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Guild Wars 2


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Thought I'd share some Guild Wars 2 love with the trophy hounds.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBC_ig73aMs]Guild Wars 2 - Top 10 Reasons to be Interested - YouTube[/ame]


Not my video, but thought it gave a good idea of what to expect.


Anyone else interested?

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I'll get it, but it's kind hard to get fired up about something that's supposed to have come out many times over.


Originally, they promised two campaigns a year, every year, and we only got 3 campaigns and 1 expansion. That was scrapped as soon as GW2 was announced, so we've been waiting for this since 2008.

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i got terribly excited when it was announced, as well as the whole "if you do certain things in GW you'll get special items in GW2" website thing, but after going back on after a long hiatus, i realized how underpowered my warrior was and subsequently quit again :|

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I would have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 but I can only play it on Mac, so I will have to wait until it's been ported. I played Guild Wars through a program called Crossover Games and it ran perfectly (they supported it officially). I only got into GW early last year but I will definitely try and pick the sequel up, the original must be one of my favourite games.

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I'm definitely looking forward to it, mostly because there is no subscription fee, but I wouldn't say that I'm super hyped or excited for it. It's gonna be good, I'm gonna have fun, but I didn't get into GW1 much, so it's hard to say. At least it is free to play after purchase.


That said, I pre-purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition. Y'know, just in case I fall in love with it and cancel my WoW sub, lol.


(I did the same thing with Star Wars: The Old Republic - quit that after two months.)

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Definitely looks better than Tera at least. No MMO I've seen yet has lived up to the standard WoW set in Classic and BC in PvE or PvP.


I liked all those reasons except the #1 reason. No Tanks, No Healers, No DPS?

The reasons for that being the guy's main one saying that it made it a 'team effort' because if one person didn't do their job right and dies you wouldn't wipe is a bit contradictory. If you can still get through even when other team members die, that doesn't make it much of a team effort.

It's what makes other MMOs require such a team effort, if the whole team is not working together perfectly and someone ends up dead it can be the end of everyone.

In this type of approach it's not a team effort, it's mostly just having a team gets the job done faster since obviously if people die and you still dont wipe, you never really needed them to begin with.


Having everyone needing to stay alive improves the guild's teamwork as a whole. If someone makes a mistake, they learn from it. Everyone learns to work together. And the leader learns what orders to give and people's strengths/weaknesses.

Another game I've played with a system like this, Vindictus, is an example. No tanks or heals. You could solo everything if you wanted, but having a team gets the job done faster. So not much of a team effort anywhere.

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  • 7 years later...

I have just got back into playing this after a break of a good couple of years! :eek:.


I'm trying to log back in each day, and get a feel of how the game has changed and what I should try and aim for in regards to building my items for end game content (as I'm level 60 now).


Does anyone have any tips (I'm an Asuran Elementalist) to help with getting back into the game, maybe with gear I should get, or areas to visit?


Also if anyone is still playing thing feel free to shoot me a message and we can get a party going :D.

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