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Does this game support Custom Soundtracks/In Game Music?

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I look after the Custom Soundtracks/In Game Music thread (This can be found [thread=103537]HERE[/thread] and am looking to update it for new releases.


As I cannot play every game that gets released (The wife would kill me if I spent that much money ;) ) I need to rely on the members of this site to help keep the thread updated.


There are two methods of how music can be played in game:


XMB - Most games use a standard method for playing custom soundtracks. You simply access your in-game XMB by hitting the PS button. You select the track you want to play and BINGO, your music is playing...


MENU = Some games have in-game menus that must be navigated in order to select and play custom soundtracks. An example of this would be Burnout Paradise. At least one game requires you to have a PLAYLIST created on your PS3. Other games you have to go to the options screen and select a 'custom soundtracks' option.


If this game allows you to play music using either of the two methods mentioned in the quote, please reply back to this thread and let me know....


Thanks, :)

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