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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

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I'd like to finish up this title eventually - most especially would like to get the DLC trophies out of the way soon, as the boosting opportunities for Revelations appears pretty bloody dead at this point. Been keeping an eye on PSNProfiles sessions expectantly, but there hasn't been diddly in a couple weeks now.


Anyone else needing all the DLC MP trophies and want to get this done...? I'm available most any night, eastern, from 7pm-2 or 3am. PSN is the same as on here, Coladar. Also up for joining in any XP boosting for the time being, still quite a ways to go until lvl 20.

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I need to finish a couple more game modes for this trophy.

If someone wants to boost XP and we have enough players we can do that too.

I only have 55 hours as of this moment before my trial expires so hurry please!



Feel free to add me if anybody needs any help! Thanks!! :bananadance:


PSN: XatHarrynanu

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Hi everyone! I'm looking to boost the DLC multiplayer map pack trophies. I also don't have the multiplayer character trophies yet though I'll probably be able to get those legit. I just can't find any matches for the DLC maps so if anyone wants to boost those, please add me. I think we'll need 4 players total to get all 6 trophies. I'm available most nights and for most of the weekend as well.


PSN ID: PantheraLeo86

Time Zone: USA, EST


Edit: I've gotten all the multiplayer trophies now so I'll be deleting the game from my hard drive. Thanks to all those who helped!

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