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  1. How did your last death in a game occur? Be as descriptive as possible; I love reading stories.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/aysG5vg.png Image by GlennThomas! Lists up-to-date as of: [highlight]September 17th, 2014[/highlight] Quite a few PS4 owners still have a backlog of PS3 games, or will at some point feel like reliving some of the good PS3 classics. Or, you might not even own a PS4 yet but have been curious how the new controller feels, and need to get a replacement for your DS3. This list should help you know which games you can use your Dualshock 4 controller on. [highlight]Please note that this list is a work in progress and by no means anywhere close to complete. If you know a game that works (or doesn't, for that matter) and isn't in this list, by all means leave a reply and I'll add it to the list![/highlight] Before I start, however, I'd like to explain how to use a Dualshock 4 on the PS3. First off, not all features work! [highlight]DS4 features that do NOT work on PS3:[/highlight] SIXAXIS Motion (You will need to use DS3 for these portions of a game since it doesn't work on the DS4 period, but such games will still be listed as compatible) Vibration functions Options button (sometimes, this button will function as does on the DS3, but it doesn't 100% of the time) (you read that correctly; to enter XMB you will need to use your DS3) Requirements: Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller ([highlight]Note: one of these on their own does NOT include a charging (Micro USB) cable! You'll have to provide your own![/highlight]) Micro USB Cable (if you own a PS4, an official Sony cable came with your system) Any Playstation 3 Controller (some of the games allowing you to use a Dualshock 4 won't register the Options button as Start, and thus you need a PS3 controller to get past the "press start" screen etc.) How to use it: First, plug the micro usb cable into your PS3. Next, plug your Dualshock 4 into the micro usb cable. Turn on your PS3, and then hit the button on your Dualshock 4. [highlight]Note: make sure your Dualshock 4 is assigned as Controller 1[/highlight] You can now navigate the XMB, load games, and use it as a controller for games listed below! (additional step if a PS3 controller is required) Lastly, turn on your PS3 controller, and make sure it's assigned as Controller 2. In certain games' menus, you will need to use on this controller before you can use your Dualshock 4. [highlight]Note: since this list was created, Sony has released an update which allows you to use your DS4 on your PS3 wirelessly![/highlight] How to use it wirelessly: Repeat steps 1-3 of How to use it Go to Accessory Settings, then Manage Bluetooth Devices Start scanning for device then unplug your DS4 While the PS3 is scanning, hold the and Share buttons on the DS4 simultaneously until the lightbar on the front of the DS4 is flashing rapidly, indicating it has synced Plug your DS4 back in, and select Wireless Controller Once your PS3 is done registering the device, you may unplug your DS4 and use it wirelessly! Now that you know how to use your Dualshock 4 on your PS3, on to the list. Here is how the list will be broken down: Games will be listed in alphabetical order starting with compatible games, then a list of games that aren't compatible. At first I will grab these from places like IGN and NeoGaf, while putting a Confirmed! next to the title once someone here on Playstationtrophies.org confirms one way or the other. I will also add a if a game requires the use of a PS3 Controller to press . After that the list will be self sufficient, relying on the community to contribute in building the list. I'll eventually do away with the Confirmed! once all games found off site are confirmed one way or the other. I will NOT: Specify whether a game is digital or retail only Specify whether or not a game has trophies Specify the region Specify the console (some PS1 and PS2 Digital games are compatible) Specify whether or not a game has a platinum, is co-op, online, or offline. Why? Because some extraordinary members have gone to great lengths in building lists designed to specify just that, and they can be found stickied at the top of this forum.
