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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD Trophy Guide & Road Map

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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.


- Estimated Difficulty: xx/10, (Personal: 3/10)

- Trophy Breakdown: 22 (B) 12 (S) 4 (G) 1 (P)

- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1

- Approximate time to Platinum: 4-10 hours

- Missable Trophies: None (You may go back to previous areas)

- Glitched Trophies: None

- Difficulty affect Trophies: No difficulty setting

- Cheat Codes: None



This is the first of three games in the Jak & Daxter Trilogy. It is one of the first 3-Dimensional role-playing games on the market, and even since it is originally a PS2 game, it could contend with some modern titles. In order to get this platinum in the quickest way possible, I suggest only going through one playthrough. If, however, you for some reason don’t want to do that, you can. It is possible to go back to previous areas to get things without making a new save. When going through the parts, go in the order they are listed, and don’t leave the area until they are done. Exceptions are listed in each part. Please Note: All trophies are earned after you earn the power cell for the task. Don't be scared if you don't get it right away if you haven't picked it up.


Part 1): Geyser Rock, Sandover Village, Forbidden Jungle, Sentinal Beach, and Misty Island

These areas are mainly to let you get a feel for the game, with Misty Island bringing you into the fold of what the rest of the game is like. You won’t be able to get the power cells from the oracle until you find 240 power cells, (120 each). Before you go to Fire canyon you can get these. The Blue Eco Vent is also located in the Forbidden Jungle. When you go to fight the Dark Eco Plant inside the tower, you'll activate it to move to its lair.


Part 2): Fire Canyon, Precursor Basin, Lost Precursor City, and Boggy Swamp

Since you shouldn't have anything to worry about in the previous areas, you won’t be using fire canyon after going through it. Because of this, you should go back through and try to get everything after you activate the blue sage’s teleporter. Another oracle is here, so get the orbs in each area to get enough to take them. The only thing you really need to worry about is falling into the water.


Part 3): Mountain Pass, Volcano, Spider Cave, and Glacier Mountain.

After beating Klaww, the next areas will be either on the mountains or in the mountains. This is where some things can start to get long, but just hang in there and keep a goal in mind. The oracle here is in the volcano. Same old, same old, you should have enough to pop those power cells right out. The Spider Cave may be a maze at first, but once you look around you should get a feel for it. The yellow eco vent is on Snowy Mountain, hidden away behind some trees. To get there, start from the lift and go straight past the snowballs and across the first bridge. Go right over the ice patch and in the mountain side is a patch of about 5 trees overlooking the ledge. It's really helpful later to activate this, and is required to get the last power cell in Mountain Pass.


Part 4): Lava Tube and Gol & Maia’s Citadel

The Lava Tube will be a bit harder to get everything in, but like the others you can go through it whenever you like. This is where the yellow eco comes in handy. There is no oracle in the citadel, but it is a very large and somewhat confusing place. Be mindful, and try to learn the layout so that you know where to go.


Part 5): Boss, Final Missed Collectables, and Final Cutscene.

After defeating Gol and Maia, you will need to find any more collectables you missed. Hopefully, they will be few, but if you managed to miss large chunks it could be a bit of a hassle. Once you get those down, head back to the final area where you defeated Gol and Maia to beat the game once and for all.

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[ATTACH]4284[/ATTACH]The Top of the Heap (P)

You have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect!

This trophy is earned after all other trophies are earned. This will usually come after “Open Sez Me” during the credits, or after “The Super Orberator” as these take the most time.


[ATTACH]4285[/ATTACH]Open Sez Me (B)

Open the Precursor Door

* Story Related Cannot Miss

On Geyser Rock, there will be a point where there is a precursor door with a blue lightning bolt on the top. This means it needs blue eco, so run across the bridge and grab some from the blue eco vent, then run back before your run out to open the door. Once you grab the power cell that's inside you'll receive the trophy.


[ATTACH]4287[/ATTACH]Yee Haw! (B)

Herd the Yakows in to their pen.

This trophy is earned near the beginning of the game whenever you go and help the townsfolk in Sandover Village. Head over to the farmer towards the edge of the village and talk to him. He will ask you to herd his yakows. There are 6 in all. All of them are on the sand in the general area. To herd them, punch them with ( ) or kick them with O, then lead them into the pen by walking behind them. You can turn them by going to the opposite side of the yakow you want to go. Once all six are in the pen, and he gives you your power cell, you will earn the trophy.


