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  1. Hey guys nice to meet you. I just got a Playstation3 and I was thinking about getting Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham city and maybe even Arkham Origins. I was just wondering is the graphics any good, will it be anything like Lego batmans combat or stealth, can you make your own super hero and all that? Or is it on an entirely different level from LB1,2 and 3? If so, is it for the better, or worse. I don't like spending money only to be dissapointed in the end. Lastly are the trophys easy to achieve, or do I need DLCs for the game like I a friend of mine did. Thanks in advance, and can't wait to make a name for myself here. PS: I am a major Splinter Cell fan, I will definitely be getting them once I am able to find any in stores.
  2. Hello everybody ! To be honest, I tried boosting it with a friend but it was almost impossible to found each other so I did it myself by playing. I'm quite good at FIFA, but not a FIFA god eather (I'm always in D1 at the end of every FIFA but I'm not crushing everybody). I have a few advice and a really nice trick for you though : - Play slowly : I only use R2 with my ST or RW/LW because it's easier to build a proper attack with your CM by playing it slow - Use X and L2 when you defend : by doing that it's way harder for the opponent to pass your defenders - Use the R1 + X passing technique : when you do that your player is passing the ball teally fast, if you have players with high dribbling they should have no trouble to receive that kind of passes and thoses passes can break down defenses - Last advice, I usually try to score really early in the game by putting my tactical option on Ultra Attacking/High Pressure, and then when I'm in the lead I go on Ultra Defensive/Counter Attack (of course I play like this, it's just an advice). And now the little trick that is quite useful I think : so I'm not sure the link will be the right one for americans or people form all around the world (I'm from France) but I use this : https://www.easports.com/fr/fifa/game-data/stats/OPPONENTID/fifa16-ps4/futSeasons Just replace OPPONENTID with your opponent's ID and it will show you his numbers, how many wins, how many losses, etc. It's really useful to avoid people with big ratio that you will have no chances to win. If the link does not work for you, try to find your page by going on the Ultimate Team Web App, click on the green arrow on the top right corner and click on a friend's ID, you get the trick I hope this is going to help some of you. Sorry for all the mistakes, again, English is not my first language :-) Peace ! Happy trophy hunting !
  3. Chapter 1 - The first commander you can kill silently by dropping out of the duct vents. You can restart latest checkpoint and your kills will keep going up. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3sw7b3TRwI[/ame]
  4. Ahoy! Whether you're a pirate, privateer, or just a patron of the PlayStation nation, thank you for stopping by. Here's a guide I made for the combat in AC4: I felt like I got a lot of support from you guys on my ACU videos, I'm grateful for that. So I got the resolve to make one for AC4. Keep in mind that most of the strategies in that video can also be applied to the combat in AC3 and Rogue. I would even say that some of the ideas can be carried over into Brotherhood and Revelations (though the controls will be slightly different). If you have any comments, feedback, or criticisms, please feel free to let me know. I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to making videos, it's something I want to keep improving at. May prizes, plunder, and adventure be yours!
  5. Hello, I recently created a few videos to help anyone that may be having difficulty with some of the stealth or combat. Most of the videos are around 3 minutes, and I plan to keep them as concise as I can so that anyone using these vids can get back into the game asap. I plan to create at least one more episode for the Combat series. Thank you for stopping by, I hope these help someone. https://www.youtube.com/user/FebUSAlf/videos Shooting through walls is possible if you're having difficulty with any stealth missions: Strategies for the Seekers & Officers archetypes: Strategies for Defenders & Brutes archetypes: Episode 3 The Flow of Combat Arno & Elise music video - Waking Dreams
  6. These are my little tips and trips for beating the final level of surviving 20mins. I decided to bring water and fire, so that I have both destructive and slowing powers. -When the stage starts try to flip between the two spawn points, spamming rain then freeze/fire trail powers going up the stairs on each. -Continue on killing them, while remembering to spam the rain over converging pathways/ over big groups of enemies. Then when you feel the waves get less, and there is only a few workers remaining (preferably kill them so there is just one left) use rain on the last one continuously to prelong the wave/ wasting time, before killing him just before he constructs another part of the tower, and the ships spawn. -When the ship icon appears, wait untill the very last second before pressing (as the timer still continues ticking untill you move to the ship section, but be careful not to run out of time to hit it ). -If you see scaffolding, then try and save up your single fire blast power ( up to level 3 red mana which you can get by letting it recharge/not using it) so that you can break down the wooden bits, to reduce the workers progress. -Remember to listen for the siege tower drum sound, and take it out ASAP (it takes 2 hits with a power, and remember that your ultimate only does 1 hit, so be aware of that). -When using your ultimate (especially the water one), try and remember that you can use your normal powers at the same time at the top of the tower, while the water floods the bottom. This is useful because even if the water ultimate is charged up it still doesn't reach the top sometimes. -Also when using the fire ultimate remember to try and aim it at the very top of the tower: 1. So it has a chance of destroying some incomplete buildings. 2. So that it has a bigger area of effect/ is more likely to kill workers coming from multiple angles. Hope this is helpful for people
  7. David I think his name is? When using Elle in the restaurant on the end of Lakeside Resort Stage, I can get the first 2 hits in but then the 3rd im always dying! I cant seem to shake him for even a second.. Any tips on losing this guy a 3rd time to get that final blow in?? Really struggling here, its taken me the better part of 3 hours just to get up to this part in the stage, I cant turn off my PS4 now until I finish this
  8. Just started this last night. Tbh at first I found the aiming system really horrible, Chris keeps tracking his partner, got annoying. Is this normal? How did you guys kill that big badass dude with the massive axe in chapter 1-1? He just owns me, and with Chris being a bit of a dick its getting a bit frustrating. Any tips would be much appreciated. Also, Ive found a few treasures like golden clocks etc, can I sell these or is it best to hang onto them?
