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  1. https://www.truetrophies.com/n21271/f1-22-trophy-list A lot of us can kiss our Platinum streak goodbye, thanks to 1 online trophy.
  2. Does anyone know a way to get the game to get the trophies in 2022? the game is delisted and the physical version is very rare nowadays
  3. Sleeping dogs for ps4 required all dlc content trophies to platinum. What about saints row 4 reelected?
  4. Hello people I need help to go to the ender world and defeat the ender dragon And also need to change a human zombie back into a human If any one can help I have not found the ender world in my game if you have it and haven't defeated the dragon I would appreciate you letting me join your adventure to help
  5. That u've accumulated through the monthly instant game collection. Here's mine: Rogue Legacy - A bastard of a game that has shit physics & ugly presentation. 3/10 Prototype 2 - This series sucks, basically a re-skin of that trashy Hulk sandbox Spelunky - Another over-rated rogue that is too frustratin to even bother with Borderlands 2 - Shallow empty open canvass where u just shoot shoot shoot Mercenary Kings - Ruined by a timer Escape Plan - Smartphone game Kick & Fennick - Drunk controls, awful Velocity 2X - Over-rated speed run Metrico - A maths exam to test how thick the average gamer is
  6. Hey guys, Just for those that may not know. PlayStation are running a challenge for those who can attain the Platinum trophy for Transistor this month. [Challenge] The Twisted Transistor Platinum! - PlayStation Forum
  7. I didn't know where I could throw this so I just decided to do it here if an admin wants to put it in the appropriate place go ahead. Anyways I'm NadeShady and I have some goals after recently getting into console gaming and that is to start platinuming the games that I have already obtained and also whatever else I feel like getting my hands on, hopefully if I get stuck I can find some help on here Here is my lists currently; My current to be platinum list is as states; COD: MW2 COD: MW3 COD: Black Ops COD: Black ops 2 COD: Ghosts COD: Advanced Warfare Destiny GTA: V The Crew Metro Redux: First Light Hotline Miami Currently working on; COD: MW2 Platinum games as of 12/14/2014; Wolfenstein: The New World Order Metro Redux: 2033 Farcry 4 I will update my list as I go on and Platinum. Anyways thanks for reading if you wish to add my PSN just send me a request with pstrophies.org in it and I'll know where you found me thanks again
  8. Why do devs insist on fuckin ruining a games 100% completion by shoe-hornin these in . Killin with just a knife? Rushin through it? U may as well not even bother playin the game .. I wanna explore, soak in the environment, discover its lore, play with ur fancy tools. These requirements don't mke u a hardcore gamer FGS .
  9. So I've got all 48 skills, including the 4 boosts at 10/10 however in my progress tab it is saying I only have 44/48 preventing me from getting the Fully Loaded trophy and in turn my platinum. I've sunk a lot of hours into this game and have no inclination to start over and hope for the best the second time around, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Or even better been able to fix it? Thanks in advanced.
  10. i thought we could compare our platinum award numbers here (for fun) how many do you have? most recently earned? what category are they in? etc.... i have 62 (with 2-3 very close) just finished the 100 daily objectives award Victory: 13 General: 15 Crimes: 5 Vehicles: 7 Combat: 10 Heists: 12
  11. With so many moves to memorize in SF,MK,Tekken etc how do u become a competent player?. In MKX there's 3 varied movesets to learn with each character. Multiply that by 25 (roster count) & ur potentially talkin 75 movesets to memorize!. Also if ur 'maining' a character does that mean u neglect the rest of the roster? . In the last MK I got down a few basic combo's with Kung lao & my namesake but thats about it. I forget everythin in battle from what I did in practice. This is why so many of us button-mash! ..
  12. Do u use videogames as an escapism from ur miserable life?. I know gamers who sit on GTA all day in a party chat drinkin whisky. Are these people lonely or just nerds in general . Personally I hate every couple on this earth. I feel physically irritable in their presence. I hope they all break up & be miserable, at least then I can relate. The way they spoon in public & refer to 1 another as 'babe' makes me want to cough up blood. Gamin is my only sanctuary from this miserable existence. So yeah I'm a lonely gamer, how many of u r brave enough to come forward? ..
  13. Hey I 'm playing my first play through on critical while making sure to collect all of the reports so it's safe to say that when I finish I'll get the critical trophy as well as the final episode and secret episode ones. The thing is that I don't want to fight the bosses and the arena on critical so I'm going to do another play though on an easier difficulty. Can the rest of the trophies be done on beginner or do I have to do it in standard? Thanks in advance.
