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  1. Welcome to the PST Completionist Leaderboard! This is a leaderboard for the true completionists: those who plough through the hardest difficulties, grind out hundreds of hours online and buy rubbish/overpriced DLC just to earn that elusive 100%. If you believe that you deserve a place on the leaderboard but are not a member of the site yet, please join us here! Rules To sign up, please post both your PSN ID and automated gamercard from PSNProfiles. This is the only gamercard I will accept as it is the easiest site with which to track trophy information. Note that the completion % shown in the card is not your actual %, as PSNP's % is based on trophy values. You will need 250 posts in order to sign up to the leaderboard. This is to ensure that people don't sign up for a place on the leaderboard and then never use the site, preventing a regular user from getting on there. Hopefully it will get people more involved in the community too. You must have a completion percentage of at least 90% and have earned either 2500 total trophies or 50 to sign up for a place on the leaderboard. Furthermore, your account must be at least one year old. Regular cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited and if discovered, you will be banned indefinitely from this leaderboard. If you regretfully hacked any trophies or used save files in the past, but kept this practice to a minimum (for example, the SOCOM/FUEL hack), I will allow you to sign up but only if you explicity inform me of these trophies first. You can send this infomation to me privately in a PM. Following on from this, hidden trophies are allowed only in exceptional circumstances and have to be approved by me first. For example, as mentioned above, if you used a save file many years ago or accidentally joined a hacked online lobby and have hidden the trophies, that's OK for a maximum of two games. You must provide evidence of these before you sign up. Again, these will be accepted only for exceptional circumstances, not for games you legitimately can't complete. Shared accounts/teams are strictly prohibited from this leaderboard. If you previously had 0% games on your profile but deleted them, then this is fine as it is impossible to police. Updating I will endeavour to update the leaderboard WHENEVER I DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT! Because of other commitments and the way the Hall of Fame feature works, there will be no updating upon request. In the case of a tie in completion % to two decimal places, I will go by the total percentage. In the very small chance there is still a tie, or more likely with multiple people on 100%, the member with the highest number of trophies will be placed highest on the leaderboard. Inactive accounts will be removed from the leaderboard on the first update after one month without any new trophies earned has passed. If you start earning trophies again, you must sign up once more to the leaderboard. I hope you enjoy this leaderboard! If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to post them here or send me a PM Thanks and good luck to all! Darth_Krid
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