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Found 3 results

  1. http://i.imgur.com/Ytuyd1k.jpg Dead Rising 2 Trophy Guide & Road Map by Lord Maim Videos by PowerPyx Overview: Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 - Approximate Time To Platinum: 50-60 Hours - Trophies: 43(B) 4(S) 3(G) 1(P) - Offline: 38(B) 4(S) 3(G) 1(P) - Online: 5(B) - Missable Trophies: Clean Records, Chuck Greene: Crossdresser?, Custom Finish, Data Miner, Death of Comedy, Duct Tape FTW, Father of the Year, Full Deck, Head Trauma, Hero of Fortune City, He hasn't covered wars..., Improper Behavior, Justice Served, Life Saver, Tough Guy - Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 2+ (Depending on Co-Op partner) - Difficulty Affects Trophies: N/A - Glitched Trophies: Better With a Friend - Cheats: None Introduction: Several years have passed since the Wilamette incident and Dead Rising 2 shifts the action from the everyday world of mid-West America to the glitz and glamor of Fortune City, America's latest and greatest entertainment playground. People flock to Fortune City from around the globe to escape from reality and the chance to win big and for some, this means competing in Terror is Reality. Like millions of Americans, former national motocross champion Chuck Greene is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King, Terror is Reality pits ordinary members of the public against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge – kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive with the wine, collecting big money and the chance to come back and secure even greater prizes. What is it that has forced Chuck to come to Fortune City and risk his life in the modern day gladiatorial contest, is he trying to recapture the fame of his motocross days, does he have a reason to hate zombies or is it simply the lure of big money? ***IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING RESTARTING THE STORY*** Dead Rising 2 offers you the opportunity at any time to restart the story from Day 1, allowing you to take your built up character and start over from the beginning. When you restart from the Quit menu, the following items carry over: Level (All stats and skills) Money Vehicle keys Combo Cards and Scratch Cards Combo weapons created (for Duct Tape FTW trophy) Clothing worn (for Fashion Aficionado and Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? trophies) Food eaten (for Finally Full trophy) Notebook (for Data Miner trophy) Shops visited (for Window Shopper trophy) Weapons used (for Death From Afar, Death of Comedy, Explosive Temper, Head Trauma, He hasn't covered wars... trophies) The following items DO NOT carry over, and will have to be performed in a single playthrough: Weapons and Inventory Zombies killed (for Zombie Fu and all the kill count trophies up to and including Zombie Genocide Master.) Survivors rescued (for Hero of Fortune City trophy) Zombrex posters spraypainted (for Improper Behavior trophy) Keys for areas of the game like the underground Shortcuts unlocked Katey's Gifts (for Father of the Year) Walkthrough: PLAYTHROUGH 1 - CASE FILES: Complete all Case Files in Co-op mode, focusing on rescuing the survivors and completing all side missions that are received. If you and your Co-op partner are strong enough, you can attempt the psychopath missions, but don't be afraid to leave them for subsequent playthroughs when you're a higher level. On this playthrough you should concentrate on getting: Apprentice Rising Better With a Friend Clean Record Come On Follow Me Curiously Inventive Don't You Die On Me Judge, Jury and Executioner* Justice Served* Saving the Day Tough Guy* Vigilante Justice* * Depending on your skill level, if you find the psychopaths too difficult you may want to attempt these trophies on a later playthrough. PLAYTHROUGH 1A - OVERTIME: Depending on your skill level, you can attempt Overtime at this point. The psychopath at the end is very difficult however, so be prepared. See the Justice Served trophy description for details. PLAYTHROUGH 2 - SURVIVORS (OPTIONAL): Assuming you didn't manage to get Hero of Fortune City in your first playthrough, use the completed save game file from Playthrough 1, restart your game from the beginning and concentrate on rescuing all the survivors. If you did not manage to get Judge, Jury and Executioner on your previous playthrough, now would be a good time to work towards that, as many of the psychopaths have hostages that you can rescue. Click here for the Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline to plan your schedule. If you follow the timeline, on the second playthrough you will have more than enough time to rescue 100% of the survivors, do all the case files, and still have hours left to spare. By rescuing multiple groups of survivors at once, time will never be an issue. If you haven't completed your combo card deck, use this time to collect the remainder of the hidden cards. On this playthrough you should concentrate on getting: Full Deck Half Deck Hero of Fortune City Life Saver Professional Rising Skill to Survive PLAYTHROUGH 3+ - GRIND: This where the real time sink sets in. Depending on what you've managed