  9. Today I was playing on my PS4, turned it off, when I came back to it... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbkTfxvGd5I]Playstation 4 Won't turn ON / Playstation 4 ne zeli se upaliti (Amazon UK) - YouTube[/ame] This problem happend... I can't ship it to warranty, and I can't bring it to the official Sony place thing (idk what it's called) in here, since I bought this console a while ago and I lost the receipt, and I have the playstation warranty phamphlet, But it says that the dealer has to fill out the details but they didn't when I bought this PS4 :mad: . I honestly don't know what to do Any tips on fixing this manually or anything else in general?? Edit: It turned on for around 10 seconds, ejected the disk, took it back in then turned off...
  10. Today I finished \\NETWORK_3A and now have all Breach-related trophies. Here's a list of things I found out myself or glimpsed on various forums and videos. It's mostly a brain dump, hopefully it's going to be useful to someone and Breach will be a less painful experience (let's be honest, it's still going to hurt). BEFORE YOU TOUCH BREACH --(Strongly Recommended/Required): Collect all 30 Breach software in the main game during a single playthrough. You can sell them to a vendor in Prague for 1,000 credits a piece which gives you 30,000 credits. Those will come in handy for all the Praxis kits. Check this guide: The vendor can be found here (Northern Prague, green spot number 14): Map of the northern part of Prague - M3 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Game Guide | gamepressure.com Each Breach will give you a reward pack in Breach which you awards you with weapons, Firewall keys (more on these later), credits, weapon parts, abilities, and consumables (biocells and stimpacks). --(Optional): Play System Rift DLC where you'll meet ShadowChild, the Breach narrator, and get some context on one of the Darknet files you may be working on. BEFORE YOU START Here are random tips that may answer a few questions about Breach: --You need to complete servers in the following networks: \\NETWORK_00 (tutorial network) \\NETWORK_1A \\NETWORK_1B \\NETWORK_2A \\NETWORK_3A You don't need to finish all servers as long as your completion rate is above 15% or so. Then you can enter the next network and leave the rest unfinished as long as all the Darknet file servers are accessible when you unlock them. --You don't need to aim for all data/speedrun/score objectives, and if you sold all 30 packs in campaign, you should have enough firewall keys to get all the way to the end. --Firewall key fragments and keys can be bought with credits (or real money, DON'T!), won from completing All Data challenges in a level, or you can get them from reward packs. 10 fragments will give you one key. You'll need around 6 keys (60 fragments) to unlock paths between servers blocking the way out of the network. You don't need to use them for anything else such as getting more daily challenges or unlocking reward nodes. You can also get one fragment for each map you clear with all collected data but that's not necessary IF you gathered Breach pieces in the main game. --The only time you need to worry about completing more servers is when you're given a Darknet server (Darknet files are story-driven sequences where you break into specific servers) which is off the main path. You need to complete all servers on the path to the Darknet node. --Grind very early. About 10 servers into Breach, a new mechanic will introduce disadvantages based on your style of play. If you go guns blazing, enemy offense is increased, if you go stealth, defense and delay are increased. I recommend grinding as early as \\NETWORK_1A S01 which has a single data tower, and can be finished in about 10 seconds. I managed to go up by 25 levels in about 3 hours just on this map. Ideally you'd be around 45 to comfortably finish \\NETWORK_3A. DO NOT move forward in the network, stay on the same server. --Speaking of the new system, max levels for Damage, Defense, and Delay are 10.5. Damage increases weapon damage, Defense increases enemy health and Delay decreases efficiency of your ammo and makes hacking more difficult. Each time you finish a level, one or more of them increase until the max level is reached. You can get Nuke Viruses which decrease one or more categories by a specific amount, such as -1 for viruses in all categories, and -2.5 for a single category. --The types of maps you'll encounter are: --data extraction: find data towers, each will give you certain amount of data and when you reach a threshold, the exit will open and a time limit will start (this is true for all server types). You need to escape within the time limit, otherwise you'll fail. --collect data fragments: similar to data extraction but you collect small fragmentsplaced around the level. --eliminate units: kill specified number of enemies (soldiers, cameras, drones, turrets); if you raise an alarm, more units will spawn which gives you better chance of dealing with weaker enemies. --eliminate Prime Unit: boss fights, usually smaller maps with very few enemies and a boss unit which needs to be destroyed. --transport data sphere: in later networks, you're