[ATTACH]4281[/ATTACH]Black Thumb (S)

Defeat the Dark Eco Plant

As you travel through the Forbidden jungle in the beginning of the game, you will find yourself inside the precursor tower. After making your way to the top and going back down via the elevator, you will be forced to go down a tunnel and activate the Blue Eco Vent. This will enable you to open the door where the elevator stopped. Go through that door and face the Dark Eco Plant. To kill it, you must hit his chin three times. To hit it you must kill (for lack of a better term) the ‘turtle crabby things’ while their spikes are down. There will be one added every time you hit the plant’s chin. Climb the leaves he makes and kick with O his chin. Once he is dead your trophy will pop.

* Don’t forget to jump on his head after you have killed him for 5 extra orbs as part of the “The Super Orberator” trophy.


[ATTACH]4286[/ATTACH]Shiny Happy Steeples (S)

Connect the Eco Beams

While in the Forbidden Jungle, go toward the back of the area onto a generator-like object. Kick the pole and it will point a beam toward the first tower. Hop down and go toward it. Look into the sight with O and point it toward the next pole. You can see where it is by looking at the on-screen pointer. Once you have connected the beam to all of the poles, there will be a small cut scene when you return to the mayor, and the trophy will pop.

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[ATTACH]4289[/ATTACH]Hand Over Fish (B)

Catch 200 Pounds of Fish

In the Forbidden Jungle, there is a small creek bed running at the bottom of the area. On the side toward Sandover Village, there is a fisherman having trouble with his catch. Talk to him, and he will challenge you to catch 200 pounds of fish. He will give you a tutorial including the 1 pound fish, 5 pound fish, and poisonous eels that will destroy the whole batch. He will give you a net, and you will have to bring it towards the fish you want to catch and pick it up. The creek runs faster and faster, and there will always be a small section where only eels come. Once you catch 200 pounds and the cut scene has passed, you will earn the trophy.

* You must complete this in order to use the boat to go to Misty Island


[ATTACH]4288[/ATTACH]Gemmee That! (B)

Get the Power cell from the Pelican

When you get to Sentinel Beach, there will be a power cell sitting peacefully on the sand. As you go toward it to pick it up, a pelican will swoop down and scoop it up. Swim to the small island in the middle that it landed on, and punch it. The pelican will spit out the power cell and start flying back over to it. Jump off the island toward the water wheel and climb up. Roll and run over to the power cell before the pelican does to collect it and earn this trophy.


[ATTACH]4290[/ATTACH]Eggs Over Hard (B)

Push the Flut Flut Egg Off the Cliff

When you go onto the Sentinel Beach there will be an egg on the small Cliffside. If you talked to the woman in Sandover Village then she talked about a flut flut bird egg teetering on said cliff that she wants you to save. You don’t have to talk to her to get this trophy. Make your way past the waterfall toward Samos’ green eco vents. Right before you get to the vents, go up the walkway back toward the waterfall and along the Cliffside. When you get to the end, punch or kick the egg off and jump down for a small cut scene. You should get your trophy after this.


[ATTACH]4292[/ATTACH]Pop Goes the Lurker (B)

Destroy the Balloon Lurkers

As you land on Misty Island, go up the ledges and go all the way down the left path. You’ll find a zoomer you can use to fly over the water. There will be various lurkers using balloons to fly about. Hit these baddies with the propeller of the zoomer to kill them, but watch out for their mines, as this will hurt you and not them. After they are all dead and you get your power cell, the trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4291[/ATTACH]Tonight’s Featured Event (B)

Defeat the Lurker ambush in Arena

When you find the arena on Misty Island that you started the game at, you will be ambushed. Defeat all of the enemies to earn this trophy. Try and keep away from the center, and when you grab red eco be sure to hit the blue lurkers. Use kick with O if you are surrounded. When they enemies are defeated, climb up to the place where the story began and grab the power cell and trophy.

* If you went down the left path first, you should have already opened the steel crates in this area for the precursor orbs. If not, you will have to come back here afterward.

