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Platinums that Only Require Offline Trophies (Vita)


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This is a continuation of the Platinums that Only Require Offline Trophies thread which has PS3 games. After the success with that thread, and my hatred of online trophies, I decided to make a thread for Vita games. Let me know if the list is incorrect of if you know any games to be added, and I'll update this thread.


  • This list does not factor in DLC trophies. There are some games on the list that have online trophies (via their DLC). Since these do not count towards obtaining the platinum, the game remains on the list.
  • This list does not include games that require ad hoc trophies. Ad hoc trophies would require a second (or possibly more) Vita with another copy of the game, or use the Ad Hoc Party app to unlock.
  • Note that some multi-platform titles listed here may have online trophies in their PS3 and/or PS4 counterparts.
  • This list only includes those games that appear in the "Vita Games" section of this site. Specifically, this list will not include Japan only titles. Of course, this list will not include PSN titles that do not have a platinum trophy.
  • All titles have a forum link, unless otherwise specified. Just click on the title and your browser should open up the game's forum.
  • "(Special notes)" will follow titles that have some remarks that may be of interest. The remarks are listed after the list and are ordered alphabetically by game title.
  • "(PSN download)" will follow titles that are only available off the PSN. Note some games may be available for specific regions and this will not be indicated.

Offline Platinum List



(#'s, A - J)


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(L - Z, etc)


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Special Notes


This section will be used to provide any information that is deemed pertinent. Information will be sorted alphabetically, by game title.



  • Final Fantasy X-2: Final Fantasy X-2 has to be downloaded from the store, even if you've bought the physical version of Final Fantasy X HD. The physical version has a download code for this game.
  • Sly 3: Similar to Final Fantasy X-2, Sly 3 requires to be downloaded from the store, even with the physical version. A download code is provided with new copies.
  • Soul Sacrifice: Soul Sacrifice does have trophies that require multiplayer, either by ad hoc or online, but you can go into ad hoc mode and play by yourself without the need of another Vita to acquire these trophies, making this technically an offline platinum.

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Dream Club Zero Portable and Disgaea 3 should be offline only as well if it's anything like the PS3 version.


I doubt that Dream Club Zero will be released outside of Japan (this list will only include games that are released or will be released in EU and NA). For Disgaea 3, I will have to wait until I at least see the trophy list, but likely it'll be an offline only platinum.

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These I'm pretty sure:

Gravity Rush/Daze

Escape Plan (PSN)

Army Corps of Hell

Shinobido 2


Most likely are:

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Ninja Gaiden



Final Fantasy X HD

Persona 4: The Golden


I added Gravity Rush and Army Corps. Escape Plan doesn't have a platinum, and the other games I'm still trying to find more information/verification. As for FFX and Persona 4, I won't add them until their trophy lists are known and the games are released.


I don't know if you want to make a small addendum on this, but Touch my Katamari has no online trophies. Sadly, it doesn't have a Platinum either which frustrates me to no end.


I won't add non-platinum games to this list, even if it's a retail release. I hope there won't be a trend of non-platinum retail games.


F1 is a offline platinum.


Added. Thanks. :)


This is disappointing how online trophies are coming to the vita in this amount. I think (I hope) if 3G means multiplayer anywhere, this won't be a problem. Id like to play multiplayer while at a relatives house or on a long trip!


I'm also disappointed at the amount of online trophies in Vita games. I've heard that you can't play multiplayer over 3G, so you can only play multiplayer in wi-fi areas. In this case, I find multiplayer to be kind of pointless since it's not always practical to find wi-fi areas on the road, so likely you'll play multiplayer at home. If I'm home, I'd rather play multiplayer on the PS3.

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