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Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Trophy Guide & Road Map

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  • Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 4/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 25+ hours for SP & 5+ hours for MP
  • Trophy Breakdown: 32 (B) 16 (S) 1 (G) 1 (P)   
  • Offline: 27 (B) 11 (S) 1 (G) 
  • Online: 5 (B) 5 (S) 
  • Missable Trophies: Nope
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No difficulty select
  • Glitched Trophies: N/A


1) Play through the Main DNA sequences + 100% Sync + Desmond Sequences.


The first step is to play through the main story and just enjoy the game. The good thing about AC games in general is the lack of missable trophies as there is free roam at the end so you don't have to worry about that. The Desmond sequences can be done at any time when you have enough of the animus data fragments; you can play them after the main story if you want. The trophy order suggests that the developers intended them to be played at the same time, if you look at the order the Desmond sequences slot in between the main ones. It's all up to you though, however you want to do it, go for it.


You can go for whatever trophies you want as you progress. You should try and get all the 100% sync objectives in the main sequences because the more you miss, the more memories you will have to go back and repeat. Also, I'd concentrate on recruiting and leveling up your Assassins as you go as it can be a bit annoying if you are only concentrating on that, as they can take a while to level up.


The other thing you should keep in mind is money. You are going to need a lot of it to buy all the books, nearly half a million. So building up the city a bit and regularly collecting your total from the bank should be the minimum you are doing.


2) Clean up via free roam.


This is where you'll go around getting the rest of the collectibles, getting all the miscellaneous trophies, and finish off the 40 SP trophies. Have a look through at what you are missing and refer to each trophy in the guide. Anything that you skipped earlier you can go back and do now, including the Desmond sequences by pausing and selecting return to the animus island.


3) Multiplayer


The Online Pass is now free for everyone so if your copy didn't come with one, then don't worry :). Thankfully, the multiplayer is a lot more reasonable this time round and won't take very long to do. Ultimately, you'll be making your way up to level 20, getting the rest along the way. You shouldn't need to concentrate on much other than playing at least one match of each mode. The first 10 trophies on the list are for the MP so have a read through them before you start online.

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The Conqueror (P)

Get Every Trophy.


As with other games, collect all other trophies to unlock this trophy. Congrats!



02.jpg  Mastering the Art (S)

Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer).


An INCOGNITO bonus, is the highest approach bonus you can get in the MP. An Incognito kill requires you to fill the Detection Meter all the way up. Note that the game's HUD will list "Incognito" in the top right corner of your screen.


You will get this trophy if you play the first Introduction session though, as you will be required to kill an AI target. Just make sure your approach bonus meter in the top right is full by fast walking up to him before you kill him and you'll get the trophy after.



03.jpg  Tools of the Templar (B)

Purchase your first ABILITY in the Abstergo Store (Multiplayer).


To access the Abstergo store press :l1: in the MP menu and go to Abstergo store.


You won't be able to buy an ability until you've reached level 5. Once you've reached it though, simply go to Abilities Set Items where you'll see a list of abilities you can buy. Buy the first one for 35 Templar points, or any other ability of your choosing, and the trophy will shortly unlock.



04.jpg  Achiever (B)

Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer).


To see a list of all the challenges hit :l1: > Templar Profile > Challenges from the MP menu.


Challenges task you with completing certain actions during MP games a certain about of times. You shouldn't need to worry about this, as there are a lot of simple ones that you should get along the way while going towards level 20. It doesn't hurt to have a look through them and spot a few you think would be easy, like if you enjoy the disguise ability, go for 5 kills while using a disguise and that will complete a challenge. Like I said though, you shouldn't need to think about this one.



05.jpg  True Templar (S)

Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).


Fortunately, unlike in Brotherhood, you only need to reach level 20 in multiplayer. Level 20 sounds high, but its really not. Play the MP casually, and you will reach this in no time. The multiplayer in this game compared to Brotherhood is much more improved, so we do highly recommend you just play the multiplayer and enjoy it. It will take you a total of 136,500xp to get to level 20.


If you want to boost this with fellow players though, please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.



06.jpg  Looking Good (B)

Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer).


Go the MP menu and press :l1:. Go to Abstergo store > Customization Items.


Here you can use Templar points to buy an item for your persona. The first items that unlock are some main weapons at level 10. Once at level 10, buy one for 25 Templar points and add it to your persona by going :l1: > Characters in the MP menu.



07.jpg  There Is No I in Team (B)

Win a session of a team mode (Multiplayer).


For this you just need to win 1 game in any MP team mode. So anything under the "Team Objectives" heading. Manhunt, Artifact Assault, Chest Capture, and Escort are the team modes. You should be playing through all the modes anyway for "Explorer" so you should be able to win one of them, if not, work on it as you go towards level 20 and the "True Templar" trophy.



08.jpg  Make the Headlines (S)

Obtain 13 different Accolades (Multiplayer).


You can view them by pressing :l1: in the MP menu and going to Templar Profile > Accolades to view all the available ones.


Accolades are things that are awarded at the end of a MP game. You are rewarded an Accolade based on how well you did in a specific category in the game compared to the other players. There are a total of 44, categorized into 4 different sets you can get so you shouldn't have to worry about this much as a lot of them are for simple things and should come as you make your way towards level 20 and the "True Templar" trophy.


Thankfully, for the purpose of this trophy, you only need to gain 13 different Accolades throughout your time in the multiplayer; you do not have to get 13 all in one match. It is however, very possible to get 13+ accolades in one match.



09.jpg  The Way I Like It (B)

Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer).