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[ATTACH]4293[/ATTACH]Zoom! (B)

Reach the end of Fire Canyon

* Story Related Cannot Miss

After you find enough power cells to power Keira’s zoomer, go to the back of the farmer’s house up the ledges to Fire Canyon. Get across the canyon without overheating to receive the trophy. Hitting the balloons will cool down your zoomer, and hitting any lurkers will hit you into the air, effectively dodging the heat. Try not to go over the open lava, as this will quickly cause you to overheat. Once you have crossed to safety, the trophy is yours.

* There are Scout Flies in the canyon so be on the lookout for the boxes.


[ATTACH]4296[/ATTACH]Catch as Catch Can (S)

Catch the Flying Lurkers

When you are in the Precursor Basin you’ll notice some more flying lurkers, minus the balloons. These ones are much more annoying than the ones you saw at Misty Island. Just keep patient and try to cut them off as best you can. Use R1 to hop at them if you think you have a shot at hitting one. Once you hit all 4 the trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4297[/ATTACH]Green Thumb (S)

Cure the Dark Eco Infected Plants

While in the Precursor Basin, there will be a patch of purple plants toward the back of the area. Fly into a green eco vent close by to be charged with healing abilities, then fly over the plants to heal them. You must heal the entire patch in one go or else the dark eco will re-infest the other plants. Once all of the patches are dark eco free, a healthy flower will grow and you will get the trophy.


[ATTACH]4295[/ATTACH]Purple Pain (B)

Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings.

In the first half of the Precursor Basin, there will be a floating purple ring. If you fly through it a small race will start, and more rings will appear. If you pass through each ring within the allotted time, you will earn the trophy.


[ATTACH]4294[/ATTACH]I Got the Blues (B)

Navigate the Blue Precursor Rings.

Just like “Purple Pain”, there will be a blue ring in the second half of the Precursor Basin. It is slightly hidden, so go up the walkway near the green eco plant and go along it. Instead of going right after the jump turn left. Pass through it to start the race and finish it in time to get the trophy. It is more vague in the direction you need to take, so don't commit to the wrong path too quickly.

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[ATTACH]4298[/ATTACH]Speedy Fast (S)

Beat the Record Time on the Gorge

In the Rock village, there will be a gambler clothed in a barrel. Talk to him, and he will give you the challenge of beating the best time on the Gorge Run in the Precursor Basin. Win the bet (45 seconds) and the trophy will be yours. The race consists of some turns, lurkers, and a couple of dark eco crates. Just go through dodging the poles that try and block your way and you should be good. I went through slowly to see how hard it was and got through with 50 seconds.


[ATTACH]4300[/ATTACH]Twist and Shout (B)

Defeat the Lurker Ambush

In the Boggy Swamp, you will find jump pads to other areas. One of them goes to an ambush. Defeat the enemies to earn the trophy. Use the yellow eco that drops to your advantage, and kick with O if enemies get too close. Once they are defeated your trophy will appear.


[ATTACH]4303[/ATTACH]Hungry? (B)

Protect Farthy’s Snacks

Towards the end of the Boggy Swamp, there will be a drunk who ‘owns’ the swamp. He is missing his pet. He talks about how he puts down snacks to bring it back but the rats always eat them. He asks you to protect them in exchange for a power cell. You will be given yellow eco to shoot at the rats as they come toward the snacks. There are three waves of the rats, with each wave having more of them. Protect all of the snacks to scare the rats away so Farthy can come back and you’ll get the trophy.


[ATTACH]4299[/ATTACH]The Lead Zeppelin (S)

Break all Four Tethers to the Zeppelin

Throughout the Boggy Swamp, you will encounter the holds for the tethers that connect to the lurker zeppelin. Use yellow eco to shoot all four holds to earn the trophy. Each hold is a large rock with a huge rope tied on it. They are hard to miss and can be seen when you use a jump pad. Once all of them have been destroyed, you can watch the zeppelin float away while you get your trophy.


[ATTACH]4302[/ATTACH]Zoom Zoom! (B)

Reach the End of the Mountain Pass

* Story Related Cannot Miss

After you defeat Klaww, you will need to use the zoomer to travel to the next area. Get on and travel down the path. If you do not get to the finish before the lurkers do, they will blow up the pass, so don’t let that happen. When you get to the end your trophy will pop. Dodge the barrels… they hurt…. A lot.

