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DING! trophy guide

zer0 sp

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LIMBO is a fantastic game that uses sight and sound like few others. No wonder it has won so many awards on the Xbox 360. With that in mind, this secret area requires you to use your senses of sight and sound impeccably (mostly sound). This is a challenging area that deserves to be experienced first-hand, guide-free. But I do have a few tips to help you along.


General Tips:


Pay VERY close attention to the hero's eyes as most of the time that is your only indication to his movements, i.e. walking, running into something, falling.

Listen carefully to all sounds. They let you know what trap is about.

Most of the lighted areas on the 3rd floor are 1 of 3s, so study them carefully. This means they show you the trap then you'll encounter the trap 2 more times but without lights.


If getting the trophy over with is more your style or you're just plain stuck, here is a Step-by-Step guide of LIMBO's secret area.





Step-by-Step walkthrough:


Floor 1

First off, you'll need to have collected all the other hidden eggs in LIMBO. You should have the first 10 trophies of the game as they correspond to each egg. Next, you will be going back to where you got the egg Alone in the Dark. To do this, simply load the Checkpoint 26, the one where you meet the flying insect. After loading, go left and down the ladder. Proceed right until you reach 10 lit candles (where Alone in the Dark egg was). You'll notice there is a open doorway now. Walk through and it shuts behind you. Now the fun starts ;)

Walk right and you'll see a light and a small pit. In this pit is a machine gun. Jump into the pit, walk 2 or 3 steps and jump again to a ledge you can't see.

As you walk right, you will hear brain slug-eaters above you. Listen for them to snap at you. That means you are right underneath them. Continue right where you'll see a brain slug hanging down.

It will attack you, causing you to go left. Go all the way past the slug-eaters and across the machine gun pit, making sure to leap into it giving you time to crawl out. You will immediately hit a light where the brain slug will turn you right. Back through the gun pit, past the slug eaters. Now, you'll run into something. Immediately jump over it. That's a crate and if you continue to push it against the wall you'll have messed up. Continue right until you hit another light turning you back left. As you walk you will fall off a small ledge and start to push the crate. Let the slug do the pushing, preparing yourself to hop on top. Listen for the slug-eaters. When you hear them, climb the crate and leap immediately. You're free!

Go right, passing the earlier light, coming to a new angled light. Drop off this ledge and resist the urge to climb up the ladder. A machine gun will go off. Now go. As you approach the top of this ladder, make sure not to climb to its top as a machine gun is on the left. Jump to the ladder on the left, making sure not to get shot by the gun. Climb up and proceed left.


Floor 2

This floor is very simple and contains only 2 traps. Run left until you approach a wall with a very small gap in the floor. Down here lurks a radial arm saw that comes toward you and retreats faster than it came. SO, drop down. Run left and hang down from this ledge. Simply tap down (if you hold down you might drop and die). As the saw passes you, hop up and jump over the gap. Now hang off of this ledge as the saw flies fast back at you. When it passes you going right again, stand up and go left.

There will be 2 saws suspended in the air as you continue. Don't worry about them just yet. Observe them. Notice a shadow pass under them back and forth? That is a platform you will have to use. Go left and climb a wall. When the platform comes to you, leap to it but DO NOT climb it. It will go right. As it comes back left while you're in between the 2 saws, hop up, run to the right of the platform and hang off the right. It'll rebound back right. As you pass the rightmost saw, stand up and leap to the right, grabbing the ledge. Go right.


Floor 3

Now, here is where most people get frustrated. It's not that bad, so don't get scared. You will come to a vertical-moving saw that is lighted. This is your intro section so to speak. Pay close attention to it and really notice the sounds it makes. It makes distinct noises as it raises and lowers. Pass this saw and into the darkness. Listen closely, as there are no other indicators that you've reached the next saw. When you feel you're close enough, stop. Listen for the raising sound and book it. If you didn't die in the first 3 seconds, you made it. One more to go here. The only difference here is that this saw is faster. Just repeat the same steps for the last saw.

Okay, first hard part over. Next is a fire with tire part similar to when you first face the children. You will see the fire above you. What you want to do is walk until you hear an alarm. A tire rolls down. Run back left and let the tire fly over you. Now chase it because it will provide some light. Keep running and a small rock on fire will be coming behind you. Don't stop, keep running. Time your jump and hop so that it passes under you. By that time you should see it fly into a pit. Don't stop because there is another tire behind you. Jump across the pit and you're good.

