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Guide to Obtaining All Ship Parts, Fun and Slayer Weapons

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Now that I finally finished The Ship Parts List(made with the help of the Disgaea 4 Collaborative FAQ/Data), I can post this here.


While this guide is for the more advanced players, I tried to give out as much info and explanations as possible. Even included the basics. This is probably way longer than it should be =]




First, let me start by saying that the best time to do this is towards the end of your journey - after you got most of the other trophies, the best gear and your characters can to do millions of damage. Of course, it is up to you when you decide to go for it but it will make your life SO much easier.


At the very least you will need the following:


1. Having completed the story at least once.

2. The Discipline Room Evil Symbol unlocked.

3. All classes and Tiers unlocked(it's ok if you still don't have the Android).

4. Access to X-Dimension.

5. Valvatorez at the highest level you can get him to(LV9999 is highly recommended).

6. You need to be strong enough overall to hold against the strongest enemies in "Reality"(= not Land of Carnage). By strongest enemies I mean being able to fight your way through the item world on any floor of a high ranked item with the Strongest Enemies Bill passed.



1. A few Legendary R39 weapons/armor that you haven't used for getting R40 items.

2. A few Mr. Gency Exit's.

3. Capturing 6(5 if you have LoC open) Prinnies in X-Dimension 7-6.






Now, start a new cycle(new game plus) by speaking to the Time Traveler in your base. In a new cycle you carry over all of your items, everything you unlocked, levels, stats etc. except for the story characters - to get them you will need to recruit them to your party again by following the story once more. No need to panic though as they come back exactly the way they left - with all their gear and stats safe and sound.

It's important to note that any progress you've made on the X-Dimension will be lost. Consider completing it before doing anything else.


If it's your first time going back in time after completing the story, a message will appear telling you that you are now able to create Androids. Go pass that bill and create one. Inside the Cam-Pain, put her in the Training Ground and the Aura Pyramid evil symbols areas so that she could start getting exp and mana as soon as possible. Eventually we want to unlock her Tier 6(and get the Intelligence Director Trophy) but we don't need to focus on that now(unless you really want to) - she will level up as we go.

While you're still inside the Cam-Pain, put Val, Fenrich and whoever else you want in the Discipline Room Evil Symbol area.


Do not beat any of the story maps until you've collected 100% of the parts.


The reason we don't want to have any of the story maps done is because ship parts can only be obtained on X-Dimension ones. Or at least have a MUCH higher chance to appear there. However, since some of the X-Dimensions maps can be annoying as hell we will only complete X-True Final Weapons or 8-8. By doing this we are guaranteeing that every treasure chest that spawns will not only spawn on an X-Dimension map but also on a very easy one. Chests cannot spawn on uncompleted maps. It will save us a lot of resets and time.




Finally some action. Go to the item world of a high ranked item and start capturing enemies. If you have a Legendary R39 one, use it. You need to level it up anyway if you want/still need to collect all the items for the Items Roadshow trophy. You'll be killing 2 birds with 1 stone....or 2 prinnies with 1 Yoshitsuna? Just make sure to stop at Floor 99 and switch to another..

Either way, it doesn't matter which item you choose as long as the enemies inside are above level 1000. The higher the level - the better. Enemies with lower levels don't give ship parts.


You can capture up to 16 enemies at a time. Once you do it, leave the item world via Mr. Gency or by clearing a X0 floor. A quick refresh on the "rules of capturing":


1. You must be able to create the class and tier of the enemy you are trying to capture. So don't attempt to capture Android tiers 2-6 until you can create those.

2. The enemy has to have a lower level than Valvatorez. That's why we want him at LV9999.

3. Must have the Discipline Room Evil Symbol unlocked. And we do! Hurrah!






The fun part begins. Once you returned to your base you will need to tortu-, I mean "discipline" the enemies until the "Find Treasure" option becomes available. Once it is, choose it and a chest will spawn on - you guessed it - X-True Final Weapon(8-8). Now go there and destroy the chest. If you got a ship part hurray! Clear the map, release the enemy(or take it as an ally), SAVE and continue to the next one. If you didn't get a ship part - quit, reload and try again until you do. Do not save after you disciplined the enemy, always before!


