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I just bought this off the Store over the weekend. Me and my 4 and a half year old son were playing split-screen on it. He was driving around and finding some of the rare artifacts in the city, but what really helped is in the races. He would inadvertently drive around and hit the other cars, causing them damage and destroying some of them. There were some races I finished first place in with just us two and two other AI cars. All in all, even if you have someone with you playing split-screen, you can have them take out all the other cars while you focus on beating the races. I know this doesn't amount to any significant difference towards getting all the trophies, at least I don't think there is one it does, but after the other person takes out as many as you can, and you finish first, they can simply drive up to a group of zombies and let them beat your car til you explode, or simply destroy yourself.


Game is pretty fun, but gets old after a few hours. I probably should've waited for it to come around at a discounted price in the Plus section.

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