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Madden Ultimate Team Boosting/Trading Thread


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Use This Thread To Find Boosting Partner's For Madden 12 Ultimate Team Mode Online.



(B) - Wheel and Deal

Make a MUT Trade


(B) - Ultimate Veteran

Complete 10 MUT Games


(G) - MUT Maniac

Complete 20 MUT Games


These Trophies are all i need for Platinum.


If you want to boost these on release date, feel free to add me, I wanna knock this out ASAP..




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I know that because it happened to me 2 weeks ago when my review copy got here. I have already earned the 10 MUT Games trophy and have over 50% of the trophies overall.


EA will have to patch the game to remedy this problem.


can u send them a email or a petition? since u already have the game.

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Anyone know if they will give you a 7 day trail for online play like last year?


My wife would like to play this game and PLATINUM it but we can't have two online passes. I'm sure in 7 days she could get 20 completed games and an 80 overall MUT team with some help.

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OK as this is the boosting thread, anyone that would like to boost the MUT TRADE, online tonight please add me on PSN if you are getting this at midnight 12:00am EST or where ever.. lol i will have this at midnight EST PSN NYCZFINEST4PREZ


I will as well. If possible, will you help boost wins for my wife so she can get the "online" trophies?

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its possible i can boost some wins tonight, how many i dont know, will have to see how much time i have, the main thing i want to knock out is the MUT trade though for sure.


I'll trade with you! Please give me your garbage Derek Anderson for my awful Winston Justice!!!



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