  14. As very few of you may know, I achieved impossible boy last Saturday. So here's my run through. I know by far that i'm not pro at this game, unlike Surefiretactics. So if you guys want a noob friendly playthrough of impossible boy then here it is. I must admit, it was quite solid until the last 3 or 4 levels Just pressure hits me big time in this game. Nonetheless, here it is https://youtu.be/asE0pC-WmSQ
  15. Trophy list reveleaed: PSN Trophy Leaders | Flame Over I can confirm that you can stack both the Vita and PS4 lists. Right now, the PS4 version of this game isn't out yet. I'm assuming it's going to be released in September until the developer or the US PS Blog announce the solid release date. I know it's hard, but I actually liked the game a lot a while back on the Vita. I can't wait to stack this difficult platinum again! Other things to note that we may use the similar strategies and/or exploits from the Vita original, but it is unknown as of now. If it is, then we can let our users know. Also, we're not sure if this has cross-buy feature.
  16. If u have no friends whats the point in the share features?. Even with just a few friends who actually cares?. People I see online only care about the party chat, they don't give 2 koala's about other players gameplay. R we that insecure that we need to seek reassurance from others? Fuckinell its facebook all over again .
  17. I'm talkin about little details in games u find satisfyin that no one mentions. Here's a few of mine (call them weird if u wish ..) The sound of realistic footstep sounds Water effects/sounds (Walkin over water etc) Gun reload animations XP gain pop ups Alcohol venues in games Health pick up sounds
  18. All banners by Kinjall Welcome to the new Platinum Leaderboard V2.0. This leaderboard will rank members of PST.org according to their overall platinum count. New to trophy hunting? Can't seem to catch the heavyweight platters with years under their belts? Don't sweat it! In an effort to give the newer, lighter and niche trophy hunters some recognition there will be Monthly Championship Competitions based on attaining platinum trophies! So now that you know what this leaderboard is all about let's get the rules down. The Rules & Procedures #1. This board will be organized using PSNProfiles.com trophy cards. If you don't have one simply go here: PSN Profiles and type in your PSNID to get a card. When signing up POST your PSNP card in your response so I can access the BBCode. For example, this is how I would post to sign up: #2. In order to sign up for this board you will need at least 100 non-spam posts + been a member for more then 3 months on this site + have at least 20 plats. If there hasn't been a trophy earned in over 2 months you will be removed from this board. #3. This leaderboard will be divided into tiers. There is a set number of people allowed in each one. Work to rank up and lead your tiered-class and eventually knock someone out of the next tier and claim their place. #4. I will update the board at minimum once a week, unless otherwise specified or not required. #5. If two users have the same amount of platinum trophies then the person with more golds will decide who gets the higher spot. #6. Like the other leaderboards, teams are not allowed on this board. If your trophy card has been flagged on PSNP than I will likely not accept your sign up. #7. If you are hiding trophies at the time of an update you will be removed. If you wish to sign up with hidden trophies tell me which and why you hid the trophies and I'll make the exception to add you if you didn't break any of the other rules. #8. Stacking and cloud-synced autopop platinums are included in this leaderboard. #9. Do not put down other members' accomplishments in this thread. Competition Rules & Procedures #1. Unlike the regular leaderboard, you must post plats earned towards a Monthly Competition manually. This will work like any other leaderboard where you simply have to post the eligible platinum. You will be entered in the competition upon submitting your first eligible platinum. #2. A leaderboard of the current standings will be kept throught the competition and at the end, the winner will be moved out of the spoiler into the spotlight. The competition winners will have their trophy cards displayed in glory before the top platinum holders. #3. I will decide the monthly competitions for each month and will not take suggestions from members on the topic to prevent favoritism. I will also list the next monthly competition midway through the previous month in order to give people time to prepare. #4. Preparing games in the previous month to pop the platinums in the new month is allowed. Many thanks to Ggamer15 for allowing me to take over the running of the leaderboard, and to QuantumMercury and drummersc007 for running it before him.
  19. I tend to do. The money u get however small is like a reward for ur 100%. The drawback however is not gettin good value from a short game. This is why I dread seein trophy lists & how fast its been completed, especially after droppin £45 on a game I was excited for .
