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Found 4 results

  1. Ok. In light of the 'Il Principe' trophy, I thought I'd share a method whereby Full Synchronization in every memory is easier to achieve. You reach a checkpoint in a memory and have not yet failed Full Synchronization. You want to save what you've done so far, without having to restart the memory if you fail Full Synchronization. Your wish is granted! If you quit the game after a checkpoint during a memory, back up your save file onto a USB and then continue the game you will see that you resume from the last checkpoint; you do not have to start the said memory from the beginning. If you fail Full Synchronization; quit the game, copy your save data back from the USB and you'll continue again from the checkpoint. Full Synchronization is yours. This method makes achieving 100% Synchronization that much quicker and easier. Quicker because you do not have to restart a memory if you fail Full Synchronization. Easier because you do not have to repeat everything you've done up to the last checkpoint. Hope this helps
  2. http://i.imgur.com/bGKJFwn.png Special Thanks to ESYLD for the amazingbanner! This 100% Sync Guide is the property of the writer and PST.org. This work and its contents cannot/may not be used anywhere else without written permission from the aforementioned parties. If you have found this guide or any other threads that I maintain useful and are compelled to join this forum as a consequence, please give me a referral upon signing up here! Following this guide should net you: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/b4b.jpgComplete 100% of all Mission Constraints Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences Note: Sequence trophy images are just for show and for markers (to help the Sequences stand out) Glitch Warning: The trophy may not pop once you complete your final memory needed. Just replay a mission (you don't even need to get 100% of the constraints) and the trophy should pop: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/028.jpgSequence 1 Memory 1: Only a Nightmare No mission constraints Memory 2: New Orleans by Night No mission constraints Memory 3: A Slave in Trouble No mission constraints Memory 4: The Safe House No mission constraints Memory 5: Taking Care of Business Avoid killing anyone After you tail Gérard, you’ll need to talk to Capitàn Dominguez, but you need to get past the guards first. Go down the docks towards the four guards, then bribe them by pressing . Once you bribe the guard, he will let you walk by, and you can speak to Capitàn Dominguez without killing anyone. Memory 6: Father’s Troubles Charm at least one guard Easy. In order to get to the second clue in tracking down what happened to the shipment, you need to get in a fenced up warehouse. There is a guard blocking your path. Go up to him and charm him by pressing . After that, you can proceed with the mission. (You can kill him once he follows you inside as it makes things easier). Memory 7: The Key to the Problem No mission constraints Memory 8: The Colony’s Good Enter the mansion dressed in the Lady or Slave Guise Once the memory starts, enter the Dressing Chamber on the eastern side of the mansion (purchase it if you haven’t already). Put on the Slave persona (as it is better for this mission) and climb the tree right in front of the Dressing Chamber. Once you drop down inside the mansion grounds, there will be a door you can enter immediately in front of you. Enter it by pressing . Kill the governor using a musket. You should already have the your fists equipped, but if not, do this now. After the cut-scene, and you enter into the governor’s room, block the first attack with , then disarm the guard’s musket with . Now equipped with the musket, just wait until the governor attacks you himself, block with , then counter with . Cue cut-scene. Memory 9: The Escape No mission constraints http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/c57.jpgSequence 2 Memory 1: The Loas Guide You No mission costraints Memory 2: The False Mackandal Complete the mission in under 2 minutes. Once Agaté gives you the blowpipe, equip the blowpipe using , then immediately shoot the highlighted target dummy by holding until the line is focused, then release . Run up the tree to the right using the vines. At the top, quickly hold and release to shoot the dummy, then eagle dive into the haystack down below. This should have taken you no more than 1 minute. Memory 3: Meet the Smugglers Kill 1 guard using fast poison. At the start of the memory, equip the blowpipe using , if it is not equipped already. After you reach the smuggler hideout, and subsequent cut-scene, shoot the first guard right in front of you with the blowpipe. (You can use the blowpipe on all the others as well). Memory 4: A Faithful Acolyte Kill the followers in 3 minutes Once you kill the alligator and take the egg, free-run on the tree right in front of you until you reach a guard on a lookout in the trees. Kill him quietly, then wait for one guard to walk over next to the guard nearest the wrecked ship. Double assassinate them both with your hidden blades. Once you kill those two, two guards will come at you, press to activate Chain Kill and kill those two. Three