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:confused:i just finished the levels and i need 1 trophy, the "archmage" 200,000 points however i ended up with only 168,000 and on retrying the first level found that the points don't stack ie:you only get more points for doing better on any level than you did before so i need to retry probably all the levels to make back up 32,000 points so my question is, how do you get loads of points on a level?:think:

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wrong no. oops
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I have a similar question. I went back and beat my time in a couple levels by minutes but didn't score any higher, are combos/chains better when going for points than trying to finish as quickly as possible?


As far as I can see, yes. I replayed some of the early levels and went for as many chains as possible until I was almost out of time, and managed to about double my score. Obviously won't work well on later levels where you are likely to have much less excess time, but should be enough to push you over the 200k limit if you're fairly close already.

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