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Trophy Boosting/Co-Op Thread (Read First Post!)

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Trophy Boosting Thread


What your post should at least include (but not limited to):


  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone

To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start.


If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread.




Boosting Method:


If you feel that there's a much better and more preferred boosting method for certain online trophies not found in this thread or in the Trophy Guide, please post it in the

Feedback Forums. Please do not post here, as it will be missed.



*Insert methods here*

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-Edit- Co-op Partner found, thanks to all who responded!

READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE ADDING. (I will respond under the assumption that you have done so)


Might as well post this now since everyone will see it on the first page.


Looking for a permanent co-op partner (until we both have all trophies regarding co-op). Requirements are:

Must be GMT-5 (EST)/Flexible on the weekends (either or)

Have a microphone

Able to hold your own. I'm not going to carry the two of us through trophies.


If you meet the above requirements and are willing to work with me, feel free to add me on PSN. My ID is Bounty_V.


Have the message be something like "permanent ACE co-op". Cheers!


p.s. I may edit this to include boosting for multiplayer, but I want to check that out first and see if it's a) something I enjoy enough to play or b) horrible and worth boosting.

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Veteran of Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat 5, Ace Combat Zero:


Yeah there are one or two that will proove to be a little difficult... but yes, for those who need a partner or help with boosting as I do... add me with "Ace" in the subject... Spidey106... you can also check which trophies I have already from just about 4 to 5 hours of play to which I'm at 25% that includes some online trophies already. Let me know also when you play, then I'll get on when you do if I can, and most likely I'll be able to...

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I'll probably be playing this most of the weekend, so if anyone is looking to do some co-op then let me know. I'm a patient person so don't worry about messing up, my PSN ID is the same as my username (Boxster17). While I'm GMT-4, my sleep schedule is probably closer to those on the West Coast since I work evenings.

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Would anyone be interested in boosting the EW1 weapon slot for the PAK-FA?


You need to kill 8 enemies in a row. We could just make a private room, set the kill count to 10, turn off CPU opponents, and kill one another 8 times, then have fun on the remaining kills until the game ends.


Also, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining:


"Nice Assist" - (Used DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member)


"Nice Save" - (Saved an ally being targeted by hostile players in DFM in competitive online)


I have shot down people getting targeted by DSM, but no dice. I have also joined several wingmen in ASM on capital conquest, but still nothing. Both times I should have gotten these two, but nothing... arrghhh


But yea, is anyone interested in these and especially the EW1/Trinity requirement?

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