to accomplish in the game so far, you'll have a lot of collection ahead of you. There are a disproportionate number of collection trophies in the game, but luckily some of the information carries over between playthroughs, which will save you some time. IMPORTANT INFO: 8 SURVIVOR LIMIT: The game will only load a maximum of 8 survivors at any one time, including hostages and psychopaths. This means that missions may not appear at their scheduled time if you have a backlog of active missions. This is especially important for missions such as "Tape it or Die" which have multiple survivors. Such missions won't appear at all if it would cause the number of survivors to exceed 8. Bear in mind that some survivors don't have a mission in the log, but will still count towards the 8 survivor limit. Note that the looter from "One Man's Trash" counts towards the total. 'TAPE IT OR DIE' CREW: By far the most problematic section of the game is a hidden mission entitled 'Tape it or Die' that occurs on Day 3 (9/27 6:00AM-12:00PM) at KokoNutz Sports Town (P110). You must have room for 4 survivors to load in order for this mission to activate. Once activated, approaching the door beneath the stairs at P110 will show the mission title 'Tape it or Die', and allow you to enter the basement. One of the members will ask you for some plates and a cement saw, which can be obtained nearby from N105 and the Maintenance Room southeast of it. Bring these items to them to receive the Plate Launcher Combo Card and complete the mission. If this initial mission is missed, you will not have the opportunity to rescue the 4 survivors in Case 6, and you will miss out on 3 Combo Cards. If you find this mission is not activating, consult the Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline to determine if there's an active mission preventing it. Typically this is due to the hidden 3 poker players at Atlantica Casino that activate at 1:00AM on 9/27. There isn't a mission associated with them, so are frequently missed. CO-OP TROPHIES When playing as a guest in Co-Op, statistics such as zombie kills and survivors rescued are not persistent from game to game, and reset to 0 between sessions. If for example the Host earns the Hero of Fortune City trophy, the guest will also earn the trophy but only if all 50 were rescued within a single session. This shared credit affects a number of other trophies such as Tape it or DIE, Come on Follow Me or Data Miner, giving credit to both players for the actions of one. In addition, if one player discovers a hidden Combo Card poster while in Co-Op, it will be added to both player's files. CO-OP SAVED GAMES When saving your character after playing as a guest in Co-Op, all that is retained is earned experience, combo cards, statistics such as weapons used etc, and money. It will not save your inventory or the Case File progress made in Co-Op. You can safely save over your previous slot, without losing your position in your single player campaign. WARNING: The end of game save file from a Co-Op session will overwrite your campaign position, forcing you to restart from the beginning.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/k3DTPSb.png Credit to Mambinni for the banner ROAD MAP Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 48 (35(B), 10(S), 2(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 16-20hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, plus Cleanup. Number of missable trophies: None, with chapter selection. Glitched trophies: Yes, 2 - Card Sharp and One Careful Owner Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on Hard but the difficulty trophies stack so you don't have to do a Medium playthrough as well. Do trophies stack?: Yes Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats. Introduction: Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who is trying to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood. It was on the streets that Vito learns that joining the Mafia is the only route to wealth and respect for people of his standing. Wanting to escape the life of hardship that his father led, he dreams about becoming a "Made Man." A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend, Joe, will descend into the world of Organized Crime. Together, they will work to prove themselves to the Mob as they try to make their names on the streets of a cold and unforgiving city. Walkthrough: STEP 1 - COMPLETE GAME ON HARD DIFFICULTY: This is a fairly straightforward game, and not overly challenging even on hard. In theory you can complete it in its entirety on your first go. Aside from some of the combat based trophies like Hairdresser, Hard to Kill or Stuck Up, you shouldn't have any trouble with the trophies. Once you have completed the game on Hard, you will get the Made Man and Tough Nut trophies. There is a chapter select feature, so there is no need for a full playthrough for any trophies you may have missed, though I would recommend that you make an effort to get the Ladies' Man trophy on your first playthrough to limit the number of chapters that you'll have to repeat. Most of the Playboys only appear in specific chapters, sometimes in locations that cannot be returned do without starting the chapter over. With that in mind, it is likely that you'll be able to earn most if not all trophies in your initial run. STEP 2 - COLLECTIBLE CLEANUP (OPTIONAL): If necessary, use the chapter select feature to gather Playboys for Ladies' Man, Wanted posters for Card Sharp, or cars for Petrol Head. STEP 3 - CLEANUP ON EASY DIFFICULTY (OPTIONAL): If you had difficulty with any of the combat based trophies, start a new game to polish those off. Once Joe gives you a gun in Chapter 2, you'll be able to complete any of the remaining trophies you may have missed. *Thanks to Jin_man for stating the obvious before I could. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT STATS AND AUTOSAVES: When using Chapter Select for trophy cleanup, bear in mind that statistics such as Cars Driven or Melee Kills will reflect your stats at the time of the last autosave. In order for stats changes to be retained, you must progress to a point in the chapter where an autosave is triggered, usually just before or after a major plot point. Once saved, you can quit and select a new chapter and your totals will carry with you. Guns, cars, suits and money however will always reflect the autosave from the beginning of the chapter selected and not be persistent. This also applies to the upgrades and condition of a car and the "Distance Travelled" stat for that vehicle. All will reflect the original state from that chapter's autosave. Playboys and Wanted Posters trigger a save after you pick up each one but this ONLY saves the collectible information not any other stats or progress. NOTE: For the purposes of this guide, I am using Controller Set 2.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/zAz3YRt.jpg Trophy Guide & Road Map OVERVIEW: Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 Offline trophies: 51 (39(B), 9(S), 2(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30-40 hours Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (More likely 3+) Number of missable trophies: Basic Training, Thorton, Inc., Rome-ance, Office Romance, Exclusive Interview, Savage Love, Ladies Man, No Time For Love, Ready For Anything. (And many plot trophies that are mutually exclusive) Glitched trophies: One With Shadows (potentially) Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, game must be completed on Hard for the Hardcore trophy. Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None Mike Thorton didn't ask for this. His superiors tried to kill him, his government has abandoned him, and everything he thought he knew is wrong. Now, armed with nothing more than a strong jawline and his plucky girl Friday for moral support, Mike Thorton must unravel the conspiracy that has destroyed his life. His quest will take him around the globe in search of answers before he can finally go back to the source of all the mystery, the shadowy government agency who betrayed him: Alpha Protocol. An important point to keep in mind, for those who play Alpha Protocol expecting a Third Person Shooter with a thin RPG coating, you will be disappointed. The subtitle of the game is "The Espionage RPG", and it delivers on that promise. Your performance in combat and the various minigames are heavily influenced by your statistics, and even at the highest skill rankings a "run-and-gun" approach to gameplay will usually result in bloody slow motion death animations. Take the time to evaluate the battle, and there are usually a number of ways to approach each situation. Using weapons, martial arts, gadgets and over the top skills, there is a solution for every problem. Usually a violent one, but you know... DIALOGUE STANCE SYSTEM: In addition to the usual array of guns and gadgets, Thorton's first and best weapon in his quest is the Mass Effect inspired "Dialogue Stance System" that allows you to choose your character's reaction to the conversation. While you don't know specifically what Thorton will say, you can choose how he will approach the conversation by choosing a stance that generally falls into three main categories. Interestingly enough, Obsidian has stated in several of the trailers that they chose these stances based on the actions of their favorite fictional agents. SUAVE (JAMES BOND) - Snide comments, pithy quips and brazen attempts to seduce women all stem from this stance. Adopt this stance when trying to be friendly (sometimes very friendly), or with people who don't respond well to authority. Frequently used to schmooze other characters or taunt them into making a mistake, the Suave stance is assigned to the button AGGRESSIVE (JACK BAUER) - Less taunting and more outright belittling. This is the direct, in your face approach to conversation. Take this position when trying to intimidate someone, or to turn an already tense situation into an even more explosive one. While strong characters or loose cannons respond well to this approach, it may provoke some to call your bluff. Strangely popular with German cougars, press to bust some heads. PROFESSIONAL (JASON BOURNE) - Calculating, remorseless, perfect. This stance is useful when dealing with authority figures, treating people with respect or reacting in stride to the brutal