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  1. Hello everyone, Welcome to my channel, I hope you like it. Steve Ow - YouTube Sign up for the channel
  2. Anybody willing to help me to get the assignment.I am on ps4.
  3. So I am curious if I just have horrible look or if other people are experiencing this as well. On the Treasures of Britain collectible, the tablet that is located at the "old cellar". I was able to collect the tablet but apparently the game didn't recognize that I got it and the collectible isn't registering as been collected. I have already even collected Excalibur, which needs all of the tablets meaning that I got it and yet the game is not showing this. Now this is very frustrating considering I already got Excalibur so had to have collected it and this is preventing me from 100% of the territory and obtaining a platinum trophy on this game. Not only was I unlucky enough for this to happen to me but also the world event "Aegir's Daughters" in Jotunheim where you must listen to stories and drink until you pass out, was completed but yet the game doesn't recognize it and is holding me back towards my hundred percent completion. I'm curious if anybody else is experiencing this or if anyone has any ideas for me to overcome this issue
  4. Hi, Have just got the game, I have the physical PS4 version and have paid the £10 for the upgrade to PS5 version aswell. So I installed the PS4 version and while the PS5 version downloaded I thought I would play a couple of matches or try the campaign, don't get me started that the campaign doesn't install automatically, nor do they give you the option when instaling to choose what you want to install. Anyway, I loaded the game up played a couple of MP games and the game crashed/froze just after the scoreboard at the end of the match, gave it 10 minutes and still nothing, so used the dashboard and closed the app like that, another 10 minutes stuck on "closing this game or app......), hard reset, clear cache, rebuild database, etc. Load game up and it crashes/freezes on the screen were it says connecting to internet/searching for update, leave it 15 minutes still nothing, tried closing app through console, guess what, it crashes/freezes again. So I'm now once again having to do a hard reset on the console, risking corrupting files, damaging the ssd, etc. What the hell, is going on.
  5. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting2.png Co-op Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________
  6. Hi everyone, Welcome to iPLAY4FUN - I hope you enjoy! My last video Advice, comments, likes and new followers are really appreciated. Thanks for watching
  7. I fuckin hate people that use this 'term' to describe any1 that doesn't use a pc. I dunno about u guys but this 'elitist' attitude really angers me . I find it insulting tbh, who do these people think thy are actin all high & mighty. Computers stress me out so much, thy're more trouble thn thy're worth. I use mine for porn & word thats it
  8. I have been on this site for a while but am just now getting into actually having a full profile and posting on the forums. When going to edit my trophy case on my profile, I noticed that the list of games available to put in the trophy case seem to only include PS3 games. I found this bothersome as I wanted to add PS4 and Vita games and trophies to my trophy case. Is there some reason that PS4 and Vita games aren't included here? Or is it just that nobody's gotten around to adding them?
  9. I'm surprised I couldn't find anything here on it but 2 years later we can finally play media files off a USB device. Now I can watch my pirated movies without switching the input on my TV and listen to music while playing games I thought that was the biggest flaw with the PS4 when it released. LOVED doing it on my PS3.
  10. I'm currently out to get Jimmy Jenkins, and am on the Doctor's Orders mission. However, the tread on how to find him provides a step that I can't seem to recreate, even though I do excatly as it says. And since the last post before mine was made last month, I'll try making a thread here (sorry). "Step 1 Clear your way to the Creature's Slaughter dome On your way there make sure you pick up the very first Echo Drive, so you are 1/4 before you get to the dome. Once you reach it immediately enter and exit it. You will now be saved right outside the dome, so when you Save/Quit you will no longer need to run from the entrance." Everytime I do this, I always spawn at the entrance of the whole area, and not in front of the dome. I've tried to save and exit outside the dome, and inside the dome, but no matter what I do, I always end up at the entrence. Is that spawn point impossible on PS4 (which would be weird, since the DLC is included) or am I doing something wrong?
