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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD Trophy Guide & Road Map

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I know it wont be needed for a bit, but I am in the middle of my Jak 3 guide, as well as putting out a competing guide for 1 (though yours obviously got more attention, well played). Hopefully the guide will be up when people need it!


The deciding factor of whether or not my guide or yours will be chosen might be that yours has videos for the scout flies, power cells, and orbs. I'm in the process of getting a capture card, but you've beaten me to the video section.


I haven't even thought about Jak 3 because of Jak II and a busy schedule in real life. I wouldn't mind you getting to it before me if it turns out to be better, and I probably won't get to it until early or middle of next week.

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Just got my copy at Gamestop after searching at every retail store within 15 miles. It took 2 days to find. Next time I will preorder a HD collection on Amazon since it takes 2-5 days for retailers to get theirs for whatever reason.


Thanks for the guide! We're gonna really need 1 for 2 and 3.


Finishing up Jak II tomorrow. Should be up by the end of the day. I would also suggest making sure you know whether they will have a game in or not.

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Guide looks good - I'm glad you had the roadmap be one whole playthrough. I personally got my Platinum in one go 100%'ing every area I came across before moving on; definitely the way to go!




In your step regarding the Snowy Mountain and the Spider Cave, you might want to mention there is a Yellow Eco vent in the baby spider-infested tunnel which requires you to unlock the Yellow Eco Vents on the Snowy Mountain to acquire all 200 Precursor Orbs in the Spider Cave (2 strongboxes in that baby spider-infested tunnel). That said, it's probably fortuitous for people to complete Snowy Mountain FIRST - not to mention it's also shown as first when you check how many Power Cells/Precursor Orbs/Flies you have :whistle:




(Sorry if I'm coming off as hypercritical, but I really like the guide and want it to get stickied :D)


Right after the introduction, you might want to consider adding some info about the controls. I know for a fact that the different jumps are detrimental to reaching areas/platforms later on in the game. Things like the Roll-Jump, Double Jump-Spin Attack, and the Crouch Jump. I'd highly recommend adding this as first timers won't know about these without goofing around with controls. Not sure why they weren't mentioned in the 'tutorial' :think:

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