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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD Trophy Guide

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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.

[ATTACH]4268[/ATTACH]The Top of the Heap (P)

You have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect!

This trophy is earned after all other trophies are earned. This will usually come after “Open Sez Me” during the credits, or after “The Super Orberator” as these take the most time.


[ATTACH]4273[/ATTACH]Open Sez Me (B)

Open the Precursor Door

This trophy is earned after “Maximum Power!” when you travel to the precursor door after the final battle. There will be a cut scene, and then the trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4275[/ATTACH]Yee Haw! (B)

Herd the Yakows in to their pen.

This trophy is earned near the beginning of the game whenever you go and help the townsfolk in Sandover Village. Head over to the farmer towards the edge of the village and talk to him. He will ask you to herd his yakows. There are 6 in all. All of them are on the sand in the general area. To herd them, punch them with ( ) or kick them with O, then lead them into the pen by walking behind them. You can turn them by going to the opposite side of the yakow you want to go. Once all six are in the pen, and he gives you your power cell, you will earn the trophy.


[ATTACH]4270[/ATTACH]Black Thumb (S)

Defeat the Dark Eco Plant

As you travel through the Forbidden jungle in the beginning of the game, you will find yourself inside the precursor tower. After making your way to the top and going back down via the elevator, you will be forced to go down a tunnel and activate the Blue Eco Vent. This will enable you to open the door where the elevator stopped. Go through that door and face the Dark Eco Plant. To kill it, you must hit his chin three times. To hit it you must kill (for lack of a better term) the ‘turtle crabby things’ while their spikes are down. There will be one added every time you hit the plant’s chin. Climb the leaves he makes and kick with O his chin. Once he is dead your trophy will pop.

* Don’t forget to jump on his head after you have killed him for 10 extra orbs as part of the “The Super Orberator” trophy.


[ATTACH]4274[/ATTACH]Shiny Happy Steeples (S)

Connect the Eco Beams

While in the Forbidden Jungle, go toward the back of the area onto a generator-like object. Kick the pole and it will point a beam toward the first tower. Hop down and go toward it. Look into the sight with O and point it toward the next pole. You can see where it is by looking at the on-screen pointer. Once you have connected the beam to all of the poles, there will be a small cut scene and the trophy will pop.

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Dammit I was gonna do a guide and road map. It would have been my first.


You still can. Anyone can write a guide and challenge one that is currently there. I'd actually encourage you to. Competition is good.


Edit: locking this up as the OP has moved the info over.

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