* After you have opened the yellow eco vent at Glacier Mountain you will need to come back to open the secret passage right before you go into the cavern of red crystals.

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[ATTACH]4304[/ATTACH]De-Klawwed (S)

Defeat Klaww

* Story Related Cannot Miss

Once Keira has lifted the molted boulder away, you can travel into the lair of Klaww. Defeat him to receive the trophy. As you go into the lava pit where he resides, he will give a little taunt. Jump down onto the middle rock and get ready. He will throw boulders onto the rock you are on. Just jump to the left or right and back again to dodge. After a couple of throws he will submerge into the lava and a blue eco piece will form. Grab it and run out onto the precursor ramp. Dodge the rocks he rolls at you, and grab the yellow eco. Aim with /\ and shoot him until he drops the boulder he’s been forming on his head. Get out of the zoom and run back to the rocks you were at to get away from the giant, crushing boulder and repeat. The second and third times are the same, but the precursor ramp gets pieces taken off every time. Be careful as you go and remember how it was on the way back. Remember: If you die you have to start over so be careful. Your trophy will pop after he is finished.


[ATTACH]4308[/ATTACH]Kerblamm! (S)

Destroy the Dark Eco Crystals

While in the Spider Cave, there are big, purple crystals in certain places. Punch each one then RUN AWAY. There will be an alarm warning you something is about to go down and that is the crystal blowing up into a blast of dark eco. Once all 4 are destroyed the trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4306[/ATTACH]It’s Dark in Here (B)

Survive the Lurker Infested Cave

On Snowy Mountain, go straight past the giant snowballs, but not in the cave. Go across the bridge toward the fort, and make a left. Go on two more bridges to find a cave swarmed with those pesky ice lurkers. Just use the red eco to kick and punch your way through, and don't worry about the dark eco crates; they can't hurt you when you use red eco. When you get the power cell your trophy pops.


[ATTACH]4305[/ATTACH]It’s Cold Out Here (S)

Stop the 3 Lurker Glacier Troops

While on Snowy Mountain, there will be shielded troops with red eco powers in 3 locations. They will be on a force-drill like object. Once you kill the other lurkers around them, it will hop off and attack you. Grab some red eco from the nearby vent and hit him twice. When you finish the last one off that trophy is yours.


[ATTACH]4307[/ATTACH]Zoom Zoom Zoom! (B)

Reach the End of the Lava Tube

* Story Related Cannot Miss

After the Red Sage’s, you will travel through the Lava Tube. This is a lot like the Fire Canyon, but much more deadly. When you reach the end and land next to the Yellow Sage’s hut, you will earn your trophy.

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[ATTACH]4312[/ATTACH]Set Me Free! (B)

Free the Red Sage

* Story Related Cannot Miss

See ‘Set Me Free Already!’


[ATTACH]4310[/ATTACH]No, Set Me Free! (B)

Free the Blue Sage

* Story Related Cannot Miss

See ‘Set Me Free Already!’


[ATTACH]4309[/ATTACH]Hey, Set Me Free! (B)

Free the Yellow Sage

* Story Related Cannot Miss

See ‘Set Me Free Already!’


[ATTACH]4311[/ATTACH]Set Me Free Already! (B)

Free the Green Sage

* Story Related Cannot Miss

When you enter Gol and Maia’s Citadel, you learn that the sages have been captured and imprisoned. In order to free them, you must go to each of their cages and bust the power generator to their cell. When you free a sage, a cutscene will commence, and you will receive that sage’s respective trophy. The Red Sage is on the right path as you enter. It consists of moving pieces of circles. The Blue Sage is after that, and consists of blue eco transports and other such objects. Yellow is third, (or 1st if you went left when you came in). It has a bunch of jump pads over a bottomless pit, so try not to fall in. Finally, the green sage is at the top of the Citadel and sits by the elevator. After your 3rd sage is free, stairs will form up to the sidewall. Go up them and then turn back and jump on the moving platforms, which are somehow made of wires? Go along the boardwalk at the top and bust the last generator to free old Samos.