  3. Hi all, I was recently clearing out some things in the house and came across an unopened PS3 dualshock 3 sixaxis controller that I never got around to using. I was going to try to sell it on ebay but while trying to price it out, I quickly realized I couldn't find this controller exactly as it is anywhere. A bit of research later and I come to find out that the model (CECHZC2H) is associated with fake controllers. I have an authentic japanese ds3 controller (CECHZC2J) that I've been comparing the boxed one to, and everything about the boxed one looks authentic. Problem is, I can't find pictures of this exact packaging anywhere and there's Chinese writing all over the box. So on the one hand, the product looks good. On the other hand, the packaging is throwing up all kinds of red flags. Here are some things I looked at: It might be a bit difficult to see in this pic, but the recess around the controller indicator is very shallow, like my authentic ps3 controller. I have read that the fake ones have a deeper, more obvious edge. The "dualshock 3" and "sixaxis" text printed across the top of the bridge of the controller is in the same font, colour, and positioning as the authentic one. It also has crisp lines (no smudges or ink run). Refer to pic above (it's blurry in the pic, but take my word for it. it's exactly the same as the authentic) I've read that some of the fakes have a misprint on the side of the packaging that say "Sony ComputerEntert ainment" with no space between "computer" and "entertainment" and a space in the middle of the word "entertainment". This box does not have that misprint. What bothers me about the packaging apart from all the Chinese on it is the font in which "dualshock 3 wireless controller" is written on all three locations on the packaging. Ex 1. Ex 2. Ex 3. I don't know where this controller was purchased from as it was purchased by a friend to replace a controller of mine that he'd broken. He doesn't remember where he purchased it from. I'd really appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks.
  4. If you have found this guide from outside the site and found it helpful, make sure to join PlaystationTrophies.org so that all the content becomes available to you. LINK HERE. The servers have now closed, therefore the Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened. ROADMAP Overview: • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal) • Offline trophies: 16 (8(B), 6(S), 2(G)) • Online trophies: 23 (16(B), 4(S), 2(G), 1(P)) - Unobtainable • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 11-15hrs • Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A • Number of missable trophies: None • Glitched trophies: None • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes INTRODUCTION This year’s FIFA brings with it the usual graphical and gameplay improvements, but to all intents and purposes it’s the same beast you have all come to know and love. As usual, the trophy list is nice and open, and easily broken into. But unfortunately, it has a few of those annoyingly precise luck based trophies that have plagued Fifa games of years gone by. Overall though, it’s a pretty achievable platinum once you put the time in. For the most economical path through the list, I recommend you have a read through the whole guide before you start. Sometimes you can bundle trophies together, sometimes it’s better to avoid trophies until you have played for a while already. Feel free to approach the walkthrough below at whatever point you like, as for the most part you can dive in wherever you’d prefer to start and enjoy your time in Fifa 15; it is the beautiful game after all. WALKTHROUGH Step 1: Kick Off As with most Fifa games, this year’s version may feel a bit ‘off’ at first if you are used to the previous version. Most of the guide assumes you have a decent grasp of what each of the controls do, so give yourself a match or two to run a shakedown on how the new game feels. Also, have a play through the Skill Games. They will sharpen you up and you will pick up a few quick trophies as well. Step 2: Single Player Seasons and Ultimate Team Trophies A lot of the trophies from different sections of the game are similar to each other, so rather than bounce back and forth from one type to another, bundle them together. The easiest ones to start of properly with are single player related. You can just wade in without having to organise help. Also a lot of these trophies can be played against the AI, so you can easily find your level before having to confront online players. Also, before starting Ultimate Team, have a look at all the FUT trophies to make sure you are not doubling up on matches unnecessarily. Step 3: Online Seasons, Co-op and Ultimate Team Trophies - Unobtainable Once you manage to hook up with a partner, you should be able to play through the trophies needing help pretty quickly. An hour or two is plenty of time to get through them all, while getting each of the trophies for both you and your partner. Step 4: Manager Mode and Player Transfer/Loan The Manager Mode trophies can all be done very quickly on a single save file. Again, have a quick read through them in the guide, and you can get the lot done in 15 minutes or less. The Player career trophies can also be done quickly, as you can get them near the start. Note also that the Stylin’ trophy in this version of the game is based in career rather than Pro Clubs. Step 5: Specific Shots When you have about 70% of the trophies completed, it’s likely that the only trophies left will be the technical shot type ones. Keep those for last purposely, as you may unlock a few of them in normal play while doing the rest of the list. This last step may end up in a bit of a grind, but unfortunately these are the luck based trophies I was talking about in the intro. Cross your fingers, and hopefully these trophies will unlock for you sooner rather than later. Kick Off matches will be your base for most of these, but if you are really struggling and/or finding it hard to juggle controllers, getting aide online can help speed things along. Step 6: Clean Up By now you will probably have done most if not all of the list. The Activities menu stuff can be done in a few minutes if they still need to be. The rest should have already been taken care of in the steps above. If not, pick them off quickly now for your Platinum and enjoy.
