1. Again, all of them are easily avoidable unless you stay still and it presents a good opportunity to attack him.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/4FB.jpgThat’s Not Lady-Like (B)

Defeat Lady.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Lady at the end of Mission 16.


[spoiler=lady]Boss Tactics:


Lady is not really a hard boss, but can be quite annoying with her agility.


She uses her guns, grenades and Kalina Ann rocket launcher to attack Dante. She also uses Kalina Ann's grapple to quickly escape and reposition herself.


Just attack her when you have a chance. If your attacks throw her away, don't run blindly because she will counter with her guns. You can stop her gun attacks by shooting with Ebony & Ivory.


One thing you should be careful about is Kalina Ann. If you see her switching to her rocket launcher, either attack her immediately before she gets a chance to attack or stay behind cover, because it hurts a lot. She also starts using mini rocket attack when you drop her health to under 40%.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/81D.jpgStep Into The Light (B)

Defeat Doppelgänger.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Doppelgänger at the end of Mission 17.


[spoiler=doppelgänger]Boss Tactics:


Well, this boss doesn't really require a boss tactic, since it's probably the easiest boss in the whole game. You will see some half sphere shaped panels around the stage. You need to attack those instead of the boss to shed some light on him.


It usually takes 3 or 4 hits to open a panel. If it's 4, then wait after your third hit and when he rushes towards you, land the final blow to make the boss vulnerable to attacks. Repeat this with each panel. If you can manage to open all panels at the same time, he will be vulnerable for extended period and his defense will be much lower. Don't stay in the light after he moves away from you though or he will send a black orb and close the panel.


Jumping, especially wall jump/Air Hike almost always works against his attacks.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/F40.jpgAsylum (B)

Defeat Arkham.


This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.


You will fight Arkham at the end of Mission 19.


[spoiler=arkham]Boss Tactics:


Bring Kalina Ann and Nevan with you.


Arkham doesn't have that many attacks. He usually swipes the floor with his arm to damage you. However he will turn yellow and send some tentacle towards Dante, which deals quite some damage, from time to time.


When you damage him enough, he disappears and summons his Legion. These enemies die easy in one hit but can overwhelm you with their numbers. Use either Kalina Ann or Nevan Combo II>Jam Session to quickly dispatch them.


Repeat this until he loses 1/2 health. After that Vergil joins you on your fight with him. Vergil will make whatever action you are doing yourself. If you jump, he jumps, if you attack, he attacks etc. Note: You won't be able to use DT or Style actions.


Vergil has infinite health so you can just jump around, press the attack button during the Legion sections and he will deal with them on his own.


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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/93D.jpgBig Spender (S)

Purchase all Devil Arm Skills with Dante.


Simple enough, just buy all Devil Arm Skills to unlock this trophy.



  • Stinger Lv.1 - 2,500 Orbs
  • Stinger Lv.2 - 10,000 Orbs
  • Drive - 10,000 Orbs
  • Air Hike - 20,000 Orbs


  • Revolver Lv.2 - 15,000 Orbs
  • Windmill - 7,500 Orbs

Agni & Rudra

  • Jet Stream Lv.2 - 10,000 Orbs
  • Jet Stream Lv.3 - 15,000 Orbs
  • Whirlwind - 7,500 Orbs
  • Air Hike - 20,000 Orbs


  • Reverb Shock - 7,500 Orbs
  • Reverb Shock Lv.2 - 15,000 Orbs
  • Bat Rift - 10,000 Orbs
  • Air Raid - 20,000 Orbs
  • Volume Up - 20,000 Orbs


  • Straight Lv.2 - 10,000 Orbs
  • Beast Uppercut - 7,500 Orbs
  • Rising Dragon - 15,000 Orbs
  • Air Hike - 20,000 Orbs

Total: 242,500 Red Orbs


The best way to farm orbs is repeating Mission 20. It only requires you to beat a boss. Each time you complete it you will earn 9,500 Boss Bonus along with a Rank Bonus. You can earn at least 12,500 Orbs in 5 or 6 minutes, if you can beat him fast enough.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/9AC.jpgWho's Laughing Now? (S)

Defeat Jester in all of his forms.


