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  1. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting2.png Coop Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ PSN ID: SolidSquirrel22 TimeZone: CST Time I Can Play: Usually on weekdays I'm on early in the morning or late at night (work). I have most weekends off, so I'm free to play then. Mic: Yes Trophies: Got the plat (Please say you're from PST when sending a friend request)
  2. So, I have noticed something weird yesterday. Since I have a Saudi gaming account, but I buy all my games from the US. What I do is buy the DLCs from the US store, then play with my Saudi Account. This worked all the time with the PS3 games. However, I noticed something weird yesterday. When I play COD Ghosts, and I click choose map in extinction mode, it says I have no maps!! But then when I log in my US account with second controller, and then I click choose map, all the DLC maps show up, then I can play them with my Saudi Account. Question, is this going to be a problem with other games??
  3. Do you need to play this game a total of 5 times to get all the trophies. Can I just jump from normal to Grounded and unlock survival trophy that way too. Do they stack at all?
  4. Can anyone let me know how much space I will on a Vita to download and play this? I am going to borrow one from a friend just to get my 100% back!
  5. Hi, I just finished getting all nanosuits and the game on soldier. For the supersoldier trophy can I choose chapter select so I get all my stuff from the first play trough or do I need to find all nano suits again in new game plus.
  6. what should i pick? i upgraded the shive master and less sway weapons thats it and i have 100 plus pills left what should i pick? cause im gonna play grounded with a new save after i complete the game so what should i pick? o and which weapons should i upgrade the most? btw i heard that in grounded it takes 2 shots to kill you do what if i pick maximum health will this increase some shot taking before i die?
  7. Is it possible to play DLC without a party?
  8. I just got a nintendo ds lite (yeah i know, kinda old) but i want to get some games, what do you suggest to play first? the castlevania games are good in there?
  9. I noticed that there were a couple trophies that required multiplayer. I was wondering if this game has online play or if it is only ad-hoc?
  10. I'm deciding whether I should go for 1-month or 1-year of PS+ subscription, and since this was one of the games on my list I was wondering if anyone had an idea. I won't have an awful lot of time to play during the next year but I do intend to get some gaming done with my friends. Any suggestions/input?
  11. I'm not sure if it's just me, but everytime I go online, I am at either 0 bars or 1 bar and sometimes my entire team is at 1 bar. The game randomly freezes so often and it's extremely hard to play like that. Every other online PS4 game I play, i have a perfect connection so it has nothing to do with my net. Is there any fix? :/
  12. I know it's gonna be hard to Plat because I don't have 3 friends to play
  13. Do you program or make a schedule about gaming? I kinda do that For example, I have some kind of schedule about what I'm going to play. I work on two games at the time, "Main Game A" and "Main Game B". When I'm a bit tired about Main Game A, I switch to Main Game B, and then I go back to A after a while Right now my main games are Disgaea 3 (A) and Last Rebellion (B ). I'm mostly playing "B" games because I'm really tired of grinding on Disgaea, but I'll get back to it eventually But that's not all, I have also divided my games into two groups: the "Trophy storage" (Usually called "Backlog") . This is from where I pick the main games to platinum/100% And the "Recess/Interlude games". This category has the games I've already completed, I never would be able to complete (as some fighting games, shooters and other impossible games for me) and games without trophies. When I'm tired of working on my main games or just want to play another thing I pick a game from there whenever I want to take a little break from trophy hunting I also have some kind of "Progress System". It's like... Kind of a reward system or path to follow. For example: Complete FFXIII, Upgrade → Get FFXIII-2. Complete No More Heroes, Upgrade → get Lollipop Chainsaw. Complete Infamous, Upgrade → Start Infamous 2 Reach PSN level 10 → Get Vanquish Get 7 platinums → Start L.A. Noire Etc I know it sounds a bit complicated, but I like it, it... gives me some sort of self-insentive to keep playing, like when you level up your character and get some reward Maybe I'm the only one in the world that have this kind of schedule for gaming And what about you? Do you have some kind of program or schedule? Or do you just pick up any game and play? (Sorry for my horrorific grammar, and sorry if this doesn't should be here, be free to move it or close it if anything is wrong)
  14. how do i unlock bonus play am thinking you have to beat the game if so do i got to get the unrs again i have 1 already or can i just get 2 and beat the game start a new game and use them then thanks for the help
  15. im considering getting this game, but the thought of having a trophy i might not be able to get drives me crazy. So does anyone actually play online anymore?