  5. i have a friend who wants to get into gaming . he asked me an interesting question . does the ps3 ps4 3dsxl or vita need the internet ? i dont know as all my stuff is hooked up to the internet . can any one tell me if you need the internet or not and why ? he has no internet . thanks for your time
  6. the multiplayer is not working,probly the gamespy server? i was gonna go platinum on this one but thats probly out of the question now,cant find much helpfull information using google. anybody got the same problem and maybe a sollution? thnx in advance
  7. I've decided to try and catalogue my PS3 games and have scanned the barcodes of them into Excel. Well it was quicker than typing out 224 of them! Now I'm looking for the easiest way to get at least the titles of them - anybody know of any databases/apps/programs I can use?
  8. This is my first post on Playstation Trophies, so if I did something wrong or posted at the wrong place, please correct me. I have to ask to please be nice to me. I am not a veteran at posting things online nor am I one of the best gamers. Anyway, back to my topic. Me and my friends have played a lot of FIFA 15 lately. First on PS3 and then I spoiled myself with a PS4 and got the game for this console as well. I discovered FUT for the first time and loved it. I felt like I finally got the hang of this game, until the frustration kicked in. I got so frustrated at losing and not understanding some of the game's logic that I gave the games to my mother to hide from me so I won't play it again. I am currently on holiday from university with my parents and one of my friends was very disappointed in me giving up, but I don't think he understands how it feels to always lose. He is one of the best players I've seen and even won the title for best player in South-Africa (online tournament). So now I have to say I am not here to complain, but to list the reasons I gave up on FIFA (which may as well be seen as complaining). I think I should mention that I didn't sell the games as a part of me may think I'll play again, but mostly I kept it so my friends can keep playing when the holidays are over. I tried to search online for these problems/reasons of why I'm not playing anymore, but couldn't find it. So once again, if this has been covered already, I apologise. Okay so here goes: 1) Control latency (especially shooting) I have noticed that sometimes I have to press the shooting button multiple times before the player in the game actually shoots for the goal (). I don't know why this happens and lately it has become a common phrase that we use among our friends. One would shout "shoot!" and when the ball goes back to the opponent the person playing would reply "I did shoot." Another common thing is that someone would say "yeah, I could even hear you tapping that button like a mad man." All this applies for both online and offline gaming. 2) Shooting against the post or crossbar This has happened just too many times. When I my player actually shoots when I press the shoot button it ends up hitting the post or crossbar. I understand that I must be doing something wrong, but I still can't figure it out. Maybe it's because of the angle of the left analogue stick () or maybe I'm holding for too long. In FIFA 14 I used to move the analogue stick (L3) completely upwards () or downwards () and it would still be a goal in one of the far corners of the net (depending on which side the player was on and if the stick was upwards or downwards). Now in FIFA 15 that seems to not be working anymore. If I do this it would just completely miss. I guess it has something to do with the shooting assist of FIFA 15 and in the end they removed the directional assist, but I could be wrong. Something I would like to mention is that we (me and my friends) make a joke when one of us hits the post or crossbar, because it happens so much, is that it comes down to a formula. We often play London 2012 which is still a hell of a lot of fun and when you play an event such as high jump, you have to precisely hit 35° with L3 () or else the jump may fail. Our formula for FIFA is "not 35° = post." 3) Blocking a running player I don't know how to explain this or what it is called in football, but I'll try to explain it with the following example: I press the through ball button () and everyone agrees it is an amazing pass ("whatta pass!"). The player receiving the ball runs forward and is heading for the goal. There is a lot of open space, except for one defender. And this annoying defender keeps blocking the receiving player. I other words, he is just running with the receiving player, in front