Jester is an extra (and optional in later missions) boss, exclusive to the Special Edition. You need to fight him a total of 3 times.


Your first fight with him is impossible to miss because you need to beat him to advance. Other fights are optional though and you need to manually interact with portals that appear in the game to fight him.


You can fight him in Mission 12, right before going down the spiral staircase that leads to Geryon Boss. Your final fight with him will occur in Mission 17, interact with the portal that appears in the middle of the room that leads to 3 Trials in Mission 6.


Will be expanded with Boss tactics.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/BA7.jpgThe Path Less Travelled (S)

Clear every mission in Yellow Orb Mode.


When beginning a new game you will be given a chance to choose between Yellow and Gold Orbs. Choose Yellow Orbs and complete all missions. The difference between Yellow and Gold is that the Gold ones let you continue from the exact point when you die, without resetting any progress. Yellow Orbs will return you to your previous location. You don't lose any progress for the items you found, orbs you collected or styles you improved but if you die during a boss fight, you will have to face the boss again at its full health. You also cannot change this mode unless you start a new game.


You cannot carry more than 3 orbs in Gold Orb Mode and their price increases each time you buy one, starting at 10,000 Red Orbs and goes up to 20,000 a piece, but you also have infinite continues if you ever run out of Gold Orbs. In Yellow Orb mode you can carry up to 99 orbs and their price stops increasing at 3,000 orbs but it will be game over if you run out and you will have to restart the mission from the beginning.


If you intend to play the game using Dante, I suggest you start the game on Gold Orb mode and leave this mode to Vergil on Easy or vice versa.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/3F3.jpgTrend Setter (G)

Reach the highest level in all Styles with Dante.


You will increase all of Dante's Styles by killing enemies. Obviously bosses will give you more points towards levelling up. As you level up a style, Dante will learn new actions, which can be of great use to you for Stylish Points requirement of mission rankings.


You will need at least 2 full playthroughs to level up each style, if you don’t stick to only one. There is also an easier option, which is to replay Mission 18 until you have levelled up all the styles. In Mission 18, you have an option to fight every boss in the game once again. Since bosses give you the most points when killed, you will reach the maximum levels after replaying the mission enough times.


You can check your progress by pressing down on directional buttons or :square: when choosing styles using Divinity Statues or simply looking at the bar next to Dante’s Health/Devil Trigger Gauge.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/881.jpgLocked 'n Loaded (S)

Reach the highest level for any gun with Dante.


This is easy. Just collect 15,000 Red Orbs and during the mission screen enter Customize>Guns and upgrade Ebony & Ivory twice. If you don't want to use your orbs on your guns, just start the mission, pause and select Restart Mission.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/3C7.jpgMaximize Your Health (S)

Max out the Health Bar with Dante.


You need to buy 6 Blue Orbs from Divinity Statues and find 32 Blue Orb Fragments scattered in the game to max out your health bar. To be able to buy all 6 Orbs, you need at least 130,000 Red Orbs.


Please check the Collectibles Guide for the locations of Blue Orb Fragments and how to get them. If you need to replay a mission for missed fragment, save your game after obtaining the fragment and quit the mission.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1225/AE1.jpgGive 'em Hell (S)

Max out the Devil Trigger Gauge with Dante.


Dante's Devil Trigger can only be maxed by buying Purple Orbs from Divinity Statues. You need at least 84,000 Red Orbs to maximize your Devil Trigger Gauge.

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Collectibles Guide


There are only Blue Orb Fragments to be found throughout the game. 32 in total, you get 12 from Secret Missions and the rest are either lying around to be collected or you get them by smashing Combat Adjudicators with style.


Don't forget that you can always get back to any location using Mission Select. If you don't have a skill to quickly get any collectible or required weapon for Adjudicators, just replay after you get them. You can even save your game mid-game after you obtain the fragment and quit, it will still register.


Collectible (Blue Orb Frag, Secret Mission, Com. Adj. Dante/Vergil)Location (Mission/Map Name)How to Get


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #1)Mission 3/13th Avenue – Before Cerberus boss fight, it will be on the building on the right along with some Red Orbs. You can’t really miss it.


Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist (BOF #2)Mission 3/13th Avenue – Jump down after getting previous fragment and press :circle: next to the door.


You will have limited time to defeat your enemies. You will fight with Hell Sloths, Lusts and Prides. Don't worry about raising your Style meter and focus on killing enemies as quickly as possible.

Rebellion/Yamato Combat Adjudicator (BOF #3)Mission 3/13th Avenue – This adjudicator is just across the secret mission building on a roof. You need to achieve "Blast!" to destroy it.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #4)Mission 4/Incandescent Space – Before you go through the green door, jump on big railings and use wall jump to reach the opening with Blue Orb Fragment in it.


Cerberus/Beowulf Combat Adjudicator (BOF #5)Mission 5/Endless Infernum – After getting past abyss and before using Soul of Steel, this Com. Adj. will be on your right. You need to achieve "Alright!" to destroy it.


Secret Mission 2: Untouchable (BOF #6)Mission 5/Surge of Fortunas – Before you start the elevator, examine the red glow on the wall on right side.


You will face 4 Enigmas on this mission. Their attack is not really that hard to avoid, just keep spamming E&I until you destroy them one by one, evade roll when necessary. Don't try to fight them head on, as it is riskier and you will most likely get hit by other ones while attacking.


Agni & Rudra/Force Edge Combat Adjudicator (BOF #7)Mission 6/The Dark Corridor – It will be on right side as soon as you enter the location. You need to achieve "Alright!" to destroy it.


Secret Mission 3: Death From Above (BOF #8)Mission 7/The Dark Corridor – As soon as Mission 7 starts, jump into the opening on right wall, next to the door you need enter to continue and interact with statue.


This mission can be really annoying. If you want to do this legit, walk into a corner, wait until all 4 Sloths are around you and start jumping. You should time your jumps and stay in the air for 24 consecutive seconds by jumping off of enemies.


Easier way: Wait until you get Nevan and purchase Air Raid ability. Make sure you have enough Devil Trigger runes and switch your style to Swordmaster just in case as well. Activate your DT, jump once (and wall jump if you’d like) then immediately press :r1:+:cross: to fly. Simply fly around until timer reaches 0. If for whatever reason, you are about to run out of DT, deactivate it yourself and quickly press :circle: twice and then :triangle:, until you pass the mission.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #9) Mission 7/Pitch Black Void – This fragment will be on an archway above you. Carefully jump on archways until you get it. You may want to use Trickster Style Lv.2 and use Star Dash ability if you can't get it.


Rebellion/Yamato Combat Adjudicator (BOF #10)Mission 7/Lift Room – This Adj. will be on your right before you go up the stairs and use Orichalcum to start the elevator. You need to achieve "SSStylish!!" to destroy it.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #11)Mission 8/Leviathan’s Stomach – You will see an old ship next to one of the things you have to destroy. Fragment is on that ship. Simply jump and use wall jump to reach on the ship. This might be a little problematic due to camera switch mid-air, if you have a problem with it, either use Trickster Style Lv.2 Star Dash ability or purchase Air Hike for one of your weapons.


Secret Mission 4: Devils Teeter-Totter (BOF #12)Mission 8/Leviathan’s Stomach – When you jump off the ship, destroy the wooden beams behind you and interact with the light.


You need to ride the elevator to the top. Start by activating the elevator. You will be attacked by 4 Devil Triggered Hell Sloths. Quickly destroy all of them or at least one or two before reinforcements arrive. If there are at least 5 enemies along with you on the elevator, you will have to start again.


You might need to leave this for later until you get stronger weapons or better abilities. Alternatively you can use Kalina Ann to drop some of the enemies with its blast and attack to remaining ones using Devil Arms, repeat this until you reach to the top.


Cerberus/Beowulf Combat Adjudicator (BOF #13)Mission 8/Leviathan’s Intestines – You might miss this one, as it’s dark around. Stick to left side of intestines until you find an opening and enter it (there are two openings, first one has a large Green Orb). You need to achieve "SShowtime!!" to destroy it.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #14)Mission 9 (or 10)/Subterranean Garden – This one will be in an opening over Divinity Statue to the left. You need Air Hike ability on one of your weapons and your Trickster Style needs to be at least Lv.2 to be able to get this one. Start by a vertical wall run, after the jump use Air Hike and immediately Star Dash to enter the opening.


