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  1. http://i.imgur.com/QomhMAa.png Credit to SSJ4_Haruhi for the banner. Overview: Estimated Difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread) Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-50 hours Offline Trophies: 46 (39(B), 5(S), 2(G)) Online Trophies: 4 (2(B), 1(S), 1(P)) Online Pass: Yes. In order to gift items for the Pay It Forward trophy or compete in the Crucible Arena for the Is There Anyone Else? and Bravo Old Chap trophies, you must first redeem the Crucible Pass that comes with a new copy of the game. You can also purchase it on the PSN if you are playing on a rented or second-hand copy. Adding the Crucible Pass to your game will allow you to gift items and play in the Crucible, regardless of how far into the game you are when you activate it. Pay It Forward is no impossible due to server closure but the is still possible in the PS4 version due to all the online stuff being removed. Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 1.5 - On the PS4 you have to start on Deathinitive difficulty if you wish to do everything in 1.5 playthroughs. Missable Trophies: 0, you can backtrack to every area in the game. Do Cheats Effect Trophies?: N/A Do Difficulty Trophies Stack?: Yes, but only the three game completion trophies. All of the other trophies can be unlocked on any difficulty. Glitched Trophies: N/A. Introduction: Darksiders 2 is a third person Action/Adventure game with several distinct RPG elements. The game follows the story of Death, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, during his journey to redeem his brother War. His brother was accused of destroying Earth and prematurely bringing about the Apocalypse. Death believes he is innocent and sets out to prove War's innocence, in any way possible. Oddly enough, the majority of the game takes place concurrently with the events of Darksiders 1. It is not a prequel nor is it a true sequel. Because of this if you did not play the first installment you will not be missing out on virtually any plot element. In fact, there are only brief references to the events of the first game and the characters in it. Each occurrence of this acts as a pleasant Easter egg for fans of the original. I hope that you enjoy the game, this guide, and the trophy hunting to come. Walkthrough: Glitch/Crash Warning: This issue exclusively pertains to the Deathinitive Edition on PS4. See the spoiler below for more information if you are playing on this version. [spoiler=crashing]Some players are experiencing a large number of crashes while playing the Deathinitive Edition. The crashes most frequently occur while doing large amounts of damage to multiple targets. The frequency increases with the more damage you do, resulting in high Critical Damage/Chance builds to crash more often. The only known solution as of now is to disable the Damage Indicators (Floating Combat Text). This should help reduce and potentially eliminate crashing. If you'd like more help or to discuss the issue further, please visit this thread. Credit to Theophobos for bringing this to my attention and providing the fix. When you complete the game you have the option to continue on your current save, which lets you complete all of the side quests (including the collectibles), or import your character into New Game+. If you choose to import it your original save will be overwritten and you will not be able to access it again. In New Game+ all of your characters stats, gear, skills, and abilities will be imported to a fresh game. However, all of your quest related items will be gone as well, except for boatman coins, because they are not associated with a specific quest and are therefore another form of currency. So if you collected 39 out of 40 Pages of Death and did not complete it before overwriting the save, you will have to collect them all over again. In order to obtain the platinum in Darksiders 2 you will have to play on New Game+ for at least a little while. The reason is that when you hit level 22 on your first playthrough, you will literally stop gaining experience from killing monsters. You will still get quest experience though. Depending on when you hit level 22 in the story progression and how many side quests you completed prior to then, you can get to level 23 and a half from quest experience alone by the end of your first playthrough. However, the experience for the additional level will not appear until you begin New Game+. What does this mean for you and your pursuit of the platinum? Well, it means that you will have to play on New Game+ to get the Epic!, Is There Anyone Else? and Bravo Old Chap trophies. The rest can be obtained on your first playthrough of the game. The fastest way to get the platinum is to beat the game on Apocalyptic difficulty on your very first playthrough. If you do, you will not have to beat the entire game a second time to get it, which will save you a lot of time. If, however, you choose to play it on Easy or Normal to begin with, you will have to select NG+ when the game ends and set it to the Apocalyptic difficulty, then clear the entire game for a second time. If you are very new to action/adventure games or just enjoy playing through a story multiple times, this method is probably ideal for you. Step 1 Beat the game. Due to the very convenient New Game+ feature and the ability to continue playing after the final boss, you don't have to worry about not doing a specific side quest early on, or getting all of the collectibles quickly. This means there is no need to hold back the ending to search for one or two collectibles, or finish all the side quests and whatnot. Simply enjoy beating and playing the game any way you see fit. However, I do advise that you track which collectibles you have found during this step, using the Collectible's Checklist located at the end of this guide. Simply print it out and check them off as you find them. It will make the cleanup and backtracking to previously inaccessible areas substantially easier. Even if you are following a collectibles guide I still suggest you track the ones you find, because mistakes can happen. Step 2 Trophy cleanup Now that you have beaten the game you should have only a few things left to do. You need to make sure that you have unlocked all of the following trophies before you go to a New Game+: GnoMad Abracadabra The Secondary Adventure If you do not finish these three trophies before moving on to NG+, you will be forced to complete 100% of the story a second time to unlock them. This is due to the fact that the final collectible required for each of these trophies, is located at the very end of the final dungeon in the game. Not only that, but if the side quest you forgot to complete was a collectible one you will have to recollect all of them yet again. So remember: Do not start New Game+ without the aforementioned trophies! In addition to the above trophies, if for some reason you forget to unlock Full Potential, Like A Noss, Triple Lindy or I've Brought You A Gift before you go on to New Game+ it's not the end of the world. Because you have to hit level 30 anyway for the Epic! trophy you will play far enough into your NG+ run to complete them all, without having to finish the entire game again. However, it is a good idea to get them out of the way as well so you can have a carefree time on your New Game+ play through. Step 3 New Game+ and both Crucible Trophies If you have successfully completed steps 1 and 2 you should only have the following trophies trophies to unlock: Epic! Is There Anyone Else? Bravo Old Chap Now all you need to do is play through the game until you hit level 30, then refer to the Crucible related trophy walkthroughs below. What should be at the top of your priority list at this point of the game is items with Experience on them. It is possible to get just over 50% experience from items alone (~10% on each armor slot + ~10% on the talisman=~50%). However, +10% experience is rather difficult to come across, so don't worry if you have to settle for 7%-9%. Because you are playing on Easy difficulty the other stats won't be quite as big of a factor. Just be sure to use at least 2 other primary stats in addition to the experience affix. For example: Uncommon boots with critical damage, decent defense, and experience would work fine for a Harbringer. But even a set of rare or elite boots with bad defense, arcane, and experience would be terrible for a Harbringer build and probably hinder you more than help you. If for some reason your NG+ is on Apocalyptic—most likely because you did the first playthrough on Easy/Normal—then make sure the items with experience on them are always good, otherwise you risk the chance of dying quite often. Remember; the higher +EXP you have, the faster you will hit 30 and can platinum the game. Once you reach level thirty you should head over to the crucible to unlock the final two trophies for your platinum.
  2. This guide is intended for use on PS3Trophies.org only. You may not copy this guide and post it elsewhere, regardless of if you try to pass it off as your own work or give me credit. Changing the wording slightly to try to pass it off as your own work is also forbidden. If you still have any questions to ask about this game and its trophies, or just want to say thanks, feel free to create an account and say hi. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, and there are plenty of other great guides for other games written by others who will be happy to help you get your trophies. Overview: - Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 Difficulty Rating Thread - Offline: 27 (5, 16, 5, 1) - Online: 0 - Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-10 hours - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - Number of missable trophies: 0 - Glitched trophies: none - Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A - Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A - Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: no Introduction: NCIS is mostly a point and click adventure game where you examine crime scenes for evidence, and then play various mini-games/puzzles to learn from that evidence and figure out who the guilty party is. As you might expect by the name, this game is based on the hit TV series. So grab your gear, call Ducky, get the truck ready, and let's go collect some trophies. Regardless of if you use the guide and/or walkthrough or decide to play it on your own without one, the 1/10 difficulty rating still applies. The only parts that might give you trouble without a guide are some of the crime scenes, as some of the objects you need to examine may blend into the background. With a guide, even those few instances will not be a problem. The only other slightly difficult thing you'll come across are the GPS tracking sections. They'll really only test your patience though. They aren't really challenging, just cheap, and the only way to get through them is to just keep trying until you pass. As stated in the overview, none of the trophies are missable. Each and every trophy is tied to story progression. Complete one playthrough of the game, and you'll have the platinum trophy. And yes, the game is also very short, with many people saying they got through it in anywhere from 4-6 hours. The overview makes note that no special peripherals or multiple controllers are needed. One Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis controller is all you need to get the platinum. The Rule #1 trophy does say that you need to complete the first co-op activity, but it's not co-op in the sense that you need 2 controllers. The "co-op activities" mentioned in the trophy description are just having an NPC come over to help you move something heavy to another location. The game also supports, but does not require, Playstation Move. If you have Move, you can use the Motion controller (that's the one with the giant glowing ball on the end) to control the game instead of a standard Dualshock 3 controller if you wish. My personal recommendation is to stick with the Dualshock controller for the majority of the game. The Move controller does make the GPS mini-games slightly easier, but for everything else, I found the Move controller's sensitivity to be far too high to be of use. It's so sensitive that even the slight pressure of pushing caused my cursor to move down, and due to the small buttons or objects you will be pointing at, the cursor usually moved so far that I ended up not selecting what I was trying to. NOTE: To switch controllers mid-game, hold until the console's "Turn Off..." options menu appears. Select "Turn Off the Controller". The game will now inform you that the controller that was currently in use has been disconnected, and prompt you to press on the controller you wish to resume playing the game with. This lets you easily switch from Dualshock to Move and back again without needing to restart the game. Step 1: Start a new game and play through each of the four episodes until you complete the game. That's it. As stated above, all of the trophies are story related and none are missable. Upon completing this step, you'll have the platinum trophy.
