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Offline Platinum?

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Please let me know if this game can be platinumed offline. I will use this information to update (if necessary) the offline platinum thread located here. Please refrain from speculation. Thank you in advance.




Question: What constitutes "speculation"?


Answer: As far as I'm concerned, speculation is a subjective term; but in the end, I think anything short of thoroughly playing the game and attempting to acquire all trophies is still speculation. The reason I have such a strict view of this is because there have been a few (albeit very rare) instances in which a game appeared to be an offline platinum, but, in fact, was not (e.g. Katamari Forever). Of course, if there is a reliable (i.e. gaming news or developer) source that indicates all the trophies will be offline, then I will add the game to the list.


Question: If you only want people who have played the game "thoroughly" to reply, why is it that these threads are often created well before the game's release date?


Answer: I create these threads as soon as I notice that this site has a game's trophy list. Sometimes this is after the game has been released, and sometimes this is months before. Doing it this way allows me to more accurately keep track of which games I've created threads for, and therefore, maintain the offline plat list better.


Question: How come you don't create an "Offline Platinum?" thread for every game?


Answer: First and foremost, I only create these information request threads for games that actually have a platinum. As such, smaller PSN titles won't get added. Second, I only add games that are English Language based. In particular, Japanese titles won't get added, and so, no information request threads will be created for them. (Sorry. :() Finally, I only create these threads if the game's trophy list does not include the words "online" or "ranked".

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