  11. That u've accumulated through the monthly instant game collection. Here's mine: Rogue Legacy - A bastard of a game that has shit physics & ugly presentation. 3/10 Prototype 2 - This series sucks, basically a re-skin of that trashy Hulk sandbox Spelunky - Another over-rated rogue that is too frustratin to even bother with Borderlands 2 - Shallow empty open canvass where u just shoot shoot shoot Mercenary Kings - Ruined by a timer Escape Plan - Smartphone game Kick & Fennick - Drunk controls, awful Velocity 2X - Over-rated speed run Metrico - A maths exam to test how thick the average gamer is
  12. i have a friend who wants to get into gaming . he asked me an interesting question . does the ps3 ps4 3dsxl or vita need the internet ? i dont know as all my stuff is hooked up to the internet . can any one tell me if you need the internet or not and why ? he has no internet . thanks for your time
  13. When I first clicked new game, I knew right away I’d fall in love with this game. Assassin's Creed Unity is astonishingly beautiful. From the character textures to the mass Cathedral's in the setting of Paris. I can honestly say this is one of the prettiest games I’ve played. Now for the gameplay, it plays well compared to the other AC games. The parkour system although still annoying and difficult to use at times, is manageable. The difficulty is higher but not to the point you'll be breaking your $60 controller. Or 60 pound if you're in the uk. The game is well balanced and I find myself spending many hours running around trying to complete every mission or heist I can. Speaking of heists, the new co*op mode is far better than I expected it to be. The system it uses to find a co*op game is well done and simple to use. Although the game does have it’s fair share of issues like many games are having this holiday season, they are able to be looked pass. Heck, some of them are even amusing. Ever think you’d be attacking faceless revolutionaries in the city of love? neither did I but I loved it. As for the story, it is exceptional. May be your typical revenge tail but it was well written and thought out. At times it seems like a grind to get through it but the fact there is little to no tailing missions make it for a better experience compared to past AC games. The verdict is if you're debating on getting this with your Christmas money from your grandma, you shouldn't pass it up. It’s a beautiful game and very fun to play. Hope you enjoy wall jumping in paris as much as I did.
  14. Why do devs insist on fuckin ruining a games 100% completion by shoe-hornin these in . Killin with just a knife? Rushin through it? U may as well not even bother playin the game .. I wanna explore, soak in the environment, discover its lore, play with ur fancy tools. These requirements don't mke u a hardcore gamer FGS .
  15. Do u use ur ps4 for extra curricular activity other than games?. I use the PS4 browser for everythin, its more convenient for me personally. The only reason to use a computer is for CVs really.
  16. Hi, folks: The current YouTube app on the PS4 seems to be awfully limited; there doesn't seem to be a way to log into my YouTube account (which is chock full of things in my "Watch Later" channel). It's aggravating to finish a game session and then hafta fire up the PS3 in order to relax with some vids. IS there a way to log into YouTube with the PS4 and I'm missing it? I've not found a damned thing addressing this with Google. Thanks for either pointing out how and I'm a bonehead for missing it, or telling me there's no way and the app is extremely basic and limited and I should just give up and keep using the PS3. Binky
  17. Nippon Ichi President Says Their New Games For This Year Are For PS4 And Vita Only - Siliconera
  18. I apologize if this has been brought up before, but its bugging me. I'll be playing a game, then the PS4 will randomly eject the disc, and then every 5 - 10 seconds will continue to eject. I have seen a few comments online that say to remove the leads (yadda yadda), but so far its only been a temporary fix. Sometimes it stays "fixed" for a few days, other times not even half an hour. Does anyone have a permanent solution, or even know why it does this?
  19. Source: Gravity Rush Remastered Rated on PS4 - IGN Actual link to rating website: http://bbs2.ruliweb.daum.net/gaia/do/ruliweb/default/ps/93/read?articleId=1670742&bbsId=G003&itemGroupId=40 As someone who hasn't got a Vita and don't plan to get one, I can't wait!
  20. Since the 2.50 firmware I haven't been able to share screenshots. I enter the screenshot library, but all the screenshots are grayed out, and on the right it says "Cannot select another screenshot. 0/0" I tried reconnecting to facebook and twitter, that didn't help. The only way I can share my screenshots is by creating a message and adding it to the message. Anyone knows what can be the issue here?