Nevan/Yamato Combat Adjudicator (BOF #15)Mission 9 (or 10)/Subterranean Lake – You will find this in Mission 9 but technically, you can’t get it until Mission 10 when playing as Dante. This will be under the place where you find Spiral, before you enter Limestone Cavern through waterfall. You need to achieve "Blast!" to destroy it.


Secret Mission 5: Destroyer (BOF #16)Mission 9 (or 10)/Limestone Cavern – As you enter the cavern jump into the opening in front of you and interact with red crystals.


You will have limited time to destroy any destroyable item (50 in total) in the room. Use your Rebellion and slash away. Use Helm Breaker move to quickly destroy bottles over the counter.


Easier way: Wait until you get Kalina Ann and blast anything in sight. You can add Devil Arms to the mix as well. You may finish this in 20 seconds with this method.

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(Collectibles Guide cont.)


Secret Mission 6: Flight of the Demon (BOF #17)Mission 10/Subterranean Lake – Go right of the statue from altar, where the Neo-Generator was and interact with White Orb.


You need Nevan and Air Raid ability to complete this mission. You have limited time to collect every Red Orb (40 in total) in the area. Fill your DT by getting the big White Orb before starting, if you need to. Activate your DT, jump and press :r1:+:cross: for Air Raid. Make a circle to get the first batch of Red Orbs. Carefully drop down to get 3 of the Red Orbs, then once again activate Air Raid and collect last batch of Orbs.


Secret Mission 7: Hang 10 (BOF #18)Mission 11 (or 12)/Gears of Madness – You can start this mission by interacting with red glowing gear in a small area just before the door to next map over some ledge. Either use Air Hike to reach it or jump to the metallic part of gears and wall jump to the small area. The latter is harder to accomplish.


You need to reach the fragment before time runs out. Start by locking on to the enemy in front of you and use forward+:r1:+:triangle: move of your Devil Arm (Rebellion or Agni & Rudra works best) to quickly advance. You can hit the enemy and jump onto it for Free Ride. Repeat the pattern until you get the fragment. This is quite hard though.


Easier method: Wait until you max your DT. Activate your DT and run without interacting with any enemies. Equip Cerberus to run faster if you need to.


Alternative easy method: You should have enough health to use this method. Activate the secret mission when you have unlimited DT thanks to Haywire Neo-Generator (this item will constantly drain your health, that's why you need enough bars). Rest is same as above.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #19)Mission 11 (or 12)/Altar of Evil Pathway – This will be in a small opening above as you enter the location. Either wall jump onto the pipes or use Air Hike to reach it.


Agni & Rudra/Force Edge Combat Adjudicator (BOF #20)Mission 11 (or 12)/Wagon of Temperance – This Adj. is under the stairs. You need to achieve "SShowtime!!" to destroy it.


Secret Mission 8: Tough Guys (BOF #21)Mission 13/Spiral Staircase – Interact with red light as you go down the stairs. It's the third light.


Destroy every enemy to complete the mission. Luckily there is no time limit, because the enemies are annoying enough already. You will be pitted against some Arachnes. Eventually two bored Hell Vanguards will join the party. Use Agni & Rudra against Arachnes, it's a good weapon against them thanks to its elemental affinity and reach. Most annoying thing is their hopping, also camera can be hectic in this mission, causing you to mess up your evade rolls from time to time. Anyway just destroy the Arachnes as quickly as you can. Hell Vanguards are easier to deal with. Make sure you time your evade rolls or jumps.


Secret Mission 9: Target Practice (BOF #22)Mission 13/Vestibule – After you solve light puzzle, jump into the crack on the wall to the left just across the blue flames and interact with goat head.


You will be on moving wagon during this mission. Simply spam your E&I attack and kill every enemy on other wagons. Always lock-on to Hell Wraiths first. You can change locked-on enemy by pressing :l3:. If you can't kill enemies fast enough, upgrade your weapons and try again. You may also switch to Gunslinger Style as it strengthens any firearm attack. Clear out 10 wagons of enemies and you will get the fragment.