  3. Credit to kinjall for the banner. Video Guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the Guide linked! Click = the “pick up” option (this is the kind of catch-all picture, for things like "use" and "open" and "move" etc. etc.). The correct hotspots tend to be in the bottom left corner of the item. You'll get a feel for it while playing through. This is a 2 Playthrough Platinum. The first playthrough will earn you the majority of the trophies. The second playthrough is a speedrun that needs to be done in one sitting without pausing, in under 30 minutes. Hallway Read tutorial instructions to learn the controls Walk left until you meet a bully Brain the locker above his head (it will be outlined) Continue left Use finger trap (inventory – L1) with bullies Exit left to gym Gym Brain the diploma in the fire on the right Murphy's Class Participation Award unlocked when you regain control Exit to Hallway, then right and into the red door Faculty Office Talk to the cactus (1/GOTEM) Talk to the middle ceiling light (2/GOTEM) Enter Principal's Office Principal's Office The long version, I guess Pick up whiteout (on left) Use whiteout with permanent record – Not So Permanent After All unlocked Click the filing cabinet and click through all the records – you can just keep spamming – Perma Peeper unlocked Click the trash bin in the bottom right (1/RUNWAY) (graduation cap) Exit to Hallway Hallway After conversation, go right up the stairs Click trash can – get plastic baggie Go left and enter Room 101 Murphy's Class Hurt Me More! unlocked Talk to Mr. Murphy Will you go to prom with me? (1/PROM), then exit Pick up pencil Exit to Hallway, then exit to Room 103 History Class Talk to trash can by door (3/GOTEM) Talk to bookshelf in back left corner (4/GOTEM) Pick up rotten apple (on top of bookshelf) Exit to Hallway, then straight down to Science Class Science Class Talk to Clinton (red shirt) (2/RUNWAY) (tinfoil hat) Talk to box of vials on right (5/GOTEM) Click cabinet door under microscope on right (3/RUNWAY) (dead frog hat) Pick up bag of sugar (yellow square) Exit to Hallway, and enter the girl's bathroom Girl's Bathroom Pick up yeast (trash can) Talk to Crystal Will you go to prom with me? (2/PROM), then exit Exit to Hallway, then enter boy's bathroom Boy's Bathroom Talk to empty urinal x2 (6/GOTEM) Click tin of hair gel (4/RUNWAY) (pompadour) Talk to the cool boys x2 (you should have all the ingredients you need) – get hall pass – Hoochaholic unlocked Exit to Hallway Hallway Use hall pass with Holly Cutscene with Sawyer – get USB drive Click the locker directly above your head (5/RUNWAY) (novelty arrow) Walk all the way right and exit outside Outside Walk right Talk to Warren (hippie) Will you go to prom with me? (3/PROM), then exit Walk left Talk to drug dealer Will you go to prom with me? (4/PROM), then exit Go back inside Hallway Talk to Mark (black shirt) Will you go to prom with me? (5/PROM) So, where exactly in the school would one “score” the good sniff markers?, then exit Go right and exit outside Outside Talk to drug dealer – you will get a sidequest Go back inside, then immediately exit down (not down the stairs) Kickstarter Hallways You are in blue locker hallway Open every locker on this screen (just keep clicking the right arrow) Enter the door on the right Talk to the cork board on the right wall (7/GOTEM) Exit down to green locker hallway On the top row of the group of lockers closest to the door is a locker with no number. Talk to it (Ted) Will you go to prom with me? (6/PROM), then exit (this is also (1/2) for another trophy) Open every locker on this screen (just keep clicking the right arrow) – Locker Stalker unlocked Exit left Lower Hallway Talk to Artiste Will you go to prom with me? (7/PROM), then exit Enter shop class Shop Class Click safety goggles on wall next to door (6/RUNWAY) (safety goggles) Talk to blowtorch on table at bottom of screen (8/GOTEM) Pick up box cutter (next to blowtorch) Exit to Lower Hallway, then directly down to Art Art Class Click the open kiln (7/RUNWAY) (beret) Exit to Lower Hallway, go left, and enter the Nurse's Office Nurse's Office Talk to Nurse ...down there... - get scar cream Talk to Nurse Will you go to prom with me? (8/PROM) Click cabinet doors behind Nurse (8-9/RUNWAY) (nurse hat) (sexy nurse shirt) Exit to Lower Hallway, then directly down to Faculty Lounge Teacher's Lounge Talk to Ms Puffs Will you go to prom with me? (9/PROM), then exit Talk to Ed Will you go to prom with me? (10/PROM), then exit Click the fridge Pick up the label from the light brown lunch bag Exit to Lower Hallway, then exit left to Hallway Walk left just past the kid looking at the books, then exit down to Library Library Walk right, past a guy in a gray hoodie The right-most shelf is “semi fiction” Look at the top row of green books until the titles start repeating (the eye icon will gray out when they start repeating) Look at the top row of fiction books (the shelf to the left) until the titles start repeating Walk left and stand behind the guy in the gray hoodie; the shelf to your left is the non-fiction shelf Look at the bottom row of books until the titles start repeating – Judge A Book By Its Cover unlocked Talk to books on non fiction shelf (9/GOTEM) (“you suck!”) Talk to “non fiction” sign left of hoodie guy (10/GOTEM) (“non-enjoyable”) Talk to guy in gray hoodie (10/RUNWAY) (boob dood shirt) Click magazines (“the birds and the bees”) on table at bottom of screen (11/RUNWAY) (Winston shirt) Click white computer (12/RUNWAY) (VR headset) Exit left to Hallway, walk right, and enter red door to Front Office Front Office SAVE THE GAME. From the pause menu, go to “GAME” then “Save Game”. Talk to Starsky and Hutch You guys should honestly just get over it – Distraction With Action unlocked Close out of the game (or “exit to main menu” - “just quit”, but closing out is safer), then reload your save Talk to Starsky and Hutch Will you both go to prom with me? (11/PROM) You obviously hate each other. Why do you even hang out? - Distraction With Attraction unlocked Use the Patty label with Patty – Pummeling Puffs unlocked Use USB stick with zerox machine x3 Pick up the fliers Exit to Hallway Hallway Use flier with announcement board just to the right Exit outside Outside Use scar cream with drug dealer – get marker – Scarred For Life unlocked This is also (13/RUNWAY) (weed shirt) Exit inside Hallway Use marker with Mark – Huff the Magic Dragon unlocked This is also (14/RUNWAY) (face drawing) Go all the way left and down the stairs Boiler Room Talk to the rag on the floor in front of the door (11/GOTEM) Pick up the Freddy Krueger glove next to the tools (15-16/RUNWAY) (Fred's hat) (Fred's threads) – Every Town Has An Elm Street unlocked Pick up the janitor's keys (just under the tools) Exit left to Hallway, then left into Gym Gym Walk to the left half of the gym Talk to the bleachers at the bottom of the screen (12/GOTEM) Talk to Netherton Narwhals banner (13/GOTEM) Click the blue box (17-18/RUNWAY) (hockey mask) (bloody shirt) Click the long-haired boy playing dodgeball (19/RUNWAY) (beat-up face) Walk all the way right Use box cutter with hanging rope – Rope-A-Dope unlocked Pick up rope Exit right into Boy's Locker Room Boy's Locker Room Walk right Talk to Hayden (shower) Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (12/PROM) Talk to Tanner Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (13/PROM) Talk to Winston Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (14/PROM) (you will need to talk to him 4-5x before this question is automatically asked) Exit to Gym, then left and down to Hallway Hallway Walk right to the brown janitor's door Use janitor's keys with door, then enter Janitor's Closet Pick up pulley (in front of fire extinguisher) In inventory, combine rope and pulley Exit to Hallway, then exit straight down to Lower Hallway Lower Hallway Use flier with “ART!” board Walk right and enter Shop Shop Class Walk right Talk to Max (green shirt) Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (15/PROM) Click the circular sawblade on the table behind Max (20/RUNWAY) (gaping wound) Use rope and pulley with chain above blackboard Click the lever on the right wall Pick up book Exit to Lower Hallway Exit down the large opening across from the double doors, then exit right into Cafeteria Cafeteria Use flier with announcement board on left wall Talk to