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Both games are for sale now for a few bucks for ps3 and vita, if you are interested then you should get try it now. I just get them and I think it's really fun and addicting game if you like logic platformers. It's not a shooter, it's not a really fast action platformer, it's a platformer when you must think. When I'am playing it, I got the feel similiar to playing amiga 500 logic platformers like Benefactor. Graphics and music aren't beatiful, but the gameplay is really addicting. The games got some bugs and glitches, it's not an AAA product, but if you got few bucks to spend and like to think, you should go for it.


After a few more hours playing, I can confirm that this game is glitchy as shit. For now the combo trophy and the one for unlocking the winter levels are glitched for me.

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