  20. Yet another 'study' has emerged; "Gamers are at more risk to neurological & psychiatric disorders such as Alzheimers. Action games such as COD & GTA display more visual attention abilities" Apparently this reduces our 'functional brain activity in our hippopotamus' which is basically our memory. Mental Health cases have been a paradox to videogames for millenia, particularly in relation to violence. Bloody scientists eh? ..
  21. ********** NOTE: Everything in this guide has been patched out and you can no longer achieve any trophies after entering the cheat/debug menu! ********** Hi all, After completing most of the game by normal gameplay, I realised after a while that cheats DO NOT disable trophy gains (as of the current patch in the Enhanced Edition). This will greatly reduce the difficulty and time needed to plat, putting my estimates for Time to platinum: 1-2 hours Estimated difficulty: 3/10 I recommend doing this in career mode, although I have a feeling this will work in sandbox mode too. The only trophies you will not be able to get in sandbox mode are the Open for business! and Here Comes the Kerbalry trophies since you require access to contracts to achieve these. So here is my quick guide USING CHEATS. If you do not want to use cheats then I would recommend watching videos online as there are many youtubers giving great tutorials on the mechanics and what is required to reach each planet/moon. I also assume that you know the basics about how to build and fly a vessel in KSP and know the basic controls on your console. 1. Activating cheats Cheats are activated by bringing up the in-game menu and entering the first part of the Konami code on the D-pad: , , , , , , , The recommended cheats to activate are: Unbreakable Joints No Crash Damage Ignore Max Temperature Infinite Propellent Infinite Electricity You should also max out your research, facilities and Kerbal experience in this menu. Just one thing DO NOT MAX OUT "PROGRESSION"!!!. This will deactivate all of the trophies NOTE: Remember that when you quit KSP, reopen it and load your save again, the cheats are deactivated by default and you will have to reactivate them. 2. "Basic" Trophies We will first work to obtain all the "basic" trophies. In this section we will aim to get the following trophies: Space, Space, SPAAAAACE! Open for business! Let Me Play Among the Stars No Left Turns First off it is best to go to "Mission Control" and take out the first 4 "Achievement" contracts which will be Gather scientific data from Kerbin Launch our first vessel! Escape the atmosphere! Orbit Kerbin! Now we will build our first vessel in the "Vehicle Assembly Building". Oddly enough we will start with a satellite. We construct our first vessel with: Probodobodyne HECS2 LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine 2HOT Thermometer (for the science contract) Communotron 16 (to send the science back to Kerbin) Now take this vehicle to the launchpad. First off you should read the thermometer and transmit its science back to the KSC. After that, manually launch your vehicle and put it into any orbit around Kerbin. This will give you Space, Space, SPAAAAACE!, Open for business! and Let Me Play Among the Stars, as well as complete all the contracts. Now you can go into the Spaceplane Hanger and construct any basic vessel (the same one as the previous satellite will do). Launch this from the runway to gain No Left Turns 3. Getting all the Fly-by/Visited trophies The spacecraft needed for these trophies is very simply. All you need is: Mk1 Command Pod LV-T45 "Swivel" Liquid Fuel Engine Mk16 Parachute (Min Pres: 0.7, Alt: 1000m) --- Make sure to put it on a separate stage as your engine! The parachute is only needed to get your spacecraft to a stand-still since your spacecraft won't ever explode due to cheats. Now obtaining the trophies are very easy using the following steps: Send your mini-vehicle to the Launchpad Open the cheats menu Under the "Cheats" tab, click on "Set Orbit" Starting with "Kerbin" change your "Semi-Major Axis" to 0 Click "Set Orbit". It will now give you a warning that the distance 0 is unsafe and will give you a new safe Semi-Major Axis. Click "Set Orbit" again and you are now in orbit around Kerbin Repeat Steps 3 - 6 for each other body except "The Sun" and "Moho" After visiting all other planets/moons, now go to Moho using the same technique Now LAND on Moho using your infinite fuel+electricity and unbreakable spacecraft for the Failure is Not an Option trophy After successfully landing on Moho, set your orbit around Kerbin again. Do a quick EVA around Kerbin with your Kerbal for Zero Gravity De-orbit yourself and land safely on Kerbin (if you are good you can go for the Ground Control trophy here too by landing on the KSC Runway) You will now have all the Flyby + Visited trophies as well as Failure is Not an Option, Zero Gravity and The Right Kind of Pilot You might ask whether you can't just simply use one of your satellites you launched in the previous section, but unfortunately you can't. You need to set the orbit around Kerbin from the launchpad in order to get the Kerbin Flyby trophy. 