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Disney Universe Collectables Guide


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There are 6 Worlds with 3 stages with 3 levels per stage. That means we are looking at 162 various items to collect.



The order of this guide will be as follows (with each subsection including 3 levels):



  1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    -Queen Anne's Revenge
    -Fountain of Youth
  2. Alice
    -Wonderland Woods
    -Over the Castle Wall
    -Inside the Red Castle
  3. Lion King
    -Lower Pride Rock
    -Elephant Graveyard
    -Upper Pride Rock
  4. Monsters, Inc.
    -Monster Training
    -High in the Himalayas
    -Door Factory
  5. Aladdin
    -Cave of Wonders
    -Streets of Agrabah
    -Agrabah Palace
  6. WALL-E
    -Abandoned Earth
    -Axiom Belowdecks
    -Axiom Captain's Deck

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Pirates of the Carribean


Collectable type: Ship in a bottle




Level 1:


[1/27] Shoot the door with the target on it by the bridge with the cannon. Inside is the first collectable.

[2/27] This one is above the broken plank of the bridge. Double jump up to get this easy one.

[3/27] The last collectable for this level is located to the right of the stairs at the far-right side of the level. Be sure you have all 3 collectables before exiting.


Level 2:


[4/27] To the right of the cargo nets as you start the level in plain sight.

[5/27] After going up the little lift (near the net above the crocodile pit), walk up the steps on your right to get this Ship in a Bottle under a cargo net.

[6/27] The last collectable of this level is below the spinning wheel (near the end of the level at the bottom of the screen).


Level 3:


[7/27] This Ship in a Bottle is near the building right where you start out.

[8/27] To the left of your starting point is a cannon you need to grab and this collectable.

[9/27] The last ship is in the bottom-right corner of the level (near the chest key).



Queen Anne's Revenge


Level 1:


[10/27] Once you can grab Triton's sword, take the sword to the far-left of the ship, where a skeleton will be standing. Placing the sword here will raise a plank with this bottle.

[11/27] After going down the first set of stairs, place the Triton's sword by the skeleton near the bottom to raise another plank with this collectable.

[12/27] In the top right of the level, there are some crates to break and this collectable. Again, grab it before you exit!


Level 2:


[13/27] Right where you start there is a skeleton with a spot for the Triton's sword next to him. Use this to raise the plank and grab this bottle

[14/27] After getting to the top of the once moving platforms, you will notice a swinging cage. Hold :triangle: to swing over to this collectable.

[15/27] Jump over the railing on the upper deck/bottom-side to land on a canopy with this collectable.


Level 3:


[16/27] Pull the green lever next to the wheel's cell to open a cell with this bottle in it.

[17/27] Place the green lever (from the right side) in the switch on the right side and use it to open another cell with this bottle.

[18/27] Get up on the right walkway and wait for the swinging cage (like level 2) to swing to this collectable with :triangle:



Fountain of Youth


Level 1:


[19/27] After fighting some enemies on a shore, jump up onto the ledge at the rear, then head left. Jump over some rocks for this bottle.

[20/27] After pulling a lever, go left and whack some coral to get to a little alcove with this bottle.

[21/27] Take the cannon to the far right side of the area and fire at the several target doors across the gap. Once of these has the bottle behind it.


Level 2:


[22/27] Turn into a zombie, and walk along the bottom left of the water. Whack the coral and ride the platforms upward to get this bottle.

[23/27] Near the center of the area there will be two barrels (you have to shoot with the duck to flip them over) with this collectable hovering between them. Double-jump to grab it.

[24/27] Some spears guard this one, just to the right of the 2nd collectable, in the water. Ride a duck over to it.


Level 3:


[25/27] Grab a bomb and throw it at the wooden door targets to blow them open. A door underneath the cannon on the left has the bottle in it.

[26/27] Whack away the coral behind the spears in the water to get this bottle hidden underneath the head statue.