janitor Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (16/PROM) Go up and talk to Bessie (lunch lady) Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (17/PROM) Exit through door right of lunch lady area Kitchen Pick up the quarter (on the window ledge) Walk right and click the red pot next to Luigi (21-22/RUNWAY) (food fight head) (food fight shirt) Talk to Luigi Will you go to prom with me?, then exit (18/PROM) Exit to Cafeteria Cafeteria Walk right to vending machines Talk to Vince (red shirt) Will you go to prom with me? (19/PROM) Grab some chips. Chips are good. They have anchovy chips. Use quarter with Vince – get anchovy chips Walk all the way right Talk to Jake (the sick guy) You didn't notice a note in your lunch, did you? You don't look so good. Maybe I should get the nurse, then exit Use anchovy chips with Jake Pick up unsigned love letter Use unsigned love letter with Jake – get signed love letter Exit bottom left corner to Hallway Hallway Go right to Sawyer Talk to Sawyer – Guerilla Marketer unlocked Talk to the kissing couple You know...this is actually starting to turn me on Use pencil with Coop's locker – get permission slip – Locker Blocker unlocked Walk left and enter the girl's bathroom Girl's Bathroom Use signed love letter with Crystal – Third Wheel unlocked This is also (23-24/RUNWAY) (body towel) (towel hat) Open the costume option in your journal. Put on the body towel and the towel hat. Exit to Hallway, then left to Gym, then left to Girl's Locker Room Girl's Locker Room Creepy Peepy Boy unlocked Talk to Nora (25/RUNWAY) (narwhal jersey) Walk left Talk to person in shower – Coming Clean unlocked Just exit the conversation (26/RUNWAY) (sudsy boy) Exit to Gym, then Hallway, then Library (directly below Room 101) Library Talk to librarian Use book with librarian – get pizza coupon – About Damn Time unlocked Exit left to Hallway, then right to Outside, then right
  4. Video Guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the Guide linked! There is a trophy for not using hints for the entire game. If you're worried you may accidentally use them (accessed from the pause menu), then before starting your new game, go to Options – Game and toggle the hints off. During this walkthrough, I'll say "exhaust conversation" which means you must choose all the options that show up as "!" (usually all of the right-hand options) but the "?" choices are optional. Many of the NPCs will wander around so I can't always give a precise location as to where someone is when you need to talk to them at a given point in time but they never wander far.
  5. Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the Guide linked! The game only autosaves when you add a clue to your inventory or if Osgood unlocks a new part of your phone. Plan accordingly if you're not going to do this in one sitting. There are jump scares in this game. Do whatever symbols you want until you're in the phone Decline the call – Well that was rude... unlocked Click the Osgood icon (from now on, I'll just say “Osgood”) Click the yellow bar to bring up your responses. This sounds weird, but I'm not sure how either You expected me to pick up this phone? That's rather presumptuous of you Intriguing! How can I help? - We've got a game... unlocked Where do I start? Great! How do I do that? Find a picture of Lawrence. Got it. Note: Whenever you're in text conversation with Osgood, wait for her to finish texting before you go back into the phone to investigate. Otherwise you may miss story triggers or her unlocking more of the phone. It's not game breaking if you miss these things but not waiting for her to finish texting is ultimately just a waste of time. Home screen () Gallery - Photos Open img_019 (lower left picture) and scan it (yellow bar) – click the yellow bar, then move the cursor into the non-yellow area and hold down X until the bar fills. – First clue! unlocked Home screen Osgood I think I've got his picture Upload clue – Lawrence's photo Odd? What's odd? But something's different here? Okay, so what do we do now? Any clues from the bug you put on his phone? What else do you know about Lawrence? Home screen Mail Read the first message (mail.web) and scan it (clue: argument with Flint) Read the second message (henriks.uk.web), scroll down, click the “open link” button Order ID 574320 Order Date 13/02/2021 Status Delivered Submit, then scroll down and scan the receipt (clue: party supplies) Back (Circle) x3 Home screen Well that was strange... unlocked Answer the call, then hang it up Chats Read Mo's message Scroll down to the glitched message, and scan it Close all the error windows, then scan the glitched message again (clue: corrupted chat) Scroll further down until you reach the audio message Click play and let it play out, then scan the message (clue: Mo's apology) – Mo's Apology unlocked Back out Read Sally Sparrow's message – An old friend unlocked Home Screen Osgood Upload clue – Mo's apology This just got more interesting Upload clue – corrupted chat What's up? It could still be useful Upload clue – party supplies Think his car is still at the address? Upload clue – argument with Flint Seems like Mr Nightingale was causing trouble Do you think Flint could've harmed Lawrence? Maybe he just got tired of the city life There was an incident with a woman close to him Sounds promising How do you know? But he DID try to call his phone! These weird, flashing images appeared So, what now? Right. Where should I start? - Never run when you're scared! unlocked Home screen Mail Read the first new message (findme.web) Scan the glitched message Click the fourth bar from the top Scan the glitched message (clue: corrupted email) Scroll a bit further down and open the link Type in, then search: 17/02/2021 71 Timber Street 45 / Brown / Female Scroll down to the message and scan it (clue: Natasha is missing) Back x3 Open the second new message (thecraft.web), and open the link Scroll to the second photo and scan it (TARDIS 1/4) (clue: Louvre's blue box) Back x2 Open the third new message (sacredcircle.web) and open link Scroll down to jjjackpot's second comment and scan it (clue: Sacred Circle) Scroll down and click “Back to Main” Read @inquiringminds' message, and open the article linked there Scroll down into the article until you can scan it (clue: The Drumlins Disappearances) Back x2 Read @citysighs' message, scroll down and open the webpage linked there (Metropolitan Archives) Click the download button Click the top left corner of the phone to bring up a newspaper page We are now in the Gallery Scan the newspaper (clue: The London Chronicle) Back out x2 Til Death Do Us Part Click the fifth picture (glitchy), scan it, back out of the warped photo, and scan the glitchy photo again (clue: corrupted photo) Click the bottom middle picture (img_311) and scan it (clue: someone special) Home Screen Chats Click the plus sign on Sally's chat and click the new part of the chat Play the audio clip and scan it (clue: Lawrence's concern) Home Screen Osgood Upload clue – Lawrence's concern They seem scared of the place Pick up the phone call and let it play out Just someone saying a bunch of random numbers... Could it be the data corruption? Upload clue – someone special Seeing them makes this much more...real Upload clue – corrupted photo Great! These items ARE useful! They might connect to other fragments as well... Upload clue – corrupted email (you'll need to click over to the icon) Something wrong? Odd is better than wrong! That's good, right? Maybe the last piece will make sense of this. Upload clue – Louvre's blue box Sorry, doctor...who? What's so special about an old phone box? Time-traveling alien Doctor. Why not Maybe Lawrence found the Doctor? Upload clue – The Drumlins Disappearances How do 12 people go missing like that? Upload clue – Sacred Circle Have you seen anything like it? Yet another mention of that place Upload clue – The London Chronicle Yes! I spotted the anomaly too... What's a Time Fracture? Upload clue – Natasha is Missing Luckily, we're neither of those things What kind of trouble? So, what's the plan? I feel like I've heard about UNIT before... Wow. Um, should I be worried about this “Time Fracture”? It looks like Wester Drumlins might be important Any new files to look through? I'll let you know if I find anything. Home Screen Mail Read newest message (r.chandra199) Scroll down and scan email (clue: Cal Nye