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Found 8 results

  1. This is a list of all the hidden developers times for each track which I will try and collate from various sources but I need your help! You need to beat these times on 50 different tracks in-order to get the trackmaster medals needed for the trophy. So if you get a green trackmaster medal or if you got a medal with a time which is SLOWER then currently listed, please post your times in here (along with any videos to help others), and I will add it to the list . Note: That the times listed here are the times of the BEATEN records not the exact ones, so just aim for that but even if you fall short it could be enough! Any times left blank are because I haven't got any information for it yet, so keep racing. If you are not a registered member of PST.org, and this thread has helped you, then please join the forums and become part of the best gaming community out there! If you do join, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give BinkUncia a referral . White Series Canyon Grand Drift: Track 1: 00:33.07 Track 2: 00:35.59 Track 3: 00:28.584 Track 4: 00:26.03 Track 5: 01.16.73 Track 6: 00.28.976 Track 7: 00.25.79 Track 8: 00.20.06 Track 9: 00.27.70 Track 10: 01.14.55 Video walkthrough of 1-5: Video walkthrough of 1-10: Down and Dirty Valley: Track 11: 00.27.11 Track 12: 00.28.75 Track 13: 00.27.76 Track 14: 00.20.75 Track 15: 01.31.18 Track 16: 00.27.50 Track 17: 00.27.94 Track 18: 00.22.98 Track 19: 00.21.99 Track 20: 01.12.60 Video Walkthrough of 11-15: Video Walkthrough of 16-20: Rollercoaster Lagoon: Track 21: 00.21.77 Track 22: 00.24.78 Track 23: 00.22.14 Track 24: 00.18.80 Track 25: 01.19.71 Track 26: 00.21.46 Track 27: 00.28.98 Track 28: 00.31.36 Track 29: 00.26.08 Track 30: 01.07.62 Video Walkthrough of 21-25, 26: International Stadium: Track 31: 00.24.70 Track 32: 00.23.82 Track 33: 00.24.49 (reported this time may not give the medal) Track 34: 00.27.33 Track 35: 00.59.06 Track 36: 00.24.21 Track 37: 00.27.70 Track 38: 00.17.58 Track 39: 00.29.78 Track 40: 01.16.79 Video Walkthrough of 31-35: Video Walkthrough of 36, 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 46: Green Series Canyon Grand Drift: Track 41: 00.33.76 Track 42: 00.37.14 Track 43: 00.25.54 Track 44: 00.29.92 Track 45: 02.07.24 Track 46: 00.35.94 Track 47: 00.36.56 Track 48: 00.30.84 Track 49: 00.38.16 Track 50: 01.33.67 Video walkthrough of 41,47, 48: Down and Dirty Valley: Track 51: 00.37.44 Track 52: 00.30.85 Track 53: 00.33.14 Track 54: 00.37.61 Track 55: 02.03.71 Track 56: 00.32.40 Track 57: 00.32.58 Track 58: 00.37.51 Track 59: 00.38.24 Track 60: 01.57.29 Video Walkthrough of 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 59 and 60: Rollercoaster Lagoon: Track 61: 00.33.89 Track 62: 00.31.90 Track 63: 00.36.77 (reported this time may not give the medal) Track 64: 00.34.49 Track 65: 01.21.93 Track 66: 00.32.54 Track 67: 00.31.98 Track 68: 00.36.20 Track 69: 00.33.31 Track 70: 02.06.63 Video Walkthrough of 66: International Stadium: Track 71: 00.37.70 Track 72: 00.27.58 Track 73: 00.26.27 Track 74: 00.36.00 Track 75: 01.47.33 Track 76: 00.34.77 Track 77: 00.32.90 Track 78: 00.29.49 Track 79: 00.35.39 Track 80: 01:58.54 Video Walkthrough of 71 - 80:
  2. spoonman

    locking up on PS3

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? I played it for about an hour and It's locked up twice already. I had to hold reset and until the PS3 turned off both times.
  3. I played this game's online a few times and it worked fine, honestly I was awful but it was fun and I will probably get better. Though, all day today when I try to play online, it will not work. At random times a small picture appears up on the middle of my screen (I guess it looks like a disconnected cable lead?????) and when it appears I am unable to move or do anything at all but everyone else is playing normally around me, usually it's when I get into big fights and am just froze there standing up or out of cover. A lot of times it happens right after I start shooting someone and then I can't continue and he turns around and gets me. I die every time this happens and it's near impossible for me to get kills when this is happening, am finding it really hard to do good at all. Is this the internet? My controller is fully charged and it's not going off, it's making it so hard to do the challenge things to do certain things and to get enough supplies to keep my survivor group alive! The internet is connecting my laptop to the internet fine and my PS4 to the PSN. EDIT: Sometimes it goes and leaves, sometimes am stuck and can't move for 2 minutes. I do not want to leave because then all my survivors get sick!
  4. Finally got the speed run done in 2:58.123 on Easy with all 299 saved and no New 'n' Hasty trophy pop. Anyone else have this problem. I have played the last level 3 times now trying to get it to pop but no trophy. Any one have any suggestions that will help. Thanks in advance xeyedpea
  5. SOURCE: WWE 2K15: Story, Career Modes, and More Revealed I'm glad I don't care about career mode as I'm getting the PS3 version, otherwise I'd be pretty pissed about that.
  6. Hi. Newbie here. I'm stuck in this game right now. I just need the sister route (easy one) and the Shion route to complete every single one but the last one is a little pain. I tried two times to get it following the hint option but it seems useless because I get in the end Touko's Good End everytime. Hope someone could help me with this. I wanna get this game's Platinum trophy.
  7. I fired up the tutorial upon first loading the game and it just didn't set me any of the challenges to do as listed in the trophy guide. I cleared the table multiple times, used spin etc. and nothing. I tried reselecting 'tutorial opponent' and still the same. Any thoughts?
  8. What does this number actually mean and what does the one on PSNProfiles? The one shown on the listings in PS4 is at times barely tenth of the one shown at the PSNProfiles.
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