[27/27] Pick up a bomb and run up the ramp on the right side. Throw the bomb at the door next to the red switch. The last collectable of Pirates is here!

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Collectable type: Drink Me bottle



Wonderland Woods


Level 1:


[1/27] Before you leave the first section, step on a red switch which will extend a platform. Run up the stairs, go through the door, and get to the platform with the first chess piece. Now, jump across to a ledge, then jump again to get this bottle.

[2/27] On the back-left platform with the chess piece, jump across toward the screen onto a couple of platforms for this bottle.

[3/27] Once you have the exit open, grab a pocket-watch and take it up the stairs and place it in the socket on the right side. This will open a cave with the bottle.


Level 2:


[4/27] Go through the door on the upper ledge near the start to take you to a few stacked mushrooms with this bottle and a key.

[5/27] Grab a pocket watch and take it near some vines directly after the water. The watch will make the vines go away, allowing you to collect this bottle.

[6/27] Move the catapult so it targets some cups by a hat. Launch some sugar cubes until the cups break, revealing the bottle. Use the hat to launch your character to the platform to get the bottle.


Level 3:


[7/27] Place a pocket-watch near the bottom of the stairs to open an cave with this bottle.

[8/27] Grab this same pocket watch and place it in the socket under the tree on the right side to raise up a container. Then, go up the stairs and jump across to the container and then on to a limb for this bottle.

[9/27] Grab the present to the right of the cake to open it and get the last bottle.


Over the Castle Wall


Level 1:


[10/27] The first bottle is above the moving platforms at the start of the level. Move to the right side, step on the red switch to close the mouths of the platforms, and time jumping into the hat to drop down from the floating hat onto this bottle.

[11/27] In the next are jump into the hat and this will shoot you up into a blue hat. Make sure you time it so the corresponding blue hat is underneath the bottle.

[12/27] In the next section jump into the hat to pop into the corresponding rotating hat in the air. Time it right, and you will get this collectable (you should be able to see it, and it's not hard to time your jump).


Level 2:


[13/27] Use the hat to get to the platform with 2 cages on it. Move the cages to expose your first bottle.

[14/27] If you move down to the bottom-left area there is a heart-shaped pit. There is a red lever here that extends a platform. To collect both this collectable and the next, you need to extend the platform, hit one of the red switches and then run out and jump to whichever platform that corresponds to whatever switch you hit.

[15/27] See above.


Level 3:


[16/27] The Red Queen will drop a bottle near the table... Watch for it, as I think it disappears.

[17/27] Place the hat down on the pad and use it to get up to a higher platform, with this collectable (left side).

[18/27] Do the same thing as the previous collectable, but for the right side.


Inside the Red Castle


Level 1:


[19/27] Close the start of the level, jump across the floating card and ride it around to grab this bottle. Jump off when it nears the wall.

[20/27] Once you get to the maze, watch for spikes and grab this bottle in plain sight, near the top-left of the maze.

[21/27] The last bottle is near the spade gem. Easy pickins


Level 2:


[22/27] To the left of where you start is some grass. Whack at it to get some easy coins and this bottle.

[23/27] Use the catapult on the right. Target the Red Queen sign to the right. When you hit it, this bottle drops down.

[24/27] When the exit opens, launch the ball again and go through the motions to get it to the end of the roller-coaster. At which point, the last bottle will be released.


Level 3:


[25/27] When you destroy one of Jabberwocky's hands, a drink me bottle will appear on the left side.

[26/27] After destroying the second hand, this bottle will appear on the right side.

[27/27] Defeat Jabberwocky and he will leave behind the final bottle of Alice!

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Lion King


Collectable type: Grub



Lower Pride Rock


Level 1:


[1/27] Near the stack of bombs is a blast-able rock by a key. Blow it up, and use the rubble to get to the first collectable.

[2/27] Under the tree you can knock down is a red switch. Hit it to open a cage to the left with this grub in it.