ocassionally tasked with transporting a sphere from between two points, if you drop the sphere for more than a few seconds, it's returned to its default position. Sometimes there are also unremovable modifiers which make the level objectives harder: --time limit: self-explanatory, however, time limit means that all alarms in the map are active and some doors locked unless you have certain augmentations --stealth: if you're detected, you fail and need to restart the map. --health drain: on a few Darknet servers, your health decrease every second (so it's very similar to a time limit) and if you die, you need to restart the map; there are items which give you more health, essentially increasing the time you have to complete the level; alternatively, your health only decreases when you're not moving which is easier to handle AFTER YOU START --Focus on Stealth augs: this is not an option but a necessity. Unlike the main game where you can choose which approach to take, Breach is heavily skewed towards using stealth. If you're aggressive, you may find that you can't progress beyond certain point because enemy units are bullet sponges, and each fight takes minutes to complete. --There are no ammo drops, you need to buy everything -- ammo, biocells, stimpacks. Good news: I never used a single biocell or stimpack, and you can't forget them, your only concern should be ammo. --The game forces you to unlock jump aug first and it's a good idea to buy double and triple jumps, too. Then focus on energy upgrades and buy capacity upgrades first. Then focus on your cloak aug and buy both the energy efficiency upgrades, too. Continue buying energy augs until you max them out. I'd recommend buying smart vision next and then focus on health. --Forget armor, PEPS, Tesla, and any other augs related to combat. The only useful aug here is Slow Time which will make boss fights easier but you don't have to have them equipped all the time since you have limited pool of memory, and each aug takes some space. If you don't know which aug to upgrade, jumps, energy, cloak, hacking, health and punch through walls are all good choices. --Good optional augs are Icarus Dash for quick movement around levels, and Titan Armor with EMP upgrade to cancel damage from red and blue "flames" which will appear in later levels and damage your health (red) and sap energy (blue). These flaming sections sometimes have data towers which you can activate for more data and faster exit. --You can use these videos for walkthrough of all non-DLC levels: You don't have to get all the data in the level. As mentioned previously, use the guide to get the data up to the required threshold and leave the level. --Avoid combat if necessary, use cloak when crossing lasers and getting data towers guarded by cameras. Use double and triple jumps to move vertically, and use takedowns if you need to deal with enemies. --Use takedowns as your main weapon, forget about suppressors, they don't seem to work and enemies react to suppressed shots the same as if they were unsuppressed. However, please note that you can't takedown brutes unless you first use EMP ammo or EMP grenade --Upgrade your weapons by holding triangle while you have them highlighted in your inventory. Prioritize damage and ammo capacity since these allow you to finish boss fights quickly and without reloading. You can also upgrade weapons with abilities such as increased damage to unaware units or increased damage to tracking units such as drones. These abilities can also be upgraded. --Don't upgrade weapons below B-class quality, if you're lucky, you can get an A-class or S-class weapon from one of the reward packs, so focus on these. You can break unwanted weapons to parts by holding R3. Also, sell unwanted items such as Patches, Cheats, and ammo, and these can give you credits and parts for upgrades. --Since you don't aim for high score, you can safely sell all Patches which are basically modifiers which disadvantage you in exchange for a higher score. PROTIP --You can ensure steady stream of rewards packs (8 per day at minimum): 1. Create an alt account on your console, sign it up for PSN (not PS Plus) and add your main account as a friend. Accept friend request on your main account. 2. Activate your PS4 as Primary in Settings so that you can play games on the alt account. 3. Start Breach on your alt account, play until you're introduced to challenges (somewhere in network \\NETWORK_1A but before you're introduced to the Damage/Defense/Delay mechanic). Send 3 challenges to your main account and don't advance forward in the network. 4. Win all the challenges on your main, those will give you 3 reward packs. 5. On your main, send 5 challenges to your alt account from servers on \\NETWORK_00 and beginning of \\NETWORK_1A. 6. Fail all 5 challenges on your alt account 3 times (start challenge server and quit the map). 7. Log into your main account and you'll get 5 rewards packs. The more alt accounts you create, the more challenges you can send to your main account, and the more reward packs you're going to get. I can confirm it works flawlessly, and takes about 30 minutes per day to get the 8 reward packs. === I may update this post if I have anything else.