Nevan/Yamato Combat Adjudicator (BOF #23)Mission 13/Obsidian Path – Don’t use the Orichalcum and just continue along the path until the end to find this one. You need to achieve "SShowtime!!" to destroy it.


Beowulf/Force Edge Combat Adjudicator (BOF #24)Mission 14/Lair of Judgement Ruins – You cannot miss this, because it blocks the only way out. You need to achieve “Crazy!” to destroy it.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #25)Mission 14/Hell’s Highway – You cannot miss this as well. It will be after last gate. Too easy!


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #26)Mission 15/Underground Arena – Jump down into the arena and walk around to find this fragment on a broken stone ruin. The problem is getting there. This mission is a little confusing. When you are in Subterranean Lake area, turn the switch only once (turning it twice will let you continue the story) and enter the new area. Eventually you will reach Underground Arena.


Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light (BOF #27)Mission 16/Waking Sun Chamber – Before getting the Golden Sun key item, interact with white glowing door to the right of the altar.


You need to solve a light puzzle to get the fragment. This light puzzle is the hardest you came upon thus far. Use Beowulf so that you don't accidentally hit another reflector. There seem to be different puzzles on different playthroughs, that's why I won't be able to give you a walkthrough. Just remember to break the wall in the North-East corner if needed.


Beowulf/Force Edge Combat Adjudicator (BOF #28)Mission 17/God-Cube Chamber – This Adj. is on ground level. You need to achieve "SSStylish!!" to destroy it.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #29)Mission 17/Azure Garden – This fragment is in the middle of the elevator, which you used to reach the Azure Garden, before the Agni & Rudra boss fight in Mission 5.


Secret Mission 11: On Pins and Needles (BOF #30)Mission 17/Pitch Black Void – It is the same place with BOF #9. Only you need to jump to the middle archway this time and interact with statue at right end.


You need to avoid incoming spikes. Spikes are faster, come in shorter intervals and in pairs (up-left, down-right etc.). Do your best to avoid the spikes and reach to the fragment. If you are having difficulties, switch to Trickster and use Dash or Star Dash to go through the spikes with right timing.


Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension (BOF #31)Mission 18/Road to Despair – When you reach to the big foot, don't jump into the mirror, instead go left. There is a small path leading to a stone tablet etched into the foot. Interact with it.


Equip Trickster Style (Lv. 2 to make things easier) and have Air Hike ability for one of your Devil Arms. You need to reach to the top once again to get the fragment.


Blue Orb Fragment (BOF #32)Mission 18/Lost Souls Nirvana – You need to beat each boss once more (except Jester) and light up their sections in stone tablet to get this fragment. You will most likely complete it partially and unlock the exit but don’t finish the level until you beat them all to get this fragment. There is a Divinity Statue for you to use, in case you want to change your equipment and/or Style for boss fights. Also, there are 4 big Green Orbs around if you need health.

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I'm on my iPod ATM so plz excuse any confusion I just did my s ran run AND bloody palace in a single sitting (yes my hands hurt) and I strongly suggest that your s rank and bloody palace runs be done as Vergil for good reasons mostly being the fact darkslayer is more useful due to the easy chase that allows you to keep your style gauge up but due to the fact that unlike Dante Vergil can abuse his ranged attack "summoned swords" during ANY action you take boosting style and damage considerably it works wonders on bosses and even more so in bloody palace where you need the extra damage in later floors(after 9000 all enemies automatically activate devil trigger) but Vergil or no I suggest you finish BP before you attempt DMD it's slightly easier and you unlock Dante or vergil's "super" costumes that gives you unlimited devil trigger but does work for dantes doppleganget/quicksilver or vergil's spiral swords and it do not have life regain but after you finish BP you will have 100K+ orbs so that is a easy fix with items

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You shouldn't suggest playing on easy on Step 1. It's not very good having the yellow orb mode either. You can't switch from yellow to gold anytime you want. Gold orb mode is really needed especially in higher difficulties. So you don't have to waste a Playthrough. Besides, playing in easy mode won't help you to train for hard mode and like you said, it won't unlock hard mode. It's better to play on normal so you can know what you can expect on hard mode.




