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Persona 4 Easter Egg


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I just noticed at the end of the bar you can see a Teddie doll. Decided to take a pic and post it. [spoiler=Persona]Where's my Persona 5?



Excuse the shitty phone quality.

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I never checked the jukebox after I got the trophy for it. Pretty cool how Atlus added songs from their games.


yup if you go to the juicebox it says you'll unlock stuff if you get enough gold prizes for beating the stages with a gold prize i just went there a few mins ago and saw backside of the tv ost from persona 4 it was nice to hear it again i haven't played persona 4 since i beat it when frist came out:)

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wonder if they will ever release a Persona HD Collection for PS3 - or if were stuck with the awsome PS2 versions - hopefully if this game sells well they may invest into it ^_^


That would be utterly incredible. Catherine is already the best-selling release in Atlus history, btw.


When I saw PANDA, I got pretty damn giddy. Same with playing through P3P and seeing Vincent. I was baffled and didn't think that was him and had to look it up online. :applause:

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