Wallers) Home Screen Chats Click the plus on Mr Flint's message Scroll down to the audio recording, play it, and scan it (clue: Mr. Flint's retaliation) Home Screen Browser Click the Into the Unknown bookmark Click the Alabama blue box article Scroll down until you can scan the article, and scan it (TARDIS 2/4) (clue: Alabama's blue box) Back out, scroll down to the glitched entry, and scan it (you'll need to click out of a pop-up ad halfway through) (clue: corrupted website) Home Screen Gallery Click Wester Drumlins, then back out to home screen and click anywhere Osgood Upload clue – Alabama blue box So, what's the Doctor like? Sounds fantastic Do you know the Doctor? You got to travel through space AND time?! What kind of alien is the Doctor, anyway? Explains the time travel. Maybe they Lord over...time? Upload clue – Cal Nye Wallers Oh, I see it! I remember Lawrence telling Sally someone new owns it now Answer the phone and let it play The same. Static and numbers. Both messages started with a word Can you trace the source? Upload clue – corrupted website Thanks! You're gonna put them together now? Upload clue – Mr. Flint's retaliation Everything leads us to that place. We did learn some useful things But the problem is... Can you recover more files? Anything else? You're sure it was a mirror? The answers might be in Wester Drumlins I take it you're going with her. I see why you'd prefer the lab Sure. Why not. Home Screen Answer the call and let it play – Call it a day, Mr Nightingale! unlocked Osgood Sorry, I couldn't hang up! No problem! How do I do that? I can do that! I'm on it. Home Screen Close out the game and backup your save. Unfortunately, this is the closest autosave to a timed portion coming up so it's good to have something to fall back on if you run out of time. Gallery Wester Drumlins Put the six puzzle pieces together – they will snap together when placed correctly Click through all nine pictures, scanning (img_411) on the way (clue: the angel) Back out – There's something on the phone! unlocked A timer has started. Get through the next conversation quickly. Osgood There's something ON THE PHONE! Wait, this sounds familiar! You know what it is, don't you? A weeping what now? That sounds pretty dire! Can we just...delete it? Great idea! Show me how! Home Screen You now have to delete the four corrupted fragments you found. This is a timed segment, but it's not clear how much time you have – the phone will just slowly lose all its colors. So do it as quickly as possible. Even “pausing” the game (bringing up the objectives menu) will not stop the timer. The game will continue on if you fail this (the phone will reboot in “safe mode”) but you'll be locked out of future trophies if you don't do this. Browser Into the Unknown Click the moth picture (should be the top one – you can't mess it up) Click the word “CUBE” Click “NO” Click “I have my own path” Delete the glitched file - this works like the scan, except instead of holding X you need to spam it. You'll need to do this a few times to fill the bar. You'll also have to deal with a few pop up windows on the way; click whatever you need to click (should be “not interested” “I'm fine, thanks” “proceed”) to get out of the ads. Home Screen Ignore Osgood's text – it'll just eat into your time Gallery Til Death Do Us Part Click the fifth picture (glitchy) Delete it – you'll be sent to random distorted pictures when you make some progress. Just go back into the glitchy photo and keep progressing Home Screen Mail Open the third message (findme.web) Delete the glitched message When the messages shuffle, you'll need to find its new location – it's randomized, so keep clicking the bars until you find it Home Screen Chat Open Mo's message Scroll up until you reach the glitched part Delete the glitched message You'll be thrown to random parts of the text while doing this, and the final time you'll have to close a bunch of pop up windows Home screen Delete the home screen Osgood That was...way too close Should I expect more of these things...? Upload clue – the Angel The same creature I fought off earlier? Home Screen Gallery Downloads Play and scan the movie file (clue: corrupted video) Scan the photo (TARDIS 3/4) (clue: flying phone box) Home Screen Mail Read the new email (met-archives.web) Scan the link (clue: MET Archives download link) Open the link and attempt to download it Home Screen Phone 020 7946 0827, then dial (Metropolitan Archive) Enter 3 (you need to wait to hear that option first) then 1034 (after the beep) Wait for her to hang up Home Screen Osgood Upload clue – flying phone box Why are you so interested in finding the Doctor? Seems exciting! I'll think about it The Doctor visits Earth a lot, then? Altering history? Upload clue – MET Archives download link I haven't a clue! Upload clue – corrupted video Can you fix it? We should get a hold of it, then! I can do that! Game on! Home Screen Chats Open Marguerite's chat Sorry, I've got a problem with the file you sent me We met last week It was good to meet and chat in your office Yes, the old video footage I accidentally deleted it Fantastic Can you give that to me too? - Master persuader unlocked Open the link from the chat and click the download button Click the top left corner of the phone Let the video play, then scan it (clue: a message from Natasha) – Wibbly wobbly...time-y wimey...stuff unlocked Back out Open the drawing next to the long video, then scan it (TARDIS 4/4) (clue: phone box on Bleak House) Home Screen Osgood That was emotional! Upload clue – phone box on Bleak House – Not your average police box unlocked That's a lot to live up to Wow Perhaps Lawrence has already found the Doctor Upload clue – a message from Natasha Not all love stories have happy endings Think they're still at the house? Home Screen Gallery Private Watch the final video clip, then scan it (clue: don't blink) – Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. unlocked Click the bottom middle video, let it play, then scan it (clue: Lawrence's plan) Home Screen Osgood Upload clue – don't blink So is this who you were looking for? Upload clue – Lawrence's plan – Lawrence's plan... unlocked Poor Lawrence. Does it? Could you summarise? Oh, besides that I mean It's up to us then Lawrence wanted to use their own reflections against them Answer the phone and wait for it to hang up But three calls can't be coincidence Who do you think is behind this? There must be a reason for the calls! Lawrence's phone came into my possession? Could it be Natasha? Maybe it hasn't happened yet We need to help her! Click the connect button Answer the phone and wait for the call to hang up Home Screen Chats Open the Mr Flint chat (not the plus symbol) Scroll down until you reach a picture, then scan it (clue: Flint's bad side) Home Screen Consider backing up your save here; you're coming up on another timed portion soon. If you didn't have a problem with the first one, you should be okay; the upcoming one is easier, because there's only one piece of business instead of four, but it's still a one-shot thing. Osgood The Angels got to Flint! Osgood...? Hey, we're in this together – I can help! How did Ayesha get in? Bring it on! How can I help? Find an image of Flint? Got it. On it. Upload clue – Flint's bad side No, wait for backup! Click the connect button Can I help? What?! Get out and barricade the door! To trap the Angels with their own reflections! Can you watch them with Ayesha's cameras? Maybe we can rotate some of the cameras? Answer the phone and wait for the call to hang up Click the camera icon in the top right of the bar above the Osgood chat Unlock each camera, then position them to look at the windows of the house. You'll know you're in the right spot because the tracking box will turn green and say LOCKED Shark: 1747 / Watcher: 9327 / Angel: 5801 / Joker: 9226 Home Screen Chats Open Mr Flint's chat (not the plus) THIS IS TIMED! Delete the picture of Mr Flint's face Click the connect button Home Screen Osgood Hey...are you there? Please...say something – Saving the world with a disco ball unlocked So you're okay? Will the disco ball hold in that position? It's not your fault What about Lawrence? Thanks Osgood Understatement. You're welcome. Right back at you Answer the call and wait for it to hang up Let the credits run. After the post-credits cutscenes, Happy ever after... and Clever Clogs! will unlock.
