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inFamous: Festival of Blood

Anyone else disapointed?

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It was fun while it lasted(which wasn't long), but c'mon that was a rip off. I was really looking forward to it.


I was disappointed. It wasn't worth the money at all. But at least it came with 14 trophies so I got some of my money worth.

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it was fun while it lasted, which wasnt long enough to satisfy me. im just glad it was only 10 dollars instead of 15 cuz they easily coulda charged 15 and gotten away with it. one reason i think it wasnt as good is it could been is that they felt since they upgraded the ugc that they didnt have to go above and beyond with the rest of the game. Which i think sucks cuz imo ugc was the one stain on infamous 2. If i wanted to design games id goto college for it and I dont like playing shit that people make up on a whim, SOME of the ugc is alright but mostly i hate it.

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Finally finished this. Loved every second of it. It wasn't too short - not nearly as short as the majority of other DLC on the market now. Besides - SHADOW FLIGHT!!!! Cole is a fucking Batman =)

The more I play inFAMOUS the more of a crazy Cole fangirl I become. Yeah.


And the DLC need inFamous 2 or not?


Nope. It's a stand alone game. You can't even call it a DLC - you just download it off PSN and install like any other PSN title - it runs straight from our hard drive and doees not require inFAMOUS 2 disc.

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It kinda sucked all the way through and the new "powers" are pretty shitty as well. The length doesn't bother me so much but I don't know why it felt like a lazy outing guessing they thought that UGC garbage would make up for it but your created content remains crappy no matter the game. Would be kicking myself right now if it had cost $15 if I had even paid the regular price.

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got it 50% off. it was 8.50$ and i think it was worth it, im a fan of inFamous gameplay and i loved it but it does take 2 hours to beat. probs another 3 to 100%. not worth 15$ though


I also got this in the 50% off sale.

For the £4 I spent, I'm not disappointed at all. If I'd have bought it for £8, then I'd be grumbling. Personally loved the vampire spin, there's some really decent UGC around (hidden within all the poorly designed junk).

This game is just fun, can't fault it!

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I didn't mind the $10 I payed for it... I'm a fan of inFamous, so that made the game extra fun. Plus, I really liked the story and the gameplay. Getting all the trophies may be short in time length, but you can still play the UGC levels for fun. Or just go around biting people :p.

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