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  1. Just to let everyone know that the exploit still works after the 1.03 patch. This is NOT my video,just the one I followed,all credit goes to PS4Trophies. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zinhcYnANxk] [/ame]
  2. Hi all! Given that I found this glitch elsewhere on the internet, I thought that I could post a new thread about it here as well. As of today, 21 july 2017, it works on PS4, and with internet activated! I don't know if on mobile could, if you want, go ahead and try! It is basically a good way to farm money, and it has some pros and cons. IT AFFECTS TROPHIES, so check the side-effects before testing it! How to trigger it: While playing the game on non-boss levels: Press PS one time to get into your PS4 main menu Get to date and time settings, and set it manually back by 1 month, leaving everything else as it is, and confirm. Double-press PS to get right back into the game, and it will give you a month-worth ton of money! IMPORTANT STEP: Get back to settings, restore the clock (best if with internet time) and re-enter the game with the double-press PS, or you will incur into a very bad side-effect on trophies. Repeat from step 1 if you so wish. Known side-effects: If you do this from step 1 during a boss level, you will INSTANTLY KILL IT despite his level (I'm not entirely sure if it can really kill ALL bosses this way, I managed to get it to work at least with my ighest zone, that's 500 or so), but it's 99% possible that you're NOT GETTING SOULS this way. Doing this while having active skills COULD activate them forever: this ends when you close the game or change hour/date. Not entirely sure if it ends when you leave the game idle,being in the main ps4 menu for a while. Obviously you won't get the idle bonus DPS if a click skill is active. I don't know if this applies only to the skills that were active at the moment of the glitch triggering or if it involves all of them everytime. It WILL affect trophies and MAKE SOME MISSABLE: to avoid this, restore the clock BEFORE earning them, otherwise YOU WON'T GET THEM. I found this out because my relic trophy didn't pop... so it's SUPER IMPORTANT. If you miss a trophy anyway, you'll get it by doing what it takes with the restored date and clock. I managed to get the ascension trophy that I missed by ascending a second time with everything done correctly. This glitch doesn't get along well with mercenaries, as it will break them and force you to dismiss them, even if you only had to collect the reward. If you want to speed up mercenaries that are already on a quest, simply forward the clock by the amount required: You will then have to wait for a few seconds and then collect the reward. If you do this when the reward has to be collected you'll break it, forcing you to dismiss the poor guy, so be extra-careful. If you happen to find other effects or infos please post them here! Have fun!
  3. Hi Guys Don't know if it's already mentioned, but i found on youtube several videos about this money trick. I can confirm it work on the PS4 version. I got about 750R in 15 Seconds, that means about 3000R in 1 Minute. Maybe it'll help you guys to upgrade everything. Trick starts at 4:30 ATTENTION: As mentioned in the video; if you have pickpocket your required money you HAVE to quit to the main menu. This step is very important, otherwise you'll loose the money. Quit replay won't work!
  4. Any players got any tips for making some quick money, Im real poor in the game and cant even afford a new outfit or weapon Any advice would be appreciated other than get a job lol, Iv done all available assassin side missions for my recruits and got bored of hunting animals. I started selling goods via convoy but they take too long.
  5. I haven't played this game in about half a year, and I just tried to boot it up and it is now asking for me to pay for the game again even though it is already on my HDD. I believe I got it free on PS+ a year or so ago, and my PS+ subscription is still running, so I really have no idea why I have to pay again ? Anyone know what's changed?
  6. Concerning the importance of money in the Risen games here is a list of the trainers for hunting. Aside from the skills no further equipment is needed, but of course you'll need some money. Kila Borbor( just a bit south of the pirate base): skinning, horns Tadashi(north of/under Kila village + you have to do a quest first): skinning, teeth, claws, horns, trophies Taranis Baker(on the way to the mage stronghold): claws Calador Nate(in the fishing village): teeth, horns You can find Nate, Baker and Borbor very early on the different islands meaning you can get all skinning skills aside from trophies without killing to much of the wildlife. I would also advise visiting Antigua for some money to buy those skills.