  6. Videos of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked! This is just a choose your own adventure game. The difficulty is in finding the more hidden unlock conditions; since I've done that for you, this is a quick and easy platinum if you follow the guide. You're welcome NEW GAME 1 stay at your desk 3 a cigarette 1 say “who is it?” 2 invite her in 1 which is a little bold 1 kiss her hand 1 keep flirting 2 pay her a compliment 1 her eyes 2 go for the jugular 1 true beauty – One Night Stand unlocked 1 blanket 1 by bus 1 talk to the cleaner 1 leave a donation 2 show your ticket 3 just keep walking 2 to the rear bench 1 read newspaper 1 read some more 2 the side window 1 turn around 1 who the hell are you? 2 sure, why not? 1 thank her 1 one week 3 the harbour 2 look around 2 to the church 1 what are you looking at me for? 2 join the crowd 2 get involved 1 I can help you 1 you explain to me what's going on 1 try to follow what he's saying 1 try to intervene and stand in between them 1 turn to the teaching of their religion 2 enter the church 1 look around 1 look more closely at the painting 1 …also look at the other paintings 3 the gardener? - History Lesson unlocked 1 walk up to the altar 2 (disguise your voice) “Er, yes, pop.” 2 I'll kick your ass, pa! 1 of course! 1 any advice, pa? 1 anything else? 2 to the lighthouse 3 danger! 1 enter 3 walk up the stairs 1 keep walking 2 keep walking up 1 a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach 1 inspect the books 1 up to the last level 1 look at the cube more closely 2 get out of this place – Strong-Willed unlocked 1 just get out of this place 2 keep walking to the beach 2 cocktails! 2 to the beach bar 2 take up one of the deckchairs 2 to somewhere more private 1 along the beach towards the lights 1 a rave! 1 a favorite pasttime of yours 2 take part 2 Ah, why the hell not. Get over here! 2 the full lips and long tongue – It must be a mask unlocked 2 look for another way in 2 give up 2 stay in the shadows 1 knock on a door and ask for help 2 try another door 1 try to provoke a reaction 3 you have beautiful eyes 1 why certainly! 2 join her 1 the patrols outside – By Any Means Necessary unlocked 2 incredibly hot 1 cool ENDING: Innocence (1/27) Load chapter City Entry 1 turn around 1 who the hell are you? 2 sure, why not? 1 thank her 1 one week 1 the city centre 1 go to the fountain 2 close to the other tourists 1 keep watching the family 1 approach the shady figure 1 direct and from the front 1 quickly rush around the corner 1 throw yourself against him 1 go for his throat ENDING: Slashed! (2/27) Load chapter Town Square 1 go to the fountain 2 close to the other tourists 1 keep watching the family 1 approach the shady figure 1 direct and from the front 1 quickly rush around the corner 1 throw yourself against him 2 try to pin down his arms 2 punch him – Not On My Watch unlocked 1 search his clothes 1 look through the wallet 1 take the keys and wallet with you 1 beat it 1 enter City Hall 3 just wander around for a bit 3 go into an empty office 2 open one of the files – I Want To Believe – The I Files unlocked 1 examine the desk 1 leave the office 4 leave the town hall 2 barber shop 1 enter 2 look behind the counter 2 is this how you treat all your customers? 2 and then what happened? 1 what are you talking about? 1 let him talk 3 ask for a haircut 1 of course! 4 over your bald head 2 try to calm him down ENDING: Demon Barber (3/27) Load chapter Town Square 4 scope out the surroundings 4 continue to the arcades 1 gives you a jolt of nostalgia 1 look at the games 2 the retro game machines 2 try playing for a little bit 4 Pixelbius 2 keep playing 2 next level 2 k33p going x2 1 (gibberish) – Video Games are Evil unlocked 2 look for another way in 2 give up 1 walk towards them 2 don't do anything else 1 start complaining 3 meh 3 try to loosen the shackles 2 remain silent 2 could you possibly NOT set me on fire for that? 2 I love pineapple on my pizza 2 brings you inner peace ENDING: At the Stake (4/27) Load chapter Town Square 4 scope out the surroundings 4 continue to the arcades 1 gives you a jolt of nostalgia 1 look at the games 3 the first-person shooters 3 Maison of the Unliving 1 queue for MotU 2 don't say anything 2 keep watching the intro 3 keep watching the intro 2 keep watching the intro 2 keep watching the intro 1 talk to Tabitha 2 ask her for her name 2 nice try! 2 go to the address you've noted down 3 Innsmouth! 1 precisely! 2 very excited indeed! 2 wait 2 let's give her another half hour 1 walk past them 1 inspect your surroundings 1 talk to the woman 2 who are you? 1 play along 2 talk to Kate 2 so, you're also a private investigator? 2 did you spend the night with Mrs Marsh? 1 say something 2 where are you taking us? 2 keep walking 2 just keep walking 2 keep walking 1 agree with Gary 1 suggest that everyone goes home 2 no 1 go berserk 2 but why? 2 I cannot see any proof of that 2 get down to business 1 the High Priest 2 explain the basics of modern management theory ENDING: It's the New Economy, Stupid! (5/27) Load Last Chapter 2 keep walking 1 agree with Gary 1 suggest that everyone goes home 1 sure 1 volunteer 2 okay, let's get it over with 2 grab the dagger 2 throw the dagger into the abyss ENDING: Sinking Feeling (6/27) Load Last Chapter 2 keep walking 1 agree with Gary 1 suggest that everyone goes home 1 sure 1 volunteer 2 okay, let's get it over with 2 grab the dagger 1 attack him with the dagger ENDING: Dagon's Embrace (7/27)
  7. I loved the game up until this part. But I cannot for the life of me do the second magnet puzzle where you have to quickly hit the button and move out of the pipe before it holds you there. I've looked up guides and I seem to do exactly as they do yet I never make it out. Is there some way to move faster that I don't know about? Should I be positioning myself in a certain way after i hit the button? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Introduction Achieving S-Rank in all story missions will earn you the Elite trophy. There are two golden rules for getting S-ranks: 1. Don't try it on your first playthrough (a lot of strategies only work when replaying missions and you will unlock better gear over the course of the game). 2. Skip all the cutscenes to save time (yes, cutscenes add to your time and will greatly reduce your points!) S-Rank Strategies, basic tips and things you should know: - Getting 130,000 points in a mission unlocks the S-rank (same score requirement for all missions) - Only main missions have a ranking system, side ops don't. Main missions 02, 22, 43 are an exception, they don't have any ranks. There are 50 main missions in total. - Completing the missions as quickly as possible without being seen is usually good enough. Skip the bonus objectives, they take too long and will complicate things. - Equipping the Invisibility Stealth Camo, Parasite-Suit, Chicken-Hat, Infinity Bandana, using D-Walkers Fulton Extraction or calling in air strikes / helicopter support will void the S-rank. With these items you are limited to A-rank at best. So don't use them! - On your first playthrough of the missions, always try to take out the enemy radar stations. This gives you a huge tactical advantage because you can call the extraction helicopter directly to the enemy base (or start the mission there). - S-Ranks earn you a lot more money and heroism than lower ranks With these tips in mind you should have very little trouble following these video guides and obtaining all S-ranks. Be warned, however, that the game uses a variable difficulty system. If you use a lot of headshots, enemies will get helmets. If you always infiltrate at night, enemies will get night vision goggles. If you always use sleeping grenades, enemies will wear gas masks etc. In this walkthrough series I stick to the basics to make it as easy to replicate as possible. These guides are fairly spoiler free as I skip the cutscenes to save time. Useful links: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain S-Ranks Playlist *Glitch Warning* Some players have reported that their rank for mission 4 doesn't save (it only shows as "-" in mission select). This happens when you destroy the blue glowing radio console in this mission area (either in free roam or during the mission). Then the enemy's satellites (which you are supposed to destroy) are rendered useless and the mission's only main target becomes irrelevant. Having this glitch voids the Elite trophy - it won't unlock even if you get S-rank in all the other missions! You won't get the other in-game unlocks for all S-ranks either (meaning key items) so it voids the Collector trophy as well! If you have this glitch then you must start a new game from scratch. Just delete your save game and start over. There is no fix for this, we can only wait and hope for a patch in the future. Prologue: Awakening To get this S-rank simply, skip all the cutscenes in the prologue. Try to score headshots on the first two enemies. When you get to the lobby with multiple enemies, immediately turn around and drop down the hole in the ceiling, now crawl to the opposite end of the room where the exit door is found. Mission 1: Phantom Limbs Beat the mission at least once before doing this S-rank. This allows you to change the helicopter's landing zone at the end and you can skip the confrontation with the skulls. Make haste to the prisoner's location. Approach the village from the east, this way you can easily skip all guards. Pick up the prisoner, put him on your horse, call the helicopter and you are done. I completed this with the "No Traces" perfect bonus because I completely skipped all enemies in this mission. Mission 2: Diamond Dogs Mission 2, 22, 43 do not have any ranks. Play this mission how you want, I only included it for the sake of completion but there's no S-rank in it (and no points are awarded at the end). Mission 3: A Hero's Way Very simple and short: Use a sniper rifle to eliminate the target from far away. Start at the eastern landing zone. The commander will always spawn in or around the same building and wears a red hat. From the landing zone you ride to the mountain top near the village and shoot him. Leave the area on horseback. Mission 4: C2W Very simple if you have destroyed the enemy anti-air radar in a previous playthrough of this mission. If you haven't already, replay the mission and throw some explosives at the radar (you find it in the same enemy camp that has the antennas you must destroy). At the start of this video I select the new landing zone, that's where you can also find the enemy radar. In your next playthrough select the new landing zone in the enemy camp and shoot down the antennas with your helicopter's minigun. That's it, you won't even have to leave the helicopter. *Glitch Warning* Some players have reported that their rank for mission 4 doesn't save (it only shows as "-" in mission select). This happens when you destroy the blue glowing radio console in this mission area (either in free roam or during the mission) then the enemy's satellites (which you are supposed to destroy) are rendered useless and the mission's only main target becomes irrelevant. Having this glitch voids the Elite trophy, it won't unlock even if you get S-rank in all the other missions! You won't get the other in-game unlocks for all S-ranks either (meaning key items) so it voids the Collector trophy as well! If you have this glitch you must start a new game from scratch so delete your save game and start over. There is no fix for this so we can only wait and hope for a patch in the future. Mission 5: Over The Fence To the west of the enemy base is a crack in one of the rocks. Climb up and you can skip almost all enemies. There are only two guards where the prisoner is. Put them to sleep and get the prisoner. There's a hole in the ceiling, put him there and use the Fulton device to extract him. Now simply get back to your horse and ride away to escape the hot zone. Mission complete!