  11. I've got 100% in this DLC so I'm gonna drop some info here that I think will help players to come. For the "Beat game without buying card from chester" achievment, you can't buy anything, not even cheat cards. Just don't visit him. If you lose a Joustus match, just close the application. The game saves after every match, so if you just won against someone else and then lost, your win will be saved, but not your loss. After beating all 4 pokemon gyms, go back to your flying ship and fight Cardia for the "Final Showdown". Beating her drops 2 of the best cards in the game, hands down. It's basically cheating after that point. Beating her also gives you access to tracking your missing cards. Access the card sub menu, press start/options, select missing cards and then press select/touchpad to see the location info. You gain a trumpet heirloom by donating money on the first pokemon gym. Also on the top left inside the bar of the first pokemon gym is a ladder that will take you to the girl that gives you the chicken card. The trumpet heirloom is required to visit the Oolong in the cave pokemon gym. Climb up the house and use the heirloom, the big bearded dude with the horn will become a portal, use the stairs to go up and use your shoulder charge on the right side of the block and fall on him to teleport and get your card. Entering the secret room of the King residence (top left wall) is really easy with the beyblade power up or the bubble power up. The hardest part of the game is beating the entire game with no upgrades (armor is fine). I recommend getting the extra charge armor above every other one. Get used to holding square (this might hurt your hand in the long run if you are playing on the vita). If you are not playing on PS3, i recommend reassigning your attack button (acessibility options) to R1 or R2 when using this armor. Doing the achievment for beating a boss stage without any heals is pretty easy if you have max health, max vigor and the rat heirloom. Just spam rats until you kill the king. You should also do this on the very first boss, the king, since he is the easiest. The achievment for killing a boss using only heirlooms is probably only doable with the bitch slap glove or the rats, assuming you don't miss a lot. I recommend the bitch slap glove, the fight is super easy with max health, since you will get health back. If you are struggling, pause and switch to the hammer so you can farm health. Each hammer hit is 2 hearts and consumes 5 vigor, while a bitch slap is 2 vigor. Both deal half heart damage to the boss. Also do this against the king. The throne pose you get from completing your painting counts as an upgrade and it will block the "All upgrades" achievment until you get it. It was my last thing before I got the achievment. The blacksmith actually plays with his friend, so for his friend card, just fight the blacksmith until you get it. After finishing a joustus match, if you won, press select/touchpad and hover over the cards to find out which ones you got 0 of. Remember that the cards you get from beating Cardi are basically cheating, so you can just grab all jewels on basically every match, if you are decently lucky enough. Unlike NG+ from other chars, in this DLC you get a money multiplier on kills (like challenge mode for Ratchet and Clank) and lose a lot of money on damage (like Sonic). Checkpoints are almost entirely removed from the game, you are locked to only 4 health and you pay money to use your heirlooms (your vigor is gone entirely). Even then, this is still easier than a NG+ no upgrades run, because you will keep every other upgrade and heirloom. NG+ is probably the best time to buy cards from Chester since it's unlikely that you will have anything else to do with your money at that point, but it's up to you if you wanna grind the first playthrough. I recommend going straight to the end of the game on your first run and then mopping up all side content after the final boss is beaten, so you can fight with upgrades. The game is a lot more fun with them. I haven't played the other DLCs in a very long time, but i felt like this DLC was way easier to speedrun. I got the time of 1h20m30s at the end and that's counting a few wipes at the final witch boss. If i remember more, I'll come back and edit, but it's unlikely. Feel free to post your own tips below and I'll (probably) edit this post and quote them (if I don't, mods feel free to. Also mods, King Of Cards expansion subforum when? thanks.).
  12. Just come over from the darkside (made a intro thread here) I loved the whole 360 community on youtube and back over on PS3t's sister site 360a, but what are your alternatives to Achievement Hunter and do games like Resistance/Uncharted/Killzone have their version of Red vs Blue style machinima ? I've never much gone for populist games sites/reviewers like IGN or Gamespot purely as I find their reviews and features more as paid advertisements than fun reliable sources of information. Any tips on what are the better ones around...
  13. I'm not taking any credit for this discovery, I'm just trying to share it with anyone who's in the same boat as I am: A connection that's less than perfect, and a scathing hatred of any patch larger than 200mb. TUTORIAL on background downloading patches (Special thanks to MohammadAG over at PS3Hax for showcasing the process) Tried this method myself, got it working on Battlefield 3 to patch it to 1.70, and I can already feel my blood pressure lowering now that this is no longer a worry for me.
  14. First of all, I want to thank bodigard and others who put up the original "I Will Survive" how to, it was very helpful. I finally got this after numerous times at just over 6 minutes. I do have the following tip to add: to me it's all about putting a lot of lead in the wolves, I would occasionally get heartshots or headshots but generally I just had to hit them 3 times and move on to the next one (maybe I'm a bad shot), so that being said, I noticed that by the time I was getting near the 5+ minute mark, I was no longer the efficient 3 shot and reloader that I was at the beggining (maybe I need more finger endurance). So, I decided to take a break when one of the areas was finishing/transitioning to the next one. I just hit start to pause it, then came back to the game about 20 minutes later. I immediately was able to shoot 3 times fast and reload, and got the trophy on the first try. FYI: I used the move sharp shooter. On a side note, has anyone experienced what I would call a glitch with the Pathfinder trophy? I went through each path(I'm pretty sure) trying my best to keep track of which ones I did in my head... no trophy. Okay, maybe I goofed, so I replayed every one, this time writing down which ones I did... still no trophy. So I played a few more thinking maybe I didn't shoot the right place on the sign or something and noticed that sometimes when you shoot a sign, you get a bullet hole on that sign, but the middle of the screen has a flash (usually on the up sign for example)... anyone else experience this? This is my only guess as to why I haven't gotten the trophy yet. Again I'm using the move sharp shooter so maybe this is a move issue? Anyway, I'm going to continue experimenting and see if I can come up with a reason, but if you have experience, I would love to hear about it. Thanks, atome0019
  15. Since I havent found a thread related to this on here, I have decided to create this thread where people can ask for tips/ give help... ...I am in need of help now. I am at the Tharsis Refinery level. I just recieved a new objective to meet up with Rico. When I proceed down the hallway, there are multiple sentry bots that keep spawning, and I have tried two things. 1) If I run, I make it near the elevator, but die as soon as I am in the open area. 2) I use the electricity guns auto aim to kill the bots one by one. Eventually, there are so many that I become surrounded and die. What should I do?