more will come at you, just block with and counter with on the first attacker, then chain attack the others (just press with your aimed at the target). This should have taken you 1 minute. Note: If you have already collected all Alligator eggs, have the Traveler’s Hat equipped, and are trying to do this post-game, make sure to equip a different hat (you need to go to a Tailor Shop to do this). Otherwise, the alligator in the memory won’t attack you, and you cannot move forward. Memory 5: The Second Camp Kill only the Acolyte After following Élise, go to the marker and go up the tree path. Don’t alert any of the guards. Keep following the tree path until you reach a haystack. Jump in the haystack and wait for the Acolyte to stop near the back of the camp. Once he is stopped, leave the haystack and sneak up behind him to kill him quietly. Memory 6: Eye of Saint John Perform a double assassination Another simple one. Once you get off the canoes, follow the tree path right in front of you. Kill the first guard in the trees quietly, then move to the next guard in the tree. Kill him quietly as well. After the second guard, drop down to the lower tree stump above two guards. Equip your blades. At the opportune time, double assassinate them with . (You can rush to a haystack nearby to not garner attention). Memory 7: The Whole Truth No mission constraints http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/1155/A00.jpgSequence 3 Memory 1: At the Pub No mission constraints Memory 2: Prelude to Rebellion Beat enemies with your fists One of the easy ones. Just equip your fists. Once the rioters get attacked, immediately block an attack by one of the guards using , then counter with , and immediately attack the other two before they kill the rioters by aiming your towards them and pressing . Memory 3: Elegant and Deadly No mission constraints Memory 4: Vanishing Slaves Race through the checkpoints faster than your opponent All you need to do is run towards the checkpoint (there is only one). Élise is not that fast. Just cut through the bushes if you need to. Memory 5: Storming the Fort No mission constraints Memory 6: In Vino Veritas Don’t increase your notoriety All you have to do is follow Gérald and not draw attention to yourself by climbing or hitting anyone. Carriage must retain at least 50% health Once you steal the carriage, and you're riding it, try to look ahead and see what blocks your path, turn in the opposite direction with . Sometimes Gérard is mixed up and says, “Turn left! No wait… Turn right!”, so try not to rely on him so much. If you failed to stay above 50% health, just restart from checkpoint and try again. Here is a description of turns and maneuvers needed: Turn Right Turn Right, then immediate left (it’s a bend) Stay on right side to avoid barrels Turn right (and stay on right side to avoid barrels) Turn right again (stay on left side to avoid barrels) Go straight (and try to stay on left side as 3 barrel bunches are in the middle) Turn left (stay on left side, then maneuver to right side, then maneuver to left side – like a snake) Turn left (and stay on left side) Go straight towards Place D’Armes and you’re done Kill all targets in 1 minute As soon as the tutorial to block comes up, block by pressing then press to kill the guard. Rinse and repeat till the four guards are all killed. Run up the stairs and quietly go behind the last guard and assassinate him. Memory 7: Getting Ulloa’s Attention No mission constraints Memory 8: A Governor no More Set up the ambush in under 4 minutes As soon as it starts, quickly kill the guards (do so without alerting them). Use your blowpipe to speed it up and assassinate any lingering guard who’s alone. Once the guards are all killed, go to the water tower on the roof (noted with a green marker), and press to initiate sabotage. Rush to the powder keg and pick it up, then carry it to the marked spot and drop it. That’s it. Shouldn’t take you too long to do this.
  3. Hi there! This may sound a bit weird, but is there a way to automaticly sink your trophies? If there is, I can't find out how! And I can't imagine people are keeping their scores by marking their trophies by hand ...
  4. Hello! I have a weird question that I need to set up context for so please skip this if you're not done playing.... I was enjoying this game until just now... I was directed to the tattoo parlor, but instead I went upstairs like a rebel. I tried to hack a second floor door, and it gave me 2 numbers for the code. Since I'm SO clever, I figured out the last two numbers and got in to a hallway. It was creepy, kept repeating and changing. It got MOSSY, and then when I opened the next door everything went crazy trippy then black. I tried all of the buttons... But only sometimes see my limb outlines flailing with tracers and a white box I can't click. The sync gets more and more jacked up but flatlines when I take the meds, and I can open that status/objective screen. IS this the falling through the floor glitch? I came across that in a search but it seemed to only be on PC. I guess I also thought maybe I'm dumb and can't figure out what to do next, because the game is so freakin weird I can't tell hahahah! Thanks, cheers 😅
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