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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 6.14



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  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly.
    • Warhawk is time consuming and difficult.
    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.


[*]Vote with honesty and integrity.

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I voted 4. The game in itself is not that hard. Ding was a truly frustrating trophy to achieve without dong (I really wanted to say that:D, let's just asume dong is the sound of a controller that hits the ground or something), but I managed to do it in less than an hour without using a guide. In some parts counting your steps can do wonders.


Getting less then 6 kills (I got 3 deaths on my final try) turned out to be more doable than I had thought at first, though you need some luck because it is easy to make mistakes, especially near the end. No matter how often you try the last chapters, there is always some mistake on the lure, so try to have a few lives left before you reach the last 4-5 chapters.

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Since you respawn directly in front of the place you died at nearly every time and not too hard puzzles (although sometimes an obvious solution just doesn't come to your mind ;)) I don't think this game deserves any more than a 2 or 3.

The trophies are mostly just "complete the game and collect every collectible". But then there's "No Point in dying". And alone for that trophy I'll give the game a 4.

Even if you played through the game and know everything there are still some parts in which you might just loose concentration and die 3 or more times at the same thing.


So, fun game and not too hard.

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And its not to look like a badass, not at all. Its just that getting 100% for this game doesn't require much effort, only average memory and concentration. The hardest trophies "DING!" and "No point in dying" is what gives this one a 4. DING! has the advantage of having several checkpoints from where to attempt the point where you just died. And dying 5 or less times in a single run can give people trouble but after running some times thru the game you'll get used to the physics and memorize the puzzles and dangerous stunts.


Memory is important and the sense of timing, if you are completely awful when trying to sing your fav songs then this one might be an horror movie for you for the tempo of some stunts.


Played it 3 times in under 8 hours (another thing that makes it easy to 100% because it is short), and gets shorter each time since you know where and what to go and do.


PT1 = 21 deaths, didn't know how to solve the puzzles so got killed some times while discovering.

PT2 = 8 deaths, for your own sake master those HOTEL signs

PT3 = 4 deaths, including 2 stupid ones and one that the game played on me.

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I gave it a 7. No Point in Dying is the hardest trophy and I can see it causing less-than-patient people to rage. However, just take your time and play the game over and over. Eventually you'll have it memorized enough that it should come easy. I got it on my sixth playthrough.


This is an amazing game and deserves to be played regardless of trophies. I would rate the game itself 10/10. :)

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While the game itself was fun and well done, it really isn't all that difficult. I am not the smartest of people but I was able to figure out all but one of the puzzles on my own without a guide. But, since this is a trophy difficulty thread, I would say actually getting the trophies was pretty easy, more so than the game itself. 4/10

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I give it a 4/10.


First play through, I have no idea the number of deaths.

Second play through, 6 death (and 3 on the last screen.... grrr).

Third play through, 2 deaths (and both were stupid on my part).


This is the first game in a LONG time I didn't care about getting the trophies, since I loved the game so much. I find that amazing when the best description I can give it while gushing about it is "it's a black and white puzzle/platformer where you go from the left to the right."


No point in dying was the hardest for me, yet nowhere near as hard as games I regularly see rated a 5. I read a few lines of a walk through for Ding! to get the basic idea, and once I had the idea down, it just took me about 15 minutes.

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5/10 for me. No point in dying requires preparation, patience and a bit of luck in the end. The most rewarding trophy I got so far. Ding isn't hard because it has checkpoints. Same about the rest of the game. A trial and error game isn't too hard when you have infinite lives.


Wonderful game otherwise ! Too short and lacks replay value, but the first time is unforgettable !

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I voted this a 7/10. No point in dying is the only difficult trophy. All of the eggs can easily be found with a guide and chapter select after the first playthrough.


However, to only die 5 times throughout the course of the entire game in one sitting is very difficult. Even with a lot of practice, I think that 5 is too few; one bad jump or poorly timed move can kill you. The last half of the game requires precision timing and jumping, so it is hard.


Why is this not a gold trophy? It has to be one of the hardest silver trophies out there.

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