In the MP menu, press :l1: and go to Templar Profile > Edit,


Before you can do any editing on your profile, you must first complete the introductory session. Once you've gotten that completed, simply make sure there is something for the three options that are there. Patron picture, Emblem, and Title. Just pick anything for each of them and you'll get the trophy.


You will most likely mess around with your profile throughout your time with multiplayer anyways, so you will probably unlock this trophy without even knowing it. As you go higher in level, you'll have more items to customize your profile with.



10.jpg  Explorer (S)

Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer).


Just finish one of each of the game modes listed below. It doesn't matter if you win and you can join the game mid way through and it will still count, as long as you are there at the end. To make sure your round of each game mode has counted, you can view the Friend ladder in the MP menu (press :r1:). There should be a score registered for all the game modes.


Game Modes:

Simple Deathmatch:


  • Simple Deathmatch

Free For All:


  • Wanted
  • Deathmatch
  • Assassinate
  • Steal the Artifact
  • Corruption

Team Objectives:


  • Manhunt
  • Artifact Assault
  • Chest Capture
  • Escort

If you want to boost this with fellow players though, please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.



11.jpg  Tactician (S)

Score at least 2505 points in a session (Multiplayer).


Another that should just come playing while heading towards level 20, and playing through all the modes. I found Manhunt to be good for points, but you will be playing through them all so if you think another is better then go for that one.


If you want to boost this with fellow players though, please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

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12.jpg  The Early Years (B)

Complete Desmond Sequence 1.


You need to first collect 5 animus data fragments to access this DNA sequence from the Animus Island. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. Once you enter and complete this sequence, you get this trophy.



13.jpg  Best Served Cold (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 1.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the first DNA sequence “A Sort of Homecoming” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



14.jpg  The Reluctant Assassin (B)

Complete Desmond Sequence 2.


You need to first collect 10 animus data fragments to access this DNA sequence from the Animus Island. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. Once you enter and complete this sequence, you get this trophy.



15.jpg  Istanbul and Constantinople (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 2.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the second DNA sequence “The Crossroads of the World” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



16.jpg  Escape To New York (B)

Complete Desmond Sequence 3.


You need to first collect 15 animus data fragments to access this DNA sequence from the Animus Island. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. Once you enter and complete this sequence, you get this trophy.



17.jpg  Seal the Deal (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 3.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the third DNA sequence “Lost and Found” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



18.jpg  The Prince (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 4.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the fourth DNA sequence “The Uncivil War” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



19.jpg  The Plot Thickens (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 5.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the fifth DNA sequence “Heir to the Empire” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.

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20.jpg  Successes and Failures (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 6.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the sixth DNA sequence “Fortune's Disfavor” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



21.jpg  The Rotten Apple (B)

Complete Desmond Sequence 4.


You need to first collect 20 animus data fragments to access this DNA sequence from the Animus Island. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. Once you enter and complete this sequence, you get this trophy.



22.jpg  Old Boss, New Boss (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 7.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the seventh DNA sequence “Underworld” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



23.jpg  Priorities (S)

Complete DNA Sequence 8.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the eighth DNA sequence “The End of an Era” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



24.jpg  Are You Desmond Miles? (B)

Complete Desmond Sequence 5.


You need to first collect 30 animus data fragments to access this DNA sequence from the Animus Island. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. Once you enter and complete this sequence, you get this trophy.



25.jpg  Revelations (G)

Complete DNA Sequence 9.


Story related, cannot be missed. Complete the ninth DNA sequence “Revelations” to get this trophy.


Refer to the 100% Sync Guide for tips as you work your way towards the "Fond Memories" trophy.



26.jpg  Fond Memories (S)

Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.


This trophy is referring only to the 9 main story DNA sequences. Most of the memories you play through will have an extra optional objective to them which is displayed at the start when you accept the mission, and also when you pause during the mission. You can also view all memories and bonus sync objectives in the DNA menu. Most of these are fairly simple but some can be a bit annoying. General things apply like when you are asked to not kill anyone, use your fists. When you are asked to remain undetected, use your bombs to distract and kill from a distance, hire Romanies/Thieves/Mercenaries to distract guards. Use your assassin recruits a lot, they just make things a lot easier, them running around killing everyone usually means you're remaining undetected too.


You should concentrate on these as you play through for the first time, it will save you having to go back afterwords and play through a significant part of the story again. Although, you can if you need to, so if you really just don't want to worry about any of that stuff on your playthrough then don't, rest assured you can go back and repeat all memories from the DNA menu to complete the sync objectives.


For help with specific missions, see the 100% sync guide: Link

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27.jpg  Holy Wisdom (S)

Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.


Refer to "Worth a Thousand Words" to see how to unlock this challenge level.


Once you've picked up all 10 of the memoir pages, you will unlock a secret challenge level, a hidden tomb in the Hagia Sofia. Simply complete the level to get this trophy, it's all platforming. You don't need to complete it to 100% sync either, and your reward at the end will be Ishak Pasha's Armor, which is the best armor in the game and will never break.



28.jpg  Capped (B)

Collect all animus data fragments.


There are 100 of these scattered throughout the game. They are small, glowing items in the shape of the image on the trophy. If you go to the DNA menu, you can see the breakdown for each area and how many you have already collected in each area. Pay attention to the break down in the menu. A neat trick in marking data fragments on the map is to get up on a roof of a high place, activate Eagle Vision, and just do a 360 with the :rs:. Even if you don't see a fragment yourself, as long as a data fragment is within range, the fragment will automatically be marked down on your map. You will be able to tell if you spotted one while in eagle vision as the game will save.