  16. I've made videos for every trophy I have unlocked so far and am going to make them for every 1. So who ever finally decides to make the Road Map and Trophy guide can use the videos below if you want. Vince Lombardi Award [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0pCZtUoz58]Madden 13 Vince Lombardi Award Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] MVP! MVP! MVP! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbiIXBFfjTw]Madden 13 MVP! MVP! MVP! Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Battle Tested and Online Level 1-9 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYwzodTJsKY]Madden 13 Battle Tested & Online Level 1-9 Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] This One Is Hard 2.0 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3MZRhC_5ds]Madden 13 This One Is Hard 2.0 Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] You're In The Game [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz6Bl1rEiE8]Madden 13 You're In the Game Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] The Penitent Man Shall Pass [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhM73IRDLQ0]Madden 13 The Penitent Man Shall Pass Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Tebowing [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNc7e_aduCU]Madden 13 Tebowing Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Made Ya Look [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_ZFLXkkEs]Madden 13 Made Ya Look Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Matt Flynn's Arcade & Verizon Scoreboard Overload [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KYHQ4kd2dc]Madden 13 Matt Flynn's Arcade & Verizon Scoreboard Overload Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Gronk Spike [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLRRVu8SG_Y]Madden 13 Gronk Spike Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Pass The Salsa [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg2q6GA-qqw]Madden 13 Pass The Salsa Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Welcome to The Community [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDejnTA6g6k]Madden 13 Welcome to the Community Trophy | Achievement - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Yesterday I was looking for tips on this trophy and found something very interesting by Arthaiin posted on GameFaqs. I thought I should show you. This is the original post if you are interested: Incredibly Easy Way to get Character Love/Strongest Harem Trophy - Trinity Universe Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs The purpose of this thread is to level up characters from level 8 to 100 in one battle (sometimes 2). When I started doing this trophy I still had 7 characters to level to 100 (They were around 8-15). With this method I managed to get them there with little more than one hour so as you can see it's pretty simple. First You want to have prinny and Rizelea properly bufffed in HP and defense with clear souls so that they can easily survive a high level lurker. Put them on your party and 2 other characters you wish to level up. Now go to susaku's path IV (post-game dungeon) and spam search till the lurker aproches. Now you want to take out his soul barrier so don't attack him just yet. Build up your IM gauge by using R1. When it's full perform ex skills with prinny untill you brake the lurker's soul barrier. If your prinny is too strong you should use the other weak characters to do this part. You may want to take some life vessels to revive the weak characters when needed. Next you will take his second barrier, You can still use prinny's ex skill and that will be faster but if your prinny is too strong it's better to use Rizelea's ex skill because that will make 0 damage to the lurker (It only does 0 damage on the second soul barrier, with the first it does full damage). When the second soul barrier is gone you can defeat him. Be sure to revive everyone with life vessels before you land the final blow. Now comes the best part, you will recieve between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 exp depending on how many exp bonuses you got while building your IM gauge! (I made this without any exp+ meteorites) This happens because when you break the lurker's second soul barrier the exp recieved is multiplied. The first soul break only gives you items so don't stop there. This can also be done on other high level dungeons but Rizelea's ex skill will do full damage on most of them. I managed to find one lurker on yoma castle that took 0 damage from prinny's ex skill on his second soul barrier but I don't recall exactly where it was... I hope this is as helpfull to you all as it was for me. Credit for this tip goes to Arthaiin from GameFaqs as I said on the begining