  7. After completing Soul Calibur: Lost Sword recently, there were a load of people saying how they hated how in order to complete the game you pretty much had to use continues (because of the number of fights per stage), which were not always given free, but you had to buy using real money. I mean sure you could wait it out, and hope that you got a free one, but in the heat of the battle, I was always tempted to pay that couple of pounds to make my life a hell of alot easier, due to the mentality of well its free, and I would normally pay at least a £5-10 for a PSN game. I also found this doubly hard to resist if I only have a couple of pounds in my PSN wallet, which I know is not enough for an actual game, making it so easy to spend without the guilt of knowing you have to top up . So my question to you guys is have you ever paid for 'perks'(which may be neccessary to complete the game, or not) in a free to play game? And if so have you found that once you buy one thing you are tempted to spend more?
  8. Piri Reis sells and buys bomb ingredients for the same price initially, but with assassin discount, you can buy and sell repeatedly and gain money. The maximum buying price (starting with no ingredients in your inventory and maxing out by buying them at Piri's shop) is 65475. The maximum selling price (having maximum ammount of every ingredient, and selling every single piece) is 76875. So buying everything and selling everything will result in 11400 whatever-the-currency-is each round. Do this until you have enough money to buy whatever you wanted to buy. This is pretty tedious, but it pays off.
  9. Ive been playing and i got first for 3/4 matches, it said i gained money of each race, but when i go to upgrade a vehicle my new lot of money is not there what the heck is going on??
  10. I discovered this by accident, but once you are able to have vehicles crushed, there is usually a car near the crusher. If you take that car and drive around the block (going out the north side and around to the other entrance), there will be another car in the same spot (usually the same car you took, but not always). You can now crush the car you are driving, take the one nearby, and repeat as often as needed. I found this out in Chapter 7 but, if I remember correctly, it happens as soon as you get access to the "job". I just never thought to try it before and only found it when I had to escape the cops after crushing a car and taking the nearby car.
  11. So I was sitting here spamming the X button working on my latest plat FFXIII and I was thinking....We deserve money. Lots of money. The thrill of trophy hunting is enough don't get me wrong, but being able to quit your day job to trophy hunt... Would be amazing. If there is anyone out there with a couple of million dollars running around, invest in a small trophy firm or something XD
  12. After taxes and shipping etc., how much are you willing to spend on a collectible you really enjoy? The most I ever spent on a collectible was my Cyborg Ninja from the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear collection and that was an overall $75.. pretty good deal considering people are now selling them for like $200+. That said, I took mine out of the box right away (rendering him worthless) and right now he is posed slitting the throat of my Sackboy plushie EDIT: this is not limited to just "action figures"; have any comic books, stamps, coins, etc. etc. caught your eye?
  13. to start, i am not restarting my game just to do lesters assassinations. the flyUS/Airemu stock rivalry does NOT work for me, i buy into airemu and quite frankly, i wreak F'ing havoc on FlyUS planes, and all airemu does is drop in price. and im very cautious about what im destroying, only planes that have say FlyUs on the side, i dont kill anyone, i dont fight back with the police i just drive around and blow up everything that has FlyUS on it. i cant imagine someone can tell me im 'doing it wrong' this is leading me to be extremely frustrated. i had 0 complaints about this game but this is a heartbreaking flaw. im stuck at 32 mil on trevor and havent breached that number yet, beat the story 3 days ago and been doing stock every since, and its just not f'ing working. so im asking for either A)what makes this stockmarket BS work? and B) how else can i make money easily? P.S. im not grinding the sunked treasure thing, itll take too long while being too boring.