4. Mun trophies In this section we will go for all the Mun related trophies: One Small Step Munwalking Mun Rover, Mun Rover First of all, you will need to build a spacecraft with a rover attached. Scott Manley has a good guide how to build one here: Now follow these steps: (Remember to have your cheats activated) Send your Spacecraft+Rover to the launchpad Open your cheats menu and set your orbit around "Mun" Land your spacecraft on the Mun and also drop off your Rover. EVA your Kerbal on the Mun ( Munwalking) Plant a flag on the Mun ( One Small Step) Climb into your Rover and drive around until Mun Rover, Mun Rover pops up Get your Kerbal back in the spacecraft and return to Kerbin If Mun Rover, Mun Rover does not pop up while driving your rover, try these steps when you are on the rover: Ensure your Kerbal is driving the Rover Open the Map View On the right-hand side of the view, click on the ( i ) icon and then click on the Rover's name Now change the "Vessel Type" to something that is not a rover, and then back to Rover. Change the "Vessel Name" also for good measure Back in the Camera view, have your Kerbal exit and re-enter the rover. Drive around until the trophy pops up 5. The Rendezvous trophies Now we are going to attempt the two rendezvous trophies: (S)Here Comes the Kerbalry and (G)Look Ma, No Tractor Beams! First off you will need to find a contract to rescue a fellow Kerbal in space. It doesn't matter around which body the Kerbal is. Once you have started your rescue contract, go into the Vehicle Assembly Building and create a spacecraft that has a docking port on top of a capsule and adding 4x RV-105 RCS Thruster Blocks symmetrically around the body and an appropriately sized engine. I would suggest using Scott Manley's design for his Rover Carrier in the previous section, removing the Rover(s) and adding 4x RCS thrusters and a docking port on top. Once the ship construction is complete, perform the following steps: Remember the name of your ship and take it to the launchpad, but making sure that you only take 1 pilot Enter the cheat menu and go to the "Set Orbit" page. Find the ship of the Kerbal you need to rescue on the bottom "Rendezvous" section of the "Set Orbit" page Click on Rendezvous Now, switch to the other Kerbal's vessel using + and then back to your original vessel with + You should now have unlocked (S)Here Comes the Kerbalry and completed half of the contract While keeping your current vessel with the docking port in space, go back to the space center Take a copy of the same vehicle to the launchpad, but with another pilot and a slightly different name In the "Set Orbit" cheat page, rendezvous with the original spacecraft currently in space. Setting the 1st vessel as your target (not the vessel of the stranded Kerbal. We don't care about him/her), now use your RCS thrusters to dock your current vessel with the 1st. You should now have unlocked (G)Look Ma, No Tractor Beams! If you are having trouble orientating and moving your ships with the RCS and docking, here is another Scott Manley video with tips on Rendezvous and Docking: 6. Ground Control If you obtained Ground Control during Section 3, congratulations! You have now unlocked all of the trophies. If, however, you did not, this will probably be the last and arguably trickiest trophy left. The easiest way I found to achieve this: Create the simplest spaceplane you can with a single T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Liquid Fuel Engine and 4-6x Mk12-R Radial-Mount Drogue Chutes Launch it from the runway and use the "Set Orbit" cheat page to set it in orbit around Kerbin Since the "Set Orbit" cheat mechanism automatically puts you in an orbit that crosses over the KSC, the only thing left to do is de-orbit your spaceplane. Luckily it also regularly puts you close to the KSC, so you can de-orbit immediately Make sure your trajectory slightly overshoots the KSC While descending try to aim your plane toward the runway Since you have the cheat No Crash Damage enabled, you can fly directly toward the runway without fearing an explosion Activate your chutes as soon as you reach the runway You now should have unlocked Ground Control 7. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLATINUM: Master Astrophysicist
  22. Just a heads up on the upcoming Definitive Edition. I got in contact with IOI and it doesn't have a new list. Its just another re-bundle of the content and will share the current list. Such a wasted opportunity...
  23. I’ve been so damn close before but lost twice. Not a lot of activity anymore with 17 and 18 now out, but server still active. Anyone willing to jump on their copy and help me platinum?
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