slaughter of hundreds. This emotionally neutral stance will have the opposite effect on the excitable or the thuggish, and will only bore SIE. Press to blindly follow orders. How you speak to people will affect how they react to you, and how willing they are to provide information or support, which will in turn have a direct affect on the way the plot unfolds. Over the course of the trophy guide I will make extensive reference to these three basic stances and how they will influence the course of the story and the relationships with the other characters you encounter. REPUTATIONS: Your actions and decisions have an affect on the way other characters deal with you, measured by your Reputation score with that character. You can check how each character sees you by checking their Individual entry on the Intel screen of your PDA. It isn't always black and white, and sometimes having someone as an enemy can be even better than having them as a friend. Sometimes the availability of certain dialogue choices or plotlines will be dependent on their Reputation score, and may even have an affect on how other characters entirely deal with you, so always be aware of where you stand. The ranges for Reputation scores are: -10 : Hatred -9 to -6 : Animosity -5 to -2 : Dislike -1 to 1 : Neutral 2 to 5 : Liked 6 to 9 : Trusted 10 : Friendship Many effects and reactions are keyed to these ranges, so if you're not getting the reaction you're expecting try bumping the character into the next range above or below and try again. For help with a specific character, see the Thorton, Inc. trophy description for a more detailed Dialogue Trend chart. ROAD MAP: First Playthrough - Easy Difficulty: Select the "Recruit" background to work towards the Evolution of an Action Hero trophy. On this run, you will want to do all the trophies that limit your resources and stunt your relationships to get them out of the way now. You will need all the support and suppliers you can get for your Hard run. On this playthrough you will unlock: Antisocial Desert Spear Keeping the Peace Youth Trumps Experience Hard Choices One Less Gangster Price For Lying A Plot Uncovered Friends Before Strangers Crime Buster or Rising Star (or both if you reload your save, which I would recommend) You should also try and get No Time For Love and Judge, Jury and Executioner during this playthrough however as these are mutually exclusive you will need to reload a save to do this. No Time For Love requires you to select SIE as your handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Once you have that trophy, reload your Last Safehouse autosave and select Heck as your handler for the Judge, Jury and Executioner requirements. You can also get Never Trust a Sociopath during this playthrough. However as this requires you to reach a very low Reputation score with Steven Heck (this is easy to do in only one or two missions) it will affect the outcome of the Judge, Jury and Executioner trophy. For this reason I would recommend making a separate manual save prior to meeting Heck, getting this trophy, then reloading the save and remaining on good terms with him. You can also work on Hard to Read, which should be easy as you have to make everyone hate you. Once you have completed the game the first time, you will have unlocked all of the chapter trophies, in addition to Evolution of an Action Hero and Full Circle. Second Playthrough - Hard Difficulty: To make it easier on yourself, choose the "Veteran" background that has been unlocked by completing the game on "Recruit". This time, you'll want to take the opposite tack and try to make everyone love you. On this run, you will mainly be working towards the Thorton, Inc. and Ask Questions First, Shoot Later trophies. Choose favorable responses in order to raise everyone's reputation score. On this run you will get: Social Butterfly Hard to Read (if you hadn't already) Rome-ance Office Romance Exclusive Interview Savage Love Ladies Man Stay of Execution Secret Service Respected Enemies A Price on Mercy Russian Alliance. Of particular importance on this run is the Ready For Anything trophy, as a lot of intel is only available when you have a high reputation score with certain characters (and not available at all when they are dead), so you will want to get this trophy as well on this run while you're playing nice. You should also be able to get the No Compromise, No Mercy ending by reloading your last checkpoint and turning down Leland's offer, to complete the set. Finally, finishing the game on Hard difficulty will unlock the Hardcore trophy. Third Playthrough - Dealer's Choice: You probably won't need your whole third playthrough, (unless you somehow missed one of the major trophies on the first two runs). Use this run to clean up any combat or dialogue trophies that you have left to unlock. Note: Progress towards most trophies will not carry over from game to game (an exception to this is Hard to Read). So if you don't complete a trophy's requirements on one playthrough, you will have to start over again from scratch on any subsequent playthroughs. TIPS: Moved to the end. Click here to jump!
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