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Unnoticed - tips and walkthrough

The Captain

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After probably 20 hours of frustrating gameplay, I have finally achieved this dam trophy! Probably one of the hardest bronze trophies to date. Like me, you have probably read all the forums and seen the you tube footage on this dam trophy, all the guides etc won't work, right? The videos I've seen I believe are pre patch, so perhaps that has a bearing on increased difficulty /glitches at this point in time, September 2011.

I did all the usual, delete all save data, reload from main menu, restarted checkpoints etc, let myself die instead of reloading checkpoints, everything.. Yet no trophy. So the following is how I did it. Which included multiple reloads of checkpoints so don't worry about that. The red bar never ever went to full, I was never shouted at, shot at, or most importantly, there were never any soldiers crouched down looking out for my position - alert at something amiss. Do on easy mode - you'll need health.


Base camp 1 - Go over to left bank, don't shoot anybody at all in this camp. Go up over hill, jump down, quickly go prone. Time it right to avoid patrolling guard, get under hut and get to end of it. Again time your movements for second patrolling guard, move over to far left where you meet a fence. Jump over this fence, crouch down, make your way along to end ledge which will take a running jump. Watch out for another patrolling soldier in far distance (left). This will take a little practice, but you if are crouching, the last ledge (which you have to jump then go prone to avoid been seen) you can move forward and will drop to another ledge further down. You will lose much of your health, use your stim kit. Base 1 complete and checkpoint.


Base camp 2/3 - Crouch down and get under bridge, snipe the guy washing his face. Get in bushes above the point were you come out of river. Snipe the guy in the distance on the upper right, standing still. Next you must get the patrolling guy about in the middle of your position in the distance. Kill him, then after kill the guy who patrols above him. You'll know if you done it wrong if the guy on the lower position stops coming in and out of his hut like he used to, this is perhaps were I was going wrong. He will become alert if you shoot the guy above him, and hide in his hut, alert but not raising an alarm. This state of alertness isn't obvious to you, but most likely will cause a no trophy pop.. Next kill the guy to your right facing out the opposite direction.

You could run if you wish, follow ladders up all the huts on the right, crouch under further huts along right bank until you see the soldier in the bunker. Snipe him. Next is another trophy issue, you must kill the sniper in the right tower first, not the left one. So right tower first, then left. Again, if you make kills in the wrong order, the soldiers become alert, and even if they don't see you, are alert and no trophy. Follow bank along, snipe the soldier in the 3rd tower. Along this path is another checkpoint, but be careful as there is a patrolling soldier who can spot you before this occurs!!


Base camp 4 - When this patrolling guy comes along the path to near the checkpoint, take him out. Move along centre of camp to the central hut. Again, it is most important you kill the soldier (in distance in front of you patrolling) when he is over on the left side, not the right. Move along hut round to the right, snipe the other soldier, again in front of you in far distance. If he is crouching down, you have been noticed and reload checkpoint. Then simply crouch/prone past log bit, up to towards sniping ledge overlooking bridge, take the most direct route. Checkpoint.


I tried this next bit many many times with different results. However you do it, each and every time there will be a guard behind tower who is alert, this one exception is okay, or perhaps not.. I have managed to kill the guard, then the snipers in towers successfully without any alert, but the game will respawn the guard behind tower whatever, so just take out the right tower, then left, then the guard. I killed this guard as he was running, before he crouched down - this may be an important fail/success issue..


There is a patrolling guard up far left of your position, his appearance seems to variate. He might not appear at all to begin with, then again he will. Whatever happens, as you move along towards bridge, he will appear. Take him out. There are two choices here. You can either go prone along to bridge, avoiding those two soldiers about 2 o'clock position, work your way along bridge (to the left - like earlier bridge in 'Under cover of night.' Make a bee line diagonally across camp (avoiding patrolling soldier on beach front hut), jump over rocks, carry on until you reach the last checkpoint. Kill the sniper, before he sees you. At this point, it might be worth mentioning I walked along the path before this checkpoint, not along the ledges dropping down to checkpoint. It was the first time I ever walked along this path, and the same go earned me the trophy, so perhaps glitch if walking along ledge, who knows.


The alternative at the bridge part, is before you cross the bridge, you may fall down onto a ledge and into the river whilst moving forward in the bushes avoiding those two soldiers. Take out the soldier on the river hut when he appears, repeat then as above to last checkpoint. Run across last river part as you will be out of area!


Base camp 5 - After having spent many hours on this last final part, and believing I should have succeeded, which in my eyes I did. Many times, yet no trophy. The philosphy of this trophy is UNNOTICED, so though you well snipe all 15/16 guards and hop into the manor, the chances are at least one of them has been alerted and you won't get trophy. So use the famed rock jump glitch to beat this camp. After killing that sniper, jump up the rockface on your left (there is a you tube video). If this takes you more than thirty seconds you are are not jumping in the right place. You can actually see a little ledge sticking out of the cliff, find it and jump it! That video shows I believe at 2.40, the exact spot you should be jumping at, not the place he was jumping at for ages with no success...

I have tried this last part, jumping up over scaffold into manor many times with no dam trophy. Again for the first time, I did not shoot the one and only patrolling soldier up on this hill. I waited till he went away, jumped over wall. It took about ten seconds of anxious wtf moments (again!!) until the trophy popped!!


So there we go. Though O'Neil says there is only 3 camps, in reality there are 5. So good luck, follow this walkthrough and you should get trophy. Do not worry about reloading checkpoints etc, it doesn't matter, or doing whole mission in one go. Just remember, if a guard is crouching down looking for you, you have been noticed - so trophy fail (exception perhaps of bridge guard behind tower - but snipe him before he crouches down to be sure. If in doubt, restart checkpoint, better to repeat a third of the mission than re do whole mission.. Happy hunting! Though I doubt this is much to be happy about this crazy mf insulting 'bronze' trophy...


Oh and if interested, in the last hunt trophy mission, the halfway part where you get a checkpoint under the bridge - at the three towers. This part is insane - by pure luck I discovered you could run to the far left, jump onto the ledge, jump again over the boxes, keep running and jumping up the ramp and into the building. A checkpoint will occur, job done! No kills, no hours of frustration, I got to the end with just firing one bullet - at the end required to snipe target. Otherwise all knife kills..

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I think you got it right about the crouching soldiers. I bet they are the key. However, they might be hit or miss. It may have to do with being allowed one or two crouching not which ones in particular. It's a frustrating trophy whatever the case. The name of it says it all, and the trophy image tells a little more. i have mentioned this in another thread. The word full in front of a complete clip of bullets would indicate less killing. My way through the camps varied from yours and the video, so it seems random luck plays a part. i don't know......good mini-guide though. Hope it helps someone.

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