  9. Banner by MikelAL93 Welcome to my walkthrough for the Japanese PS3 game WHITE ALBUM ~綴られる冬の思い出~ (White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide). With this walkthrough, you can achieve the for this Visual Novel without having any Japanese knowledge as it lists the same choices I made on the road to my own . If you follow this walkthrough, make sure you choose exactly what I write as choice for that day. If you choose something else instead, you will have problems over the course of that playthrough as events or conversation options may not appear. Every decision matters in this game and influences future events and conversations in terms of how the flow of your playthrough will work out. Events and conversations also very often require having viewed another event or conversation before it, so even if a choice may appear weird at first (for example choosing a different character than one whose ending you are working on for that playthrough), it may be a requirement for something later, even if it means levelling up the conversation type. If you want to earn the by yourself, but want to know the requirements for events or tricky conversations, please check the Trophy Guide for full lists of events and conversations for each character. Due to how this game is structured, this is not a walkthrough in the sense that you can follow it at any point in the game in case you are stuck. If you screwed up somewhere and events do not trigger as you would expect, you can either continue to the end of the playthrough (and the Normal ending will very likely be achieved) or you start over with a new playthrough or you refer to a manual Save you made (though you might have made a wrong choice earlier than that). During the walkthrough, I will not tell you when you should save. You can manually save at any time, be it during an event or right before a choice. You can even save when the choice is displayed, and when loading this save, you will be right before the choice again. To save, press and select the first menu option セーブ (Save). Depending on whether you have played White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide already or not, you might not need to play through the full walkthrough. These are the possible scenarios and how you should use this walkthrough: You did not play White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide at all yet. Start with Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Not Unlocked) and continue with Playthrough 2. Ignore Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Unlocked). You played White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide, but did not see Yuki's or Rina's ending yet. For this walkthrough, it means the same as not having played it, so start with Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Not Unlocked) and continue with Playthrough 2. Ignore Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Unlocked). You played White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide, and you have unlocked Sayoko, but did not get any of the nine Conversation Complete trophies yet. Since you probably do not know which conversations you have unlocked already, I would follow the full walkthrough. Start with Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Unlocked) and continue with Playthrough 2. Ignore Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Not Unlocked). You played White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide, and got some of the nine Conversation Complete trophies already. In this case, you do not need to follow the full walkthrough. You can refer to the following list which playthroughs you must play for each character to get their Conversation Complete trophy. I would start with the last playthrough for the particular character, because in general later playthroughs cover the more trickier conversations, which you most likely miss. (You should have unlocked Sayoko already, but if for some reasons not, start with Playthrough 1 (Sayoko Not Unlocked) and continue with the following list for the characters you miss). Akira: Playthroughs 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 15 Eiji: Playthroughs 3, 4, and 6 Haruka: Playthroughs 5, 6, and 8 Mana: Playthroughs 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13 Misaki: Playthroughs 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14 Rina: Playthroughs 3, 5, 6, and 9 Sayoko: Playthroughs 2 and 10 Yayoi: Playthroughs 3, 4, and 9 Yuki: Playthroughs 1, 3, 9, 12, and 16 On a typical day, you can choose your location at the beginning of the day. Press or to switch between the areas. The game defaults the first area which is your 自宅 (Home). Here is a full list of possible locations in the six areas, from left to right: Area 1: 自宅 (Home) Area 2 Left: 繁華街 (Shopping District) Right: 伊吹町駅 (Ibuki Town Station) Area 3 Left: 公園 (Park) Right: マナの家 (Mana's House) Area 4: 悠凪大学 (Haruna College) Area 5 Left: スポーツアリーナ (Sports Arena) Right: 新美駅 (Arami Station) Area 6 Left: エコーズ (Echoes) Right: TV局 (TV Office) Important Note: Before you start with the game / following the walkthrough, make sure you read the General Notes in the Trophy Guide & Roadmap, especially the notes regarding freezing and skipping.
  10. Stormy Ascent is probably the hardest level in Crash Bandicoot. It wasn't included in the first game because of it's difficulty. It has been released as free DLC for the N. Sane Trilogy though and it has two trophies associated with it. In the video below, I will show you how to get the "The Crown Jewel" trophy. For this, you need to get 100% of the boxes on Stormy Ascent so you unlock the gem at the end. When you leave the bonus room, you need to have 44 boxes on you, for reference. [ame] [/ame]
  11. Here's a speedrun of the full game: [ame] [/ame] You must beat The Last Guardian in 5 hours or less without dying for the following trophies: Lightning Emissary Untouchable Emissary Fleet Emissary Spry Emissary Though We Are Far Apart The 5 hour limit isn't too difficult to beat. My final time was around 4h 30min (a few minutes were loading screens). I did this on my second playthrough. There is some room for error but you can't mess up too often. Here are a few tips for the Speedrun & No Deaths: There is no way to see your in-game time. Use a stopwatch to keep track. Restarting checkpoints does not count as a death. Make use of this when you are about to die, miss a jump or fall into the abyss. Getting eaten by Trico does not count as a death. He will eat you in the antenna rooms which is part of the story and results in a cutscene. Back up your save game whenever you've completed a section quickly (USB device / PS+ Cloud). If you were slow reload that save to try again. Go to PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management to backup and restore save games. Sometimes Trico just glitches out and doesn't do what he's supposed to. The controls are also a nightmare sometimes. These are common problems and the biggest challenge in beating the 5 hour target. You always have to get lucky that Trico listens to your commands. If you are stuck for too long (more than 3 minutes) reload your last backup save. When pausing the game you should also dashboard out to the XMB (press PS-Button after pausing). This is probably not needed but the safest option as it will stop the game entirely. I started a COMPLETELY NEW GAME when doing this. After finishing the game you will see a "Continue" option in the title screen which puts you in New Game+. Just to be safe I deleted my save game and started from scratch (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management). This is probably not needed, but the safest option (you can back up your old save game before deleting it). There is no chapter select. This means the only way to practice is by reloading your backed-up save. Then play the next section until you are satisfied with your speed. Reload the save from USB/PS+ to practice the section again. The game keeps counting the time when you die (and doesn't reset timer to last checkpoint). Dying can cost a lot of time if you have to repeat long sections. Always reload the backup save when you die. R1+Triangle tells Trico to jump up. Face in the direction you want him to jump to. This is the command you'll need the most (works only after unlocking this skill a little while after first antenna). It doesn't have to be done in one sitting. You can save the game, turn off your PS4 and continue later. Bonus: If you need help with any other trophies you can find a YouTube playlist in chronological story order here:
  12. http://i.imgur.com/ipV6jnD.png http://i.imgur.com/Sr5QDMd.png http://i.imgur.com/dMLRpR0.png Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 Offline trophies: 38 (1(P), 3(G), 12(S), 22(B)) Online trophies: None Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25hrs Minimum number of playthroughs: 3+ Number of missable trophies: Nearly all, given there's no chapter select. Missable trophies marked in trophy guide. Glitched trophies: None Does difficulty affect trophies?: Need to complete the game on Madhouse + Madhouse Antique Coins Do trophies stack?: The two antique coin trophies don't stack, easy/normal does Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats, but the bonuses you get don't disable trophies http://i.imgur.com/2P6bP4F.png The 7th installment in the Resident Evil franchise. This time, the game is first person and is much more like a horror game than the previous, action based games in the series. You play as Ethan, who has received a suspicious email from Mia, his wife, who has been missing for 3 years. Ethan travels to Louisiana in search of Mia but instead finds something much worse. The platinum is fairly simple. The miscellaneous trophies are all self explanatory and there's nothing difficult there. There are a lot of collectibles however. You'll be picking up 74 on Easy/Normal and then 33 on Madhouse difficulty. This is the bulk of the Platinum and the main thing you will be looking out for. There's also a trophy for completing the game in under 4 hours, this is very easy to do however once you know where to go, etc. During your speedrun, you can combine all of the gold trophies together like I did. If the difficulty is on easy you will have no reason to use the med packs and you gradually heal over time anyway. You will also not need weapons from the box because you'll be running past nearly every enemy anyway. Tip: enemies cannot open doors in this game (besides bosses) so use that to your advantage. Overall, there's nothing difficult here besides Madhouse difficulty and even that isn't too bad. http://i.imgur.com/nBoEkzb.png Step 1: Complete the game on Easy/Normal, Getting all the Collectibles and Misc Trophies. Ending #1 I advise just playing the game for fun first, it'll mean an extra playthrough later on but the game is meant to be played without a guide and you solving the puzzles yourself. However, as this is a platinum roadmap you can get all the collectibles and