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I'm going to be honest...


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Well I just downloaded this as part of PSN+ and wow is it weird. I never played this game before.Transforming into a Wolf and Dragon is pretty cool, but the last two animal transformations are a big :wtf:.


Easily the easiest 100% from the SEGA Genesis collection. I just got mine in less than an hour.


I played the game years ago in arcades and then on the Genesis. Glad to see it on PSN! Is anyone playing Co-OP?

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I remember I did this game on the sega megadrive collection, and I thought it was utterly horrible. Seriously couldn't understand why anyone would want to purchase or even play this game except for the gimmick of transforming into all the beasts etc.


Since it was free with PS+, I'm going to get these easy 100%, and I will check if the co-op is still dead now with it being free for PS+ and all.


EDIT: What a piece of crap. You can tell it was made to make you spend a lot of coins. Anyways, the co-op took me a half minute, even though there was no games up somebody joined me after 3 seconds when I created a match! xD

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I would like a rating on how the trophies are. Out of all the SEGA games (which I mostly love) this one is the weakest IMO. I have not played the Arcade Version but I have played the game on the PS3 Genesis collection... and I hated it... If this is the Arcade Version, like Golden Axe, please let me know. I am sure there could be more enjoyment out of it. If the trophies are easy I'll play it for sure! I would honestly like to see why this game has such a dedicated following. THANKS!



I used to play this on arcade every single weekend when I was a kid. From what I remember, there is absolutely no change in difficulty, story line, etc. Golden Axe was another I played at the arcade, and I see no deviation form the originals.

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I was so happy to see this game was going to get a digital version. This was the first console game I ever played. The arcade version of the game is harder than the console one, but it looked better and it was really fun. Played the whole game with my girlfriend and got all trophies. I wasn't really interested in the trophies it had though, having the chance to play this was enough.

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