of him, both not having the ball and the ball ends up with the goalkeeper or some other player which caught up. In rugby this is called obstruction. Simply put, it is obstructing a player who doesn't have the ball and keeping him from getting to the ball. But this isn't rugby and there's probably not a rule against this, but I noticed in PES (once again, I could be wrong) that obstructing a player like this will result in a foul. Yet, this means nothing in FIFA. 4) Referees I don't think I have to say much about this. The referees are bad. Very bad. And everyone knows this. If I could get a 100 FUT coins for every time I must've gotten a penalty I would be able to buy Messi. This is a video game. Everything is programmed. Yet there are still things that doesn't make sense and the referee doesn't "see" everything that happens. I don't like talking about the referees in this game and everyone has their opinion about this, so I'll just go on to my next reason. 5) Tactical defending Everyone must've seen this playing online: the kick off starts with your opponent. He just runs through to the goal. He keeps running, and what do you know, it's a goal. No defender can stop him. Tactical defending just makes circles around the attacking player and he just seems to keep the ball. I guess tactical defending is skill dependent. I'm still struggling with it, but I think I'm just plain bad. Some people grasp it, others don't. But it's still difficult. There's also this other "glitch" where in the kick off the player uses a one-two pass ( + ) and the passing player runs forward. Then the receiving player uses a through chip ( + ) and he receives the ball and scores. I think this "glitch" are in the hands of the player. It's all about values whether you use it or not, but it's still pretty annoying. I'm at the end of my post. Another thing I think EA should add is a mutual quit option in FUT, because of lagging. If you quit when it lags too much, you lose. So you have to continue playing. The mutual quit option is available in Seasons, but not in FUT and I don't know why. I don't know if I'll ever play FIFA again. There are so many other amazing games out there which I enjoy, but this game gets me frustrated and pessimistic. I want to enjoy games, not figure out the game's logic and be beaten to 5 million pieces. I admit, losing is my own fault. But losing because of my listed reasons is heartbreaking. Thank you for reading my post if you did and thank you for all the posts and guides on this site. I'm looking forward to enjoying this community. And please don't be rude to me. If I am wrong about something, please tell me nicely. I would love to hear what you guys think and thank you once again! Happy new year to you all!
  9. i can play the game but it wont update the latest update . anyone know why or if i can get it to update ? it keeps asking but wont download it
  10. I suppose earn a platinum award that come from heists doesn't count, right?
  11. Just wondering if anyone still plays this online? I was in the mood to play online, but no bugger is there.
  12. So since this is one of the earliest action-RPG games released on PS2 then PS4 emulation should help looking her better a lot...and guess what. It does! [ame] [/ame] Less blurry, better colors...worth a play?
  13. A some time ago few screenshots have been released, which showed how the graphics was upgraded. I made a video which help to show that as well. In case you were wondering [ame] [/ame] Update. Now grab graphics comparison in motion [ame] [/ame]
  14. I finished the PS4 version before starting the PS3 version and I just find it to be a much weaker version, on the whole. Aiming, frame rates, resolution, etc. But I digress, my main problem is that for me the PS3 version is never able to connect to servers. Is it just me? How would this affect me when I get TPP, there being save transfers and all. Can I just use my PS4 save if I decide to get TPP on PS3 in the future?
  15. Looks like two new stacks for this game right there. Unmechanical Extended - PS3 - PSNTrophyLeaders Unmechanical Extended - PS4 - PSNTrophyLeaders
  16. So I've been posting maybe 10 sessions for the same game for 3 weeks and no-one ever responds. I don't know if they can actually find it, I don't know if it ever shows up anywhere on the forums or the site. I just want to boost this one trophy and beat this stupid Aliens game that is pissing me off. No-one ever posts on the forum for the game except for anyone who updates the Platinum difficulty rating or the estimated time to get it. Does no-one ever sign up for these sessions, let alone read them?
