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Wanted Corp. (PSN) - Roadmap and Trophy Guide

Mitsuru Kirijo

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 2

-Offline: (11) (G) 1 (S) 4 (B) 6

-Online: (1) (B) 1

-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-8 hours

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

-Number of missable trophies: None

-Glitched trophies: Possibly (please see the description for Distant partners)

-Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings

-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes





Maddogg and Irina are bounty hunters employed by Wanted Corp.; they take on a seemingly straightforward contract only to discover a greater menace and deeper conspiracy underneath...


Wanted Corp. is a top-down shooter in which you can play as (and seamlessly switch between) either of two characters - the gun-toting Maddogg or the spell-casting Irina; the game can be played alone (with the second character as an A.I.) or co-operatively in either offline or online mode (please note that - for reasons laid out in the description for the Distant partners trophy - this trophy guide assumes that players will be playing alone).



Step One: play through the first four missions


This step might also be called "Lower Your Immediate Expectations"; start playing the game and, once you've grown accustomed to how the combo system works, you'll probably feel that everything is easy enough and - overall - that's true; but by the end of Mission 3 and into Mission 4 you may find yourself simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies and sense of general all-around chaos that starts to pervade the game; if and when that happens, understand that the game isn't so much about skill as it is about upgrades, and see the next step...



Step One-and-a-Half: replay missions for credits


Wherever it is that you've become frustrated with the game - whether Mission 4 or a later one -, the reason for that frustration is more than likely going to boil down to a need for upgrades. Any mission can be replayed at any time for more credits, so it's time to do that; just be aware that you to have finish the entire mission in order to receive the credits - no quitting halfway through. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you replay the first mission for the purpose of earning credits: once you're used to the layout and enemy spawns you can really tear through this level - by the third time I played it I was able to routinely beat it in 6-8 minutes for at least 700,000 credits each time, and it made buying all of the upgrades a very painless affair (please see the description for Shopaholic for more information on buying upgrades).



Step Two: complete the remaining missions


Once your characters are sufficiently buffed, it's time to get back to the game; even with all of the upgrades, the later levels can still be ridiculously chaotic, but once you're used to them things will go much smoother.


For the later levels, at least, I highly recommend playing as Maddogg and having Irina controlled by the A.I. - Irina's abilities are a bit hard to control, and the A.I. does a better job than you probably will at targeting enemies with the Rings and Lightning.


On the subject of Rings - and Maddogg's non-lethal attacks, as well - you may want to abandon the idea of trying to capture enemies in the final couple of missions; as I've said a couple of times, things get pretty chaotic, and in order to survive you're better off just killing things rather than worrying about credits at this point.



Step Three: clean up the trophies via mission select


If you've missed any of the combat-related trophies, or if you're missing any archives or upgrades, now is the time to get them. See the specific trophy details for pertinent information and missions/locations where various things can be accomplished.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/539.jpg Disbanded sect (H) (G)

Capture Barghest and transfer her to Wanted Corp.


This is story-related and cannot be missed.


[spoiler=flora]This is a two-part battle that ends Mission 8 - Secret Base, Episode 2.


The first part is against the Komoloss, which is basically like a bigger version of the Colossus enemy you will have already fought a few times, but with the added ability to fire a laser at you. The fight is pretty straightforward: the Komoloss will swipe at you, shoot a laser at you, then charge at you. You simply need to dodge its charge (:l2: to evade) and attack it non-stop from distance until its life-bar is depleted and a :cross: appears - get to the Komoloss before the prompt disappears, press the button and trigger a cut scene to end the fight.


If you're playing as Irina during this fight you're going to have to cast a protection spell when the Komoloss is about to shoot its laser in order to keep Maddogg safe; it's far easier to have Irina controlled as the A.I. and to play as Maddogg and focus your Laser Guns on the Komoloss.


