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"The Empireo Curse"


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Chances are if you're reading this, you're probably fustrated with the random nature of the Empireo, and its final boss.


However, what many people don't seem to know is that the curse is in fact, NOT random and in fact CAN be manipulated.


While under the effect of the curse he starts to put on you roughly step 40 or so. Every special block (that is, not white block) will change every time you pull out a block. Pushing blocks does not change the blocks.


Also, the special blocks follow a set pattern when they change.

And here is that pattern;


  1. Dark Block
  2. Bomb Block (Small Blast Radius)
  3. Cracked Block
  4. Heavy Block
  5. Trap Block
  6. Ice Block
  7. Monster Block
  8. Spring Block
  9. Back to Dark Block


And then the list continues in that fashion.


Another few things to note are;

  • Vortex blocks are not in the cycle, and as such, do not change.
  • Monster Blocks and Trap Block that have been disarmed don't change.
  • Activated Bomb Blocks do not change either.


These remain consistant though all difficulties.


I hope this helps everyone.

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