Once you are done with DMD, you should be familiar with the game so you should fix step 6. Play as Vergil on Easy mode in yellow orb mode, this is where you can get S rank on all missions. I actually played as Vergil on Easy mode once I did beat the game once and I got S rank in most of the missions, I just re-played some missions where I didn't get S rank. I think I probably managed to do on my second playthrough because I already was familiar with the game when I played so many times on the PS2.


Hope this helps :D

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Not to be rude but you shouldn't suggest playing on easy on Step 1. It's not very good having the yellow orb mode either. You can't switch from yellow to gold anytime you want. Gold orb mode is really needed especially in higher difficulties. So you don't have to waste a Playthrough. Besides, playing in easy mode won't help you to train for hard mode and like you said, it won't unlock hard mode. It's better to play on normal so you can know what you can expect on hard mode.


Once you are done with DMD, you should be familiar with the game so you should fix step 6. Play as Vergil on Easy mode in yellow orb mode, this is where you can get S rank on all missions. I actually played as Vergil on Easy mode once I did beat the game once and I got S rank in most of the missions, I just re-played some missions where I didn't get S rank. I think I probably managed to do on my second playthrough because I already was familiar with the game when I played so many times on the PS2.


Hope this helps :D


Thank you for your suggestions.


Playing on Easy is optional but might be a necessary step for people who are not good with action games and DMC games in general should not be taken lightly due to their overall difficulty. Easy mode does add an extra playthrough but playing on it also have an advantage, which is to be able to start on normal with all your upgrades.


Unlike DMC3: DA (the original 2005 version) SE adjusts difficulties (for those who didn't know, Japanese version of DMC3's Hard was actually Western version's Normal Mode). So there is not much of a big gap between Easy and Normal or Normal and Hard in this version.


I mentioned Yellow/Gold Orbs not being changable. I will make some changes for Steps 1 through 6 though.

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No problem. Don't forget about s ranks, collecting blue orbs and doing secret missions would take time which is one of the requirements for higher ranks. The stylish points as well, at the beginning you start with few moves so very good stylish points at first won't be very possible unless you are already a dmc expert. No need to rush an 'S' rank ;)


Great guide :)

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No problem. Don't forget about s ranks, collecting blue orbs and doing secret missions would take time which is one of the requirements for higher ranks. The stylish points as well, at the beginning you start with few moves so very good stylish points at first won't be very possible unless you are already a dmc expert. No need to rush an 'S' rank ;)


Great guide :)

vergil can pull SSS rank combos from the get go due to his already extensive combos it's why i suggest people use vergil once unlocked as he can pull SSS combos far more easly then dante can



anyways i plat the game this morning :D sadly i didn't use your guide i used gamefaqs for everything since this game is 90% skill based :/ all you really need a guide for is the orb/missions



here is a tip for S ranking missions.....ignore time :/ trying to get S rank in the time section will cause you to mess up due to rushing just do good combos and avoid getting hurt and you will get S easy if you take your time and you will be fine

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Thanks but I already have all of these trophies. I only need the difficulty trophies and BP.


Btw, I just did beat hard mode, and it unlocked both VH and DMD. If I play on DMD, will it unlock the VH trophy as well? In other words, do they stack?


Hope it's not too soon to ask.


they DO NOT STACK i thought the same that is why my last trophy earned is VH the same goes for costume unlocks if you beat DMD you will unlock the super costume but not the none super costume of sparda dante/corrupt vergil that you earn from hard mode

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they DO NOT STACK i thought the same that is why my last trophy earned is VH the same goes for costume unlocks if you beat DMD you will unlock the super costume but not the none super costume of sparda dante/corrupt vergil that you earn from hard mode


Wow, that sucks :( Well, it's a great game. I can't really complain.


Thanks :)

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Is DMD or VMD a one hit kill cuz every video out there with this difficulty no one gets hit?


I'm guessing you are referring to SS Ranking videos. SS ranks require you to get S on all parameters and if you get hit in DMD/VMD your Damage rank is lowered mostly even with 1 hit.


Only 1-hit-kill mode is Heaven or Hell.

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