With the Komoloss defeated, the second stage of the fight begins: you'll fight Barghest in an area with a big hole in the middle; Barghest will cast Ring spells at you, and if you're hit by one you'll be bound and have to get free by wiggling the :rs:. Bound or not, Barghest will occasionally cast a spell that will knock you down and suck you towards the hole - if you get too close to it, the Komoloss will pop up from it and give you a beating, but you'll be given a prompt to tap :cross: in order to prevent that from happening.


As with the Komoloss, let the A.I. control Irina - she'll cast protection spells to keep you safe, and you can pop out from behind them in order to shoot at Barghest. Do enough damage to her, and you'll get a :cross: prompt - get to her before the prompt disappears in order to trigger a fight-ending cut scene.


After this, you will have to make your way to the escape shuttles, and the trophy won't unlock until you've done that.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/077.jpg In the can King Kong! (H) (S)

Capture Big Monkey Grunk and transfer him to Wanted Corp.


This is story-related and cannot be missed.


[spoiler=flora1]This is the boss fight that ends Mission 4 - Jungle, Episode 4.


You will fight against Monkey Grunk in a large arena; he's piloting a huge mech and will attack by swiping and charging at you - play as Maddogg and simply dodge his attacks (:l2: to evade) while firing your Laser Guns at him. He will occasionally fire off a rocket that, once it hits the ground, will produce a laser beam that will target you; Irina will cast a protection spell to keep you safe, and you can step out from behind it to keep up the attack on Grunk.


Once you've depleted his life-bar you will get a :cross: prompt - get to him before the prompt disappears in order to trigger some QTEs: Maddogg will have to tap :cross: to get Grunk out of the Mech and knock him down to Irina; Irina will have to press :triangle: in order to fend off an attack by Grunk, and then tap :cross: in order to finish him off. The trophy will unlock after the fight.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/3EF.jpg Chef's skewer (B)

Get a bonus of more than 5,000 credits with a series of captures.


Please see the description of Royal skewer for more information.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/C69.jpg Royal skewer (S)

Get a bonus of more than 10,000 credits with a series of captures.


This is how how the combo system works in the game: kill or capture an enemy and you get credits for it; you also get a combo score which is visible in the upper middle part of your screen; each kill or capture gives you four seconds in which you need to get another kill or capture in order to increase your combo; if you fail to get another kill or capture in those four seconds your combo score will start to decrease; getting a kill or capture before the combo score runs to zero will give you another four seconds...


Now, here are the exceptions: any time you kill one of the simian types of enemies in the game your score is automatically set back to zero, no exceptions. The simian enemies are: Armored monkeys, Jumping monkeys, Sniper monkeys, Shooting monks, and Chameleon monks; again - killing rather than capturing any of these enemies automatically sets your combo to zero. You can kill any other enemy in order to keep your combo increasing - Komodos, Glyptodons, Spiders, etc. The one weird exception to both of these rules is the security drone enemy that populates most of the later levels: killing a drone doesn't give you any combo points, but it keeps your score and four second time limit frozen - if you run out of other enemies, you can use the drones to keep your combo where it is until more point-giving enemies spawn.


Getting 5,000 points will happen almost without trying as you advance through the game and upgrade your weapons and abilities. Getting 10,000 combo points is a rather trickier affair. The reason for this is that the way the game is structured means that there are always pauses in the action that bottom out your combo score, and it's frequently just too hard to make up the losses. Also, let's face it, accidents will happen: you'll lethal-fire a simian enemy and cancel out 8,000 combo points and you'll never be able to get them back. Also, the later levels in the game descend at times into absolute chaos - just to get through the game's story you're going to have to give up any hope of capturing most enemies in the later levels and just settle for killing them as quickly as you possibly can.


