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Game Data Corrupt temp fix


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I haven't really seen anyone talking about this here, but it is all over the Arkham City boards and seems to only affect certain groups of people. I still don't know whats causing it but the automated response I got from WB Games promised a patch coming soon, either way I found a temp fix for people having the same problem.


I kept having the issue of "Game Data corrupt" while playing the game and it would quit out to XMB. Some people are saying just restart the game and it would continue just fine, but in my case it would just pop up the "Game Data Corrupt" message again and force me back to the XMB every time. This is different than the "Save Data corrupt" I haven't had that one happen yet and hope I don't.


I tried deleting the game install and reapplying the patch but it would still happen after a few minutes of game play. I also tried without applying the patch, but the same thing would happen. Some seem to think it is happening from the DLC install, but I haven't installed any DLC yet and the problem still occurs.


The Fix:

The only solution I have had to work continuously is do not delete the game install! Instead, copy your save game to cloud if you have ps+ or to a USB drive and delete the save from the ps3 (make sure you have a backup save before deleting the original). Then copy the save from cloud or USB back to the ps3 and reload the game. This has worked every time and I have been able to play without it popping up "Game Data Corrupt" constantly. So far I only had it happen one other time and I did the same thing with transferring saves and I haven't seen it since. So until they decide to finally patch this out hopefully this will be helpful to anyone having this issue.

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I dont have problems with the game, but on some maps of challenge mode (or challenge mode itself) it freezes midbattle and then you have to restart your ps3. it's not a big problem. only froze about three times as i was going through the 72 medals in one playthrough. Maybe it was telling me to take a break :p

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