misc trophies on your first playthrough. There's 74 collectibles you want to get. They consist of; 32 files, 20 Mr Everywhere, 18 Antique Coins and 4 Video Tapes. Each of the video tapes also have a trophy tied to it, besides the very first one. Here's a complete breakdown of the missable trophies and tape trophies in the order you'll encounter them in game: Can't Catch Me | Mia Video Tape Duck if You Love Life | Jack Boss Fight (Morgue) Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! | Marguerite Boss Fight (Old House) Less Is More | Somewhat missable, make sure you shoot a group of bugs with a shotgun Back Off, Mrs. B! | Marguerite Boss Fight (Old House) Fly Swatter | Marguerite Boss Fight (Greenhouse) Out Before Dessert | Happy Birthday Video Tape That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball | Remote Bombs on Wrecked Ship Also, after reaching the Pier you'll be given a choice. Picking one with give one ending, picking the other will give another. Pick whoever you want your first playthrough and remember to pick the other on one of your subsequent playthroughs. Also try to create one of each item in the game. There are 8 different items you can make, which are done by combining something with either a chemical or a strong chemical. More info on that can be found in the trophy guide. This does not carry over between playthroughs so you need to make all 8 in one playthrough. Upon completing Step 1, you will earn: She's Alive Welcome to the Family, Son You Ain't Gettin' Away The Grave Will Out the Truth You Better Start Running Into the Depths End of the Night Playing it Safe The Nightmare's Finally Over Behind Closed Doors Arms in the Air A-ha! Master of Unlocking Nice Try Open Your Eyes In the Bag Things Got Personal Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! Back Off, Mrs. B! Duck If You Love Life Less is More Fly Swatter That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball 1st Place at the Science Fair Can't Catch Me Out Before Dessert Be Kind, Please Rewind Pelicans in Your Pocket The Devil Is in the Details He's Here, There, Everywhere! Mr. Nowhere Step 2: 4 Hour Speed Run, Item Box Trophy, Med Kit Trophy. Ending #2 Hopefully you remember everything from your first playthrough, if however you get stuck at any point you can pause the game and that'll stop the timer. You can check your current time on the pause menu by going to "Stats", this'll show your time played. This step should be fairly easy, you will finish the game much sooner than 4 hours. Aim for the following Milestones and you'll beat it under 4 hours easy enough (took me 2 hours 20 minutes) Jack Baker Boss (Morgue) - Before 1 hour Marguerite Baker Boss (Greenhouse) - Before 1 hour 30 minutes Jack Baker Boss - Before 2 hours 30 minutes Wrecked Ship Elevator Repair - Before 3 hours Final Boss - Before 3 hours 45 minutes These times are just a guideline, you'll do it much quicker than this. Just remember, if you get stuck, pause the game and look for what to do. Dying will add to the time so try to avoid that. The other two things you want to focus on is using the item box and using med kits. You are FORCED to use the item box 3 times in the game so you can't use it at all. However, if you die to a boss it'll say "Manage Items" on the death screen, you can use this and it won't count as an item box use. As for the med kits, just don't use any and don't accidentally press . You get to use 3 of them anyway so save those 3 for emergencies. Upon completing Step 2, you will earn: Just A Memory Now Just Get Me Outta Here Resource Manager Walk it Off Step 3: Madhouse Difficulty and Madhouse Antique Coins Madhouse is unlocked once you complete the game on Easy/Normal. It changes the game up quite a bit by adding enemies to different places and moving items about such as the keys, bullets etc. You will go into the critical health state in one or two hits at full health and there are about 15 checkpoints over the whole game. To save the game, you need to use the newly added Cassette Tapes to the Tape Players. Adding one allows you to save once. There are plenty of these so make sure you save a lot as you will have more than enough. You will have all the bonuses from the past two steps at your disposal though so this will make things much easier. As soon as you get to an item box, take out the: Albert, Circular Saw, Essence of Defense, Secrets of Defense (you need to play on Normal to get this one), X-Ray Glasses. The walking boots are optional, as the don't do much and take up an inventory space. The main thing you will be using this playthrough is the circular saw. It is very powerful and when combined with the essence/secrets of defense you pretty much cannot die. Those two defense items make it so you take no damage from blocking, you need to hold out the circular saw on an enemy then block when he is about to attack. This works on all enemies besides the insects and the big molded who puke on you. If you can master this you will have no trouble. There are 33 antique coins you also need to get on this playthrough and they are in different places from the previous antique coins. Follow the included video for locations of them all. If you missed any of the other trophies, try and get them done this step. If you don't then you'll need to do another playthrough on Easy after this to clear that up. Be very careful as well to pick up antique coins again if you die. If you die they don't save and you need to pick them up again, you wouldn't want to get to the end of the game on 33 antique coins. Upon completing Step 3, you will earn: Who's Your Daddy Now? Mad Pelicans Biosplattered
  13. Banner and Headers by HaoleDave This 100% Walkthrough is the property of the writer and playstationtrophies.org. This work and its contents cannot/may not be used anywhere else without written permission from the aforementioned parties. If you have found this guide or any other threads that I maintain useful and are compelled to join this forum as a consequence, please give me a referral upon signing up here! Following this walkthrough should net you: Forest Explorer Clear all the Forest stages. Jungle Explorer Clear all the Jungle stages. Desert Explorer Clear all the Desert stages. Chaos Explorer Clear all the Chaos stages. Note: This is not a comprehensive guide for collecting stars, see Dreamals ~ Trophy Guide & Road Map for that.
  14. I actually finished this game when it first came out but would love to play it again and get all the endings. Frankly, I want a complete walkthrough of the whole game. Doesn't have to be 100% but shows exactly where to go. Does anyone know any good youtube walkthrough that's not a complete Let's Play noobtube? I've come across many of them that are basically glorified Let's Play bullcrap. I don't have time to watch someone walking around like an idiot looking for a way out.
  15. I found this on GameFaqs. Thought people who were still playing this, or trying to trophy horde, would like that it tells you the names of the items in each level, so you can tell where you missed something, if you missed something. GameFAQs: Murdered: Soul Suspect (X360) FAQ/Walkthrough by nyiaor2
  16. I will add more guides in the next few days. Hope this is helpful You can find the whole playlist [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZar1l4WZj8]Alien Isolation - Reactor Maintenance without dying MIND YOUR STEP Achievement/Trophy Guide - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMN4lbLDFWw]Alien Isolation - Schematics A TRUE ENGINEER Achievement/Trophy Guide -Construct each craftable item - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohPesMSyLJE]Alien Isolation - LIGHT EM UP & BACK OFF Achievement/Trophy Guide - Use flamethrower on alien - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s6HlUKrhfI]Alien Isolation - MY TURN NOW Achievement/Trophy Guide - How to Kill android using maintenance jack - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OEC6e8BfGI]Alien Isolation - STUNNED Achievement/Trophy Guide - Knock down a human or stun an android - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U7FwJgQiDM]Alien Isolation - JUST OUT OF REACH Achievement/Trophy Guide - Escape comms without Android attack - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TOZ7_6qs5k]Alien Isolation - HIDE RUN SURVIVE Achievement/Trophy Guide - Quarantine without being killed - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELlPOyxU17A]Alien Isolation - RETREAT FROM FIRE Achievement/Trophy Guide - Cause Alien to retreat from molotov - YouTube[/ame]
  17. http://i.imgur.com/tOyaJ0q.png Welcome to my Authentic Solo Walkthrough. You can beat Authentic and earn the Achievement solo or in Co-op Mode. I will show you the Solo method. It is not too hard and the most Time we crouch and sneak through the Mission with minimum Enemy contact. As pure Stealth Walkthrough currently are Mission 1-7 Online. Mission 8 is a mix of Stealth Walkthrough (Canyon) and normal stealth "kill all" Playthrough (Hangar). In the Hangar are so many Enemies, and you must kill all and so much can go wrong. You will be detect to 100% there. If you fast enough with the Welrod, it is not a big problem, otherwise you need a really good aim and a good coverpoint. If you have any problems to follow my Walk / Playthrough for the 8th Mission, simple kill all Enemies with Sound Masking, loot the Bodies and go further. Thats the only other easy Option for this Mission. Some Facts about the Walkthrough: the most time full Stealth The routes have been tested multiple times The routes are quick and easy (except the 8th Mission with 48min, all other <16min) Straight to the target / end of a Mission One continuous run (No Cuts!) All Cutscenes skipped to avoid spoilers. No commentary. http://i.imgur.com/OweCBMF.png [spoiler=7] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nRtNdjfEvM]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 1 Siege of Tobruk - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/wScewlP.png [spoiler=1] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dTu8HlUcvo]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 2 Gaberoun - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/2yl3beO.png [spoiler=2] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJEdutOGMC4]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 3 Halfaya Pass - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/4m6G1EP.png [spoiler=3] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucRUU30F-yY]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 4 Fort Rifugio - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/pgeXDFr.png [spoiler=4] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_WCCXwWzlY]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 5 Siwa Oasis - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough (Top Officer Way) - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/rAxF4ur.png [spoiler=5] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQUzoKHvIfU]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 6 Kassarine Pass - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/7Wqlxky.png [spoiler=6] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZIRpP7-4yg]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 7 Pont du Fahs Airfield - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/W0BHTxc.png [spoiler=9] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMqYrfyuHR8]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 8 Ratte Factory - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walk / Playthrough - YouTube[/ame]