Fortunately there is one specific place in the game where you can work on the 10,000 point combo, and that place is the middle of Mission 4: Jungle, Episode 4. The mission is broken up into two rafting sequences by a sequence where you land in a building (Maddogg calls it "the dump"), and a Barghest arena will be activated seconds after you land. This is the perfect spot for the large combo trophy for a few reasons: unlike most other Barghest arenas, the checkpoint is right at the start of this one - if you fail to get your 10,000 points here, you can quit to the menu and immediately try again; also unlike other Barghest arenas, this one has a great deal of space in which to move, easily memorized enemy spawn points, and a totally unobstructed view (lighting and visibility problems can be an issue in most of the game's second half); there are also enough enemies immediately after the arena that, if your combo is high enough without having reached 10,000 points, they will easily be able to put you over the top.


Play as Maddogg and only use your Laser Guns; use the directional buttons (:right: / :down:) to set Irina to Capture/Distant - this will keep her from just standing around next you and she will actually frequently target several of the simian enemies. Lizards (Komodos) will spawn from the left side and then the right side of the arena - kill them using lethal fire (:r1:); simian enemies will drop in from above or teleport in close to where you landed - you need to keep an eye out for them and stop using lethal fire when they appear (fire cryogenic - non-lethal - rounds using :r2:). If the arena ends and you're at around 8,500 points or more, quickly rush down the hall and a Jumping monkey and several lizards will spawn, and they will easily be able to put you over the 10,000 point mark. Once you've figured out how the enemies spawn into the area, you should have no problem reaching the necessary points.


One final note: this is most easily done with fully upgraded Laser Guns (Maddogg) and a fully upgraded Ring ability (Irina); if you're trying and failing to do this without being fully upgraded, I would recommend that you grind out enough credits to upgrade at least those two things I mentioned.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/7CB.jpg Shopaholic (S)

Buy all the store’s upgrades


It's going to cost close to six million credits in order to fully upgrade everything for both characters. The required upgrades are:





X128 Laser Guns

G64 Plasma Crossbow

S128 Rail Gun

T512 Grenade Glove


Note that each weapon has three different attributes to upgrade: Damage, Capacity, Reload Speed.






Rings (Maximum Number/Resistance)

Lightning (Damage/Radius)

Illumination (Radius/Healing Speed)


Note that the parentheses contain the attributes of each ability that need to be upgraded.


How much you earn per mission is going to largely come down to how quickly you adapt to the combo system and how well you're able to manage the enemies; the second half of the game is, frankly, almost complete chaos, and it becomes increasingly hard to capture enemies rather than just kill them. Also, you may find that by the time you hit Mission 4 that you're just not prepared to deal with the sheer number of enemies that you have to face...


If this happens, replay the first mission in order to grind credits for whichever upgrades you want to invest in - after playing the first mission a couple of times and memorizing where everything will spawn, I was able to routinely finish the mission in 6-8 minutes and earn 700,000 - 800,000 credits per playthrough; this makes the upgrades easily affordable, and you're going to need as many of them as you can get before taking on the later levels.


In general, and assuming you're playing solo, it seems that it is much easier to earn credits as Maddogg than it is as Irina; and as for which upgrades you should focus on: for Maddogg, the Laser Guns are really the only weapon you need to get through the game and should be your first priority; for Irina, everything is useful with the exception of Illumination - if you're playing by yourself and find yourself in a situation where you need to heal one of the characters, you're probably not going to make it...For both characters, make sure to upgrade their health as quickly as possible.


Note that you can replay missions at any time, so if you want to do nothing other than play Mission 1 until you've acquired some upgrades, feel free to do so.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/879.jpg Nerd fighter (S)

Collect all the game’s archives.


Archives are the game's version of collectibles, and they appear in breakable boxes like that pictured in the trophy description - a greyish box with a slit of green light across the front. There are 5 archives per mission across all 8 missions for a total of 40 archives. To acquire an archive simply break the box by either shooting it (:r1: as either character) or melee attacking it (:square: as Maddogg), and pick up the archive by pressing :cross: when the prompt appears (also, it's important to be aware that some of the archive boxes are outside of the field of play and must be obtained by Irina using her Telekinesys ability; if you destroy one of these archive boxes before Irina is able to get it, you will have to replay the mission in order to collect it, as Irina is not able to lift the archives themselves with Telekinesys, only the archive boxes).


