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Broken PS3? YLOD? Tips, tricks and facts.


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so i came to my grandparents house and hooked my ps3 up to their new tv with an hami cable. It had no sound sound due to something with the soundsystem. So i tried to do it over AV with an AV cable. i hold down the power button for 10 secs to do the reset to AV thing. To my surprise everything was black and white and moved a little bit to the bottom of the screen. So i reset it a couple more times (with no luck). then i tried to connect it with an hdmi cable again. but now it wont recognize the hdmi cable and the tv said "mode not supported". i went downstairs to the old tv and tried my luck there. but it got even worse (just on that tv) the black and white picture was flickering all over the place. the i went back up but still same shit as befor.


does anybody know what to do?

any help will be appreciated

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I try some of these tricks tomorrow. My PS3 got YLOD recently and I want to deactivate my account of it but it immeadiately turns off. I also got RE5 Disc stuck in it.


EDIT: I tried the trick to get the disc out and it worked. Now I need to buy HDMI cable and get PS3 work long enough to deactivate account. The fan goes really loud when you do the disc trick.

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ok my ps3 has shat itself with the YLOD and id be damned if i paid those rip off merchants sony £150 for a refurbished ps3!!!


Locating the problem


Ok im trying to diagnose my problem, my YLOD pops up its about a process of 5 seconds if even just like this video...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hPz6IhEST0]YouTube - Ps3 YLOD (Yellow light of Death) 60Gb[/ame]



So as you said thats the safeguard preventing the system from operating, is there any way i can bypass this if even just to buy me time to take my rented game out of the drive?


+ removed the hdd numerous times even swapped it with the older hdd and nothing, didnt work.


+ tried the eject scenario where i knock it on at the back while holding the button and cant get the game out.


+ Saying that the fans arnt extremely loud they just come on and power off as soon as the lights and beeps finish up.


+ No soldering iron available for me to do some touches and to be honest i wouldnt know where to start. Someone mentioned a heat gun i take it that it has similar properties!


Ejecting my disc


Is there any way possible of doing this as i have a rental game in there and well by the time i have this sorted i would have paid back the price of buying the game!


+ Is it easy to dismantle to get it out?


+ Can i get the thing temporarily working in order get it out?


+ Can i extend the boot time to get the cd out?




Backing up your files


This is a right pain for me as im closed to the end in quite a few games! Is there any way of creating a backup of everything on that drive to my pc and work at it from there? or will it seek formatting for use with the pc? but i suppose if i went to try them on another ps3 they probably wouldnt work so there is no point!





Known temporary CPR tricks


+ Left it for 3 hours, then for 5 hours but nothing same stuff


+ Going to try knocking it on and off repeatetly for a while, tried it for about 10 minutes and same thing nothing, do you think i should get out the zapper and see if that will bring life to it!


+ Switched electrical sockets, nothing


+ Rattle and shake it, done it hit it a good few slaps shook it about like louise woodward shakes babies and nothing at all. You must have got lucky with that.




Known YLOD fixes


+ Il skip the repair kits, 75 dollars seems a bit much to screw out a couple of screws and solder bits and pieces, bit of a gamble and i wouldnt really know what im doing and wouldnt want to mess things up further.


Is their anything i can do from a screwdriver open it up and look around perspective.





Power Supply gone bad - replacing it yourself


+ Is it the Power supply unit that needs replaced or some other bit of the power supply?


+ As for static, i followed your instructions by poking my dog for a while, no not in a sick beastality way, but he looks kinda fucked off right about now wondering why hes getting all this attention compared to the ps3 for a change.



Sending it to Sony


+ This is where i flip the lid at £145 for a refurbished ps3, id want to keep my own as well and tamper with it myself as well as the refurbished one at that price, fuck i could even go on ebay and get a second hand one at that price, i dont understand how they can justify this price, for an exchange, i could even pick up a damn xbox for £149.99, its not like i damaged this on purpose!

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Ejecting my disc

Yes, there is a chance you can still eject your disc after a YLOD. Again, flip the power off on the back of your PS3, push down on the Eject button (don't let go), and then flip it back on. Keep holding down the Eject button, until the Fan test starts. It's very loud and you can't miss it. At this time, you can eject the disc successfully. You only have about 20 seconds to do it, but should be plenty.


As of now, this method is confirmed successful on the older 40GB models, and the newer 80GB models that replaced the 40GBs. There is no 100% guarantee, but a very good chance from all the feedback spread across the internet.


this dose not work on my 60gb PAL ps3 i tryed this for atleast 30 mins coz it had a gm that i had just bourt the preveus weekend is there any way that i can get it out without taking my ps3 appart

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So i got the dreaded YLOD last week

R.I.P. my ps3, an original 60Gb model i’ve had since the UK release date

I spent two long nights trying my best to bring it back from the dead

A couple of months ago i even modified it myself and put in an 320Gb HDD to store all my mp3’s and photo’s


i could phone sony and pay £128 to get it fixed / get a refurbished model or take it to a repair shop for a cheaper fix but there would always be a chance i would lose all my existing files, that the YLOD could happen to me again and i would have to pay for another repair


Best advice to anyone in the UK, if you can get your broken YLOD ps3 working again or exchanged (max price is to pay £128 to sony) trade it in at your local GAME store (they were happy to give me £125 for a trade in of a working 60Gb model, meaning this problem only cost me £3) and just go for new a 120Gb PS3 slim + free game (or 250Gb if you can wait, need to save up cash)


If you regularly sync your trophies to the PS network you wont loose them, thank god and once you sign in on any new machine they will pop up again once you sync in again


Game saves are gone but even if you did save them they might not work on the new ps3. I cut my loss’s and traded in my old games i don’t play that often to save cash


Photo’s and mp3’s you just have to put back on again in time


it sucks so badly but its not the end of the world

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I got YLOD about 5 months ago, my refurb from Sony had a new hd, but I removed my 250 GO before sending it to them, sadly the new ps3 made me re-format the drive for use. Also, I have purchased quite a few things through the video store, and after only about 20 min on the phone W/ customer service the guy I was talking with credited me all video purchases to my acct. Just had to go to the downloads section of the video store and re-download all my old movies/shows. No worries.

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When u send a ps3 to be fixed due to ylod is it only a tempory fix? Since my ps3 got ylod 2 weeks after it had been sent back fixed! If so is it only 60gb that gets ylod cause if it is I may consider getting a slim!


There is no permanent solution for a YLOD unfortunately. If you're sending it to Sony and you're getting the same machine back (ALWAYS ask for a brand new one if you have the option) you're basically paying Sony $150 to do the reflow trick on your system and that only works for 4 months TOPS.'

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There is no permanent solution for a YLOD unfortunately. If you're sending it to Sony and you're getting the same machine back (ALWAYS ask for a brand new one if you have the option) you're basically paying Sony $150 to do the reflow trick on your system and that only works for 4 months TOPS.'



I hope your wrong about the 4 month part. I don't want to keep opening up this thing and reflowing. After a while, the board will go to sh!t.

Maybe the guys fixing it don't add an extra touch of TLC that an owner would.:p


Then again, I've seen some videos of DIY repairs that just make me cringe. One guy put his entire mobo in the oven and let it bake for 10 min!! Another guy shoved his into his sisters sweater and used his mom's hairdryer to overheat mobo that way.

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