  18. Nothing around yet offering firm guides or tips, so this thread is just early player tips and tactics they've used. ------ Choosing difficulty: NORMAL/HARD - Its confirmed you don't need Hard setting for Platinum so the choice is purely dependent on your personal taste and skill. ------ Choosing play style: Out of the 4 choices I was tempted with 'Adventuresome' but its not a super exclusive weapon that I was hoping for. It just rewards more rainbow coins when you reach a certain point in the game. ------ Theres a free beginners boost pack in the psn store, that grants you 100 rainbow coins and 10 rainbow pearls, to help get you started. ------ During fights with loads of enemies leave any bag drops for cover, so enemies can't attack from sides or behind. Even though you get a percentage of the bags items when you've won, you get a higher chance of finding rare items if you collect them before the battle finishes. Its easier to collect them when theres just one enemy remaining. ------ When you unlock more than one character, always set your weakest to LEADER. This means if they die in battle, they'll automatically come back to life on completing the fight (saving you money on revival or wasting potions) ------ SPEED: increases your amount of turns LUCK: Increases the chance you'll critical hit or avoid being critical hit/affected by an effect (still not sure if luck affects the chance you'll find rarer items, people seem to say it does but nothing confirmed) ------ in battle lets you pick another option, when you've unlocked 2 or more moves in battle rotates your character so you can attack in different directions. ------tip by Xander45------ If a battle starts and the word 'Encounter' is ORANGE, then that means the monster you are fighting will never be seen again on the map. If the word Encounter is BLUE it means it will respawn after a few days. ------ Battle changes per day and times (still not worked out what times grant the Speed buff) Ambrosia Day - You consume less food (a good day to camp/rest) Beast Day - Enemys have lower HP Holy Day - Player skills using mana have greater impact Moon Day - ? ------ I highly recommend getting the 'Glittering Something Amulet' as soon as its available, its bare but has 5 slots for mats. Then save all your really high materials for it (things like Glowing Core's with 48HP). This way you can swap it around so someone in battle can always use it, and your not wasting your best mats on items you'll trade in for better items in an hour or so. ------tip by komori kiri------ How to get 'Level Up' trophy the easy/fast way Get the Magic Light active skill (one of the basic/early skills) and teach it to a character. Preferably one with a lot of MP like Trisha. Now all you have to do is stand near a healer and use the skill until your MP runs out. Fill your MP up at the healer and repeat until it reaches Level 50. That's it. It should take no more than 5 minutes and it will only cost you a tiny amount of money. But if you can't afford it just save before you attempt this and reload once the trophy pops. *(Learning this skill also reducing misc item space because you wont need to carry torches or lanterns). ------tip by komori kiri------ When you start a battle, any battle, the mobs spawn locations are completely random. That includes boss fights as well! So if a boss spawn on your face, escape quickly and try again until they spawn way in the back. Their minions will also help blocking their path. ------ Known list of items your best keeping hold of - tips by Lucksi & ReNeGaDe124 - 3 Imp wings (right in the beginning) 3 Sheer wings (also beginning) 6 copper 3 strange ooze (rare drop from slimes) 2 imp horns (ultra rare drop from imps) [x] HoneyCombs [x] Red Mushrooms 3 Iron Claws (rare drops from dazed stares) 4 Acid Juices (rare drops from scorpions) 4 Living Rocks (rare drops from golems) 58 ice Wings (8 for one quest/50 for another) 4 Cursed Robes (rare drops from mages) 12 Yeatcha'n Packages [x] Flotsam & Jetsam 10 Rotten Leathers *[x] can repeat, so you can keep collecting You also need Lifeless Stones & Lumber for quests and then theres the Rainbow Medals Hand in Rainbow Medals to the npc in East Cassar island. The 1st 6 rewards 3 Fight Plans, 8 more rewards a Boost buff package, 10 rewards Care package, 12 rewards ultimate items bag upgrade.
  19. Basically when the first enemies appear, hold R1 so that you are blocking and now hit L1 (Rewind time), it will start a mega freeze thing where time has frozen and if you point in the direction with the analog stick and hit square and it will kill them in one hit... do this until it runs out. I killed most of the enemies using this technique. NOTE: You have to have the same amount of full half-moons and sand tanks to use the mega freeze. LINK to video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psCT_2iqt84]Prince of Persia Sands of Time - Mega Freeze - YouTube[/ame] (video is not mine)
  20. The TE position is the fastest silver Legacy Score related trophy. The 6,125 points needed can be done in less than 2 complete seasons (took me 12 weeks into the second season). And this was on the Jaguars (where you'll be a starter, as Lewis is a 79, just get up to an 80 through preseason games) By being a "Vertical TE" on all-pro - Difficulty matters in Legacy Score, harder the difficulty, the faster it goes up! - you can get 15-20 catches a game, along with 200-300 yards and 3-5 TDs. Throw in a Super Bowl and MVP and wait for the trophy sound. Also it is a very quick way to get the 85 and 90 overall trophies, as I got to a 90 by week 10 of my second season after starting as a 79. Just do a high draft pick to have "Quick" skill progression (I haven't upgraded that to "Superstar" and I'm still improving my overall much faster than when I tried to be a HB and did so - and stalled out at a 97) For the overall trophies focus first on Catching(90)/Catch in traffic(90), then Route Running(88)/Release(84)/Awareness(89) and you'll quickly get to a 90 Numbers in parenthesis are where mine are, keep in mind a couple of those were a point lower when I actually reached a 90 Figured this could be useful to someone looking for one of those silvers without needing to play season after season after season. Hope it helps! (If anyone has questions or a suggestion for a faster way/position lemme know!)