[3/27] Near the end of the level, there is another red switch by some bombs. Hit this to extend some platforms. Quickly jump down to grab the grub.


Level 2:


[4/27] Step on the red switch near the bombs and drop down onto the ledge to get this grub (just like the last grub of level 1)

[5/27] The 2nd grub is behind 2 rocks to the right of the key. Use a bomb to blow these up and grab yer grub.

[6/27] Pick up a seed from the tree and put it in the ground by a rocky platform where you can see the grub in plain sight. Water the seed and grab the grub.


Level 3:


[7/27] Pick up a bomb and toss it at a rock near the crank in the bottom-left area. The first grub is hidden here.

[8/27] On the far-right side of the area there are some flames. Put them out with a water-bomb to get this grub.

[9/27] Before freeing the guest and leaving the level, use the cannon and shoot at the rock on top of the middle platform. Jump up and grab the last grub of the level.



Elephant Graveyard


Level 1:


[10/27] Near the key, up on a platform, is the first grub in plain sight.

[11/27] In the first area, move to the right corner and drop down onto a small path. Step on the red switch here to get a platform moving back and forth. Break open the bone cage with the grub in it.

[12/27] Near the end of the level, step on the red switch all the way back from the exit (an almost straight line). Drop down on the ledges that appear to get this grub.


Level 2:


[13/27] Right where you start, to your left, is a seed that needs to be watered. Water it, and get your first grub.

[14/27] Hit the red switch by the cannon, then hop onto ledges to get the 2nd grub.

[15/27] Jump up the steps that are suspended by lava near the exit. Jump over from this platform to another to the left to get the final grub.


Level 3:


[16/27] Step on the red switch below where you start. Jump onto the ledges to get your first grub.

[17/27] When you are getting your 3rd organ key, grab a water-bomb, jump to the higher ledge, and water the seed. A grub will appear here.

[18/27] Use a cannon to shoot at a target at the far-left side of the level. This will make a platform fall with the final grub.



Upper Pride Rock


Level 1:


[19/27] Ride the duck over to the far left dock. Jump from the dock to the ledge and grab your first grub.

[20/27] While on the duck, shoot the target on the far-right. You have to fire over a platform to hit it, so shoot well :p. This will flip over a rock so you can jump over to the 2nd grub.

[21/27] After opening the exit, go back to the cannon and shoot the target near the lava. Eventually, this will move the crane over with the last grub in it.


Level 2:


[22/27] Pick up a bomb and toss it at a rock with a target on it (near the right side). Grab the grub it was hiding.

[23/27] Turn the crank on the left so the lava flows down to a small platform. Pull the green lever and jump onto the small platform. The 2nd grub is at the peak of this platform when it is raised up by the lava.

[24/27] Grab a water-bomb and throw it at a seed by the lever. jump up the plant to grab the last grub of the area.


Level 3:



[25/27] Pick up a water-bomb and toss it at the seed in the far-left bottom corner. Grab your grub.

[26/27] Do the above again with the front-right corner seed.

[27/27] After beating the crap out of ROBOT-SCAR!, move the launcher to the left side, under this grub (you should see it in plain site). Launch yourself up, grab the grub, and your done with grubs forever!

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Monsters, Inc.


Collectable type: Fuzzy Dice



Monster Training


Level 1:


[1/27] After warping into your first room, you will notice a red switch. Hit it to lower a platform with this fuzzy dice. Easy.

[2/27] In the "Scare the Child" room, repeat the steps from above to get this fuzzy dice.

[3/27] Before exiting the area, head left through a door into the center of the building. Pull the lever at the back to turn off gravity and grab the fuzzy dice on the ceiling.


Level 2:


[4/27] Walk up the stairs to your right (at the start) and stand by the teleportation door. Wait for the door to align with the floating dice above you and go through the door to grab them.

[5/27] When you get to the lift, pull the lever, and use the left arrow to move the lift all the way to the left. Step on the up arrow to raise the lift and grab this pair of dice.