Some enemies also give Fun and Slayer weapons. You should probably read about those here if you need/want them


Once you're done with the first 16, go back to the item world, capture another 16 enemies, "discipline", get parts and do it all over again until you have around 70% of them.


Basically, every class in the game gets you ship parts. The tier doesn't seem to matter(from my experience and experiments), so until you have 70% of the parts you should easily get a ship part from almost every hostage. Of course, if you only caught 50 Ninjas and Battle Suits they probably ran out of parts to give... try to catch a high variety of enemies. If a certain class doesn't seem to give out parts anymore after many tries, ignore it and don't capture it again.


At around 70% parts things will start to get a bit more difficult as the parts-pool thins out. Now would be a good time to look at the ship parts list if you haven't yet and start to focus more on enemies that give parts you haven't obtained yet.


Completing the List: Prinnies and Pirate Crews:


The only enemies that don't spawn inside the item world are Prinnies and we need 6 of them - for 6 parts total. The only way to capture them is to find them in the X-Dimension maps. The best map for it is 7-6 but it is also one of the annoying ones - while it's not that hard to beat, chests can spawn at unreachable places and make us waste our precious time. That's why we are saving the prinnies to last(unless you caught them before the new cycle). My advice is to quit and reload if the chest the prinnies give doesn't spawn on 8-8.


After you are done with the prinnies you should have around 90% of the parts, dood! We are almost done! All that's left is to hunt down pirates inside the item world. The bad news is that this step can take even longer than everything we did up until now. Boo. On the bright side you can now go and pass the Weakest Enemies Bill, if you want. And start advancing in the story to get Desco(okay, and the rest as well) back. You can use the full ship parts list or just this small pirate list to see which crew you need to hunt down. Most are pretty easy to find except for the Meowkin, Commando and Prinny.


The best way to hunt any pirates is to get an item to floor 90, making sure it's on the right boost path, duplicating it and keep running the last 10 floors until you find the pirates you are looking for. Found them? return to the base, save and go find the next crew. Haven't found them? Reload. Remember to note the turn the pirates can arrive at. Some may even appear on Turn 3. They'll never appear on a Floor with a mystery Gate.


Tip: Mix those item world runs with beating the story maps. Break the tedium.

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Fun and Slayer Weapons


Fun Weapons are weapons that have unique, some might say fun, innocents inside of them. You can tell them from regular weapon by their unique avatar – an exclamation mark on an orange circle.

Slayers weapons are new to the franchise and are weapons that get boosted whenever you defeat another user pirate with. Their avatar is a normal but they are always legendary and have the weirdest names.


There are a few ways to get them(the Fun Weapons at least), however, the most reliable one is by disciplining enemies - that's why I'm including them in this guide. My advice is not to focus too much on obtaining them, but if you get such weapon from a hostage instead of a ship part – save it instead of reloading. You need to get them anyway and they seem to have a lower chance of appearing.


There are 20 Fun weapons and they are class specific as you can see:


Swords -

Sunflower - Shaman

Paper Fan – Valkyrie

Umbrella – Lady Samurai

Natural Sardine - Android

Rising Flag - Warrior

Green Onion – Magic Knight

Death Sickle - Reaper



Shovel – Onmyo Monk

Broom – Heavy Knight

Mic - Professor

Brush – Mage

Sign – Masked Hero



Tambourine - Thief

Flower Wreath - Archer



Megaphone -Ninja



Toy Hammer -Battle Suit

Lollipop – Skull Mage

Puppy Paw Stick – Nekotama, Catsaber

Guitar – Beast Master

Referee Fan - Bouncer


There are 9 Slayer Weapons. You have all kinds of options here:


Slayers Weapons:

Jarngreipr - Fist – Masked Hero, Bouncer, Battle Suit, Ninja, Thief

Kusanagi – Sword – Lady Samurai, Warrior, Ninja, Thief

Rhongomiant – Spear – Heavy Knight, Thief, Valkyrie

Gandiva – Bow – Archer, Valkyrie, Thief

Akerte – Gun – Gunner, Masked Hero, Professor, Thief

Mjolnir – Axe – Warrior, Thief

Kerykeion – Staff – Skull Mage, Maic Knight, Mage, Omyo Monk

Lucifer Dyne – Monster Battle – Orc, Gargoyale

Netheranatomy – Monster Magic – Ghost, Succubus

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Hey, thanks a lot for posting a guide! Its really helpful. :D

Glad to help =]


Will come in handy IF I ever unlock the x-demension.


It's pretty easy... relativity speaking. All you need to do is buy the Promotionhell Tickets from the Scalper(Cu Sith) in a mystery gate.


He will sell you the first half on floors 1-49 and the other half on floors 51-99. You can always run 10 floors and reload until you find him. But get some HL before, those tickets can be quite expansive.

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Glad to help =]




It's pretty easy... relativity speaking. All you need to do is buy the Promotionhell Tickets from the Scalper(Cu Sith) in a mystery gate.


He will sell you the first half on floors 1-49 and the other half on floors 51-99. You can always run 10 floors and reload until you find him. But get some HL before, those tickets can be quite expansive.


I know how to unlock x demension, I just haven't had any luck.

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I know how to unlock x demension, I just haven't had any luck.


One way is to 'force' mystery gates to appear and to keep restarting till it comes out. Another way would be to work on leveling items and just hoping you bump into Scalpel.


In the case that you do want to try the first method, here's how you do it.


Get to the X7th floor of any item, Gency out and save.

Enter again and get to the X0th floor without having encountered a mystery gate. Once again, exit and save. When you enter the next set of floors, X1 should have a guaranteed mystery gate.



komori kiri-


What's a good order to unlock the last few trophies? I just unlocked LoC last night, and now I'm working on getting R39 weapons.



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komori kiri-


What's a good order to unlock the last few trophies? I just unlocked LoC last night, and now I'm working on getting R39 weapons.




Normally I'd refer you to to the trophy guide but, amazingly detailed as it is, I don't completely "agree" with the roadmap. I think It can be done more "efficiently". However, since the guide is already up and it explains a ton of stuff I'll keep this half-roadmap short. Please check the guide for more details.


(Also, please note that I have no idea which trophies you got, so you may already have some of these. Of course, I'm writing it for the sake of others as well so I'm including everything)


After Unlocking LoC


Don't start with getting R39 weapons. Unless you did some heavy grinding/reincarnating, you probably won't be able to survive floors 20+ in LoC's item world. Focus on getting your characters strong first:


Hopefully you stole the Legendary Crowbar from Pringer X and the Makai Wars from Zetta. If not, do it now(unless it's too late. If it is, use the best gear you have).

Max those out and get the Master Crafter trophy.Put the right innocents inside and dupe everything. Now you should be strong enough to handle LoC's Mt. Ordeals 4 efficiently. With enough Statisticians you'll be able to go from Lv1 to 9999 in 3-4 fights.


Start grinding and reincarnating(if you haven't yet you'll receive Baby's First Reincarnation) like crazy. Every time you reincarnate a story character, he/she/it gets a +5% to all aptitudes, maxing at 25%. So reincarnaite the characters you're using at least 5 times. Always as Geniuses. Always do 3 runs in the Chara world. Try to focus more on Desco and Prinny Kurtis as well as sword users.


Speaking of the Chara World - don't forget to try and find the Combat Skill Master(for tier 7 and 8 skills towards Special Stalker). Don't focus however on finding Heart Cont. or Aptitude Spheres. In the long run, it's just easier and much less tedious to just speed run through it.