  21. any tips for getting 4 stars on the 1st mi6 special ops mission i know you can use other people stats to but that doesn't really help me so how can get for stars on the 1st mi6 special ops mission easy
  22. So, I was playing those parts over and over like most of any of us should until get it perfectly and I got two important tips about those two location: Graveyard: Leave Yorda at the first or second step of the stairs, but at the very left side (if you saved at the bench, you are going to be at the right side when you load your game). After that, get the box in the bottom pressure plate and go to the upper one, position yourself to the left of the plate (making yorda step on it when she reaches you) and start spamming R1 to make she come. This way, you gonna make the shadows more retarded and they won't even touch Yorda before you get to the box. Proceed as you wish from that part on (you can save yorda and place the box or place the box and save Yorda > luckly for me, the shadows never reached Yorda since i got the box and held her hand before they came close, this is random but not rare, hopefully it will happen for you). Sewers: Ah, I hate this part. Not because of the shadows, but because i'm too retarded to make right the jump after you climb the pipe. Anyway, I'm horrible doing descriptions, but try to keep on: You open the stones and enter the sewer area, there will be a chain which you need to climb and the magical door. When you climb the chain, there will be a pathway/stone floor/whatever you want to call it, but i'm going to call it "Brigde". Leave Yorda right below the middle of the bridge, climb the chain, trigger the cutscene and... WTF the shadows don't go after Yorda, but after you instead Run like hell, get inside the sewers, stand on the pressure plate to open the door (just enough to get out of it and still trigger it) run like hell outside, grab Yorda like I would grab cake and run inside again! Two important notes: Don't jump to get inside again. It's stupid, I know, because it's OBVIOUS she will let your hand go, but I jumped to get inside like 6 times... Just walk toward it and both will climb to (hopefully) safety. If a shadow manage to come inside (happen me twice in 33 tries) restart or just murder it with your Outstanding Wodden Baton lvl 99! DON'T CALL YORDA AT ANYTIME! She will screw up, get scared by spiders (what I totally understand since after being shinny and a ritual vessel, she is a still woman) and the bad guys will fly to her (if they unluckly didn't already) and grab her. If you need to attack anyone or you need to search for her, you won't have enough time to get inside with her. That's all guys, please comment below if this helped anyone else, so I can PM the guide creators to add this to the guide and make a lot of other people's lives easier. EDIT: Adding Pistol Jump pro tip and Waterwheel tip! Piston Jump: really easy, just jump when the piston moves starts the animation going down. It's not how you should expect physics working, but this worked for me 20 out of 20 times. (after I realized this, I started doing the pump up for fun, lol. Got pumped up all the times) Waterwheel: Well, not much to say, just don't climb and jump straighly, climb first, then look to where you need to jump (you probably will think you can't make it in time) and jump after (it seemed like I jumped in the air, not complaining, but worked twice doing this. This is the only tip that isn't pro, because it's not 100% sure working, but worth a try.
  23. Does anybody have any tips for this level? I've already nearly broken my wrist from punching something, and nearly bitten a chunk of flesh out of my arm due to the anger this level is causing me. I got the purple heart long ago, which was no consolation. I'm at the point where you assault the big bunker, and can choose to go left or right. I am trying to go right and just cannot overcome the downpour of grenades. Now I know it's veteran mode, and therefore its meant to be hard, but this is ridiculous! Does anyone have any tips for this part? Is one side easier than the other? It's taken me so long to get this far, I can't give up now.
  24. Please post any other tips that you may have. ( and i will edit them in here to make it easier for other people to read ) (1) Creating one object and then copying it multiple times seems like a no brainer simply to lighten the work load. You can take this one step farther, for some reason the thermostat does not go up as much when using copies vs multiple makes of one item. Even something as simple as a single block of glass, made with the grid tool multiple times, fills the thermometer quicker than if you just made one glass block and copied it. When making highly complex objects this is a must. On our upcoming pinball stage we made 5 bumpers that filled over a half of the thermostat. Once we chose the design that worked the best, and copied it 4 more times the thermometer dropped to an eighth full. (2) LBP does not always have to scroll to the right. Often when playing the levels that shipped with the game you are walking to the left as well. Using the ceiling of one level as the floor to the second alleviates the need to make a second floor and thus raise your thermostat. Provided you make the ceiling/floor thick enough you can still use the cutting tool to get the contour you desire. (3) This has got to be the biggest space saver of them all. If you want to put words or numbers into your stage using stickers will save you a ton of space over making them as objects in the game. Our first level which is relatively simple filled half of the thermostat, but in subsequent levels we opted to replace the word and number objects with stickers, dropping the thermostat by almost a quarter. (4) The problem with copying and using a lot of objects and inventions in LBP is that if you do it too much your level begins to have a feel of repetitiveness. The way to stretch that copying dollar further is by flipping, resizing, and rotating. Those stalagmites can be used as stalactite or teeth on a creature. (5) Not many people actually know about this little trick, when you have made an object and you are gonna make it into gas you can change the colour instead of just green. once you select the gas tool you can move the cursor over the item you want as gas and you press [ square ] this will bring another popit up with about 7 colours like red, blue and purple. This makes levels look better. E.G there is a mirrors edge level were everything is either white or red, and it looks stupid putting in green gas so change it to red. It leaves the people that dont know this wondering. lol (6) Making secret areas. Here is a video ! [ame=http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gPMf-AXJAI]http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gPMf-AXJAI[/ame] (7) Here is a video on rollercoaster carriages. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj_SHpGs3WM]YouTube - TheWiggler - LBP Tutorial - Roller Coaster Carriages[/ame] (8) how to make a rollercoaster loop. (9) How to make FIRE ! [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqIO2dH-qNQ