[6/27] In the last area of the level (where you are getting a piece of the door on a balcony), make sure you grab the final dice that are also on this balcony.


Level 3:

This level has missable collectables!


[7/27] Step on the four red switches on the far right side of the area to open a door with the first pair of dice in the bottom-right corner.

[8/27] missable: After the 2nd set of doors (when the enemies appear), fuzzy dice will appear in the back-left corner. Hurry and get them, because they WILL disappear.

[9/27] missable: After the 3rd set of doors (when the enemies appear), fuzzy dice will appear to the right of the canister slots. Pick it up quickly!


High in the Himalayas

Authors Note: I hate this stage with all of my heart.


Level 1:


[10/27] After the first breakable ice patch on the lake, walk toward the screen to see this collectable surrounded by ice. Either whack at it or melt it with a lantern.

[11/27] In the area on the far right with the floating ice on the river, jump nimbly from platform to platform to get this pair of dice in plain sight.

[12/27] The last pair of dice will be on a platform, near the exit, with a door piece.


Level 2:


[13/27] This one can be tricky if you are not careful. Just to the left of your starting position is a ice and rock tower. Leave enough ice that you can jump up to the rock with this pair of dice on it. I recommend a formation like this (from left to right): 3 rocks, gap, 2 rocks, 1 ice

[14/27] Near the snowmobile is another tricky tower of ice. Leave the ice as follows so you can jump up and grab the dice on the platform (from left to right): 3 ice, 1 rock, 2 rocks.

[15/27] When you get to the big frozen river after the bridge, drop down in the direct center, toward the screen, to fall onto a platform with the last pair of dice of the level.


Level 3:


[16/27] Go to the far-right side of the level and destroy the ice surrounding a pair of dice.

[17/27] The bridge you have to shoot (like in the very first pirates level) hides a pair of dice behind one of the panels. Shoot them, go under the bridge, and jump up to grab this collectable.

[18/27] After crossing the aforementioned bridge, double-jump off to the right to land in the broken roof of an old shack with the last pair of dice of the stage.



Door Factory


Level 1:


[19/27] At the top of the first set of stairs, go through the door and walk to the left on the platform to grab these dice.

[20/27] Step on the first red switch you see (near the start of the level) to stop the moving doors so you can grab the second pair of dice behind them.

[21/27] Place a keycard in the reader to open a metal door with this pair of dice.


Level 2:


[22/27] When you get to the first section of spinning red doors. blow up every single one with bombs, and this pair of dice will appear in the middle of the platforms the doors once surrounded.

[23/27] Press a red switch to slow down the conveyor belt of doors for a time. Grab this pair of dice on the way across the them.

[24/27] The next set of doors you have to blow up toward the end of the level (right before the exit) hide this collectable, just like the first. Blow 'em all to bits.


Level 3:

This level has missable collectables!


[25/27] missable: On the first conveyor belt of door-death, make sure you position yourself to jump immediately to the right to pick up these dice. Time it right to jump back to the left so you don't get murdered by door grinders.

[26/27] missable: On the next conveyor belt of door-death, make your way over to the first non-conveyor belt platform on the right. Do this quickly since the camera tends to keep you from seeing what you are doing, but as long as you collect them, it doesn't matter if you die.

[27/27] In the final area of the level (weird door land), there is a bouncy pad on the right. Jump on it to grab the final pair of dice of the stage and world.

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Collectable type: Gem



Cave of Wonders


Level 1:


[1/27] Once you get to the lantern, move it down to the first set of disappearing platforms was and drag it out to the platform with the gem on it.

[2/27] Now take the lantern back to solid ground, and down. There will be invisible platforms in a T-shape. Move the lantern toward the screen for this gem

[3/27] Once you get to the upper area, move the lantern to the far-left side to reveal the third gem in some shiny sand.