[ATTACH]4313[/ATTACH]Battle Hardened (G)

The Final Battle Against Gol and Maia

* Story Related Cannot Miss

[spoiler=BOSS]After freeing the sages you will ride an elevator to the top of the citadel. When you reach the top you will see Gol and Maia in the Precursor Robot flying around. Hop on the blue eco transport and get ready for the final fight. The entire Battle is about them trying to open the silo doors to the dark eco, and you trying to stop them. Yellow eco will spawn for your use almost every round. Start out by shooting the precursor robot’s eye. Once this is done, use the blue eco vent and jump pad to get out of the way of the bomb they throw. After that, some big, scary dark eco baddies spawn. Use the yellow eco to shoot them, and then get out of the way of the bomb again. Next, Gol and Maia will throw red eco grenades that send shockwaves toward you. Once the last wave has past, grab some yellow eco and quickly try to destroy the right arm before they can toss any more. One last bomb will be thrown, and the last arm will be used. It uses yellow eco to shoot a huge boulderish ball of energy. Dodge it as best you can and us your own yellow eco to hit it in between shots. With each blast of the bombs Gol and Maia have been throwing, the silo doors have opened more, but all of the other nearby eco vents (one for every color) has also opened. After all are open, the beams will combine and create light eco. Grab one and a cutscene will commence, defeating Gol and Maia forever. This is followed by some groovy dancing a-la Jak & Daxter. The credits will roll, and the trophy will pop. After this point, if you have already received the ‘Maximum Power!’ trophy, the precursor door will open and the final cutscene of the game will leave you with an annoying cliffhanger, better luck next game.


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[ATTACH]4315[/ATTACH]Power Launch (B)

Collect 25 Power Cells

* Story Related Cannot Miss

See ‘Maximum Power!’


[ATTACH]4314[/ATTACH]Power Chords (S)

Collect 50 Power Cells

* Story Related Cannot Miss

See ‘Maximum Power!’


[ATTACH]4316[/ATTACH]Maximum Power! (G)

Collect 101 Power Cells

Many of these will come naturally as you play through the game. It is required to have a certain number to progress through to the end, but there will be a few left over if you didn’t try for anything more than that. You earn power cells for basically everything. As long as you do all of the tasks for the citizens, you’ll be good with this. There are power cells sitting around but they're in open areas and are hard to miss. When you collect all of the power cells in the game, this trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4317[/ATTACH]Buzzin’ (B)

Collect 28 Scout Flies

See ‘Totally Buzzed Out!


[ATTACH]4318[/ATTACH]Buzzed (S)

Collect 49 Scout Flies

See ‘Totally Buzzed Out!’

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[ATTACH]4319[/ATTACH]Totally Buzzed Out! (G)

Collect 112 Scout Flies

There are 7 scout flies in every area of the game. Every time you get all of them in an area, you receive a power cell, which means you must get this trophy in order to get the ‘Maximum Power!’ trophy. When you find all of them in the game, your trophy will pop.


[ATTACH]4320[/ATTACH]The Orbist (B)

Collect 100 Precursor Orbs

See ‘The Super Orberator’


[ATTACH]4321[/ATTACH]The Orberator (S)

Collect 1000 Precursor Orbs

See ‘The Super Orberator’


[ATTACH]4322[/ATTACH]The Super Orberator (G)

Collect 2000 Precursor Orbs

For the most part, this trophy is easier than it seems. In the pause menu, it tells you how many orbs are left in each area, and for the most part they are not hidden. Even if you don’t go out of your way to get them, you should end up with at least 1500 by the end of the game. If you are going for them, you’ll probably miss less than 20. When you have found all of the orbs in the game, you will earn your trophy.

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I am open to any suggestions to the guide that anybody finds. Although I have platinumed the game, I might find it easier than some to find orbs or complete tasks. If you have trouble with something feel free to send me a message and I'll help as best as I can.

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Thanks for this guide. It's always good to read that there are no missable trophies. :)


I'm impatient to discover this trilogy but I'll have to wait a couple of additional weeks (Europe) before trying them.


same here, lovefilm has it as 24th feb. got it reserved as i missed playing these games the first time round so looking forward to trying them.

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