This is also THE BEST TIME to unlock all characters and their tiers for the Intelligence Director trophy. While you're reincarnating, expand the Training Ground and Aura Pyramid evil symbols and fill their areas with characters. You should be able to unlock almost all classes and tiers without too much effort. It's also the time to magichange every monster and watch every skill of every class(don't forget the Magichange Skills) for the Items Road show and Special Stalker(which you may earn during this part unlesse you missed a Boss skill from the story) trophies.


After you're done you should start searching for those Legandary R39 stuff. Don't expect to kick ass though as without them you're still pretty weak :p Don't expect to find them so easily either. You can go hundreds(!!) of floors without even seeing one. I know I did.


Check all the enemies on every floor, if they have something "new", steal it. This is also the way to get the majority of what is needed for the Items Roadshow trophy. No need to bother with the bonus prize list, it's a waste of time. If none of the enemies has something you want, just continue to the next floor.

Reverse Pirating is also a good way of obtaining those however at this stage the enemies might be too strong. If you decide to go for it, just keep reloading until you get lucky.


Continue doing this until you find a Legendary Arcadia(R39 emblem) and a Legandery Yoshitsuna(R39 sword). Why a sword? It depends on your party and play-style of course, but since 5 story characters can use swords, and it's so easy to dupe, it's the easiest and shortest way to get a strong party.


Once you obtain those, go get the R40 ones by stealing them from The Item God 2 on floor 100 inside LoC's item world. If you still have the patience and still missing other R35+ items, do the entire 100 floors in LoC. If you want to make your life easier, get to floor 99 in the normal item world, gency out and then do the last 2 floors in LoC. Up to you. Don't forget to try and match the rarity! If you got, let's say, a Trap with a rarity of 4, make sure to get a rarity 4 Baal Sword and every other R40 weapon from now on. It will give you an insane stats boost. To do this, simply Gency out the 99 floor, save your game and keep running the last 2 floors until you find the right rarity number.

Once you obtain your delicious R40 emblem and weapon - max those out and dupe them when you're done. Congratulations! You are now (probably) strong enough to deal with with everything the game throws at you(without any SEB passed).


Now it's time to take out Pringer X in LoC and get the Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer trophy. You don't even need to finish that battle, just kill one of the 8, wait for the trophy to pop, quit and reload.


You should also be able to get Biggus Stickus. See this part of the Trophy Guide for more details. I do want to add though that stgermain's suggestion is the easiest to pull off. I managed to do 13 billion damage with Desco and Prinny Kurtis having "only" 12mil attack each. With the right evilties, support magic(mainly Dominate and Bravehart) and the additional 20% stat boost from the Beast Master class, I was able to get Fused Desco to around 60mil attack which was enough on a stack of +50% Ally Boost geo blocks(it caps at 450%). The map I used was created by Kevin-Y-Sergio, I'm not sure it still exists but if it does it should be ranked among the top 100.


With your maxed out R40 gear you should be able to unlock every Evil Symbol(as the last one you need is probably Carnage Master) and get the Evildoer of the Year trophy. Once this is done you can start Giant-Magichanging for more items towards Items Roadshow.


Before you continue, make sure you cleared all the X-Dimension maps for the X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador(what a catchy name) trophy. Personally, I got this trophy before unlocking LoC.


Now it's the time to start a new cycle(NG+). Just follow my Obtaining all Ship Parts Guide to get the Pimp My Ship trophy. Then do the story while collecting everything you missed, if you did, and cleaning up:

- Unlock all tiers of the Android Class and receive the Intelligence Director trophy.

- Open all chests for the Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld! trophy.

- Watch the Bosses skills for the Special Stalker trophy.

- Watch Character epilogues for various trophies.

- Watch the true end for the Fight the God Fight trophy.


And that's pretty much it. All there's left to do is find the rest of the items you are missing by stealing everything in sight inside LoC's item world(including all the R40 ones) and finally get the Items Roadshow and the Platinum.

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This is great, but one problem is that you can't go back to the Land of Carnage until you clear some of the story maps, I believe. So you have to go into the item world from the normal side, and the enemies are drastically lower level, even with all the stronger enemy bills passed. I guess it's not a problem for the pirate ship parts per se, since the enemies are still over level 1,000, but for the user slayer weapons it poses a bit of a problem.