Level 2:


[4/27] After giving the statue back its ruby, move the lantern to the front of the upper area to reveal a red switch (in shiny sand). Step on it to raise the statue you put the ruby in, revealing this gem.

[5/27] After crossing some bridge sections, continue right across more to reveal this gem.

[6/27] Move a lantern to the left of the monkey statue (the statue near the end) to reveal this hidden gem.


Level 3:

This level has missable collectables!


[7/27] missable: At the start, jump up the stone platforms behind you to grab this gem in plain site. Be careful, if you mess up and the platforms collapse, you cannot get this gem without restarting.

[8/27] missable: Put the scarab pieces together to release the completed scarab. Follow it around until it takes you to the 2nd gem.

[9/27] Once you get the ruby and place it in the monkey statue, stone steps appear to your right. Jump up them to get the last gem of the stage.


Streets of Agrabah


Level 1:


[10/27] At the starting point, grab a bomb and throw it at the small dome near you to reveal this gem.

[11/27] Head down from this gem and drop down to a lower level. Head all the way to the left to reveal a door with some colored notes above it. Write these down and when you get to the organ at the end, play the colors in order to open this door and grab this gem.

[12/27] At the end of the level, move a lamp to the pad by the well. The well will now spout a geyser that will take you to the final gem of the level.


Level 2:


[13/27] After opening a lamp curtain with the lamp, go back to the fire eater guy (he's red :p) and drag him up the stairs to the next area. Put him on the first red pad you see to reveal this gem.

[14/27] Move the snake charmer (green dude) to the green pad just to the right of the first collectable. Climb the rope, get on the platform, grab your 2nd gem.

[15/27] At the last bit of the level, grab the sword swallower (blue guy) and take him back to the first area (where you found the lamp) and put him on the blue pad to reveal a gem.


Level 3:


[16/27] When you have the lamp, drop down to the street and put it on a pad near the well. Ride the geyser to a balcony with this gem.

[17/27] Take a sword swallower all the way to the left side of the area to clear a sword barrier with this gem.

[18/27] Take the lamp to a pad by the instrument booth to change it into a giant pipe organ. Play that colored notes that are on the door on the far right side of the level to open the door with them gem in it.



Agrabah Palace


Level 1:


[19/27] Walk down the stairs right where you start and to the left to find a bouncy pad. Jump on it to get the first gem.

[20/27] Drag a fire-eater into the small room to the left of the "Light the Lamps" room. He will light the statue's bowl and reveal a gem.

[21/27] In the spinning blade room, drag the sword swallower to the left of the blades into the small room with the blue pad. Now, drag the fire-eater from the previous gem location to right above the sword swallower. This will reveal the last gem.


Level 2:


[22/27] There is a small alcove in the bottom-left side of the first room with this gem.

[23/27] There is a gem in the middle of the sword maze. Simply move around until you can get to it (it's really easy).

[24/27] When the exit is available, drag the fire-eater to the room with the handle and the lever (one room to your left). Place him on the red bad in the top-left to ignite a statue and reveal the last gem of the level.


Level 3:


[25/27] When you start, move into the big area and head left onto a bouncy pad to get this gem.

[26/27] Same as above, but to the right.

[27/27] When you have defeated Jafar, there will be a gem in the top right corner near where Jafar would pop out. Grab it annnnnd done.

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Collectable type: Combo Meal



Abandoned Earth


Level 1:


[1/27] Blow up all the red blocks on the right side in the first area with bombs. This will cause the combo meal to drop down. Bomb it and claim it.

[2/27] Move the magnet to the right and away from you to raise two platforms. The right-side has a chest and the left has your combo meal and a key.

[3/27] On the far right side of the area there are some barrels that bounce you into the air. You should see the combo meal easily. Bounce up and grab your tasty meal.


Level 2:


[4/27] After removing the gas from the starting area (lower part), head through the sewer pipe and to the left to get this collectable.