Aside from this trophy, these items are also needed to access Desmond's sequences on the animus island, though you only need to collect 30 to access all 5. Note that certain fragments will be locked out for you to collect until you complete the previous Desmond sequences first.


Collecting these fragments is a lot more reasonable than it sounds, as once you have collected 50, the other 50 are automatically added to your map making them very easy to find. So only refer to the guide below until you have 50, from then on it's much quicker and easier to just go by the in game map.


Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments guide



29.jpg  Worth a Thousand Words (B)

Collect all of Ishak Pasha's memoir pages.


There are a total of 10 pages and collecting them will unlock the secret tomb in the Hagia Sophia. To give yourself the easiest time collecting these, just ignore them at first. Concentrate on the "Capped" trophy for collecting the Animus Data Fragments. Once you collect 25 of those you can buy a map with the locations of these pages from any book shop, making them very easy to collect. You can view how many you have collected and the breakdown of their locations in each region in the DNA menu.


If you'd much rather collect them before the data fragments for whatever reason, maybe to get the armor earlier on, then refer to the guide below.


Assassin's Creed Revelations Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide



30.jpg  Pyromaniac (B)

Complete all Bomb Missions.


These bomb missions are located in Piri Reis. You are introduced to this bomb maker shortly after finish DNA Sequence 3 - Memory 4. You can go back later at any time and complete these missions. He is located in the middle of the city, in the Grand Bazaar.


To access them, walk up and interact with the 4 paintings on the wall of his workshop. Each painting has 2 missions to go with it. None of them are hard, they are basically tutorials to show you how to use the all the different types of bombs. Once you complete them all you'll get your trophy.



31.jpg  Armchair General (B)

Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranian Defense game.


The Mediterranean Defense game is accessed at the large white bomb icons on the map, as well as guild locations. Next to the bomb crafting stations are pigeon coupes where you can access this. Basically, you will be sending out Assassin's on various missions across the Med in different cities.


You will want to have recruited the Max number of Assassin's to get through this as quickly as possible but it's not essential to start them. Each of the cities has a mission in it called "Reclaim the City". You need to send your assassin's to complete this mission in every city to get this trophy. Simply hold all the cities except Rhodes at the same time (which is only unlocked through playing the Online MP) to get this trophy.



32.jpg  Iron Curtain (B)

Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon.


You can get this most easily on your very first den defense, which is basically a tutorial. It is during one of the main memory sequences, Sequence 2 Memory 6, so it's impossible to miss and you can go back and repeat it any time. You need to perform a perfect den defense, which basically means no enemy reaches their objective and causes damage to your den. You cannot at any point use your cannon so just forget the :l2: button exists for 5 minutes. Follow the instructions given to begin with, placing a leader and some crossbow troops. From then on you should mostly concentrate on rifle troops and creating at least a few strong barricades in order to survive the last wave, which is a battering ram. You can also help out by moving the cursor to enemies and using your hidden gun. Also, you can loot some dead enemies by pointing at their bodies and using :circle:. This mostly only gets you money but sometimes some extra moral as well. The battering ram is the only real hard bit about this so just make sure you are set up properly for the final wave and you should be fine. Here is a video for the mission to help:


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33.jpg  Spider Assassin (B)

Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds.


The Hagia Sofia is located towards the bottom right of the map. It is a pretty hard building to miss with it's 4 large spires and dome at the top. It's to the top of this dome that you need to climb, from ground level in 25 seconds. This one is fairly easy, just make sure you make use of your hook-blade for faster ascension up the walls and you should be fine for getting there within the time limit. If you fail just return to the bottom to try again. Here is a video of how it is done and also shows the location if you are unsure of where it is:




34.jpg  A Friend Indeed (B)

Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.


There are 4 factions. The Romanies, the Thieves, the Mercenaries, and the Assassins. In addition, completing the Bomb Challenges also unlocks the trophy. Each has it's own set of challenges that can be completed for various rewards. To view the challenges, go to the DNA menu and then along to challenges.


For this trophy you need to complete every challenge for one faction. You will most likely be completing them naturally from just playing the game anyways, so it's really up to you which faction you want to focus on. For the purpose of this trophy though, the Assassin set is probably the easiest to do.


Here are the challenges:


CVGnqI9.png Assassin's Guild Challenges:


Set 1:

  • Call Assassins during a fight (0/25)
  • Call Assassins on a target (0/20)

Reward: Assassins will be more effective when sent on missions.


Set 2:

  • Use Arrow Storm (0/15)
  • Call your Assassins within a story mission (0/5)

Reward: Assassin signal recharges at an increased speed.


Set 3:

  • Recruit Assassins (0/12)
  • Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin (0/7)
  • Successfully perform a Den Defense (0/3)

Reward: Unlocks the Assassin Faction Weapon.



FB9Mb1h.png Mercenaries Guild Challenges:


Set 1:

  • Use Mercenaries on guard (0/1)
  • Destroy a scaffold by throwing someone into it (0/5)
  • Kill an enemy using a thrown weapon (0/5 )

Reward: Cost of hiring Mercenaries decrease.


Set 2:

  • Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon (0/5)
  • Kill a Byzantine Almogavar (0/25)
  • Perform a Hook and Throw (0/10)

Reward: Unlocks Mercenary Faction ability.


Set 3:

  • Perform a Double Assassination (0/10)
  • Kill 5 Guards in under 10 seconds in melee (0/1)
  • Perform a combo kill streak of at least 5 kills (0/10)
  • Kill and Ottoman Janissary (0/25)

Reward: Unlocks Mercenary Faction Weapon.



