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Cabela's Adventure Camp - Trophy Guide & Road Map


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- Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10

- Offline: 23 (1 (P) , 5 (G), 17 (S), 0 (B))

- Online: None.

- Approximate amount of time to (P): 2-3 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

- Number of missable trophies: None.

- Glitched trophies: None.

- Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A

- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.

- Extra equipment needed?: A PlayStation Move controller and Playstation Eye is required to play & platinum this game.



Welcome to Cabela's Adventure Camp! Here you'll take on a horde of activities such as Wake Boarding, Skeet Shooting, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, and Fishing just to name a few! Just be sure to watch out for Greg, the bully. He likes to give newcomers a hard time. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Cabela's Adventure Camp!


Needless to say, Cabela's Adventure Camp is a not only a very easy game to Platinum but it is also very fun to play! Using the PS Move controller with it is very responsive and makes wonders of its functions. You may have trouble with kayaking a bit but it's manageable once you get the hang of it. Speaking of which, you may run into a trophy or two that will seem a little tricky but you will obtain these after a short period of time. All in all, this game is indeed easy & enjoyable.




Step 1 - Choose a female character and play through the Cabela's Cup.

First thing's first: Go to the "My Cabin" menu and turn make sure that you're using a female character. She may be already selected when you enter, but I would go through the process of changing her hair, clothes, etc. just be sure the trophy that you need later pops. Once selected, exit and choose the "Cabela's Cup".


The game then prompts you to choose a character yet again. Just pick a girl (I picked the first one) and proceed. You'll play a game called "Hunter, Bear, Ninja" which is a altered version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors." With the exception of it being on the list of games you need to play, I don't know why this game is here. There are no trophies for it and even if you lose, nothing happens. Anyway, just play through it and get to the next screen.


Here, you'll have to make choices on which games you'd like to have as part of your Cabela's Cup run. I would personally suggest to play the games in order from the top. That way, you won't lose track on what you need to play as you go through the list. The last game will always be Hogwhacked. Winning the cup won't be hard to do and you should be well ahead of the competition by the end of this run.


By the end of this playthrough, you should have:

  • (G) Camp Star


Step 2 - Play through the rest of the games using a female character.

From where you ended the Cabela's Cup, go back to the Main Menu and choose "Play!" Now, play the rest of the games in order until you finish Fishing 2. Playing Hogwhacked won't be necessary as you already played this in the Cabela's Cup.


By the end of this, you'll unlock:

  • (G) Girlz Rulz!


Step 3 – Clean up

Since this game is very open-ended, you can go at the rest of the trophies in any order you like. Almost all of them are really easy to get. There may be a few that you'll have to retry once or twice to get but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/02.jpg Exercise (S)

Complete 10 coin chain jumps.


I got this after playing the kayaking levels a few times. You have to perform jumps off the ramps with the coins & diamonds and collect all of them during the jump for 1 chain. Repeat this 9 more times for the trophy. Finish the level and then start over again until it unlocks.


Tip from AZDMB:

I struggled with the "exercise" trophy, the same one you said you weren't sure how you got it. After trial and error, I figured it out. On the kayaking section, as you approach the ramps, there are many coins and a diamond above it at the end. You have to jump off the ramp and collect every coin and diamond on one jump--trophy pops immediately.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/03.jpg Greedy! (S)

Collect 40 coins on one level in any Kayaking, Biking or Wave Riding level.


Pick any of the levels above and just collect 40 coins before crossing the finish line. Very simple since there are tons of coins to collect.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/05.jpg Jeweler (S)

Collect 10 diamonds across all activities.


Another very simple trophy. During Wave Riding, Kayaking and biking levels, you'll see red diamonds scattered across the playing field. Simply collect 10 of these and the trophy's your. The count is cumulative and doesn't have to be collected in one run.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/06.jpg Stunt Man (S)

Finish any biking level without falling from the bicycle.


During any biking level, simply reach the finish line without falling off your bike. At times, the bully will set traps by knocking down trees in you path to make you fall. Either go around them or press the MOVE button to hop over them. Get to the finish without a bail and the trophy is yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/07.jpg Upright (S)

Finish any kayaking level without flipping the kayak.


Choose any kayaking level and make it to the goal without flipping over. The controls here are a bit tighter to deal with, so take your time, especially when the rapids get rough. The bully is here as well, knocking rocks down in your path. I would avoid using the :trigger: button here to sprint as it makes your controls even tighter. Get to finish without flipping and the trophy's yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/09.jpg Speed Wheeler (S)

Pass Biking 1 under 1 minute 10 seconds.