[5/27] In a gassy area, head toward the onto a square platform. To your left will be some of those bouncy barrels from the first level. Bounce across the first to the second to claim your combo meal.

[6/27] Get on the platform on the right, near the end, and step on the red switch. Now, stand on the arrow platform which will shoot you up onto some blocks holding the final combo meal of the level.


Level 3:


[7/27] As soon as you start, jump on some bouncy barrels to your left to claim the first combo meal.

[8/27] Near the area where you can see the guest (just to the left of it near some bombs), throw a bomb at the blocks on the lower level to blow up trash and break open a cage with this combo meal.

[9/27] When you get the "Free the Guest" objective, step on the red switch near the screen in the final area to make some platforms appear. Drop through the gap on the left and jump across the platforms to claim your final combo meal of the area. I bet you are getting full by now.



Axiom Belowdecks


Level 1:


[10/27] Toward the screen there is a red switch. Hit it to extend two platforms with the combo meal.

[11/27] Move one of the security bots over to the far bottom-right green node to activate the light track. Then stand on the footprint pad and use it to climb the track to get onto a walkway. Step on the red switch on this walkway, quickly jump down, and grab this combo meal behind the door.

[12/27] The last one is on the path to the exit across the top of the area. Pretty hard to miss.


Level 2:


[13/27] While on the ceiling walk to your left to pick up the first combo meal.

[14/27] When you get the "Release the Power Block" objective and are on the ceiling again, continue left to pick up the 2nd combo meal.

[15/27] Drag a cannon from the right side over to the left. Jump into the cannon and launch yourself onto a platform to get the final meal of the level.


Level 3:


[16/27] Hit the red switch in the front-left corner to raise some platforms. Jump up these to get the first combo meal.

[17/27] Move the jump cannon under the smasher and up the lift to the the platform on the right. Use it to jump to a smaller platform above you. Up here is the 2nd combo meal and a key.

[18/27] Carefully navigate past the guest to grab this last combo meal (inside the furnace).



Axiom Captain's Deck


Level 1:


[19/27] Drag the "passenger" (not the captain) over to the left side and jump on him. You will bounce up and land on the upper walkway. Grab the combo meal.

[20/27] Move the passenger to the right side, bounce on him and grab the 2nd combo meal.

[21/27] Move the passenger to the right-bottom corner and bounce on him up to a red switch. Hit it and use the bouncy pad it activates to get this last combo meal.


Level 2:


[22/27] When you get the "Power Up the Arm" objective, deactivate a red forcefield with the plant and go inside the room to grab the 1st combo meal.

[23/27] Near the end, go back across the bridge and toward the back of the screen where the energy field was for this 2nd combo.

[24/27] Go across the bridge again and to the right and step on a red switch near the screen. Quickly walk onto the round bouncy pad to get the last combo meal of the level.


Level 3:

This level has missable collectables!


[25/27] After you attack "Auto" for the first time, a combo meal will appear to the right side. Grab it quick :D

[26/27] This combo meal appears after you activate the consoles for the first time in the center. It doesn't disappear, so take your time.

[27/27] After defeating Auto, the last collectable of the game appears on the left side of the area. Grab it and give yourself a pat on the back.

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I don't get the part in the second Himalayan level in the Monsters Inc world. Even when I leave the blocks as you suggest, I can't make the jump up to the platform to get the dice - it just won't jump that high. Any ideas?


I was having the same problem but after 10 minutes or so of jumping around like crazy trying to get up there I eventually made it. Not sure what the trick is but you can grab it if you're persistent enough, heh.

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Anybody know if playing co-op affects this? Been playing this with my wife and have definitely surpassed this criteria on multiple levels. The picture of the medal on the World Select screen definitely looks like a bronze (and I haven't gotten the trophy to pop yet).


Edit - ok, for some reason my post was moved to here from the "Gold Medal Formula", even though I was specifically inquiring about the Gold Medal trophy.


Gonna repost in other thread.

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