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Found 2 results

  1. Is anyone else not able to get 100% on Sequence 7 Mission 1? The optional objectives are: Disable an alarm bell, Kill 3 guards while hanging from a ledge. I have killed multiple guards while hanging from ledges but I get no credit. Sucks! Might have to wait until the game is patched. I also experience a good amount a screen tearing. Not game breaking but takes away from the immersion. Quick restart from main menu fixes this though. BTW: I do not know if this matters but I have the Ps3-Ps4 AC4 Gold Edition from the playstation store. Thanks
  2. http://i.imgur.com/tOyaJ0q.png Welcome to my All in One for the Game Sniper Elite 3. The Game has total 143 Items / Objectives. These 143 Items / Objectives are divided as follows: 60 War Diaries 22 Sniper Nest 20 Collectible Cards 18 optional Objectives 15 Weapon Upgrades 8 Long Shots For all 143 you will earn 7 Trophies (Casual reader, Archivist, The gathering, Nesting instinct, A shot in the dark, Nothing is optional, Dedicated soldier) You can replay any Mission to pick up a Item or Objectives which you have missed. All Items or Objectives are immediately saved, so you can quit out the Mission once you have collected what you want. Long Shots are only at Sniper Nests and the Sniper Nest you see it on the Map. Weapon Upgrades get you from special dead Bodies in the Game. There are 15 Upgrades and they count for the 100% Trophy (Dedicated soldier). The Game has no Tracker for the Upgrades which you have and which not, the only Display is when you collect a Upgrade and under the Point Statistik in the Main Menu. There is no way to see what you have and what not. In the Game (Mainmenue and Ingame) you have a detailed Overview (except Weapon Upgrades) which Kind of Item / Objectives you have and which not. In the Spoiler of each Mission you have a Timeline with all Items and Objectives. Behind the War Diaries is the Name of the Diary, so you can faster find which Diary you miss in the Mission. I have a lot of spoilers used here to provide a better overview, simply fold the spoiler from your currently needed. In Post #2 are the Mission 4-8 because this Post here reach the Charlimit of 10k. In Post 3# are the Single Videoguide for each Mission but without Weapon Upgrades and clickable Timelinks! The Upgrades are in a seperat Video as last. http://i.imgur.com/7n2loPt.png The clickable links will open in a new window and the video will start at the time or at the Item. In the video you have below an overview of each Category, the total number and the current state. The object that is currently being executed is highlighted. Above you see the current Chapter and in the left Corner the Name of the current Collectibles. Here is a pictorial Preview: http://i.imgur.com/ByVijAT.png The Video is in chronological order for the story progress, if you follow the Video exactly you earn the 100% Achievement and many others (see above). At the beginning of the Video is a cMission Overview, click her there on one of the Mission, the video jumps there directly. In the last Spoiler and at the Beginning of Post #2 is the Video again, so you do not have to scroll. In some Mission you see the Locations or Solution from misc. Trophies too, as Examples the Wells in Mission 2 or "Three birds, one stone" Trophy in Mission 7. Colors: War Diary, Sniper Nests, Collectible Card, optional Objective, Long Shot, Weapon Upgrade [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cz_IskpZLc]Sniper Elite 3 - All in One Guide (ALL Collectibles & ALL optional Objective Locations) - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/OweCBMF.png [spoiler=1] - War Diary (Letters to Martin) - Optional Objective Kill 1 - Optional Objective Kill 2 - Optional Objective Kill 3 - Optional Objective Kill 4 - Optional Objective Kill 5 & Weapon Upgrade - Optional Objective Kill 6 - War Diary (Survival Notes: Managing Heart Rate) - Optional Objective Kill 7 - Optional Objective Kill 8 - Sniper Nest & Long Shot - Collectible Card http://i.imgur.com/wScewlP.png [spoiler=2] - War Diary (Intel: Officer Assignments) - War Diary (Axis Account: Reclaiming Tobruk) - War Diary (Discipline and Obedience) - Sniper Nest & Optional Objective (Eliminate the Officer from the Sniper Nest) - War Diary (Intel: Recruitment Drive) - Well (Well, well, well Achievement Part) - War Diary (Axis Account: Vahlens Presence) & Well - Weapon Upgrade - War Diary (Vahlens Journal: Welcome to Africa) - Collectible Card - Well - Optional Objective (Disable the searchlight) - Sniper Nest & Long Shot - War Diary (Intel: Vahlens Project) & War Diary (Axis War Story: Tobruks Defense) - Optional Objective (Destroy the motorpool) & Weapon Upgrade - War Diary (Intel: Threat Assessment) - Well - War Diary (Survival Notes: Relocation) - Sniper Nest & War Diary (Intel: Report for Reassignment) http://i.imgur.com/2yl3beO.png [spoiler=3] - War Diary (Axis Account: Security Concerns) - War Diary (Vahlens Journal: Rommels Success) - optional Objective General Letter (is also a War Diary) & Sniper Nest - War Diary (Missives From Home) - Weapon Upgrade - War Diary (Fortifications) & optional Objective General Letter 2 - War Diary (Letters to Martin) - Weapon Upgrade - Sniper Nest / Long Shot / optional Objective (Sabotage the motor pool) - optional Objective (Disrupt Communications) & War Diary (Allied War Story: Delaying Tactics) - Collectible Card - War Diary (Survival Notes: Food) / Collectible Card / Sniper Nest - optional Objective (Kill General Hoesslein) - Collectible Card & War Diary (Survival Notes: Enemy Snipers)
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