  21. This is my first post on Playstation Trophies, so if I did something wrong or posted at the wrong place, please correct me. I have to ask to please be nice to me. I am not a veteran at posting things online nor am I one of the best gamers. Anyway, back to my topic. Me and my friends have played a lot of FIFA 15 lately. First on PS3 and then I spoiled myself with a PS4 and got the game for this console as well. I discovered FUT for the first time and loved it. I felt like I finally got the hang of this game, until the frustration kicked in. I got so frustrated at losing and not understanding some of the game's logic that I gave the games to my mother to hide from me so I won't play it again. I am currently on holiday from university with my parents and one of my friends was very disappointed in me giving up, but I don't think he understands how it feels to always lose. He is one of the best players I've seen and even won the title for best player in South-Africa (online tournament). So now I have to say I am not here to complain, but to list the reasons I gave up on FIFA (which may as well be seen as complaining). I think I should mention that I didn't sell the games as a part of me may think I'll play again, but mostly I kept it so my friends can keep playing when the holidays are over. I tried to search online for these problems/reasons of why I'm not playing anymore, but couldn't find it. So once again, if this has been covered already, I apologise. Okay so here goes: 1) Control latency (especially shooting) I have noticed that sometimes I have to press the shooting button multiple times before the player in the game actually shoots for the goal (). I don't know why this happens and lately it has become a common phrase that we use among our friends. One would shout "shoot!" and when the ball goes back to the opponent the person playing would reply "I did shoot." Another common thing is that someone would say "yeah, I could even hear you tapping that button like a mad man." All this applies for both online and offline gaming. 2) Shooting against the post or crossbar This has happened just too many times. When I my player actually shoots when I press the shoot button it ends up hitting the post or crossbar. I understand that I must be doing something wrong, but I still can't figure it out. Maybe it's because of the angle of the left analogue stick () or maybe I'm holding for too long. In FIFA 14 I used to move the analogue stick (L3) completely upwards () or downwards () and it would still be a goal in one of the far corners of the net (depending on which side the player was on and if the stick was upwards or downwards). Now in FIFA 15 that seems to not be working anymore. If I do this it would just completely miss. I guess it has something to do with the shooting assist of FIFA 15 and in the end they removed the directional assist, but I could be wrong. Something I would like to mention is that we (me and my friends) make a joke when one of us hits the post or crossbar, because it happens so much, is that it comes down to a formula. We often play London 2012 which is still a hell of a lot of fun and when you play an event such as high jump, you have to precisely hit 35° with L3 () or else the jump may fail. Our formula for FIFA is "not 35° = post." 3) Blocking a running player I don't know how to explain this or what it is called in football, but I'll try to explain it with the following example: I press the through ball button () and everyone agrees it is an amazing pass ("whatta pass!"). The player receiving the ball runs forward and is heading for the goal. There is a lot of open space, except for one defender. And this annoying defender keeps blocking the receiving player. I other words, he is just running with the receiving player, in front of him, both not having the ball and the ball ends up with the goalkeeper or some other player which caught up. In rugby this is called obstruction. Simply put, it is obstructing a player who doesn't have the ball and keeping him from getting to the ball. But this isn't rugby and there's probably not a rule against this, but I noticed in PES (once again, I could be wrong) that obstructing a player like this will result in a foul. Yet, this means nothing in FIFA. 4) Referees I don't think I have to say much about this. The referees are bad. Very bad. And everyone knows this. If I could get a 100 FUT coins for every time I must've gotten a penalty I would be able to buy Messi. This is a video game. Everything is programmed. Yet there are still things that doesn't make sense and the referee doesn't "see" everything that happens. I don't like talking about the referees in this game and everyone has their opinion about this, so I'll just go on to my next reason. 5) Tactical defending Everyone must've seen this playing online: the kick off starts with your opponent. He just runs through to the goal. He keeps running, and what do you know, it's a goal. No defender can stop him. Tactical defending just makes circles around the attacking player and he just seems to keep the ball. I guess tactical defending is skill dependent. I'm still struggling with it, but I think I'm just plain bad. Some people grasp it, others don't. But it's still difficult. There's also this other "glitch" where in the kick off the player uses a one-two pass ( + ) and the passing player runs forward. Then the receiving player uses a through chip ( + ) and he receives the ball and scores. I think this "glitch" are in the hands of the player. It's all about values whether you use it or not, but it's still pretty annoying. I'm at the end of my post. Another thing I think EA should add is a mutual quit option in FUT, because of lagging. If you quit when it lags too much, you lose. So you have to continue playing. The mutual quit option is available in Seasons, but not in FUT and I don't know why. I don't know if I'll ever play FIFA again. There are so many other amazing games out there which I enjoy, but this game gets me frustrated and pessimistic. I want to enjoy games, not figure out the game's logic and be beaten to 5 million pieces. I admit, losing is my own fault. But losing because of my listed reasons is heartbreaking. Thank you for reading my post if you did and thank you for all the posts and guides on this site. I'm looking forward to enjoying this community. And please don't be rude to me. If I am wrong about something, please tell me nicely. I would love to hear what you guys think and thank you once again! Happy new year to you all!
  22. i was recently browsing the playstation store, and then i noticed afro samurai 2 was no longer there so i decided to search for it and the games no longer there (other then the anime & movie). I bought the bundle and wanted to know if anyone else possibly knows whats going on with afro samurai 2 or if were even getting volume 2 or 3, or did they remove it so they can fix it up and re-release it. if any one else knows or found an article that would be great, because i really hope they didn't steal the 30$ and not refund all the other people who got the bundle as well, i was really hoping for the rest maybe it would have redeemed the first volume.
  23. Cave Considering Crowdfunding To Bring More Shmups To Steam And Consoles - Siliconera
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