ByRgsaq.png  Romanies Guild Challenges:


Set 1:

  • Use Romanies on guards (0/10)
  • Evade using stealth (crowd/hiding spots) (0/10)
  • Kill guards using a crossbow without being detected (0/20)

Reward: Cost of hiring Romanies decreases.


Set 2:

  • Use Tactical Bombs to escape guards (0/10)
  • Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed (0/5)
  • Kill guards using poison (0/15)

Reward: Unlocks Romani Faction ability.


Set 3:

  • Kill guards using bombs without being spotted (0/20)
  • Assassinate a guard from behind (0/10)
  • Assassinate a guard from a blend spot (0/5)
  • Kill 3 enemies dazed by a single smoke before it dissipates (0/1)

Reward: Unlocks Romani Faction Weapon.



79GO4G8.png Thieves Guild Challenges:


Set 1:

  • Use Thieves on guards (0/10)
  • Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters (0/1)
  • Perform a Hook and Run (0/15)

Reward: Cost of hiring Thieves decreases.


Set 2:

  • Perform a Leap of Faith (0/40)
  • Climb a total distance of 1 km (0/1)
  • Steal money with a Counter Steal (0/250 A)

Reward: Unlocks Thieves Faction ability.


Set 3:

  • Perform a dive of at least 30 meters (0/1)
  • Kill a guard using throwing knives (0/25)
  • Perform an air assassination on guards from a beam (0/5)
  • Perform a zipline assassination (0/10)

Reward: Unlocks Thieves Faction Weapon.



The thing about the Assassin's Guild set is that, although some might seem like a lot, it's not much out of your way. You should be using your Assassins since a lot as they make things easy. Also the 7 Master Assassins, there is a separate trophy for doing that anyway, see "The Mentor". If by the time you have all Assassin Den's housed with Master Assassin's that they won't ever get attacked by Templar's and you still need the "3 successful den defenses", simply replay DNA Sequence 2 - Memory 6 and it'll add to your total. This is probably the easiest way to get defense wins anyway.



35.jpg  Tax Evasion (B)

Get your money back from a Templar tax collector.


Occasionally, a small red money bag icon with an exclamation mark on it will appear on the map; this is a tax collector.




He will run away from you so you need to chase after him as soon as you see him. You can run up to him and perform a leg sweep with your hook-blade via :circle:, or you can kill him; either method will award you the trophy. Killing him will, however, raise the Templar's awareness to full. If you somehow knocked him off a roof during your chase, he'll fall to his death yes, but you won't earn yourself the trophy. If that happens, you'll need to run into another tax collector to try again.


Note that spawning the tax collector seems to be completely random. However, although not guaranteed, one can try this method as it has been known to be working with some people. Follow these steps:

dnv0303 said:


  1. You will need to have the Arsenal (bottom area of Constantinople) unlocked, as part of the story.
  2. To the right of the Arsenal, is the Mercenaries HQ. Withdraw the money from the Bank here.
  3. Head into the gates here into the Arsenal, to the cranes and wait here till money is deposited in the Bank again.
  4. As soon as money is deposited, head back through the gates to the previous area with the burned down tree.
  5. A tax collector should spawn. Kill him or leg sweep him to get back your money and earn yourself the trophy.



36.jpg  The Mentor (S)

Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.


The first one will be automatic, it will happen as a result of playing through the story and he will reach the Master Assassin rank at the end of a particular story mission. The others you will need to recruit by helping rebellious citizens and doing the Assassin recruit missions. To get more space to recruit Assassins up the the maximum number of 12 you will need to capture Templar dens.


Your Assassins rank up through being called by you to fight as you play and also by sending them out on missions in the Mediterranean Defense game, see "Armchair General" for more info on that. Once a recruit reaches the rank of 10 (Assassin), you can assign them to any of the dens that you currently hold, where you can then access their Master Assassin missions. The first one will be accessible from the den itself. Part 2 will become available from a location in the city once that assassin reaches the max xp (level 15, 15,500xp). Complete this second mission and they will become a master assassin. Once they do, the den they are assigned to cannot be taken by Templar's, which brings an end to the den defense possibilities. Don't worry about not having "3 successful den defenses" for the Assassin Guild challenge if you've already promoted 7 Master Assassin's. Replaying DNA Sequence 2 - Memory 6 will add to the total.

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37.jpg  Lightning Strike (B)

Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.


You should combine this trophy with "I can see you". The easiest way is when you have 5 in very close proximity while all being defenseless, which is why you should combine it with "I can see you", which requires you to kill 5 affected with a smoke bomb. First, you will need a smoke bomb. Shell and gun powder are up to you, impact is probably best though along with British gunpowder since it gives the biggest bang. You will need to have Phosphorus so that it is a smoke bomb. Also you will need some cherry bombs, again with impact/British if you have them along with XX so that it creates a sound distraction.


The idea is you find a group of more than 5 guards before using the cherry bomb to lure them all together at the source of the sound, then walk up behind and deploy your smoke bomb to render them all helpless before going nuts with your hidden blades. For the first 4 kills, they need to be 2 at a time given the short time limit you are working with to get this trophy. Ideally you should find a group of 4 guards that stand still with another 4 that patrol by, if you can't find a location just use the one in the video.




38.jpg  Overkiller (B)

Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade.