Note that in order for the archives to count as being found, you will have to complete the mission you're on; quitting the mission before the results screen will cancel whichever archives you might have found and you'll have to collect them again.


For a list of complete archive locations click here: Archive Locations Guide



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/A2A.jpg Tri-band (B)

Arrest a fugitive with a ring after 3 successive bounces.


This has to be done as Irina, using her Ring ability. If you spend any amount of time playing as Irina it's likely that you'll do this as a matter of course: select her Ring ability (hold :l1: and press :rsright:), and then press :r1: to fire a ring; the ring is a non-lethal attack and will bind enemies if it hits them; if it doesn't hit an enemy, it will bounce around the environment until it does, by chance, hit an enemy, or until it simply fizzles out. You need the ring to bounce three times around the environment before it hits an enemy for the trophy to unlock.


There really isn't a specific place to work on this, but there are a couple of things to take note of; first: make sure that Maddogg is set to Protect/Distant, so that he doesn't kill enemies and so that he doesn't crowd you and target enemies close to you when you're trying to pull this off; second: if you don't unlock this through the regular course of play, make sure to upgrade the Ring ability in the store (accessible between missions by pressing :triangle:) - you can upgrade the number of rings she can have active at one time and the "resistance" of the ring, which seems to affect both an enemy's ability to wriggle free of the ring, but also the speed at which the ring will bounce around the environment.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/BB7.jpg Group rate (B)

Kill three fugitives with a single grenade.


This has to be done as Maddogg and can only be done against the simian variety of enemy: Armored monkeys, Jumping monkeys, Sniper monkeys, Shooting monks, and Chameleon monks; it will not work if even one enemy is of a different variety.


In theory, you can do this anywhere three or more of these enemy types appear on screen which, in the last couple of missions of the game, will happen more than once. In reality, however, there is only one place you can actively work on this due to the paucity of checkpoints in the game, and that place is at the very start of Mission 5: Swamp, Episode 1...


You'll go down some stairs into the swamp and be introduced to the rolling swamp enemies of the game (Glyptodons); kill the first few you come across but try and keep a few alive in order to occupy Irina; make sure Irina is set to Capture/Distant and keep moving towards the left ahead of her; you'll notice the fence on the lower part of the screen - once you get to the left end of it the first Armored monkey will spawn, followed closely by three more; make sure that the grenade glove is equipped (hold :l1: and press :rsdown:), bait the four Armored monkeys close to you, and throw a cryogenic grenade (:r2: for cryogenic weapon effects, :r1: to detonate it) - if you time it right you can get all four into a frozen state; now throw a regular grenade (:r1:, then :r1: a second time for detonation) into the middle of the iced-over monkeys, and the resulting explosion should shatter them to pieces. If you fail while specifically aiming for this trophy, quit to the menu and start the mission again.


If you're having a hard time getting this trophy then you'll want to make sure your grenades are fully upgraded - you can upgrade both the damage and the blast radius.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/F3F.jpg Distant partners (B)

Play a mission online.


Without meaning to editorialize or cast aspersions on the game, the online for Wanted Corp. is, in a word, dead. Going online and trying to find a partner or simply waiting in a lobby hoping that someone will join you can be a potentially fruitless, hours-long enterprise. If you just want the online trophy rather than actually hoping to play the entire game online, you can try your luck posting your details in the boosting thread for the game: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/wanted-corp/138106-co-op-partners-thread-read-first-post.html.


This trophy unfortunately glitched on me, so I've turned to fellow site member dufftech for information regarding it: the trophy should unlock for you as soon as the missions proper starts - in other words, you don't even have to play through the mission if you don't want to (though you might want to mention this to whoever you're playing with - no need to be rude and just quit on them!); also, it shouldn't matter whether you're hosting the match or joining someone else's lobby - simply playing online should unlock the trophy.


