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How do I get more UFOs to spawn?


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I'm slowly working away at medals, I'm at 150 so far, so every 1 helps. There's a couple levels early on that require more UFOs than I can get to spawn. I think level 3 or 4 requires 5 UFOs and I only ever see 4, or something like that. It's generally the case where I only see 1 or 2 per wave of enemies, and then I am short by 1 at the end.


I HAVE had cases where I see 3 UFOs in a wave, but it seems completely random and no matter what I do, I can't get them to appear when I need them. Leaving most of the enemies alive doesn't do anything, leaving 1 alive does nothing, what am I supposed to do to get the required number UFOs?


Oh, and this game is too freaking hard. A single bomb, or maybe more frequent powerups... hell, anything to help vs the bats and worms and other enemies that love to stay just out of your range of fire would be awesome. Sigh...

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Target the UFOs, especially in the lower levels. Basically the quicker you kill them, the faster they respawn. So the second they appear -- destroy them, and if you do it quickly enough the levels that require 5 for a medal will offer up between 5-7 for you to kill. Basically, if you miss one early or take far to long to get to it then restart since you're likely to not have enough by the end of the level.


Best of luck mate!

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Dang. I was thinking it might be something like that, but I have had levels where I was slow to kill one and yet another one spawned immediately after it died so I wasn't sure. It seems like if I'm just rushing medals then I should go sacrifice lives just to get to the UFO, I guess. I'm definitely quitting at 180, I think even getting that high is going to cause me to lose some hair.


Edit: Got 182 or so. I'm so done!

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