This is a cumulative one that you absolutely just don't need to think about at all, rest assured it will come. It counts as an assassination when it's the 1 hit kill on an unsuspecting guard, or an air assassination from rooftops, ziplines, parachutes, etc. Killing guards or enemies with the hidden blade does not count.


They all count and will add up pretty quickly. Trophy pops as soon as you hit 50.



39.jpg  Show-Off (B)

Parachute onto a zipline.


This one is easy enough to get. Just find one of the viewpoint towers and climb to the top. Once there, scan the surrounding area for a zipline. Once you spot it, jump from the tower and use your parachute. When you're just above a point on the zipline, drop and hold :circle: to extend your hook blade and catch it. See the video to give you a better idea.




40.jpg  Sage (B)

Collect all available books.


By books, they really do mean all available books in the game. Books you obtain throughout the story, the 7 Polo Books from secondary memories, and the books you have to buy in the stores around the city, all count towards this trophy. Note that Cappadoica sells different books than the other stores, and these books counts towards the trophy as well. There are a total of 28 books you need for this, all the books you have and empty spots for the others can be viewed in the library in the Assassin HQ.

  • 3 books you will get during the story from you various encounters with Sophia.
  • 7 will come from the extra Nicolo Polo memories located around the city.
  • 14 can be bought from the shops in Constantinople that will cost you, with the 15% Assassin Discount, a total of 115,130A
  • 4 can be bought from the shop in Cappadocia, these will cost you a total of 352,303A and that's with the 10% Templar "Tax". You can't do anything about that though as you can't gain control of this area.

That said, you are going to need near half a million to buy all these books, so it's recommended that you have that in mind from the start. Build up the city a bit and make sure you are collecting your money from the bank etc as you go. Ultimately for me it came down to leaving the game running since this was the last thing I had left, as I imagine will be the case for most people. Leave the game on, pick up your money from the bank every so often. I had all banks renovated so the total they could store was 120,000. You can also keep sending your assassins out on missions. Just look for the ones that give decent amounts of money and go for them.



41.jpg  Fast Fingers (B)

Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting.


Thief looting is not the same as you pilfering off dead bodies with :circle:. This trophy means you got to hire thieves to do the dirty work for you. You will need to complete the second set of the Thieves Guild Challenges in order to unlock the ability to do so.


Thieves Guild Challenges - Set 2:


  • Leaps of Faith (40 times) - This is easy to do, you can just repeat the same one over and over if you don't have enough by the time you want to do this trophy.
  • Steal money with a counter steal 0/250A - When in combat with guards, counter with :r1: + :triangle: and you will steal from them. Keep this up till you reach the total.
  • Climb a total distance of 1 km - Easy, it will come quick so don't worry about it.

Once you get it, simply hire a group of thieves, then wander around the city killing guards. Your hired thieves will automatically loot them and rob civilians along the way. Repeat until you've looted 50 NPC's and the trophy should pop.



42.jpg  Mosh Pit (B)

Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time.


Easier than it sounds. You will need to craft some specific lethal bombs.


Craft a bomb using the following: Impact Shell - British Gunpowder - Datura Powder.


Use British Gunpowder if you can since it gives the biggest bang, but it isn't essential, and Datura Powder which creates a poison cloud. Get three of these, then run around annoying guards, getting them to chase you. Once you have a group of at least 10 wait till they are all around you, even lead them through a narrow area to make them closer together, and spam your three bombs throughout the crowd. You might not need all three but you may as well make sure. See the video to give you a better idea.




43.jpg  Mouse Trap (B)

Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.


You will need to craft some particular tactical bombs. You can buy them from a black market dealer, or you can make your own:


Craft a bomb using the following: Any - Any - Caltrops


Next, it's just a matter of locating some guards and leading them to some scaffolding. Deploy your bomb once the guards are standing beside one and they'll hop around grabbing their feet. Bring down the scaffold on top of them, by either using your hookblade and pulling it down with :circle:, or you can grab a guard and throw them at the scaffold, although only guards who are killed by it while stunned will count, so the one you throw won't. For an easier time in luring them near scaffolds, consider using cherry bombs while remaining silent. Once you kill a total of 5 from repeating this process you will get the trophy.

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44.jpg  Craft Maniac (B)

Craft 30 bombs.


You will learn how to craft your very first set of bombs in DNA Sequence 3, Memory 4.


This is easy, and you will probably get it naturally. However, if you want to get this trophy out of the way, you can even just craft and dismantle the same 3 bombs over and over again. Fill in the type of shell, gunpowder, and effect to whatever you want. Craft it, then dismantle it. You will gain back your supplies which won't use up any of your material. Repeat this as enough times as you need and once you've made 30, the trophy pops.



45.jpg  My Protege (B)

Have one trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin.


See "The Mentor" for details.



46.jpg  Almost Flying (B)

Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn.


The Galata tower is at the very top of the map. It's pretty hard to miss, it's the massive tower in the Galata district. The Golden Horn is the river that splits the North part of the city from the larger southern area. Make sure you have a parachute and head to the top of the tower, jump off and immediately use your parachute and head towards the river. It's pretty tight with the distance so aim for the closest piece of water you can see, watch the video to give you a better idea.




47.jpg  Silent but deadly (B)

Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives.


This can be done pretty much any time. You just need to find a group of guards you can do it on. The only issue with that is some guards don't go down with 1 throwing knife, so it's the more agile guards you want to find 3 of or the weaker guards with the red dot on the map.