  18. THAT'S YOU! MINI TROPHY GUIDE So since there is no trophy guide available currently. I thought i might be of use, to create a temporary guide of the easiest way to getting platinum in this game. I'm very close to platinum, so i thought i'd share how i did it. Anyone who wants to create a trophy guide for this game in the future can by all means use this info as their own. STEP 0: This is the most important step. Before getting any trophies, i would highly recommend using an android emulator, especially for Prolific Creators which is the hardest trophy in the game due to the trophy not being able to be completed online. This trophy has to be done with 6 local android devices. So there's THREE options you can take here. 1. Bring 5 android-using friends round OR 2. Find 6 android devices around the house OR 3. Use an Android Emulator If your only option is the Android Emulator then be sure to follow these instructions. The only downside to it, is you need a decent computer/laptop to run 6 android emulations at the same time. A computer/laptop with a 4GB RAM has no chance. My computer has a 8GB RAM and CPU was maxed out with just 5 emulations running. Personally I used 4 emulations on my computer, and used 2 android devices (phones) because having 5 emulations up caused one of them to keep crashing. So to do the emulation method, you NEED a good computer. When it comes to the actual program download for the android emulator. I highly recommend using BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a free android emulator which you can create as many emulations as you want. Download it from the website, once you have opened the newly installed program, you'll see yourself on the My Apps tab of your 'android'. Find and install the That's You app using the search field. Once the app is installed, go back to the My Apps tab and click the 'Multi-Instance' button in the bottom right of the window. Press '+New' to add new emulations using the SAME ACCOUNT (Clone), this way you don't need to setup the same emulation over and over again Open the That's You app on all the emulations you need. And you are all set. STEP 1: Using whatever 6-device method you have chosen above, the first thing you should concentrate on is the two 6-player trophies. Prolific Creators trophy requires you to play at least one game on each android device before being able to use drawings/questions that you have made. So with all different devices connected, choose a different background card for each device out of the 12 background cards (for the Unique Profile trophy) then play a single 6 player game all the way through (you can speed through this first game without worrying about trophies). Then before you start a 2nd 6-player game, go to the menu screen on the That's You! app and on each device, you need to create a drawing/written question (before you press play). To assure the trophy to pop, you need create 3 drawings and 3 written questions each on different subjects. You can create a drawing/written question for any of the choices in those subjects. This is how i set mine up: Android 1 - Drawing #1 (The Wild) Android 2 - Written #1 (School) Android 3 - Drawing #2 (Travel) Android 4 - Written #2 (Going Out) Android 5 - Drawing #3 (Mystery) Android 6 - Written #3 (Love) When making each profile for the 2nd 6-player game, use a different background card for each device out of the 6 that you DIDN'T use in the last game (so you will have used each background card once each from these two games). And make sure to add your created questions into the upcoming game by pressing button at the bottom of the screen after you have entered the name of the profile. NOTE: MAKE SURE ALL DEVICES ARE STILL CONNECTED BEFORE EACH QUESTION, AND NOT 'AWAY' (DISCONNECTED/CRASHED). IT MAY MISS OUT ONE OF THE ENTERED DRAWINGS/WRITTEN QUESTIONS AND YOU'LL NEED DO IT AGAIN. After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - Full House - Prolific Creators - Authority - Is earned while doing Prolific Creators - Doodling - Is earned while doing Prolific Creators - Unique Profile (5/28 Complete) STEP 2: You've got the hardest/most awkward trophy out the way now, the rest are easy and simple. For this step you'll be doing a 5-player game and a 4-player game, one after the other. Don't worry about any of the other trophies just yet. After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - High Five - All for One (7/28 Complete) STEP 3: In the next two steps will be two different 3-player games for two different groups of trophies. In this 3-player game, you'll be getting all the random trophies. So firstly, although you might have already done it by now, on one of the android devices, take a picture when creating the profile using a distortion effect (just use any of the camera effects e.g. mirror etc), take the picture to unlock the Impressionist trophy. What you are gonna want to do now is play the game and wait until a 'drawing question' pops up. On this question, use all the colours available on the drawing you see before you for the Colour-full trophy (if you haven't earned it already). On this same drawing question, have all devices vote for their OWN drawing as the best and on one of the devices, place a joker on their OWN drawing. These instructions will unlock two trophies. Now for the remainder of the game, you'll want to make sure all three players are within 400 points of each other by the end of the game. This'll earn you another trophy (you may have also gotten this already if you afk'ed the first 6-player game like i did). At the end of the game you should unlock the 3-player trophy and you will have completed 5 games at this point if everything has gone to plan. After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - Impressionist - Colour-full - Anarchy - Baby Carrot - Close Call - Three's a Crowd - Novice (14/28 Complete) STEP 4: This is the other 3-player game you will do. I've kept this one separate because a lot of the trophies in this one will require you to have all devices gain full consensus (all vote for the same answer). So for the very first question of the game, you need to have each of the 3 devices to vote for the same answer to unlock the Good Start trophy. On the second question have everyone vote for the same answer, but have all of them put a joker on the same answer too. This should unlock two trophies (Maximum Return and Joker Full House). As the Broad Knowledge trophy requires you to have full consensus on each question type, i would suggest voting the same answer for every question on this 3-player game, to be sure it pops in the next step. Also, for the last trophy in this step, when you come across the drawing question and photo question, remember who you had all devices vote for on either of them, and make sure to have all devices vote for the exact same profile on the question that didn't come up. e.g. So, if drawing game came up first and all three devices voted 'profile 1', when the photo game comes up later, have all devices vote the same 'profile 1' again. This will unlock the last trophy in this step (Artist). After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - Good Start - Maximum Return - Joker Full House - Bestseller - Artist (19/28 Complete) STEP 5: In this step you'll be doing a 2-player game for the remainder of the random trophies. In this game, you will need maximum score. Before starting the game, make sure to input a created drawing/written question in the game for each device to get full consensus on a gallery question. So for both devices, have them both vote for the same answer every single time, and also make sure both devices put jokers on every time they are available, you will need maximum score and to have no more jokers by the end of the game - to maximize your score and for a trophy. Getting full consensus on all questions should trigger the last trophy of this step. After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - Broad Knowledge - Peas in a Pod - Planning Ahead - Two's Company (23/28 Complete) STEP 6: There's only one trophy in this step and if you didn't boost any of the trophies already mentioned, then you likely haven't played an online game yet. This trophy requires someone on your PSN friends list to have the game. So check the boosting thread on this game's forum for a boosting partner for this trophy or simply play with a friend on your list who has the game. After this step, you'll earn the following trophies: - Friends Without Borders (24/28 Complete)
  19. Hey all, I just platinum'd Linelight using a few videos on youTube in an eyelash over 8 1/2 hours (could be done WAY quicker if you give it your full attention). I do not take credit for these videos, I just thought anyone stuck could benefit from these. Enjoy! Credit goes to esterTion L [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  20. Hello, I have been doing a full Platinum Trophy walkthrough on my youtube channel these past 2 days. It is far from complete but Im posting several videos per day as I go. I thought someone here may want to see and use it . Everything trophy related will be covered and even some extras that will make the game easier like the drake sword and other such things. However its not a 100% items guide so I wont be collecting items that are not necessary for the platinum and that do not bring real advantages. Here is the link to the first part:
  21. Here's a link to the game guide. Hope you guys enjoy. It's version 1.00, but already have all trophies included, get them as soon as possible! https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/246746-onimusha-warlords/faqs/76768
  22. What would be a good strategy to enjoy the game AND get the platinum in reasonable time? Roadmap (for cowards) 1) Peaceful (get used to the game and get the regular ending) 2) Creative (speedrun for Vegan trophy, 30 min) 3) Creative (all remaining single player trophies) 4) Normal (get enemy related trophies incl. Crafty) 5) Co-op (multiplayer trophies) Edit: I updated this post with info from Shabadoo_Shrimp's comment, some YouTube guides and my own experiences. Perhaps the info I gathered is useful for someone who makes a full trophy guide. Edit 2: Removed my collection of tips and started a full trophy guide.
  23. [ame] [/ame] Walkthrough video for all trophies
  24. [ame] [/ame] Walkthrough video for all trophies
  25. [ame] [/ame] Walkthrough for all trophies
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