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For someone who has probably played the game before this platinum would most likely have been super easy, but for me it was a:




I really wanted to enjoy the game since it was my first time ever playing a PS2 Jak and Daxter game (beat Daxter on the PSP), so I took my time playing through all of the levels. Most of them I enjoyed.....except that [insert profanities here] Spider Cave! Right when I got inside the place, I knew I wouldn't like it. The bland environment of it and many cheap death spots made me hate it to no end. That dark cave part made me want to pull my hair out after dying in so many places. After making it through the whole place, I only had a few Precursor Orbs left to obtain. I managed to get all but 1 from killing the gnawing lurkers, and then the hunt began for the final Precursor Orb of the Spider Cave. Oh what a hunt that was! I searched for nearly 3 hours before finding that last Precursor Orb, and it certainly wasn't fun.


Okay, now that my rant about the Spider Cave is over, really I think that the game SHOULD deserve a 3/10. The collectables weren't very hard to get at all, and I managed to get all of them on my first playthrough with a bit of cleaning up before entering Gol and Maia's Citadel. All of the other trophies were very easy to get and none of them were overly challenging. However, the camera led to quite a few unfair deaths for me and that stupid Spider Cave nearly made me go insane, but in the end I did beat it. The game is great besides those last 2 problems and the platinum is also fairly easy, granted you hunt for the many collectables which isn't too hard to do. ^_^

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I gave this a 2/10


Collecting 2000 Precursor Orbs may look a bit daunting, but they're actually pretty easily findable, and none really take a ridiculous ammount of time to find, I just went from level to level collecting everything before moving on...


Some of the Power cells were a bit annoying, But I did this platinum all without a guide, If you did it with a guide this is an easy 1/10 platinum.


Every trophy is pretty much story related, except for the Collection ones, so the bulk of it are unmissable, but like I say the collection trophies are real easy too!


A great game. I was thrilled to play it all over again, and get everything done. I am now the proud owner of my Jak & Daxter Platinum :) Next, On to Jak II :D

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I gave it a 3. The entire game is fairly easy but there are a few challenges that took me repeated tries (and lots of them). Those few challenges knocked this up from 2 for me.


I 100%'d the game on PS2 twice and even so, this 3rd playthrough of mine still had some hangups.

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5-7 hour sitting while searching thoroughly? I call bs on that. I platted the game in roughly 15 hours without a guide. Can it be done faster? Yes, given you use a guide or have a good memory from the last time you played. Done in 5-7 hours? Doubtful. I'm referring to TOTAL TIME SPENT, not 'actual game time'. You either spent the time in game searching for it, or looked it up in a guide/video...whatever 'it' may be.


I personally voted a 4. It was my first time playing the game, and there are a few tricky spots due to frustrating camera angles and jump timing. Also, one key move, the roll-jump and spin attack are not mentioned in the 'tutorial' and are detrimental to beating the game.


Even though my trophies say something different, then I really only spent about 7-8 hours of actual playing this game. I have beat it 101% twice before, so that reduce the time a lot, but I know there was a lot of room for improvements, and I was going to say this game can be done in around 5-6 hours before I even read this post. :p I spent a couple of hours watching tv as a break, and eating and chatting with some friends on PSN.


I voted 2. It's easy, especially if you are anything good at platformers.


No need for guide either, nothing missable.

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Finished the first Jak game late last week. I would've gave it a 1/10, but because of the annoying checkpoint system in this game (and it's successors), it gets bumped to a 2. Didn't enjoy it as much as I first played a decade ago 'cause it was as easy as pissing, but it was a nice nostalgia trip. I still have more respect for retro Crash.

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