There's not much I can say about the potential of this trophy glitching on you; I've only been able to play with one person online thus far, and the trophy simply didn't unlock for me. Also, there just aren't enough people playing the game to determine whether this would be a common problem or not. If I'm able to figure out why this happened or if there is a possible way around it, I'll amend the guide at a future time.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/093.jpg Spring cleaning (B)

Complete a Barghest arena before time runs out.


Each mission has at least one Barghest arena, and you'll know you're in one when the screen takes on a kind of shimmering purple hue, a circular symbol appears in the lower middle part of your screen, and you hear a disembodied female voice (Barghest's voice). They're not separate from the game, but rather more like traps that you'll pass through during the normal course of play. There is, unfortunately, no actual timer present anywhere on screen; instead, there are little flashing "dots" around the outside of the circular Barghest symbol - because the game doesn't explain the way the arenas work, though, it's unclear to me whether each flashing dot signals the time for each individual wave, or whether they are representative of an overall time limit. Because of this uncertainty, it's suggested that if you're actively trying to get this trophy that you attempt it in the "arena" at the end of the first mission, as it is by far the easiest to get through...


You'll have to kill waves of lizards and Armored monkeys, and "kill" is the operative word: don't waste time trying to capture enemies - set whichever character you're not controlling to Neutralize/Close, and use lethal fire or lightning depending on whether you're controlling Maddogg or Irina. There's no trick here: just kill everything that comes on screen as quickly as you possibly can; you'll know that you've beaten the arena if a Colossus spawns (what the characters in the game refer to as a giant) - it represents the last wave, and killing it will unlock the trophy.


If you're having a hard time getting this trophy, make sure to fully upgrade your characters - specifically Maddogg's X128 Laser Guns and Irina's Lightning ability.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/3DB.jpg Diamond dust (B)

Transform a frozen fugitive into diamond dust with Maddogg.


This must be done as Maddogg and can be done against any regular enemy in the game, like, for example, the very first lizards (Komodos) that you encounter in Mission 1: shoot the enemy with cryogenic rounds (:r2: for alternative fire) until it is frozen, then either shoot it with lethal fire (:r1:) or melee attack it (:square:) - in either case, the frozen enemy will shatter and this trophy will unlock.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1316/4CC.jpg Back in jail (B)

Capture a fugitive and transfer him to Wanted Corp.


This can only be done against the simian type of enemy: Armored monkeys, Jumping monkeys, Sniper monkeys, Shooting monks, and Chameleon monks. In the very first mission of the game you will be introduced almost immediately to a single Armored monkey enemy; if you're playing as Maddogg, shoot the monkey with cryogenic rounds (:r2:) - use Ring (:r1:) if you're playing as Irina - in order to freeze or bind an enemy; doing this produces a :cross: prompt on the enemy - get to him and press the button before he gets free in order to transfer him to Wanted Corp. and unlock the trophy.

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Mission 1

Jungle, Episode 1


1). Right at the start of the mission - in a box to your immediate left.


2). After you enter the cave, progress until you fight your first Armored monkey (first of the cave); moving forward, you'll cross a rock bridge and see the archive box in a cul-de-sac to your right and down.


3). From the cul-de-sac, go right to a blue generator and then down; it's hard to notice, but there's a vine here you can climb down; drop down and continue to another vine that you can climb up; there will be an Armored monkey here, as well as the archive box.


4).You'll have to lower a bridge to proceed - Maddogg turns a valve, Irina covers him; cross the bridge and come to a revival station - up from the revival station.


5). Out of the cave, advance until you approach the bridge; on the lower part of the screen just before the bridge there are some ammo boxes; destroy them and continue down for the archive box.


Mission 2

Jungle, Episode 2


6). Right at the start - behind you.


7). Advance until you have to turn off a force field door; pass through it, and on the right side of the arena by the next door you'll pass through is the archive box.