The best place to do this however, is during, or replaying DNA Sequence 1 - Memory 5, as you'll face three guards right off the bat. Another location you can do this in is during Sequence 6 - Memory 7, as you'll be given infinite knifes here. Either way, once you have three, simply equip the throwing knifes using the weapon wheel in :r2:, and then holding :triangle: to charge up and target the 3 of them. See the video.




48.jpg  I can see you (B)

Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb.


Should be combined with "Lightning strikes". See that trophy for more information, you don't need to use the hidden blades for this, it just makes sense with the other trophy to do it that way.



49.jpg  Monster’s dance (B)

Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he's poisoned.


For this trophy, to help with this it's advised you make a particular diversion bomb.


Craft a bomb using the following: Impact Shell - British Gunpowder - Pyrite Coins


Next find a guard quite near a decent amount of civilians, ideally one of the Janissaries since they pull out their sword and go a bit nuts when poisoned. Use a dart to poison the guard, wait until he stops moving and starts flailing his weapon and then throw the bomb you made at him. This causes lots of civilians to all run towards him to pick up coins giving him plenty of targets to hit. See the video for more help (credit to PowerPx).



50.jpg  Bully (B)

Find and beat up Duccio.


You can find Duccio in either DNA Sequence 6 - Memory 1, or during the Piri Reis Bomb Mission that has you test out a cherry bomb. He will also randomly spawn during free-roam as well. When you start either mission a red target will appear on the map. This is Duccio. Don't kill him, instead, equip your fists and beat him. If you "accidentally" killed him, don't worry, simply move away from the area and he'll respawn.


To give you a better idea watch the video. You can always repeat either memory if you missed it. It does seem as though there are multiple opportunities to get him, he will always appear at the same location though.


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100% Synchronization, refers to how accurately you followed the memories of Desmond's ancestors through the Animus. Completing a memory with 100% sync, usually requires you to kill an enemy(s) using a certain way, completing an objective with a specific time frame or remaining undetected, and so on. Failing to complete the optional condition, despite finishing the memory, results in a 50% sync for a memory.


Earning 100% sync on all the DNA Sequences is required for the "Fond Memories" trophy. However, like the previous Assassin's Creed title, Brotherhood, earning full 100% sync on a DNA sequence unlocks cheats that one can use when replaying memories. Cheats can be activated in the "Options" menu.


Known Cheats:


Sequence 2 - Buns of Steal: You are immune to injury.

Sequence 3 - Killing Spree: During fights you execute enemies instantly.

Sequence 4 - Ultimate Guild: Raise all assassins recruits to the rank of Assassin.

Sequence 5 - Calling All Assassins: There is no cool down timer for the assassin signal meter, allowing you to use assassin signals repeatedly.

Sequence 6 - Permanent Secrecy: Your actions do not raise the templar awareness meter.

Sequence 7 - Infinite Ammunition: You have limitless ammo for range weapons.

Sequence 8 - The Old Eagle: Unlocks the old eagle outfit.



Sequence 1 - A Sort of Homecoming


Memory 1 - The Hangman

  • N/A


Memory 2 - A Narrow Escape

  • Kill a Byzantine Templar with a counter kill

Simply counter 1 enemies attack successfully. Hold R1 then time your press of square with the enemy's attack


Memory 3 - A Journal of Some King

  • Do not fail a single tail

Easy enough, play through to the parachute section, then there are a group of 4 Templar's you need to follow marked for you. Simply use the rooftops to tail them without alerting them.


Memory 4 - A Hard Ride

  • N/A


Memory 5 - The Wounded Eagle

  • Kill at least 5 guards from a haystack

First one you might have to go a little out of your way for. There are haystacks dotted around, from the very first area to just before the end, some guards do walk right by some so you can get them easy. Other you might have to get their detection meters partially red so they follow you, make sure they see you going in the the haystack, then just assassinate when they walk over to check it out, make sure they don't go into full alert.



Sequence 2 - The Crossroads of the World


Memory 1 - A Warm Welcome

  • Do not wander far from Yusuf

Easy, just walk close to him for the mission until you reach the assassin HQ, you can just auto walk by letting go of the control next to him.


Memory 2 - Upgrade and Explore

  • N/A


Memory 3 - The Hookblade

  • Perform every hookblade move successfully at least once

This one is easy, the mission is a tutorial on the hook blade, just follow the prompts and you will get this.


Memory 4 - The View From Galata

  • Climb the tower in under 60 seconds

Just follow Yusif up the tower, using the hook blade as much as you can and 60 seconds is easy enough to achieve.


Memory 5 - Advanded Tactics

  • Perform a zipline assassination

The opportunity for a zipline assassination is presented to you pretty blatantly, just just on the zipline after the short cutscene and press square when in position to assassinate the guard. There are however countless other opportunities after if you mess up.


Memory 6 - On the Defense

  • N/A


Memory 7 - On the Attack

  • Do not create any conflict in the Imperial North District

You need to kill the Templar captain without any of the Templar's in the area going into full alert, and then ignite the tower. I just took out a couple of the guards above the captain and then shot the captain with a poison dart from the rooftops. Made it very easy.



Sequence 3 - Lost and Found


Memory 1 - The Prisoner

  • Pickpocket the guard to retrieve the key

Just pickpocket the guard once you locate him with eagle vision. If you alert him by accident, just run away and hide before going back for the key. Don't kill him and take it.


Memory 2 - The Sentinel, Part I

  • Use your Assassin Signal at least 1 time

Just use L2 to call an assassin at some point in the mission. Can be straight away if you want.