I got this trophy on my first try. Pick Biking 1 and hold down the :trigger: button to sprint. Make it to the goal in under the target time to get this trophy. You can fall a few times, but for the most part, you should be able to dodge the hazards easily.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/10.jpg Shoot the Rapids (S)

Pass Kayaking 1 under 1 minute 30 seconds.


Pick Kayaking 1 and press the :trigger: button repeatedly to sprint. Be careful though, using it makes your controls even worse. Focus more on your steering and keeping the kayak upright than getting to the goal as fast as you can. Whenever there's an open area, use sprint. When there's rough waters ahead, slow down and steer. The goal here isn't too far anyway. You may restart once or twice, but it shouldn't be too hard.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/11.jpg Speed Cruiser (S)

Pass Wave Riding 1 under 1 minute 30 seconds.


Another relatively easy trophy. At the start of Wave Riding 1, hold down the :trigger: button and quickly grab the required coins to open up the gates as you progress. Do not go for ramps as this will slow you down and make you lose time. Sprint to the finish under 1:30 and the trophy will pop.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/12.jpg Flying Fish (S)

Jump 15 times in Wave Riding 1 or 2.


Simple. Start up any of the levels above and jump 15 times by pressing the :move: button. *bling*


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/13.jpg Speleologist (S)

Discover the hidden cave in Biking 1.


About halfway though the Biking 1 level, you'll see a waterfall to your left up ahead. To the left of this is a trail leading to a cave that you must ride through to get this trophy. You'll know that you're near it when the bully starts knocking down trees in an open area. When you see the waterfall up ahead, immediately veer to the left to go in the cave. The trophy should pop as you're exiting the cave.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/16.jpg Fast Reflexes (S)

Hit a moving deer target while in Archery 2 or 4.


While in Archery 2 or 4, wolves will appear to make the deer targets move. Simply hit one while it's moving and the trophy's yours. You'll know that a wolf is coming by its howl.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/17.jpg Ultimate Combo (S)

Hit 25 objects in a row in any Skeet level.


Start up any Skeet level and get at least 25 shots in a row hitting any flying object (I would just shoot the clay discs). The gun's reticule is huge, so you shouldn't have any trouble missing a shot. For a better chance at nabbing this trophy, pick Skeet 1.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/18.jpg Speed Freak (S)

Speed boost continuously for an extended period of time in Biking, Kayaking, or Wave Riding.


I would pick Wave Riding 1 for this one. Just hold down the :trigger: button and don't let go of it until you reach the finish. Collect the required amount of coins to open the gates along the way. The trophy should pop after you cross the finish line.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/19.jpg Demolition Expert (S)

Hit all of the dynamite in one level on Skeet 1 or 4.


During Skeet 1 or 4, dynamite will fly through the air. If you shoot it, it will destroy any nearby discs. Just go through all three rounds of Skeet and shoot ALL of the dynamites. The trophy should show up at the end of the run.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/20.jpg Golden Fever (S)

Catch 25 yellow fish in Fishing 1.


The only tiny grinder in the game. In Fishing 1, your goal is to catch the fish that are displayed on the screen. Since you really don't need to do this twice (If you already have the "Girlz Rulz!" trophy), just catch only the yellow fish. The count is cumulative and will take several plays. Once you reach 25 fish, the trophy will pop. "That's a lotta fish!"


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/21.jpg Touchy (S)

Pass any Wave Riding level without touching a single buoy.


Pick Wave Riding 1. Simply do not touch the blue buoys from start to finish and the trophy's yours. If you're having trouble, take your time on turns and try not to sprint too much. Remember, you're not racing against the clock here.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/22.jpg Explorer (S)

Destroy all 5 crates in Wave Riding in one run.


Again, pick Wave Riding 1. You must break the brown boxes (indicated with a question mark on them) in the areas before you reach the finish line. All of them are in plain sight and you shouldn't have trouble missing any. Reach the goal with all the boxes destroyed and the trophy's yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/04.jpg Girlz Rulz! (G)

Pick a female character and use her to pass all activities at least once.


Just as the trophy says. Go to "My Cabin" and pick a female character. Afterwards, pick "Play!" and play all the games with her for the trophy. Make sure you get at least a silver to unlock games.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/08.jpg Camp Star (G)

Win the Cabela's Cup.


