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Co-Op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)

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Co-op Boosting Thread



What your post should at least include (but not limited to):


  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone


Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner.



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I completed almost everything on the PlayStation Portable version! I would be happy to help... PlayStation Network: [ExtremelySolid] Just created a new PlayStation Network ID for my new PS3! Been off for a little while!


You both can add me if you like. I haven't decided if I'm going to get the mp stuff from peace walker done first or not but if I have people who want to then I'll gladly jump in for those three or four trophies.


EDIT: I am no longer boosting for this game. I have platinum and have moved on.

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I'm going to the COD MW3 midnight release to pick up a real game...the Metal gear Solid collection! I will have it day 1. I S ranked everything except the Monster Hunter Missions on the PSP version and that was just because I only had one other partner. Hit me up if you want to try and knock these out. Just make sure you tell me its for MGS in your friend request because I delete blank friend requests.

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If any of you need a good co-ops partner please feel free to add me. Even if you are new to the game, I'd be happy to help you get squared away.


PSN is Major-Dutch-_


Awesome thanks I will, do you have a mic, and are you really good in this game, cause I am kind of a noob...

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dont ask me for help anymore.


for everyone thats going for platinum ill totally help and i need co-op partners as well i wanted to tranfar my psp data because i was extremely close to 100% complete with everything

so yeah tag is End_Fear send me a friend invite if you wanna

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