Memory 3 - Guild Contracts

  • N/A


Memory 4 - Bomb Crafting

  • N/A


Memory 5 - A Familiar Face

  • N/A


Memory 6 - The Yerebatan Cistern

  • Do not be detected

There are 3 templar captains you need to kill in order to get keys to get through areas of this mission. You can't be detected at any point. If you have poising darts it's fairly easy. Just carefully make your way closer to each captain and hit them with one. Assassinate others as necessary but make sure they are on their own. You have bombs as well and plenty of materials/crafting tables throughout this level so make sure you pick all of them up and use them if necessary.


Memory 7 - Quid Pro Quo

  • N/A


Memory 8 - The Mentor's Keeper

  • Save all citizens under attack

As you make your way up the hill, before reaching the gate, there are black dots that will appear on the map, so keep a look out and when you see them go and help out the civilians by killing all the templars around. Keep doing it until you see the objective pop up as completed, I still saw other black dots I hadn't dealt with when it did for me but you shouldn't go to the gate until you get the pop up.


Memory 9 - Curse of the Romani

  • Poison all of your targets while blending with the Romanies

Make sure you have your poison darts filled, then just shoot each of the three targets throughout the mission making sure you are hidden with the group you hire.


Memory 10 - The Sentinel, Part II

  • Do not be detected while you search for the prisoners

Don't be detected when rescuing the two assassins taken captive at the start of this mission, hire thieves on the rooftops to distract guards, use your bombs and also use your assassins, you can call them into fight and kill guards and it won't count as you being detected.



Sequence 4 - The Uncivil War


Memory 1 - The Prince's Banquet

  • Beat Yusuf to Topkapi Palace

When you set off, Yusuf will be the white dot on the map that starts behind you and waits a moment before setting off, you just need to follow the assassins in front and reach the objective before yusuf does. You will be able to see if Yusuf passes you so just restart if he does.


Memory 2 - An Uneasy Meeting

  • Do no be detected

Very easy to not be detected, just climb to the roof and make your way to the tower, all the guards are on the lower level.


Memory 3 - The Fourth Part of the World

  • Get in and out of the port without bein detected

You can just use your assassin recruits to take out pretty much every guard in the area, making it very easy to remain undetected.


Memory 4 - Signs and Symbols, Part I

  • N/A


Memory 5 - Galata Tower

  • Complete the level within 6 minutes

Not much to this one, just got to be fast getting through the level, it's all platforming.


Memory 6 - Mentor's Wake

  • Do not lose more than 3 Synchronization points

For the fight section, just dodge and counter untill a cutscene happens. When you need to climb make sure you are standing on a platforms each time the blast hits you or you will fall and lose health, take your time as you have plenty of it to get up to Abbas.


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Sequence 5 - Heir to the Empire


Memory 1 - The Janissaries

  • Distract 2 Guards with Bombs

This is an easy one, as long as you have the bombs which you should, if not there is a chest of cherry bombs right at the start of the mission. At several points when tailing the target you need to pass a pair of guards, just use a bomb to distract them at least once.


Memory 2 - The Arsenal Gates

  • Make sure 40 or more rioters survive

Just kill the guards that spawn into the area as fast as you can, call on your assassin recruits to help out as well and you shouldn't have much of a problem, keep an eye on the on screen counter, it displays how many are still alive.


Memory 3 - Arsenal Infiltration

  • Perform an Air Assassination from a zipline

When you get through the initial area that is a bit in ruins and on fire, there are some ziplines on the roof heading to the objective, make sure you use one to assinate a guard in the area.


Memory 4 - Portrait of a Lady

  • Steal the Paiting without the merchant spotting you

Use a diversion bomb to distract him and quickly steal the painting, you can't pay him for it and get full sync.


Memory 5 - Signs and Symbols, Part II

  • N/A


Memory 6 - The Forum of the Fox

  • Do not take any damage

Just keep moving in the platforming section, they won't hit you as long as you keep going, and don't fall obviously. There is a small fight at the end with 3-4 guards, just be cautious and use counters etc.


Memory 7 - A New Regime

  • N/A




Sequence 6 - Fortune's Disfavor


Memory 1 - Into the Shadows

  • Assassinate a target from a hiding spot

On the target you are given, what I did was barge into him to knock him out of his conversation, then run over to a nearby haystack while he follow, he'll be annoyed but won't go into alert mode, get him next to the haystack, get it and immediately press square to assassinate him.


Memory 2 - Honor, Lost and Won

  • Perform an air assassination on Tarik

Once you get to the stage in the mission where Tarik becomes a target, make sure you climb the scafolding to the top back of the area where you are able to air assassinate him.


Memory 3 - Bearer of Mixed Tidings

  • Do not kill anyone

There are plenty of Romanies throughout the palace that you can hire and use to distract, also using your fists to incapacitate an enemy doesn't count as a kill should you need to take out enemies on the rooftops.


Memory 4 - A Little Errand

  • N/A


Memory 5 - Signs and Symbols, Part III

  • N/A


Memory 6 - The Maiden's Tower

  • Obtain the Masyaf Key without falling into the water

This mission is all platforming and although there are some time pressures at points, they are fairly generous, so don't feel rushed, take your time and complete the platforming sections without falling.


Memory 7 - The Mentor's Return

  • Do not kill anyone except Abbas and his Captains

Easy enough, the other assassins will handle most of the enemies for you, just head straight for the captains and kill them, towards the end when you have to fight some people, use your fists to beat them. Note that you cannot use your assassin signals, as that counts as killing an enemy too.


Memory 8 - Setting Sail

  • Do not kill anyone with blades

As it says. Again, use your fists when you can, or bombs, crossbow/gun etc. You can kill to your hearts content, just dont touch your sword or hidden blades.