8). In the arena where you have to fight the Colossus (the "giant") - it's on the metal walkway at the top of the screen, in front of the right-most door.


9). Progress until you cross the tree; notice it on the lower part of the screen when you're about halfway across - it's inaccessible until Irina unlocks her Telekinesys ability (use :r2: and :triangle: to pick up the box, float it over to you, shatter it with a lightning bolt and pick up the archive).


10). In the final arena, where you find Monkey Grunk's tracer, it will be on the far right of the arena, slightly up from some ammo boxes - you can see it in the cut scene.


Mission 3

Jungle, Episode 3


11). At the start, you come to a raised bridge and have to climb down a vine in order to get to the bridge controls; at the bottom of the vine it's slightly up and to the right.


12). Enter the cave where Irina must light your way; you'll make your way across two bridges - Irina has to use Telekinesys to lower them - and come to a circular area where there will be a fugitive and the archive box is on the right of the area amongst some ammo boxes.


13). You come to the area where Maddogg has to pick up the accumulator; from the metal platform with the accumulator, go directly down and to the left.


14). Carry the accumulator up across the bridge to the power station; directly to the left is a little grassy area with the archive box.


15). Progress until you get a cut scene in which Monkey Grunk escapes - you can see the archive box at the foot of the ladder in the cut scene; after the cut scene, go back to the right to pick it up.



Mission 4

Jungle, Episode 4


16). Right when you start the mission - go left and up to where you see a ladder you can't use; to the left of the ladder and down some steps is the archive box.


17). After the first rafting section you land and enter a building, which almost immediately triggers a Barghest arena; after the arena ends and you can move on, go down the "hallway" and notice the walkway above you when you've gone as far down as you can; the archive box is underneath the walkway and it's somewhat hard to notice in the darkness.


18). You leave the building and start another rafting sequence, and you immediately come to a closed gate; the archive box is on your left, and Irina must use Telekinesys to get it over to the raft.


19). At the very end of the raft sequence, you'll land and there will be a pile of ammo boxes; the archive box is in amongst the ammo boxes on the right - be careful getting it because if you go too far past it you'll trigger a cutscene and have to replay the mission in order to get it.


20). During the boss fight with Monkey Grunk - it's in the lower right part of the arena.


Mission 5

Swamp, Episode 1


21). At the start of the level, you go down some stairs into the swamp, moving to your left; if you stay in the water, the "path" goes up and down around a patch of ground - go up and as far left as you can for the archive box.


22). Now go back and continue; you move towards the left along a fence on the bottom of the screen; winding around the fence and now moving to the right, you'll come to an explosive canister - the archive box is behind the canister.


23). Right after you encounter your first Codilus, you go up some metal stairs to a large platform; the archive box is in the "overlook" area of the platform on the bottom of the screen.


24). From #23, go up some more stairs to the next level of the platform and you're introduced to the Chameleon monk; go up one more set of stairs and the archive box is on a broken walkway outside of the field of play at the top right of your screen; Irina must use Telekinesys to get it.


25). You'll find this whilst destroying the generators; unfortunately, even after several playthroughs of this mission, I still have no idea whether there are 5 or 6 generators, so I'm not sure which one this is; when Maddogg says "Go on, just 3 more" you're at the right one; there's a fenced off area down and to the left from the generator and the archive box there is inaccessible from the field of play - again, Irina must use Telekinesys to get it.


Mission 6

Swamp, Episode 2


26). Right when you start the level, the camera will be at a weird, high overview angle; move slightly down and you can see the archive box high up on the left next to a couple of ammo boxes - Irina must use Telekinesys to get it.


27). After you get the lights back on, you'll have to destroy some generators; the archive box is at the second generator on the left - because of how dark it is, it's very easy to miss, so look for the green light rather than the box itself.


