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3/10 for the blue precursor rings


Some of the collectibles are in arcane locations, like the precursor orbs hidden INSIDE the plant boss. I'd say it took me about 12 hours to 100%. Not sure where people are getting 5-7 hours from, even if you know the game inside out there's plenty of content to keep you busy.

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This was my 3rd 100% run of this game after getting the 100% on the PS3 HD remaster almost a decade ago, and the PS2 original nearly 2 decades ago. I’m personally very experienced with this game and platformers overall, so I can understand the reasonable 3/10 ratings in this thread. I went back to this game because Kena reminded me of it. And after all this time, I expected it to age poorly, yet, I had such a delightful playthrough, and I’ve grown even fonder of this game now. Highly recommend for any platformer fans or ND fans who want to trace ND’s legacy. 

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