  17. I can't find it on the EU store as of today. Was it taken off? Or is it just me? Edit: Nevermind, I found that it comes bundled with Enemy Within. Update: But Enemy Within doesn't let you unlock dlc trophies for Enemy Unknown. They're both treated as separate games.
  18. Evening, i have an issue i need resolved i have the following setup toslink cable from ps4 to Converter Adapter https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KNNSKV0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 then these RCA cables from converter to my subwoofer/speakers, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/9437549435/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 these are my speakers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-980-000355-Z323-Speaker-System/dp/B002L3TSMU/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1468440193&sr=8-10&keywords=logitech+speakers and this is my monitor https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00LGE2A48/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the problem i have is when i use the ps3 it obviously only comes through my monitor speakers how do i do the same with ps3 so both console play out the speakers when I'm using one or the other? thanks
  19. http://i.imgur.com/CYHM9b2.jpg Roadmap Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 Offline trophies: 50 (41(B), 5(S), 3(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: None Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-45 hours Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number of missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: None Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Do trophies stack?: N/A Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Walkthrough: General Tip There is a fairly cheap tactic that you can use to win most combats with little effort, using any character: Maintain your Cosmos bar up by pressing ; When the opponent is within your range, spam + . With some characters (like Shun for example), it works way better with + . Try out with the char you are playing. If the opponent is getting ready to launch a special attack and he is out of your range, get close to him with + and the repeat step 2. 1 - Story Mode - Get the 4 Arc trophies Just play the 4 story mode arcs fully (just once per battle is enough for now) and enjoy story and battles. There is no order for the trophies, but if you want to go with the original Saint Seiya story, this is it: Sanctuary Asgard Poseidon Hades Try to get S ranks, Big Bang Attacks (BBA) and challenges when possible, because it will cut some time later on. Don’t worry about buying items for collection. This step will unlock: I'll Fight Until Someone Stops Me! Foes from the Far North! Legendary God Warriors Please Protect the Beauty of Asgard Poseidon! You Lose! 108 Evil Stars of Inferno! Specters Hades! This is Love! 2 - Surival Mode Each survival class has combats in the order of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12 fights to perform. To succeed more easily each class, take preferably a strong enough character and having a priority attack on others. Recommended characters are Golden Knight Saga, Hades, Camus Golden Knight, Athena, Sorrento and Shun. Each opponent you will encounter include 1, 2 or 3 challenges, choose those that can give you back health to finish more easily, and be careful not to take too many shots. 2.1 - Play each of the 6 survival classes This step will unlock: First Step Toward Sainthood Worthy of the Name Saint First Among Saints Door to a New Legend Cosmo Beyond Even a God Is this... a Big Bang!? 2.2 - Play Bronze Survival class again with Ichi and Jabu (you will have to purchase them first on the Costumes Shop) This step will unlock: Looks Determine Victory My Lady! I'll Carry You On My Back! 3 - Galaxy War Mode - Complete the 5 classes The classes Bronze and Silver contain 9 tournaments. The Gold, Legend and God contains 10 tournaments. The tournaments are organized in the format of quarter-finals, semifinals and finals, with two rounds each. Each tournament can be of one of the following rule types: Normal First of 3 (you win by downing your opponent 3 times) First Strike (land 1 hit and victory is yours) Hidden HP Gauge (you do not see the health bar go down) Seventh Sense (the fight takes place on the alert mode, your gauge seventh sense is infinite, you can launch Big Bang attacks at will) No Guarding (you cannot guard any type of attack) Down Penalty (you will receive a Cosmo Bar penalty each time your opponent gets you knocked down). This step will unlock: Mach 1 Fist! Mach 5 Fist! Saint