  14. if anyone can let me dl this from a jappenese acc i will give you a 20$ non -used psn card no joke i got 100$ worth of these for easter
  15. Hi. The PS4 is comming out soon, but i'm not sure if I want to buy it when it comes out, or not. The reason is simple. Except from the graphics that looked really awesome and for example the new killzone game that looks like a totally awsome games and other good games, there are things I am still unsure off. I have seen the controller and system, but not the livestream. But why do we need a screen on the controler? It seems un-nessecary, and where did the start and select buttons go? 2. Is the improvements to the system and the new software worth it? I read about the new function where you can check on you and your friends's trophy stats, and other things. Just like PS Home it will most likely not be used by many. And if many people use it at first, wont they just get tired of it? 3. The price. Remember when the PS3 was new? It was expensive. I paid alot for it. Of course it's cheaper now. But how much will the PS4 cost? Knowing how money looses it's value and things become more expensive, I think it'll cost atleast 1,5x as much as PS3 when it was new. 4. The last thing is that I probably want to play my Fallout games, and other of my PS3 games when the PS4 is out. And I heard that it's not backwardscompatible. I don't want to plug the PS3 in and out when I play fallout. 5. The games will cost alot. And when the PS3 was new, you could get the same games cheaper on the PS2 Of course I may underestimate the PS4. Knowing this, would you recomend it? You may know things I don't.
  16. Hello friends, Hloody here. So, How much money do You spend on the Ps Store per month? Myself, I get Most from Ps+ for free, But I might buy A game or avatar on occasion, but in average, Just A few "bucks" per month. You?
  17. Tell us what you do for a living. Anything from white collar to big baller. And if your not afraid, post up the numbers it brings. I myself, expand and mold styrofoam. Been doing it for a year and a half now. Currently making $11.85 an hour, started at $10. Next raise coming in Feburary. I get all my health benefits paid for by the company with "Benefit Dollars" they give me every 2 weeks (tax free). I also get a monthly bonus that is based on how well I and 3 other workers in my department do our job. I'm sure you think making styrofoam sounds boring but it pays the bills. I take care of my woman, a 4 year old girl, 3 year old girl and a 14 month old baby. I'm only 23.
  18. Maybe it is just me but everytime i want sumthin off psn i try 2 add money 2 me wallet but it doesnt work:( ! This is becoming frustratin ! Any ideas anyone plz help ?
  19. [/b]Gran Turismo 5: Does anyone know which races are the best way for me to level up as i have just got to lvl 27 and it is taking me ages to level up all i want is:) the red bull car ?
  20. If you were offered a reasonable amount of cash would you sell your hard earned plats/unlocks/stats? I remember people offering insane money for Runescape and World of Warcraft accounts back in the day. I'd like to think everyone has a price, what would yours be? I see alot of people in here saying 5+ thousand lol. Personally, I'd be more than willing to get rid of this account for a couple hundred. ~~ amazes me how close this poll still is....
  21. Here is a little inspirational video that really did make me think, what if money was no object, what would you really want to do with your life? Lemme hear your thoughts too! Enjoy [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MxRIn-C4zU&feature=player_embedded]What if money didn't matter ? - Alan Watts - YouTube[/ame]
  22. Here's the way I easily got to level 10, got a ton of money, and, more importantly, got a bunch of perks (Multi-Counter Kill, Triple Kill, Quadra Kill, Combat Mastery, Absolutely Stunning, Flawless Fighter, and No Touchbacks, at least!). This means getting some of the trophies MUCH easier (like any perk trophy, multi-finisher trophy, trophy requiring money, trophy requiring skill points, and trophy requiring experience levels). Just thought I'd share some of my techniques.
  23. Hi going through my 100% completionist trophy and i've been doing the hunting and frontier club missions and looking at my dna syncs i have: hunting: 66% frontier: 44% the societys have now disappeared and when i have visited there was no mission to do?? how do i get the rest of the % ?? ALSO: SIDENOTE does anyone know a quick get rich quick scheme on AC3 didn't know i had to buy all weapons as well so want to do this quickly ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED currently playing: Assassins Creed III & Call of Duty Classic
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