Sequence 7 - Underworld


Memory 1 - The Hidden City

  • Do not get detected

There aren't many people that can spot you, once you get into the settlement you can treat it as Istanbul, guards will wander around but unless you attract attention to yourself, you are fine. Just reach the objective.


Memory 2 - The Spy Who Shunned Me

  • Do not kill anyone

When you are going for the key, pickpocket it from the target in the market and quickly disappear, when heading back into the restricted zone, don't go up the stairs, climb up the scafolding area to the left of them.


Memory 3 - The Renegade

  • Do not let Janos lose more than half his health

His health is displayed on the screen. You just need to complete the platforming section as fast as you can, kill the 4 gunmen along the way before performing an air assassination on the torturer. If a linear platforming path so you shouldnt have an issue.


Memory 4 - Decommissioned

  • Do not take any damage

This one can be a little annoying since you do have to fight quite a number of guards. Just be patient, use counters to kill the enemies. If you are fighting a group larger than 4 or so, then resort to lethal bombs since when fighting that many, one will often attack you while you are countering another.


Memory 5 - Last of the Palaiologi

  • Do not take any damage

Just run, don't fight any of the guards, just follow your target. When you reach the gate ignore the enemies again and sprint up it immediately and after your target, you do have to fight him so be sure you don't mess up.


Memory 6 - Escape

  • Do not lose half your health

This one is a lot easier since you can take some hits, just be careful in the fights, there aren't that many of them.


Memory 7 - Passing the Torch

  • N/A




Sequence 8 - The End of an Era


Memory 1 - Discovery

  • If attacked, kill 5 guards in close combat without getting hit

It says if, but I don't see much of a way of avoiding combat in this level unless it means you can contantly spam arrow storm since you have unlimited uses here. When you do get into a fight though, just kill 5 in a row without getting hurt, it's pretty hectic so you need to be fairly quick to get the kill on people but there are plenty of enemies so it shouldn't be a problem.


Memory 2 - The Exchange

  • Rescue Sofia before she loses 50% health

When you get the 2 minute timer to climb the tower, that isn't it. Straight after that you will have to rescue her, just immediately jump from the tower and use your parachute and you should make it in time.


Memory 3 - End of the Road

  • Kill 20 guards

This is when you are flying with the parachute behind the carriage, swoop down and kill guards with :square:, if there are a lot you are better of using :circle: to pick them up and throw them to take out a larger number quickly, there are a lot more than 20 to kill though so as long as you aren't too slow you should be fine.



Sequence 9 - Revelations


Memory 1 - Homecoming

  • N/A


Memory 2 - Lost Legacy

  • N/A


Memory 3 - The Message

  • N/A
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1. is it 100 procent sure u only need main missions for 100 sync?

2. also is it a good idea to 100 procent everything? (for future dlc)


1. Yes It's only the 9 main story sequences.

2. It's up to you, there isn't currently a reason to in terms of trophies, but who knows what they will do with dlc.

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Thankfully, for the purpose of this trophy, you only need to gain 13 different Accolades throughout your time in the multiplayer; you do not have to get 13 all in one match (if that's even possible).

For completion's sake: yes, you can get over 13 accolades in a single match. It won't happen every match and it also depends on how good (or bad) your opponents are, but it's definitely possible. I believe it was only my second or third match were I already got 17 accolades in one go. Still, it's a good thing you don't need to get it in one match... otherwise this might have been problematic for many players.


Other than that, the multiplayer trophy guide descriptions seem nicely done and accurate. I didn't know you could join halfway a match for the Explorer trophy and I really should've gotten that trophy by now... but I guess I'll go figure out that one later today. ;)

Edited by Moving On
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  • Estimated Platinum Difficulty: xx/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: xx-xx hours
  • Offline: 27(B) 16(S) 1(G) 1(P)
  • Online: 5(B) 5(S) (:psn: Pass Required)
  • Missable Trophies: Nope
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No difficulty select
  • Glitched Trophies: N/A
  • Cheats: N/A


No missable trophy ? Yeah ! That's all I was wondering about.


Thanks for this guide, I'll probably have a look at it at some point. ;)

Technically, I think Iron Curtain is missable if you get all your Den Masters to max rank. Since the den locks and can't be attacked anymore when it's master is max rank. If you lock all of them before getting that one I think you're screwed.


And just an FYI, there ARE cheats in the game. Not sure how many, or what all the unlock requirements are, but I just unlocked one at the end of Sequence 5.

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check out this thread if u find it usefull




i found this in the brotherhood forum at first but they patched it. apparently they didnt on revelations

Edited by Hogger
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Technically, I think Iron Curtain is missable if you get all your Den Masters to max rank. Since the den locks and can't be attacked anymore when it's master is max rank. If you lock all of them before getting that one I think you're screwed.


And just an FYI, there ARE cheats in the game. Not sure how many, or what all the unlock requirements are, but I just unlocked one at the end of Sequence 4.


It's not. The first den defense, which is the easiest to get the trophy in, is in a story memory. So you can just repeat that one from the DNA menu. Which reminds me, I should probably add that in, thanks :p

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It's not. The first den defense, which is the easiest to get the trophy in, is in a story memory. So you can just repeat that one from the DNA menu. Which reminds me, I should probably add that in, thanks :p


when the game asks u to place 2 riflemens just wait. i waited until i got 700 morale and humilated the enemy

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  • Viper changed the title to Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Trophy Guide & Road Map

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