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PlayStation Vita: PSN IDs


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Thought it would be fun to see, who's on the PSVita, and add people to play, talk etc. - and there's nothing wrong in adding prior to the Vita release.




PSN ID: LordZef


- had to start over, due to hack on my old PSN ID.


Current Games: Disgaea 3, FIFA Football, Lord of Apocalypse, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Little Deviants, Tournament Golf, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Army Corps of Hell, Blazblue, Dungeon Hunter, Unit 13, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout, Modation Racers, Reality Fighters, Plants vs Zombies, Hustle King, Dart, Escape Plan & Super Stardust.

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My PSN is SoopaKilla, I'm getting the First Edition Bundle on 2/15, so add me if you'd like. So far I've paid off:

Little Deviants (w/bundle)


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Wipeout 2048

ModNation Racers

Hot Shots Golf


I'm planning on buying every game for the Vita so add me if you wanna play or get trophies because I'll have every game

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I'm going to try to get one at launch as well, but since I just had to replace my original launch PS3 with one of the new 320GB models (damn you YLOD!) it may take me an extra month.


PSN: Xephus


Games I'm considering:


Wipeout 2048

Dynasty Warriors Next

Shinobido 2

Gravity Rush

Modnation Racers


Quick question though... Are you guys getting the 3G model or just the wifi one?

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PSN: mystik134


getting ninja gaiden sigma plus (I am a ninja gaiden fanatic.), shinobido 2, and ultimate MvC3. OH and disgaea 3, no doubt. defintely disgaea and gravity rush.


edit- launch day for me also.

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Iam getting the 3G model along with 4 game



Little Deviants if i spelled that right lol

Everybody Golf

Touch My Katamari

Uncharted GA

16Gb Card


Everything is paid off took a week off work when its releasd lol would of got 32gb card but it not comin to aus also add me will be gettin more games with week 1 of launch


psn Hiruko_Spew

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