  16. i mean for the ones where you need to beat 5, 30, etc. nba teams in quick play... can u adjust the sliders? i don't have the game yet and not sure if i'm good enough to win on all-star.
  17. I have just spent the whole day doing the bunker and finishing off the acing and finally, I did it! However, the play trophy still wont appear! I have each continent with a spade, a sackboy face and a bag on it all except the gardens which i have aced everything but 'First Steps' and 'Tie Skipping'. Here is the problem: In 'First Steps', there is a bit where an un-jump-across-able bridge collapses and a tutorial appears showing you how to kill yourself. (Thus taking the ace away from you) 'Tie Skipping' is a survival challenge and cannot be aced. Can anyone help? I've obviously got one of these wrong, but which? Thanks.
  18. I'm trying to get the Chicken Emblem, so I chose the Liquid Easy difficulty... I'm in Shadow Moses, almost at the end of the game, and I have 23 hours of the 35 that I need to the Emblem. I've left my game for hours, Snake just standing there in a corner, to do more hours of play time, but the hours doesn't update if I'm not moving or doing something in the game? :/ I've heard that EVERYTHING counts in play time, even pauses.. but in my case it doesnt seem so..
  19. Wanna have a good match with some players other then people on Asteroid? Well reserve a match here for PixelJunkies. Just type your info like the following: League: Sun User: Battle Type: Friend, League, or Both Scale of 1-5 how good you are: 3
  20. As I continue to play zombies, I find people who think a M72 Law is much better than a Commando. Or people who 'don't' need Jug. So I am now posting to find players to play with me on CoD: Blops Zombies. PSN: Zuphr Highest Rounds: Kino: 31 Ascension: 25 COTD: 24 Shangri-La: 30 Moon: 29 Der Riese: 25 Eh, I'm a decent player. (All those scores are with one other person) If you would like to play message me or post your PSN below.
  21. I'm sure my DS2 is Region 1 (at least that's what appears on the Cover), i bought Severed in the USA Store, and i can't find it anywhere in the Menu! I already Googled it, people said that when you choose New Game you can choose between Full Game or Severed, but when i choose it, i go straight to the Difficulty Selection, i don't see any "Severed" there. I have the Collector's Edition, if it matters. I hope i didn't waste my money. =/
  22. I started this up yesterday and a message popped up saying I can play this with cross play on my vita. I figured I'd play it on ps3 first to see how it goes, but the controls seem pretty fussy...has anyone played it on cross play? Are the controls better, worse or the same?
  23. Not sure how best to report this but Armello does not seem to have an overview page like the other 2 vote to play games do, Zombie Vikings: Zombie Vikings - PlaystationTrophies.org Grow Home: Grow Home - PlaystationTrophies.org Armello: ????? I believe it comes out tomorrow and I was going to see if their was any kind of boosting thread (just in case their are some boostable trophies)
  24. Sorry if this has already been covered...I looked but couldn't find if it had! I have TLoU:R and was wondering if I have to play thru Grounded to unlock Grounded+? Can I play thru the game on HARD, NORMAL, or EASY and still unlock Grounded+ as an option for NG? I've better the game on my PS3 on HARD but never went for all the collectibles...so this time around on the PS4 I want to grab all of them on my 1st play thru and think it would be easier on a lower difficulty setting, but if it won't let me select Grounded+ as my NG+ option then I'd just be adding more times I needed to play thru.
  25. Just wondering, how many times did you play through the story to get the platinum? (Or platinum in progress) Also more importantly, Im curious how many play throughts it took you to fully upgrade all weapons?? I searched everywhere for upgrade items on both my play throughts & still didnt upgrade everything fully, I think I have 2 more guns with about 5 upgrades left each, one of them is the flamethrower.. So I played through twice, then a 3rd time in reverse for grounded+ now im playing through a 4th time to fully upgrade all weapons..
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