28). While in the cave, you'll have to cross over some water by moving along several lengths of pipe; after this you come to a large multi-level platform with two objects that Irina needs to move, and it's decided that you need to get a mech in order to advance; on the right and left of the platform at water level are two force-field doors - the archive box is behind the door on the right, and can only be obtained after you return with the mech.


29). Once you're back outside in the swamp, you'll have to get another mech; on your way back with the mech (moving to the right) you'll destroy one force-field door and come to a second one on your left; before destroying the second door, notice that the swamp continues up and then to the left and right - go up and as far right as you can to find the archive box.


30). After you manage to get inside the base and see that there is too much gas to continue, you'll have to go and activate the ventilation system; to the left of the platform with the vent controls is an explosive canister, and behind the canister is the archive box.

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Mission 7

Secret Base, Episode 1


31). You pass through an area where Irina says for the first time, "Don't fire at the incubators"; you progress to the left and run into one of the flying squid-like security sentinels, and you go up towards a glass floor; to the right of where the glass floor starts is a revival station and a few breakable green crates - break the crates and go into the area there for the archive box.


32). Now continue along the glass walkway until you encounter your first floating turret; going up leads to a ladder, and that is how you progress; going down leads to a dead end with some ammo boxes and and the archive box on the right - Irina needs to use her protection spell in order to get past the turret.


33). Progress until you cross a bridge - crossing it triggers an explosion that prevents you from being able to go back; you will be moving down and will enter an area with incubators on the left and a metal walkway on the right - a Sniper monkey will be on the walkway and the archive box will be right next to him.


34). You'll come to the elevator you need to take in order to progress, but it's blocked by rubble and you'll need to find a mech in order to progress; in the next room you'll have to get past another turret, go down, to the right, and up, where you'll come to a wide glass walkway in front of you and another turret to your right - use Irina to cast a protection spell and get past the turret into the area on the right for the archive box.


35). Having cleared the rubble with the mech, you'll now be able to use the elevator; whilst riding it down, it will come to a stop and a Barghest arena will be triggered - while stopped, the archive box will be over in an area to the left, and Irina will have to use Telekinesys to get it.


Mission 8

Secret Base, Episode 2


36). At the start you're in a large room and under attack - you have to turn a valve to open a door, progress into a hallway where you'll have to turn another valve to open another door, then finally into a room with several incubators on the top of the screen; the archive box is against the far left wall near the top of the screen by an incubator - it's very easy to miss.


37). From #1 - beat the giant and progress to the next room (you'll be moving right); go as far right as you can to a locked door and the door control - up against the highest wall is an explosive canister, and blowing it up reveals a hidden area with the archive box.


38). From #2, go into the next room: Maddogg will say, "At least we know they have rescue shuttles"; down and slightly to the left is a ladder - go down it, head right towards an anti-personnel mine, and go directly down from it to find this very easy to miss archive box.


39). From #3, go back up the ladder and continue on until you find yourself at the top of a winding walkway and under attack by several spiders and fugitives; make your way down the walkway, and when you get to the bottom and go up, you'll be targeted by a couple of Sniper monkeys above you on the right - the archive box is right next to the snipers, and you'll have to be very careful not to break it with gunfire; Irina needs to use Telekinesys in order to get the box.


40). Progress until you're told by Seersys that Barghest is confirmed to be by the Komoloss; an arena is triggered - beat it and move on to a room with a turret and an explosive canister which you'll need to destroy in order to go on; from here, continue up and to the right: there's an anti-personnel mine and, past it to the right, is a room with some crates and incubators against the right wall - the archive box is on a crate close to one of the incubators; use Irina to get it with Telekinesys.

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Posted (edited)

How TF do you get Spring cleaning?


I have everything upgraded and finished everything but this and it seems like time just runs out. Even on the easiest first level... I get to the end in like 4 minutes and try to kill a bunch of stuff when the purple sphere is up and it just ends.  This is all I need for the platinum.


edit. Finally got it. You have to make sure to be the girl because if you're not she keeps trying to capture the bigger guys even if you have it on neutralize.

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