This should be the first trophy that you should go for. Simply play and win the Cabela's Cup. To work on "Girlz Rulz!" simply pick a female and win the cup. Shouldn't be too hard since the games take very little effort to win.



Marksman (G)

Finish any shooting activity with a full 200 point accuracy bonus.


This one is a little tricky. Pick Skeet 1 and pass all 3 round WITHOUT MISSING A SINGLE SHOT. You can let some discs hit the ground if they are too low, but I wouldn't miss too many since it dropped my accuracy when I played. You can shoot the dynamite to help you out without any threat to your accuracy. This may take a try or two, but it's not too hard. If you make it through all 3 rounds without missing a shot, the trophy's yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/15.jpg Memorizer (G)

Get through all 10 stages of Hogwhacked.


Hogwhacked is a memory game where you must whack groundhogs with a mallet (Whack-A-Hog?) in a sequential order to gain points. This will always be the last game in the Cabela's Cup. Your goal here is to get through 10 rounds of this game with only 3 tries. It's really not hard and I doubt that you'll mess up. If you miss once, you can still get it since you have more tries remaining. Just go slow here. The motion detection was a little funky for me and I ended up accidentally hitting the wrong groundhog. Once you complete the 10th and final round, the trophy is yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/23.jpg Speed Ace (G)

Receive golden medals in all racing activities.


You must get gold scores in all Biking, Kayaking and Wave Riding levels in order for this trophy to pop. Remember to use the :trigger: button to sprint and get to the goal as fast as you can. Also, make sure to collect lots of coins. Both of these factors determine your score at the end of each run. It shouldn't be too hard as the top score are really low and can be conquered in one or two tries. After the last course, the trophy's yours.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1259/01.jpg Platinum Trophy (P)

Unlock all other trophies.


You did it! Congratulations! Now that wasn't hard, was it? lol

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Conkervertex - Amazing guide! Helped me plat the game in a few hours. I struggled with the "exercise" trophy, the same one you said you weren't sure how you got it. After trial and error, I figured it out. On the kayaking section, as you approach the ramps, there are many coins and a diamond above it at the end. You have to jump off the ramp and collect every coin and diamond on one jump--trophy pops immediately.


This game is actually a lot of fun for those of you thinking about playing it.

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exercise trophy is a pain in the butt! the marksman trophy gave me some trouble as well, but i found if you shoot one target on the first round of skeet 1 and then put your controller down, the trophy will pop for 100% accuracy


exercise trophy was obtained at the end of biking 1 and hit the really long jump with the diamond and all the coins. had to hit this perfect and actually get more than 10 coins. hope this helps

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well first off, post all you want, just go nuts




- Extra equipment needed?: A PlayStation Move controller and Playstation Eye is required to play & platinum this game.


right off the top of the trophy guide




edit : (yes the edit button)


who double posted? or did i miss something ?

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Just to let you know the excercise trophy is not collect all cions in a jump, it is just to complete the jump on either biking or kayak 10 times, the description does say this to be fair. I did it as said in the tip and it didnt pop but after i did the jump 10 times collecting all or not (i dont think it matters) i got the trophy, i suppose its sort of the only other grind in the game.

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good guide, already 93% done in around 2 hours - excercise i can grind, but im having issues with the kayak staying upright for upright trophy. very frustrating.


nevermind, as usual i do it right after lol - i just didnt press T much at all, i thought i would have to do it a bit.


oh well i will repeat that level a few times for the coin jumps, and i can sell this right away.


and platinum! definately dont need to hit the coin jump and get all coins and diamond, just hit the jump right and its your after 10 of them. kayaking 1 gives you 2 jumps, so just do it 5 times - although it will take more im sure.


really wanted to beat my megamind and trival pursuit times - but i must have taken 30 minutes easy on the last 2 trophies.


edit - yeah it took 34 minutes to get last 2 trophies, total time took 2 hours 21 mins, so should have taken sub 2 hours. if i did it again it would beat megamind lol - infact it probably did anyway.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice guide thank you, when those of you aske is it ACTUALLY 2-3 hours, got mine in 1 hour and 39 minutes I know as I record my footage in order to add to the youtube channel, this DOES also include loading times! I am surpirsed Sony allowed this but... meh,,,, for the amoutn of time you play it its kind of enjoyable!!!!

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