  25. http://i.imgur.com/3HMSzJh.jpg ROAD MAP & TROPHY GUIDE by GUTTSU-87 This guide is only to be posted on PSTrophies.org unless otherwise authorized by Guttsu-87 The servers have closed, thus the Platinum is now unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened. Overview: Estimated platinum difficulty? See Platinum Difficulty Rating thread Number of offline trophies? 41 ((B)29,(S)10,(G)1,(P)1) Number of online trophies? 10 ((B)9,(S)1) - Unobtainable Estimated time to Platinum? 10 hours offline, 50+ hours online Number of playthroughs required? 2 (+online) Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes Missable trophies? No (chapter select) Glitched trophies? No (see the note below) Do cheats affect trophies? No cheats Introduction: James Bond is back in 007: Blood Stone. When a secret biochemical project falls into enemy hands, the United Kingdom's MI6 sends in its best operative - Bond, James Bond. James Bond 007: Blood Stone is a third-person action shooter with several driving sequences. The game features a story-driven single player experience as well as a basic online multiplayer mode. Tips and Info:- Single Player: General James Bond 007: Blood Stone uses a regenerating health system similar to games like Call of Duty or Uncharted. As you take damage, the screen will become encased in a red blur. Avoid taking damage, and the effect will dissipate, returning you to full health. If you sustain too much damage at once, Bond will be killed. Gun play Using cover is vital to your survival. Take out one enemy at a time by "popping" out of cover, killing one enemy, and then returning to cover. Use this strategy to eliminate multiple gunmen in firefights. If you do take damage, take cover until your health returns to normal, then continue fighting. Whenever possible, instead of taking cover at the corner of a wall, manually aim past the wall without taking cover. This will allow you to effectively shoot "around" the wall. You will be able to hit enemies, but they will not be able to hit you. This method is extremely helpful on the 007 difficulty. Takedowns Takedowns are hand-to-hand attacks that kill an enemy in one blow. When you perform a takedown, you are vulnerable to gunfire from other enemies during the animation. However, if you perform a takedown from cover, you will generally return to cover after the animation without suffering damage. Focus Aim When you perform a takedown, you acquire a Focus Aim attack. Focus Aim attacks are specialized moves that involve moving the crosshairs to highlight an enemy and then killing that enemy in one shot. If you have accumulated multiple Focus Aim attacks, you can chain them together to kill multiple enemies in one attack. You can store up to three Focus Aim attacks at a time. Save them for when you need them, especially on 007 difficulty. Smartphone Bond's smartphone allows you to track enemies, their movements, and what they are armed with. Use this information to avoid enemy detection and anticipate threats. The smartphone allows you to hack security cameras and door locks. During these events, a quick time minigame will appear that you must succeed at to disable the cameras and locks. The smartphone allows you to locate and scan intel pieces throughout the game. Intel pieces are associated with Full Recon and Full Debrief. Multiplayer: General Standard online shooter multiplayer rules apply. Go for headshots, utilize cover, don't go into a firefight without a fully loaded weapon, sprint when out in the open, etc. Stick with your team - there is always strength in numbers. If possible, communicate - teammates with headsets generally have the advantage. Takedowns and Focus Aims As in single player, takedowns are one-hit kills. Use this to take out other players that get too close. Also, as in single player, successully killing an enemy with a takedown earns you a Focus Aim. Use Focus Aim attacks to destroy other players. Awards and Medals Awards are accomplishments within a single match. Medals are accomplishments over your online career. Earning awards in matches earns you extra experience points, which allows you to level up faster. Leveling up gives you access to more weapons and character skins. Earning medals are required for several trophies. See the Online Medals section for details on earning each medal. It is highly recommended you boost some of the medals, especially the 007 Agent Mission medal. Check out the boosting thread to find boosting partners and tips for boosting. Glitched Trophies? Some users have reported a few trophies in Blood Stone to be glitched. However, in my experience, the trophies themselves are not glitched, but some of the requirements to obtain them are. For example, a few users have reported the final cutscene of the Burma chapter not loading on the 007 difficulty, effectively preventing them from finishing the chapter, and thus, unlocking Law of the Jungle. Note that the cutscene not loading is the glitch, not the trophy itself. There is an issue with online medals not being awarded, even after the post game results screen does explicitly reward the player with the medal. There is no known sure fire method to fixing this issue, although restarting the game (backing out to the XMB on your PS3) seems to do the trick most of the time. Walkthrough: Step 1: Finish the story on any difficulty During this playthrough, try to collect all the intel pieces. Check out the Intelligence section for details on finding each one. Also, earn all of the combat-based trophies. There are several places throughout the game to contribute towards these and they will be pointed out throughout the guide. Earn all level specific and driving sequence trophies. After completing the game, you will unlock 007 difficulty. Step 2: Finish the story on 007 difficulty This playthrough will be more difficult, as many enemies can kill you in one shot. Utilizing cover, takedowns and Focus Aim attacks are critical to surviving 007 difficulty. Also, take advantage of the "manual aim around the wall" trick. Step 3: Story Cleanup If there are any single player trophies you have not yet acquired, chapter select to the appropriate chapters and set the difficulty to Recruit to wrap these up. Step 4: Multiplayer - Unobtainable There are a variety of multiplayer trophies to earn, the majority of which involve earning Online Medals. See the Online Medals section for details on earning each medal. In addition, there are a few miscellaneous trophies to earn during multiplayer as well. Do note that, especially compared to the single player portion of the game, earning all the required medals for the trophies requires a colossal investment of time. Check out the boosting thread to find boosting partners and tips for boosting.
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