Continue right until you hear the hero stepping on metal, clink, clink. This is a warning you're about to slide down a slope. As you slide down, you will see, albeit very quickly, a saw. Just jump over it, where you should rest at a small ledge before resuming your decent. Look as you'll see a saw go up and down the slope. Wait for it to hit the ledge and fall (don't jump) down the ledge. You will slide and jump over the saw (it comes fast so jump early). As you clear the saw, there is still a ledge to hop up on before continuing. Run right.

As soon as you see a light, stop! Ahead is a pit or depression, if you will, that has a tiny saw going back and forth. Again, this is the intro section. Observe the saw and gauge how long this pit is. There is a ledge on the other side you'll have to jump to get out. Inch your way closer to the edge of the pit that you can't see. Once you feel good, wait for the saw to come toward you and walk into the pit. As you approach the middle which is where the light hangs, get ready to leap. Listen for the saw and jump. Don't forget to get out of the pit by jumping. Continue right to the second pit. This one has a light too, but it will bust as you approach it, so listen for the returning saw. Just repeat the steps for the first saw pit. Now comes the last pit which has NO lights, so listen. Also a tip is to pay attention to the hero's eyes. You can tell when he falls into the pit. Immediately turn around and jump out. Now you can listen for the incoming saw and repeat the same steps.

Second hard part down. Almost there. Keep progressing right.... what's this? A lighted meadow?! Yes! The egg! Buuuuuut hold your horses. You're not down yet. Squish the egg and proceed to...


The Escape

This is not a long part, so don't fret. Keep going right after the egg. You will hear an insect fly away which I assume trips the.... machine guns!

Don't panic! There are 2 machine guns above you that proceed slowly. Simply stay between them at all times. You come to a lighted section that, yet again, serves a mini-tutorial section. Hop over the pit when the left gun gets close to you. Now lights out. Notice how the right machine gun hits the ground. Continue to watch and you'll see it disappear. That is the next pit. Wait for the left gun again and leap across. You have one more pit. This one is a little bigger. Wait til the last second and jump across. Now simply climb 2 ledges and hop down.

You're right there; keep going! Stay very close to the right machine gun because they will round a corner and start to go up. Climb the ladder. At the top is an elevator and a button for it. Resist the urge to push the button. The BEAUTIFUL, SHIIIIINY button! Heh heh, sorry. Had a '90s Ren and Stimpy flashback. Anyway, wait til the bottom gun almost passes the ladder. Hit the button and jump into the elevator.

During your ascent, the trophy will go DING! and the DING! trophy will be yours.


I hope this guide has been helpful and you'll be one step closer (if not there) to 100% for LIMBO.

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Dont mean to sound rude but, you adding to this or is this the finished trophy guide?


EDIT: nevermind me i actually thought this was the actual guide to the game for all trophies lol

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Heh heh. No sweat. This one took me long enough. Someone else can make the full trophy guide. Although there is nothing really to do it. Post a Youtube link for the other 10 eggs and that's about it.

Whoever makes the full guide can just link here and give me credit and I'll be happy xD

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I like Limbo, but going for 'No Point in Dying' will probably make me hate it :p


Well said. In some ways this game is about "trial&error" - but in a good and innovative way (checkpoints are not very far way, etc). "Point in Dying" -trophy makes it a very different game - you can't "try" anymore, nor you can't do "errors" anymore.

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Fantastic guide for this section of the game and for this trophy. Thanks to you I was able to pick up this trophy without a lot of frustration(although there was still some since I tried to figure everything out before looking at the guide).


On another note, this thread should be stickied since it so helpful.

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I highly doubt that I've found a possible alternate route, but there was a passage I discovered around the slopes and the saws that went left into a complete abyss of around 20 seconds (i counted) I could hear water splashing, just puddles at first, then a drop into water which the nautically challenged boy couldn't just walk through, after 10 attempts at jumping across it I gave up to due the oppressive darkness. I just went with the traditional route and got through it, but will investigate tomorrow, has anyone else encountered this? Don't know why it would be there for no reason, but this is Limbo.


Seemed like a way past all the death traps, but I was tired and as mentioned gave up since my HDMI''s audio is shit and couldn't hear the water. Will post back later with the exact location so others can check it out and see if it is an alternate route

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