Who Defeated Lightspeed! Proud Saint Legend Blazing Battle of the Gods 4 - Replay the story mode It’s time to get back to the story mode and grind the following in order to obtain 100% completion in all the 4 Arcs: Win every fight with S Rank. When chapters are constituted by more than 1 fight, you just need to S Rank one of them, but you need to finish all fights for the S Rank to be saved. Accomplish all the requirements for the challenges.If you manage to get all the challenges on the first fight, after the second fight begins, you can exit and the results will be saved. This step will unlock: First Trial I'll Overcome All Trials! Into a World of Light… Awakening of Cosmo! The Chosen Saint Child 5 - CP and Collection grind Now it’s time for a little bit of grind. 5.1 - Complete the Battle of Gold (Normal) mode First of all, complete the Battle of Gold mode using all the God Gold Saints, getting S rank in all fights in order to unlock (and win) the Bonus fight of each of them. 5.2 - Grind the Battle of Gold (Another) mode After that, just grind the Battle of Gold (Another) mode to get the remaining Assist Phrases from the treasure boxes. It will be long until you get all the remaining assist phrases, but here is a strategy that seems to help on getting the last few Assist Phrases: When you start, make sure that you can take a path that can lead you to at least one, but preferably two, treasure chests Finish in 8 turns Get to the boss fight with more than 100k points Rank S against the boss (preferably a Perfect) 5.3 - Buy items from the shop In the end of all this process you should have more than enough CP to buy from the shop what comes next: all the character models and BGM music. 5.4 - Gather BBA movies Regarding the BBA movies, don’t forget that there are characters with multiple BBA. For example Marin, Shun, Sorento, Shiriyu, Shaka or Seiya. Also Bronze Saints like Seiya have additional BBA with their God Cloth. Gold Saints have also another version of the BBA with their God cloth. To get the BBA movies fast I recommend the following strategy: Go to Battle Mode, VS Battle, 1P vs 2P (or COM), and then select the Seventh Sense mode setting the Player 2 HP to 25% Always do the BBA with Player 1, or else it won’t count as unlocked This step will unlock: Gold Souls Reborn I've Already Seen All Your Attacks! Complete History of the Holy Wars Proof of Might! All Is For Friendship! I Can Hear Them All... Their Voices, Cheering Me On! Buy Out The Graude Foundation! 6 - Unlock Additional Characters In this step you will be buying all the remaining characters from the shop. This step will unlock: Eternally Young! The Bronze Saints Heroes of the Sanctuary! The Silver Saints Pinnacle of the 88 Constellations! The Gold Saints Guardians of the Undersea Temple! The Seven Generals Gathering of Gods! A New Holy War Recipients of Athena's Blood 7 - Miscellaneous Check the individual requirements of each trophy here, but in this phase you will have to do some random, easy and quick tasks to gain the remaining trophies. This step will unlock: The Knowledge of a Saint I... I Won! This is the Ultimate Cosmo! Proof of True Friendship Because You're Still Green! This World Will Be Mine! The Ones I Should Be Fighting... My Dear Friends... Now You Shall Be My Bride I Almost Died Again! I Cast You Back To The Land Of The Dead! I Have No Ear For Music 8 - Cleanup If there is any trophy missing, just go back and check the requirement for it. This step will unlock: Ultimate Soldiers' Soul
  20. I think its because of my controllers six axis but I'd like to know if anyone else had this issue. As I sit down, the camera moves, even if I put it down, so I get up. And that makes it impossible for me to meditate properly. Has anybody else had this problem? Any solution? Can't seem to find a way to turn off motion controls.
  21. A comment in another thread made me think of this: I never really thought about it, but I would say that since many PS3 titles will be uprezzed for PS4, and since many people will still be on PS3, I think PS3 plats will still be significant even a long time after PS4 release. What do you guys think?
  22. I absolutely loved the first season of walking dead and its DLC, so I was super excited to here about the next chapter being released this December . So I just thought I would share the excitement with you guys! Source: The Walking Dead: Season 2 Release Date Revealed - IGN Also I wonder if the trophies will be the same as the last season , because then ment no guides or walkthroughs to sieve through, just enjoying the game!
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