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Is this worth 10 bucks?


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It's not really a Bejeweled clone.


For the moment I really like it, it's very fun. If you like that kind of games, it's definively worth a try, but maybe not at full price. It doesn't seem very long and there isn't a ton of replayability. It looks like a relatively easy 100%, I'm already at 40% after 2-3 hours and only 1 of the remaining trophies really looks challenging (but I'm maybe wrong).

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I loved playing the game on PC. Beat it a couple of times. :) Even my wife liked this game!! :D

Didn't know it was available for PS3, but going to check the price now!! ;D



Anyways, I'm not going to pay full price for it, as I've beat it a couple of times before. The last few levels are the only thing hard in the game, but I love those levels. :D

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