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Broken PS3? YLOD? Tips, tricks and facts.


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Good thread for locating the issue and the known do-it-yourself fixes. Just got the YLOD today sadly and not much I do seems to be working :(


For the Canadians on the site with the issue, you can send your console to a company called Power Up Gaming Canada. They do an evaluation and all that and will attempt to repair and only charge you anything if they are successful (70$ CAD - less than what it would cost you to buy all the reflow/soldering/etc tools I believe). They brag about their 95% success rate and average added lifespan of one year and stuff like that, so it seems reputable.


I'll be bringing mine into the shop they have in my town tomorrow... So hopefully all goes well!

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Nope, you just need to press a button :). From the XMB, go: Account Management => System Activation = (Insert Console type here) => Game => Deactivate System (you'll have to repeat this for the Video option as well).


Ahh... Ok... So I can do this from Another system...


Will check this out later..



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Yay - I finally belong to the great circle of exclusive fools receiving the grand gift of YLOD. :pout: Thanks to this and some YT-vids I got the glorious idea to search for :francis: I could fix it by baking. Maybe my bachelor-time is gone now and I'll start baking more than only frozen pizza... :D


Read something about activatin/deactivating the console, guess I did that - but what exactly is it good for? Using it online? Being able to achieve trophies with it? Didn't read aroud about this already (maybe I should do before :whistle:) and don't want to start discussions 'bout that here, just wondering... ^^

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Well,my fatty has just died on me :( Gone through all the checks and it seems to be the motherboard.

Now I've got to decide whether to get a brand new ps3 or take a chance on a 2nd hand one....not interested in a ps4,there doesn't appear to be that many essential games for it yet.

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My old trusty PS3 Slim 250GB is having some kind of console dementia, doesn't know what to do when I boot it up.


Press the power button the fans whirrs on, then a slow down and a beep followed with a red light. So this can't be the power supply.


If I keep on restarting the console, eventually it will start working with the occasional crash here and there. But after a system check it starts to work fine BUT is kinda picky with games. Some can be played uninterrupted while others have a specific spot within the game that triggers a crash. So a processor problem then? Maybe the mother board?


I'm planning to use a soldering gun after I totally disassemble it to rejuvenate the circuit board... just waiting for that one brave day to tackle it. All is not lost with PS3 gaming as I still have a super slim to keep those previous gen trophies coming.


So basically my console is like a car with a temperamental ignition... Just keep at it and console fires up... and that includes the occasional "engine cut-off" while playing, then rinse repeat the ignition ritual to start it up again.


Any ideas what's truly behind this problem?

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