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I do, I'm going through a legendary Holy Ray, and hardly any of these enemies are giving me fun weapons, and I haven't gotten a single user slayer weapon. The enemies are just starting to get to level 5,000 though. Also, to compensate for the lack of high level enemies, I'm combining enemies. It would still be much quicker through the Land of Carnage though, as you definitely need higher level enemies if you want the weapons.

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You have problems getting Fun weapons? They are actually pretty easy to get... I can't even begin to count the amount of Toy Hammers and Green Onions I got. Are you sure you're disciplining the right enemies? >.> Slayer weapons are the hardest anyway, so don't expect to get any without some serious resetting.


In the end to each his own, but to me it seems that in the long run it's easier with only clearing one good X-Dimension map. Or at least less tedious. It's not like you're "wasting time" inside the R39 weapon, you're actually multitasking by leveling it up.

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Oh, don't get me wrong, it's definitely the most efficient way to do this. I'm just saying that the level of the enemy definitely seems to matter. I actually am getting fun weapons now... but that's with enemies that have been over level 5,000 (and yes, I've had a list open of which types of enemies produce which fun and slayer weapons). As I said before, I was getting hardly any of them when I first started and the enemies were lower level. I was mostly just getting pirate ship parts. Opening the Land of Carnage isn't worth clearing more than the one X-Dimension map, but having higher level enemies definitely does help from what I've seen.


Oh, and I was meaning to mention this to you, but it seems like you forgot to include the Tennis Racket on the fun weapons list.

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Just want to express my gratitude towards this excellent guide towards finding all the pirate ship pieces. Came quite in handy after 70% mark like you stated.


Edit: Komori(-chan :p ), you should add Tennis Racket - Cleric as a fun weapon at the swords section.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This may help people having problems with the slayer weapons. I had all of the pirate ship parts from disciplining and the only thing I was missing was the spear slayer weapon. I tried for hours on enemies in the 6000-8000 range and didn't get it. I got annoyed and gave up and went back into LoC again to work on getting my last items that I needed and while I was in IW in LoC I went ahead and captured a lv 9999 thief. When I disciplined it (in LoC), I ended up getting the spear on my first try! Probably dumb luck but if you're having problems, try capturing a lv 9999 enemy and do the disciplining/hunting in LoC and see if it helps.

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  • 3 months later...

I'm doing this right now. When I have 20-30 min to waste, I try to discipline a few ennemies and get ship parts. I have about 40% of all the parts. And I have about 95% of all the item for the item roadshow. I need a few random items and the fun and slayer weapons.


I'll get my (P) one day!


Thanks for this guide!

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Thanks for the guide, it's really helpful. I'm doing this right now. I just started a new cycle and my Val is level 9999. Not all my characters are that high though and I kind of wanted to level them up more on Mount of Ordeal.


My question:

If I clear the MoO maps, will the treasure chests spawn there?


PS: I found a spreadsheet where you can type which pirate ship parts you have and then it tells you which enemies you should capture and how many parts do each type of enemy have to give. Really helpful. I'm gonna use it next time I play. It makes things easier. Here.



Komori, in your wikia you say that the Item Express Pirates only appear on the Innocent Boost Route but I found mine on the Treasure Route while looking for those damned Meowkin Pirates. Just so you know. Maybe it's rarer? I didn't do an Innocent Boost path yet. Just item Growth and Treasure Route.


Also, can anyone please answer my question?


If I clear the MoO maps, will the treasure chests spawn there?


'Cause I wanna level up. The ship parts are terribly hard to find, the odds are small with level 1k-3k enemies. Can't do better with my current party, that's why I wanted to train on MoO :/



Clearing the MoO maps doesn't matter because chests will not spawn there.

Also, the slayer staff can be obtained by disciplining the thief class. I got a legendary one from a Trickster (around level 5000).

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